Sunday, November 6, 2011

Zakir Naik Refuted

I'll be posting a refutation of Zakir Naik in the next day or two. In the meantime, here's a video to pique everyone's interest in Zakir's arguments.


D335 said...

You know how easy to refute Zakir Naik?
Record the very first chapter that he uttered in his debate, play it again and point the mistake.

Or get one of his videos in front of him and re-play it!

I do understand why Zakir Naik refuse to debate Christian apologists. He requires only people with minimal understanding of the bible.

His machine gun tongue indeed spits blanks.

Hazakim1 said...

LOL!!!! Who edited this video!?!? Brilliant sequences. LOL!!!

Jesus Is Lord said...

This man...What a Fool!! LOL

Fernando said...

Is Kim the daughter off Zakir Naike? it looks like she is as bright as he is...

Solomon Kamal said...

He thinks talking confidently can convey the truth. I'm from India and this fool is from my land. He never wants to debate anybody. He is not completely fool that way cause, he knows that he will be a proven fool if he debates debaters like David

West African said...

i want to see Zakir Naik debate James White. it will be a mess

PETE said...

@ Zakir Naik

You such a coward.

Anonymous said...

mmm I have seen more funnier. What do you do when a muslim says someone replaced jesus?

If you take the quran and bible into historical scrutiny for the resurrection of Christ.

ISLAM =FAIL, from the accounts of the empty tomb. IF a substitute was in put in place of christ then the tomb SHOULD NOT BE EMPTY. The accounts from roman guards and the people who went in claimed otherwise.

1.Disciples can't get past the roman seal, when you got a bunch of roman guards in front of it.

2.If they went to the wrong tomb the Jews who knew of the burial site would drag around the body for all to see.

3,There NO WAY, the disciples could bribe the guards or Pilate because they were poor. Never seen this evidence used in a debate but it should.

4.hallucinations from Allah, nice job Allah for starting a false religion. OR everyone is having same hallucination (not likely).

put that in front of a muslim and they can't say a thing back. Even better is that we need more people like Zakaria Boutros who speaks arabic fluently. We have seen that he is effective and we need someone to replace him sooner or later if something was to happen(hopefully not I see him as a true christian). But we must prepare for the event because he is like almost 80

Solomon Kamal said...

David, waiting for more posts as you promised on Zakir Naik

Unknown said...

Instead of Zakir Naik he should be called as Joker Naik !