Monday, October 10, 2011

Obama Calls for Copts to "Show Restraint" as Muslims Slaughter Them

Since Kim hates the Copts, I doubt she'll have much compassion for their suffering under Muslim rule.


WhatsUpDoc said...

Muslims state and mob can massacre Christians as much as they want Muslims will be offended if anyone ask them to stop. This will be another reason for them to launch international Jihad.

This administration is still bringing Muslims "refuges" from Somalia and then we have to hire FBI to keep an eve on them to protect us from their Jihad. US is a great place for them so many Kafirs to kill all around them.

I say we bring in Copts instead of Somalians. But I know this is not going to happen its a utopian dream.

Nimochka said...

I as an Iranian will NEVER forgive your president Obama! I don't mean to be disrespectful, American friends, but I can NEVER forget that during the Green uprising in Iran which was the ONLY genuinely democratic movement amongst all of these chaotic uprisings in the Middle East, Obama and Clinton kept silent for several days and then when they came out they were so wishy-washy and unclear and talked with both side of their mouth.

Even though to ANY observer who watched the election process which lead to the uprising could easily tell you that the election was stolen by Ahmadinejad, Obama and clinton for a long time pretended that they are not sure what happened there and who is right and played it cool and neutral and sat on their hands and gave no verbal or other kind of support to the people of Iran even as they were killed and beaten in the streets of every major Iranian city and tortured and raped in jails.

Guys that revolution was the only hope and maybe the last hope for the Middle East. Imagine if the people would succeed it would have been a mortal blow to the forces of Islam. It would have made secularism fashionable again the Middle East and many terrorist groups in the region would have lost their God Father and the nuclear threat would vanish without a single bullet shot! Islamism over night would have become passe!

But when suddenly the Muslim Brotherhood and a bunch of Islamic thugs take it to the street in Egypt and Libya suddenly he even send army to their aid and supports them both in word and deed! Why in Iran he pretended that he is so holier than thou and doesn't want to "interfere" in our "internal" affairs and take sides, but in Egypt and libya he has no problem doing that?

Is this all because he is a naive stupid person or because he really likes the Middle East to fall into the hands of Islamists?! Either way I really dislike him from the bottom of my heart for how he treated us Iranians! Our Green Revolution deserved the support not the so-called "Arab Spring"!!!

TAREK said...

Dear friends I greet you all in the name of our saviour and LORD JESUS CHRIST.
JESUS is saying to all those who are killing HIS folllowers you can kill them all but HIS FATHER WILL RAISE STONES TO PRAISE HIM.
Muslims your quran said the followers of CHRIST will be victorious till the day of resurrection. Surah 3 Ayat 55. Mr. Obama is an agent of CAIR, please Americans vote him out of office bring someone who has the fear of YAHWEH in his mind. Thanks in advance


search 4 truth said...

This is exactly what i knew would happen. And wait until we leave Iraq. Then the real slaughter will begin. A democracy must be one that has a constitution and a bill of rights. If the majority of a people is corrupt under a democracy that means the government will be corrupt. A true democracy does not work if the people are corrupt. It must be a constitutionally limited democracy!

Now all the minorities where these strong armed rulers were controlling the masses will be slaughtered and persecuted! Either Obama new this would happen or he is incompetent!

TAREK said...

MAY YAHWEH forgive those who cimmit those crimes. Please check the following link.


Kim said...

To show restraint so the violence doesn't continue as much. The more resistance from the Christians, the more they're going to get slaughtered by Egypts sick security forces.
It's much the Christians country as is for the Muslims.

Kneel said...

Thought you guys might be interested in this video. God bless your ministry!

Cristo Te Ama said...

Obama is just another puppet of dark interests, that's my humble opinion, and ofc he is no Christian at all, not because what he said here, but because the rest of his acts.!

search 4 truth said...

HAHAH! Kim says "It's much the Christians country as is for the Muslims."

