Saturday, December 24, 2011

Atheism, Islam and Common Sense

Before you laugh and baulk at the reason why dogs bark in graveyards, come hear how Islam's common sense view of the punishment of the grave led one atheist to become a Muslim.


WhatsUpDoc said...

Great Video!!!!! Thanks

Ecce Hoc said...

that is funny!

Koala Bear said...

Very funny

I do wonder though muslims. How big is your grave for the 90 x 9 headed snakes to fit in it?

I wish muslims would see that this is a complete lie and that Jesus will set you free.

Something for muslims to watch

D335 said...

you know what would be really, ironic?

if when you died, burried and therefore 70 big breasted virgins would be naked beside you. ^^

You can't do anything, you are dead ^^.

Seam_on_Us said...

Sorry, I know this is off-topic but...


To brothers David Wood, Sam Shamoun, James White, and all the other soldiers for Jesus. May the full armour of the Lord protect you and keep you steadfast in His Way.

To the posters here on Answering Muslims: Search 4 Truth, johnnykzj, Christo Te Ama, WhatsUpDoc, D335, Deleting, hugh watt, JTC, Usama, curly, to mention just a few. May God watch over you and increase you in His Wisdom.

And finally to our dear Muslim friends who keep us sharp and on our toes: Kim, Osama Abdallah and Samatar Mohamed. May the Good Lord continue to lead you to the true knowledge of Him and of His Will through Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.

God Bless everyone.

Kim said...

Celebrating a false mix of pagan and Christian tradition. Santa will lead you to Hell, you are all such true Christians following Jesus, right, right?...

David Wood said...

"Celebrating a false mix of pagan and Christian tradition."

. . . Said the girl who bows down towards the Ka'ba (pagan tradition), kisses the Black Stone (pagan tradition), fasts during Ramadan (pagan tradition), and takes the pilgrimage to Mecca (pagan tradition).

Zack_Tiang said...

For a moment, I thought this was an actual video of confession..... until it came to the Muslim explaining about the punishments in the grave.

Now I too must convert... shouldn't I?
I mean... the snakes.... the hammer... OMG!

goethechosemercy said...

I note that the young Muslim preacher, who is in possession of final truth, of course, confounds rage, brutality and happiness. I suppose he thinks that physical violence is supposed to bring great joy.
Only a Muslim could believe such a thing.
Islam is profane.

goethechosemercy said...

Islam is nothing but paganism and magical thinking.
It is profane.
This person
was real.
His religion was holy, as were his actions.
He did not hide himself in a cave and claim that the archangel came to him.
He was engaged in good work.

You are what you worship. If you worship a thug, you can never have any thoughts or feelings that are more exalted than those of the thug.
If you worship the Son of God, then saintly figures such as this are part of your tradition.

D. Collaric said...

I only have problem with the description of the Video, this dude DID not REALLY convert to Islam, he makes a funny remark about doing so for sure.....

D. Collaric said...

This is truly priceless! 99 Snakes come to the unbeliever to torment him/her. Just think how many people are buried EACH DAY! at least a few thousand and to each 99 of these nasty critters come, Ah yeah well allah the "soned-gawd" can send many snakes from hell... There will be a conversation with two Angels asking the person 3 questions, a person already predetermined by allah the "stoned-gawd" for hell. and if they find him to be a "unbeliever" they will smash his DEAD HEAD into pieces! And "Kim" had nothing else to say? Most likely the "weak hadith" excuse will be raised.... Best wishes also from this side of the globe. Vienna/Austria :-)

Unknown said...

I love the way that guy laughed his head off.

By the way, that Muslim sounded like an idiot when he was talking about the snakes.

Mehdi said...

How in the world a dead person would pray? And it seems that no snake yet bite the wall of any grave. That's why we still have greenery around us. Allah hu Akbar. Allah is great.

Rage said...

do not laugh at muslims , ok they are stuck in the middelage and refuse to look forward ,, but wen your country is full of muslims , remember they will obey their religuos leaders they only need one order from a mulla and they will kill you all .

