Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kim Contradicts Her Scholars on When a Woman May Refuse Sex

As everyone has already noticed, Kim is totally inconsistent in her methodology. If anyone adds any interpretation whatsoever to any passage, Kim immediately responds, "But that's not what it says! You're adding words." Yet Kim repeatedly adds words to the Qur'an, the Hadith, her scholars, etc. Sheer inconsistency.

Moreover, when we bring up a point, Kim quotes the Muslim scholars from "Islam: Q&A" and considers the matter settled. But she ignores these same scholars when they refute her claims. Kim doesn't even pretend to be consistent!

Let's consider a simple example. According to Kim's scholars, a woman may refuse to have sex with her husband in certain situations. The scholars write:

If she has an excuse – such as being sick, or menstruating, or bleeding following childbirth (nifaas), or observing an obligatory fast, then she is not cursed, rather her husband who calls her to bed is sinning if he insists on calling her, or forces her when he knows of her situation.

According to Kim, however, a woman may deny sex to her husband for many other reasons, such as being tired, being hungry, etc. She even challenges us to refute her so called "reasons" for refusing sex. She writes:

Marriage in Islam of course is supposed to be meaningful.

But there are going to be disobedient wives, and Islam has a way for dealing with them. Instead of allowing the Arab men use their culture to beat them to death or worse, there is a fair method in Islam and this applies to the times when the wife refuses to have sex with her husband for NO reason whatsoever.

And the reasons I listed in my other comment are valid ones. Prove me wrong??

So she wants me to prove that her "reasons" are not justified, according to Islam. Now watch Kim's inconsistency. Remember that whenever Kim is challenged, she quotes "Islam: Q&A" as a refutation. Let me quote these same scholars to refute her. Kim's scholars write:

The woman does not have the right to refuse her husband, rather she must respond to his request every time he calls her, so long as that will not harm her or keep her from doing an obligatory duty.

Hence, a woman may only refuse sex if (1) having sex will harm her, or (2) having sex will keep her from performing an obligatory duty. If a woman is tired, will having sex harm her? No. Will having sex keep a tired woman from an obligatory duty? No. Then being tired does not justify ignoring a husband's demand for sex.

How about hunger? Will having sex harm a hungry woman? No. Will having sex keep a hungry woman from an obligatory duty? No. Then being hungry does not justify ignoring a husband's demand for sex.

Now is Kim going to admit that she was wrong when she gave us "reasons for refusing sex" that are supposedly acceptable in Islam? Of course not. She'll simply ignore the fatwas of her scholars, then quote those same scholars to us when it's convenient for her!

Have we ever met a consistent Muslim? Never.


WhatsUpDoc said...

I got to support Kim here at least try.

There is a Hadith that says if a woman refuses sex to her husband the angles will curse at her while she is sleeping until she wakes up.

This would would indicate the woman can refuse sex.

It would be nice if angles can start cursing her while she is awake and prevent her from sleeping.

I think the Prophet has made it very difficult for a woman to refuse sex by bringing angles into it.

Hemel said...

Well done David!!!The more I am reading your writings the more I am growing respect inside.Now it is time for Kim to stop thinking us as her enemies as we do not think her.She is trying to save islam from humiliation by any means even she contradicts herself.Rather she should question herself that is she being honest with herself if she believes she has the truth.Or why she is trying to reinterpret what her religion always used to teach before being influenced by non-arab culture

donna60 said...

I read a woman online who had converted to Islam, and then back to Christianity again, when she finally realized that the allah that she had initially been attracted to was nothing like the hadiths and verses that this god penned.

It took her awhile, and she said that her Muslim friends kept urging her not to visit her parents. But her parents continued to love her, and show her these cruel and merciless doctorines in Islam, and eventually she had to realize that she had no answers for them. The websites might agree with her on one area, and then turn around and explain it by some other heartless explanation.

We have to hope for the best for Kim. We have to give her credit for looking at this information. The fact of the matter is that some people who call themselves Christians haven't cracked a bible open in decades.

Guy said...

On the topic of wives and sex, the Obedient Wives Club of Malaysia has come out with a book called Islamic Sex, fighting against Jews to return Islamic sex to the world.
Gee the Jews have even stole sex from the muslims.Kim should find this book interesting.

John 8:24 said...

As we are on this topic, I just read this shocking article on a Bangladeshi immigrant to the UK. Though it is not mentioned that the man reported in this article is a Muslim, it is safe to assume he is one, as 90% of Bangladeshis are Muslims. I am not sure if this man would be charged for a rape if it happened in Bangladesh!

Search 4 Truth said...

I concur. I have never in my entire life of speaking with a Muslim for the last 9 years ever met a Muslim who is consistent or capable of objective reasoning, critical thinking, or moral and intellectual integrity! Not one single time. and I have talked to hundreds.

I get so hurt and riled p by the willful ignorance sometimes i have to sit back, pray and meditate. It's so disturbing to me.

curly said...

Sad! It is Kim's decision. I know that she is dishonest with herself after she made an excuse about evaporation few weeks ago.
I think she is just ODD.

curly said...

@Search 4 Truth
"I have never in my entire life of speaking with a Muslim for the last 9 years ever met a Muslim who is consistent or capable of objective reasoning, critical thinking, or moral and intellectual integrity! Not one single time. and I have talked to hundreds. "
9 years ! and talk to hundreds ! Wow and surprise It is amazing to me. I guess Ali Sina is right that Mulisms are zombie. There must BARELY Muslims is good rationalize

curly said...

I wanna grateful to you for your courageous and stand for Islam. I do learn about you and see how your defend for Islam. I applause you that you stand what you believe. Unfortunately, I disagree your view. Good luck to your future.

Cristo Te Ama said...

Is there any Islamic web site like this in which we can write and get answer you know about? i would like to do the same kim is doing, which i respect (no the way she does it with so many contradictions) so we can tell Muslims what we really believe?

Kodanshi said...

Aside from things like menstruation, etc. a muslim woman cannot deny her husband sex. In fact, doing so is one of the legitimate reasons for a muslim husband to hit his wife!

My Two Sense said...

I just think it's interesting that every time I look at this site lately there's this ad asking me if I want to go to for my ideal marriage partner... I think with this topic that is ironically apropos.

Radical Moderate said...

In western cultures the marriage cermony is sealed with a KISS.

In Islam it is "Sealed with a Fist"

In the west the man gives the woman his hand in marriage.

In islam the man gives his hand right across the face

Satish Kumar said...

I can see lot of Goods Comments. If it would have been Muslim apologetic forum almost each and every comment will have the phrase
"burn in hell" and other abusive ones.

Ye can identify by their fruits.