Monday, December 12, 2011

Canada Bans Face Coverings for Citizenship Oaths


Anonymous said...

This is some of the best news that has occured in this counry in several years.Jason Kenny is fantastic. The next step is to ban the burka and niqab when you go to vote.

mike5840 said...

Every day I am more proud of the Harper Government's stance on immigration, Islamization and their unwavering support for Israel. And we have universal health care to boot!
It's good being Canadian eh!

Anonymous said...

I must add another comment. I was in a bank a little over a year and saw a woman wearing a burka. At least I think she was woman. But who knows. Now what would have happened if I had entered this very same bank wearing a ski mask. After all it is Canada and its cold here. Come the think of it it was in July this happened.

The point is burkas and Niqabs should be banned in all public places.

But this is a good start. Next on the list should be poling stations and then all places where you do any government business. One cam only hope but at least Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are going in the right dirrection.

Osama Abdallah said...

Breaking News for David Wood!! Saudi Arabia's Muslims execute a witch!

Oh oh, but wait a minute! Didn't the USA also kill witches not too long ago? Does the term "Witch Hunt" remind you of anything? The USA must've been a Muslim back then :). Quick David, post that article on your Answering Muslims website!!

Osama Abdallah

Foolster41 said...

Once again, instead of answering actual problems, you are using logical fallacies.

This one is called Tu Quo Que. That America killed so-called witches over three hundred years ago does not in any way excuse or disappear the misbehaving of your coreligionists actions in the middle east.

Joe Bradley said...


"Oh oh, but wait a minute! Didn't the USA also kill witches not too long ago? Does the term "Witch Hunt" remind you of anything? The USA must've been a Muslim back then :)."

You may be right about your assertion that the USA may have been Muslim during the Salem Witch Trials.

According to Barack Obama, he states: "I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America's story."*

You may be right Osama.


Radical Moderate said...


He writes...

"Oh oh, but wait a minute! Didn't the USA also kill witches not too long ago? Does the term "Witch Hunt" remind you of anything?"

If by "NOT TO LONG AGO" you mean over 300 years ago then I would agree with you. If by USA you mean a little under a hundread years before the singing of the decleartion of independence, the War of Independence, and the ratification of the US constitution. Then I would agree with you.

So by Osama's logic, over 300 years ago, in the Colonies of America, before there was a United States Government there was something called the "SALEM WITCH TRIALS" which lasted from Feb 1692 till May of 1693. So there for the Islamic Goverment of Saudi Arabia in 2011 is no worse then colonial british citizens over 300 years ago.

Ok Osama good to know that Islam is now only 300 years behind the west.

Unfortunitly Osama modern day Islam has not caught up to 1693 colonial america. Because after a year of this insanity common sense and reason prevailed and the trials where halted, and a few years later on December 17, 1696 Rev. Samuel Willard read aloud his apology to the congregation of Boston's South Church, "to take the Blame & Shame" and eleven other trial judges publicaly apologised and asked for forgiveness, for what they had done.

So Osama when is Islam going to catch up to 1693 Colonial America and put a stop to killing people they consider to be witches?

Osama when is Islam going to catch up to 1697 Colonial America and have those responsible for Islams crimes appologies and take responsibility for the blood on their hands and seek forgiveness?

Come on Osama Islam has been a year behind 1693 colonial America for over 1400 years. Its only a year what is taking you guys so long to catch up to 1693 colonial America?

I don't think a year is to much to ask. Maybe getting Islam to the point of 1696 where the perpetrators of Islam apologies and take reponsibility for their crimes against humanity is 3 years to much, but a year I dont think thats to much to ask.


Nicky said...

@ Osama Humans are depraved. People have done deplorable things throughout history. The difference with this country is that we move on from behavior like that. Islam continues to behave in inhumane ways for centuries. It is dictated by a sick cult. It's what keeps Islamic countries under developed and and unstable. You can try to point fingers all you want but the bottom line is that Jesus died for the sin of the world and those who trust him are sanctified to live righteously. Jesus is our righteous example. Muhammad was a deplorable human being. Jesus tomb is empty. Muhammad is dust in his shallow grave. The proof is there, you just throw stones because you know you can't prove otherwise.

search 4 truth said...

@ Osama

"Oh oh, but wait a minute! Didn't the USA also kill witches not too long ago? Does the term "Witch Hunt" remind you of anything?"

Not to long ago? What?
What do you consider not to long ago?

The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings before[clarification needed] county court trials to prosecute people accused of witchcraft in the counties of Essex, Suffolk, and Middlesex in colonial Massachusetts, between February 1692 and May 1693.

And this was limited to a local group of people. LOL! This is flabbergasting that he would compare 2011 to 1692 and say it is not to long ago.

HAHAHAHAH! I can't stop laughing. This is awesome. It shows the inability of the Muslim mind to contextualize and think objectively and critically! Absolute hilarious!

SGM said...

Dear Mr. Osama,
Just a few questions regarding your comments.

What are you implying by stating that Suadi Arabia executes a witch and your sarcasm that “Oh oh, but wait a minute! Didn't the USA also kill witches not too long ago?” Are you implying that it is a humane thing to do. If it is, are you being proud of Saudi Arabia that are also involved in this humane act just as USA around 300 years ago? Are you proud of both USA and Saudi Arabia?

Or are you implying that killing witches is a inhumane thing? If it is, then are you saying that Saudi Arabia made a mistake just as USA around 300 years ago. The people in the USA apologized and stopped doing such a inhumane act. I guarantee you however, there would be no apology coming from Saudi Arabia, as you know that moslims don’t apologize. Actually, killing a witch according to Christianity would be wrong. In addition, we christians are not afraid of witches, for He who is in us is greater then the witches and the witches can not harm us. On the other hand, black magic and stuff of this nature is part of Moslem culture and you should be afraid of witches because there is no power that can save you from them. As you know that even your prophet Mohammad could not escape from the black magic of a jew.

I might also add that any time USA does anything, especially killing, it does not automatically means that the Bible, or to put it in other words, Christianity allows it. Also, same goes for individuals. However, in Islam, killing non Moslems is an honor for a Moslem, especially a witch. You must also know the term “honor killing”. For crying out loud, your mother wont even allow your sister to talk to a stranger in a restaurant, I could only imagine if your mother was not there, what you would have done.

So the contrast you have presented in your comments is like comparing oranges with apples.

May the Lord open your eyes and use you for his honor and glory.

search 4 truth said...

IS OSama now a Christian trying to help us in our argument?

I can't help but thinking so because of this ridiculous posting he made.

Hey Muslims, I think Mohamed is a spy trying to make Islam look stupid! We will accept you Osama only if you can be honest.

LOL! Did someone infiltrate Osammas account? This is just to funny!

Deleting said...

omg...Osama has lost it again.
Come with something a little more 21st century, will ya?


Baron Eddie said...

@ Osama Abdallah

please stop spreading hateful news about Muslims ...

Tharun Cheriyan said...

LOL i bet osama regrets posting that comment.. he just got served :p

simple_truth said...

That guy sounds just like me. He must be too rational to be human.

All great points! I can only hope that our officials have the same regards for America instead of bending over backwards to appease Muslims.