Friday, September 2, 2011

Virginia Resident Jubair Ahmad Charged with Providing Support to a Terrorist Organization

I'm confused. There's obviously no connection between Islam and terrorism (despite the fact that Islam promotes terrorism). Rather, a small handful of fanatics hijacked Islam for their own, non-Islamic agenda. But now that Osama bin Laden's been killed, there shouldn't be many terrorists left. And yet they keep springing up, even in Virginia. Go figure.

A Pakistani man who received commando training from Islamist militants before moving to a Washington suburb has been arrested and charged with providing support to a terror group, US officials said Friday.

Jubair Ahmad, 24, stands accused of providing material support to the powerful Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, designated by the US government as a foreign terrorist organization, and then lying about his involvement to investigators.

According to an unsealed affidavit by a Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent, Ahmad produced and posted a propaganda video for LeT "glorifying violent jihad" in 2010, some three years after he arrived in the United States with his parents and two younger brothers.

"Terrorist organizations such as LeT, and movements affiliated with them, use the Internet and other media as part of well orchestrated propaganda campaigns," the agent stated in the affidavit released by the US Justice Department.

"These campaigns seek to recruit individuals to participate in violent jihad and to promote the spread of terror."

Ahmad faces up to 23 years in prison if convicted on the two charges.

The department said the FBI had been investigating Ahmad, a legal permanent resident living in the state of Virginia, since 2009, after receiving information that the man might be linked to LeT. (Read more.)


Kim said...

How does Islam promote terrorism?

donna60 said...

Kim, I realize that the Koran is hard as heck to read. At first I thought it was me, since everyone kept calling it a "beautiful book."

Finally, after talking to these people long enough, I realized that all of the people that were calling the Koran "beautiful" were talking Jive.

I read a lot. And I have never struggled to understand anything, like I struggled to read through the Koran. It's a very convoluted, twisting, meaningless book, and it is painful to read. Frankly, the only book I can compare it to, is the Book of Mormon, which I used to think was the singular worst book ever to be written, until I read the Koran.