Fritz Katz said...

Enough is enough... I've had it with the snakes in the grave:

Traeh said...

Ok, the Muslim guy is funny and his views are ridiculous. But the atheist's laughter sounded dreadfully forced and artificial to me, so I feel sorry for him if that's the best "laugh" he's had in a long time. He sounded like someone trying to laugh. That's painful to watch.

Also, think about why he is "laughing." He's not laughing just because he thinks that Muslim guy's view of hell is silly. The atheist is laughing because he thinks belief in or speculation about any kind of spiritual world is ridiculous.

If you do think all such descriptions are necessarily ridiculous -- even the descriptions that have sought with brilliant imagination to body forth the forms of things unknown from out of non-physical or spiritual worlds just beyond the threshhold of ordinary awareness -- if you think all such descriptions are necessarily and a priori nonsense, then you probably believe all that exists is matter. I doubt the materialist position is tenable in terms of consistent logic or fully conscious experience. But if you do think everything is matter, and you are honest, then you should stop lying and saying, "I think" x, or "I think" y. You should say only, "My brain thinks" x, or "my brain thinks" y.

simple_truth said...

First it was dogs, and now it is snakes and scorpions.

So much for Islamophobia. Zoophobia is the real problem. Well, maybe not entirely since Solomon met some talking ants.

Graeme A said...

I couldn't help but laugh myself. Loved how he waved the white flag in hysterical surrender.

Deleting said...

Kim said, " Hell, you are all such true Christians following Jesus, right, right?..."

I'd rather follow Jesus than where a long beard, kulfi hat and talk about 90 (and in some places I've heard 99) snakes being shoved up my butt as punishment in the grave.
Muslim logic doesn't make sense. 1 God, 1 prophet who is just a man but is almost like a God and 1 book that is 'perfectly clear' even though you have to be a scholar who can read the arabic dialect the koran was written in and you have to have the ahadith...
You know what Kim, maybe islam is perfect for you!
But as for the snakes going up your butt...Kim I don't know what to tell you there. Maybe request to be creamated when you die. Allah can't send 99 snakes up your butt if you don't have a butt anymore. :)

hugh watt said...


Do you agree with the snakes thing?

SGM said...

Yet another bizarre and ridiculous Moslem belief and Kim is complaining about us following Jesus. Really?

Kim, Santa is not in the bible and has nothing to do with Jesus. But just for a moment think about it, what is more ridiculous and pathetic, Santa giving gifts or the horrible Snakes and scorpions biting a dead person along with his head being split by a steel hammer?

D. Collaric said...

OK lets use “logic” here. :-)

Logic tells me if this account would be true, we must find evidence for it all over the world. ESPECIALLY in the NON-MUSLIM world. That is where you find the most “bad people” Unless of course this is just meant for the Muslims, and to sift the “good” Muslims out from the “bad ones”... The thing is, that this view is not “isolated”, there are of course Sites on the Web, that do not give the “details” as heard in this video, but just the idea that a “merciful” all-loving and-forgiving deity would PUNISH a death body is just toooooo much to handle.
The soul returns to the grave, and it watches what happens to the dead person?

If it were true that ALL bad (NON-MUSLIMS) people would suffer this treatment in the grave, now of course “infidels” all over the world gets visited by the 2 Angels, then should they not as logic tells, have their skulls smashed? This is a event that can easily be proofed. Open any grave of a person who just died of natural causes, then the head would not show any signs of violence.
BUT whenever a body of a dead person is removed from the grave like for forensic investigation they have not found skulls which have been hammered to pieces AFTER they were buried... Which makes this whole “hadith” and scenario another Islamic fairy-tale.
But of course Islam has many kinds of strange miracles, after all the Angels can strike blows to a dead person physical head while the body is laying in a wooden box, covered by layers
of several feet of earth.

So the person somehow must retake the physical body in the grave will still have a chance and to start to pray, and whoreshipping the “stoned-god” allah..... what point should there be to have a soulless body offering religious rituals in the grave.