Can anyone be more delusional. Actually I dont think it's delusion, it's just bigotry and down right hatred to say such a demonstratively fallacious assertion!

She wants to deflect our attention from exposing the evil monster Mohamed. So he says something shocking so we stop exposing the deviance of their false profit!

Egypt is approxiamtly 10% of the population, but that number is dwindling because of the persecution from Muslims in a nation that was once a vast majority Christian.

How hateful kim is! He is truly a sick person. And under the mindset of this kims delusion the persecution would elevate. As you can see he has no grasp on reality or objectivity. This is the mind of Islam. Truly an evil and hateful ideology! UNBELIEVABLE!

Anonymous said...

Obama calls for restraint.

There are no words to descibes what I thik of him He hates Christianity like every other true Muslim.

D335 said...

I live in Indonesia and that's nothing new.
Obama is way too naive too be president and let's face it, there is nothing to be proud of that he lived here once!

Even today Christian in Indonesia faces the same problem only with less rioting because we had experience with being runover by military vehicles. Today 11/10/2011 still a church in Bogor GKI Yasmin which closed down by local authority (Mayor of Bogor Diani) even the supreme court of Indonesia rules that it is illegal to stop the church for service.

And if you read more and more, bombing of church in solo 2 weeks ago, clash in Ambon 1 months ago. The time is getting scary.

But fear not PSALM 23:4 "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me."

BUT I (GOD, not me of course)TELL YOU : Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, Matthew 5:44

Kim said...

@ search for truth

All I said was that the Christians are entitled to live in Egypt their homeland as much as the Muslims living there. Both have a right to live there since it's their home country.

How does this make me evil?

My Two Sense said...

See this is where you guys lose me: the “It’s all Obama’s fault” rhetoric. This is the time where I interject a more moderate to left view to what seems to be a mostly conservative group on this blog.

First of all… we’re watching Faux News. When I say that don’t misunderstand me. I am not belittling the plight of the Coptic Christians. I am not saying that the video portraying Egyptians trying to run over people is not accurate. You can’t argue with video like that. And I am certainly not saying that the Copts deserve it. Quite the contrary. I’m just waiting for the Faux News spin.

24 seconds into the video Meaghan herself said, “The Obama administration said ALL SIDES should try to scale back on the violence and the unrest…” and that the president is, “deeply concerned about the violence.” Sorry but nowhere in the video does is say, “Copts (exclusively) need to show restraint.” If your argument is “why should the Copts show restraint? They’re not the ones causing violence.” Ok fair enough.

Perhaps John Bolton makes a good point when he says, “I think what the administration’s mistake is… they don’t understand or are not acknowledging that a democratic process can lead to an illiberal result.” And maybe he’s right. But Bolton also said, “I think the situation there now is largely beyond American influence.” Which is likely true.

Here’s what Obama said about Copts:
"As the Egyptian people shape their future, the United States continues to believe that the rights of minorities -- including Copts -- must be respected, and that all people have the universal rights of peaceful protest and religious freedom."

That sounds like Obama hates Copts to me! Wait a minute… no it doesn’t.

Here’s the entire press release:
"The President is deeply concerned about the violence in Egypt that has led to a tragic loss of life among demonstrators and security forces. The United States expresses our condolences to the families and loved ones of all who were killed or injured, and stands with the Egyptian people in this painful and difficult time. Now is a time for restraint on all sides so that Egyptians can move forward together to forge a strong and united Egypt. As the Egyptian people shape their future, the United States continues to believe that the rights of minorities - including Copts - must be respected, and that all people have the universal rights of peaceful protest and religious freedom. We also note Prime Minister Sharaf's call for an investigation and appeal to all parties to refrain from violence. These tragic events should not stand in the way of timely elections and a continued transition to democracy that is peaceful, just and inclusive."

search 4 truth said...

@ Kim, what you should have said was that. But why dont you speak against the atrocities committed against the coptics nearly every day?

So what your implying is that the coptics submit to the will of Muslims, pay the jizya and be treated like secondclass citezens, and dont stir the pot and continue to be persecuted and oppressed.

Yeah fo Kim. He can jump through great loops of logical fallacies yet he cant say what he means.

Ta Ta Taqiyya! Islams Allah is Satan and you are his disciple. No integrity at all.

Sokim why dont you elaborate and say what you really mean.

See everyone, this is how they get over on the naive westerners who trust what people says.

Muslim, Islam is peace and your my best friend.

Then when they are growing in Numbers, Allah Akbar, Bam they slit your throat when your not looking. This is Islam people, And Mr. Kim is the perfect example.

Nimochka said...

@My Two Sense: OH! PLEEEEESE!!! Saying that both sides have to show restrain means that Obama is drawing a moral equivalency! It means that he thinks that the poor unarmed Copts who are doing nothing but demonstrating peacefully for their rights are as much responsible for the violence than the Egyptian army and Muslim mobs who are savagely attacking them instead of addressing their legitimate demands. It means that the victims and the victimizers are equally responsible for the break out of violence.

The Copts have been victim of unprovoked attacks since time immemorial and still unlike the Palestinian Arabs never once committed any despicable acts like suicide bombing or killing their Muslim neighbors ! What more can they do to "restrain themselves"!?

Instead of this meaningless hogwash Obama should come out and unequivocally condemn and call out the Egyptian government for their savage acts and give them a clear warning. And don't tell me that he can't, blah, blah... since he very well could put a lot of support behind the Libyan rebells who didn't even deserve it.

Besides you might not really know, but people in the Middle East very much listen to the tone that Western leaders use in their statements. If they are supportive the people who are protesting the tyrants and are oppressed take heart and know that the international community is behind them.

But if they are wishy-washy and avoid moral clarity and speak with both side of their mouth that gives heart to the tyrant regimes and is like a green light to them because they know that the leaders of the international community like America are not going to care and are not going to hold their feet to the fire and put pressure on them. So they will feel free to be even more savage and cruel in their acts.

Obama just puts pressure in the wrong cases and is wishy-washy when he has to be firm. Again, the Green Revolution in Iran was a very good example and I know for a fact that his lukewarm statements had DEVASTATING effect on the spirits of the people and emboldened the Iranian regime unbelievably. I tell you, the regime was about to implode in the beginning because SO MANY within their ranks were afraid that Ahmadinejad's lawless and savage behavior might bring about if not a full-blown war but at least a really tough sanction and total isolation. But after a few days when they saw the White House being so spineless and the Europeans so apathetic they just closed their ranks again and attacked the protestors more mercilessly than ever.

What Western Leaders say MATTER! What Obama says MATTER! He should clearly show whose side he is on and show moral clarity and leadership. If he is incapable of it he better get another job!

My Two Sense said...

Purple –

I'll see your "blah blah" and I'll raise you.

My point was the Faux News spin. Like the Israel cartoon video posted awhile ago on this blog that ended “Obama’s intentions remain a mystery.” And I showed that clearly his intentions are not a mystery when he declared Israel is a US ally and anyone who questions its legitimacy will meet the full force of the United States.

I say again:
Obama: "the United States continues to believe that the rights of minorities -- INCLUDING COPTS -- must be respected, and that all people have the universal rights of peaceful protest and religious freedom."

“If he is incapable of it he better get another job!” OH! PLEEEEESE!!!
Here’s your “Incapable”:

Osama bin Laden -DEAD
Anwar al-Awlaki– DEAD
Abu Hafs al-Shahri –DEAD
‘Atiyah ‘Abd al-Rahman – DEAD
Ilyas Kashmiri – DEAD
Ammar al-Wa’ili, Abu Ali al-Harithi, and Ali Saleh Farhan – DEAD, DEAD, aaaand DEAD
Harun Fazul – DEAD
Younis al-Mauritani – DEAD
Baitullah Mehsud - DEAD
Etc… The list goes on…

simple_truth said...

Kim said...

"To show restraint so the violence doesn't continue as much."

But the Christians are protesting because of the problems with Muslims. As far as I know, they are not rioting or destroying anything. They are simply protesting the normal way a civilized people do by taking it to the streets and making it public. It is the opposition that is trying to prevent them from protesting by running them over in some cases.

"The more resistance from the Christians, the more they're going to get slaughtered by Egypts sick security forces."

Now, if this was a role reversal and the Muslims were the ones getting the unfair treatment, I bet Muslims everywhere would be crying about the persecution and would get many sympathetic ears from around the world. What Muslim land is coming to the aid of these Copts? What Muslim organization is trying to temper the Egyptian Muslims so that they can stop their slaughter against the Copts?

"It's much the Christians country as is for the Muslims."

This is definitely not an historical Islamic view. Mohammad certainly didn't see this as the case. Remember, Mohammad said that all lands belonged to Allah with Muslims being the rulers. That is one of the reasons for conquest through Jihad.

Baron Eddie said...

Gen 4:10 And He(God) said, "What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground.

Nimochka said...

@ My Two Sense: you said: "Osama bin Laden -DEAD
Anwar al-Awlaki– DEAD
Abu Hafs al-Shahri –DEAD
‘Atiyah ‘Abd al-Rahman – DEAD
Ilyas Kashmiri – DEAD
Ammar al-Wa’ili, Abu Ali al-Harithi, and Ali Saleh Farhan – DEAD, DEAD, aaaand DEAD
Harun Fazul – DEAD
Younis al-Mauritani – DEAD
Baitullah Mehsud - DEAD
Etc… The list goes on…"

My friend if you still think (after having read this blog for example) that these dead guys were the problem then I think you are beyond the reach of reason! What is the use of killing these guys when Obama has done everything he could to give power and prominence to the ideology of Islam which fueled the actions of these men and is everyday raising many more people to be just like them?

Islam is the problem! But he is a sucker for everything Muslims! He still treats this epic battle that we are in like some isolated law enforcement operation. He thinks he is dealing with the Mafia or a mere drug cartel so if he kills a few of their leaders the cartel is going to disintegrate. NAIVE!

To put some balm on your leftist soul I can also say that I had similar problems with G.W. Bush's approach to this problem. He too didn't understand Islam and its role in terrorism and the mess that is the Middle East .

He thought the problem was the tyranny of a few regimes like Saddam and Taliban. Just like Obama thinks the problem is Al Awlaki and Osama Bin Laden. Non of them understand that the problem is Islam and political Islamic thought. These guys are just the symptoms! Nobody can cure a disease by curing the symptoms. Muslim Brotherhood for example is poison for peace in the Middle East, but Obama gave them every support he could. He supported this Araba so-called Spring wholeheartedly and was instrumental in its success. Only maybe in case of Tunisia which was the first country to rise up that he didn't get to do much, but Egypt and Libya couldn't have succeeded without him! Believe me!

We can never have democracy in the Middle East until we have Islam as the dominant ideology there. We Iranians on several occasions in recent history made a very good attempt at it by our secular-minded more educated people, but every single time the Mullahs and Islamists ruined it by throwing themselves and their Sharia into the mix and from then on all the sacrifices and efforts of freedom fighters were totally exploited by them!

Western leaders MUST fight Islam as an ideology. Even if they are too afraid to do it out in the open they should subtly undermine it as much as they could. Certainly they should totally crush its head inside their own countries by totally marginalizing and throwing out of the court all of these Islamist organizations which lobby for Sharia and push for especial rights for muslims. And of course any political move with Islamist tendencies should be undermined by any means possible and not supported or hailed!

Obama is doing non of that. So his killing of a few figureheads is not as impressive as you imagine!

My Two Sense said...


“My friend if you still think (after having read this blog for example) that these dead guys were the problem then I think you are beyond the reach of reason!”

I stand by my assertion that those dead guys were a problem and they are now dead. I agree with you though that Islam is the problem not just figureheads, so we agree on that point. “Beyond the reach of reason” is ad homonym and your opinion. I will agree to disagree with you there.

Thanks for the “balm on my leftist soul”. I’m a moderate and a centrist not a “leftist”. I lean left on some things and right on others. And I agree with you about Bush and Tony Blair and other leaders in the West. If you think Obama is inconsistent on which battles he decides to fight and which people he helps and doesn’t help… fair enough. I will still think that miring us in foreign wars while standing in front of “Mission Accomplished” banners is radically different from Navy Seals and Predator drones.

My defense of Obama is not just about killing figureheads as YOU imagine… And I am not an “Obama acolyte”. I have pointed out in the past that he has made mistakes. My purpose is that am merely trying to offer up a counter opinion to the seemingly overwhelming “conservative American” views that frequently permeate this blog.

To tell you the truth Purple, I respect your opinion and the fact that you are giving me an Iranian perspective.

And don’t worry. America will get its chance to vote for someone new very soon. Who knows… we may soon be ruled by a woman who thinks HPV vaccines cause brain damage or by a guy who worships Joseph Smith. Maybe Creationism will be taught in American schools and Abstinence classes will replace Sex Education. Maybe Gay marriage will be repealed and it will all be a "conservative family values utopia". Time will tell.

Nimochka said...

@My Two Sense: I am so sorry if I was impolite to you and called you beyond the reach of reason. When the issue is Western policy in the Middle East I get a bit too emotional because it effect my country and my family! Many of my family members and childhood friends where in those Green demonstrations and some went to jail for that. Please forgive me!

But let me just tell you that I also still stick to my gun and call Obama out and I think he had even more disastrous policy than Bush, and Bush was PRETTY BAD already! Drone attacks are no good! Really when the head of the snake gets multiplied every time you chop one head off then head chopping is a counterproductive strategy .

I think the one master stroke chance that the West had was to support the Green Movement in Iran in the summer of 2009. That was and still is the ONLY truly pro-Western anti-Islamic anti-Sharia and at the same time pro-Democratic movement in the Middle East. Our people are sick and tired of Islamic rule and Sharia and interfering in Arab-Israeli conflict and funding terror and fighting America!

That was a great chance! But Obama badly missed it. I know it from insider sources that the regime was SO afraid of the American reaction that it might lead to war that everybody was defecting the sinking ship. But when they found out that nothing is forth coming they calmed down and went about their business of killing people as usual.

By that I don't mean you needed to actually have gone to war, but just bluffing and speaking a little bit tougher would have done hell of a lot because the morale of the regime was at all time low. But Obama really missed the historic chance and really blew it! Iranian people used to look forward to his presidency until that moment, but after that he really lost us! All the Iranian bloggers and independent journalists and freedom fighters were shocked by his coldness and indifference! But that was compounded when we saw how he cheered the so-called "Arab Spring" on! He simply comes off as amateurish.

And in the end I just want to say that with the epic struggles that are before us on the world stage it is rather shortsighted and out of place to nit pic and worry about creationism or gay marriage and parochial stuff like that. Please don't get carried away and focus on the big picture, my American friends, and this time try to send someone to the White House who understand what we are dealing with in relation to Islam.

My Two Sense said...

Purple - I was being sarcastic about the "Parochial stuff". I and many others don't see it as "parochial" though.

I supposed I should add that those candidates I mentioned out of sarcasm... it remains to be seen whether or not they get elected and whether their policies towards the Middle East and Islam are any different.

Nimochka said...

@My Two Sense: Glad to hear that you were sarcastic about the "Parochial" stuff :) This election cycle choose well my friends! You American people chose for the whole world really since your country is so powerful and important! I have you in my prayers constantly so that the Lord may grant you wisdom and foresight and most important of all SOME GOOD CANDIDATES to choose from!!! Not like the last time. AMEN!

My Two Sense said...

As I've said before I think Republicans should give Ron Paul a chance... but I doubt that they will.