Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nadir Ahmed vs. David Wood: "Does Islam Promote Violence Towards Non-Muslims?"





Baron Eddie said...

Nadir tried to be funny in answering verse 9:29 but failed miserably (there is nothing funny about giving command to kill others)...

Also Nadir did not know that there is a Fatwa against wearing infidel's clothing ... shame on you Nadir for wearing ثياب الكفار ... here is a link to a Saudi Arabian web site for this Fatwa ...

but now you will say that is in Arabic ... that is right and that is why Nadir does not know Islam ...

anyway, I threw these words in Google translate and you will get this

(Q 33: Is it permissible to wear clothing infidels, is it permissible to carry the Koran (Quran) to their country?
C 3: It is not permissible for a Muslim to wear clothes infidels their own, which is the slogan they are characterized by all others, for that is to imitate them as victims, and to imitate them is not permissible; because it is proven from the Prophet peace be upon him it is forbidden to do so.)

... now I am laughing Nadir

Bfoali said...

With all due respect Baron, and consider this my last comment on the subject, but any scholar can make any fatwa but that does not bind every Muslim to it. So yes, the link you provided does in fact say that, but that does not mean that Nadir is tied by it. Now, if he claims to follow this particular scholar (or if you can prove that he himself uttered a statement claiming to follow something which would instantly hold him down under this fatwa), then by all means accept my apology, but until then, I don’t think you should continue with this line of argument.

andy bell said...

How in the hell is this even a debate? Does Islam promote violence towards Non-muslims? It would have been more fun to debate whether the sky is blue.

Anonymous said...

Good job Dr. Wood. Nadir got demolished again by evidence. If you take away Nadir's "this debate is over" and "time to go home David there is no evidence" there is not much left in his presentations. He always does that though. He thinks if he can assert that the debate is over or that his opponent's wrong that this therefore means its true. However, that is an assertion not an argument, Nadir. You need to spend more time on data and exegetical arguments. Otherwise you will always get creamed like in this debate.

DrOakley said...

When did this debate take place?

David Wood said...


Radical Moderate said...

"The Debate is over" lol

Yeah it was over before Nadir even took the mic.

What I find funy is that Muslims say that War in Islam is to fight the oppresser, but they oppose the war in Iraq even though Saddam Husein was a oppresser.

Radical Moderate said...

"Offer peace we will accept it"

Why would we need to offer peace to Islam, and what does offering peace to Islam mean.

Is offering peace to islam means we must the Jizya and live under Islamic tyrany?

Radical Moderate said...

Partners in peace and war? Wshat does that mean?

Does it mean that if you have peace with Islam you must go out and fight the wars with Islam even though you have nothing to do with it?

Radical Moderate said...

Oh man he goes to Siriat Ibn ISHAQ lol oh man.

Nadir Nadir Nadir just give it up

Baron Eddie said...

Bfoali ... thanks for answering politely ... Nadir did not talk about this ... maybe I am trying to show the two faces of Islam ... What we suppose to do when almost always Muslim commentators do not agree on anything ... but we see in Islamic countries, there are no tolerance for non-Muslims ... Look all non-Muslims getting killed daily and a lot of them leave their countries if they can ... Nadir do not speak like real Muslim as in Islamic countries ... can Mr. Wood have a debate like this in Islamic countries ? ... We all know the answer ...

Gabriella Oak said...

Poor Nadir, if only someone would give him a job on the stage he could give up debating altogether. It's so obvious that his first love is the dramatic arts.

Gabriella Oak said...

Poor Nadir, I don't think debates are his calling really. His talent obviously lends itself more to the dramatic arts. Or the circus.

Reese Smith said...

Brilliant David...just brilliant. You completely turned the tables on the "please gives us specific examples of where Jesus claimed divinity" argument used by Muslim apologist without even mentioning it. They shake their heads when the Bible doesn't exactly word for word say what it implies, but they shake their heads when the Quran does say word for word exactly what it means.

taomeano said...

David I applaud you for completely making a fool out of Nadir. He wasted your time for nothing. He simply does not know how to debate. Shabir Ally does a little better, but Nadir is a complete failure when it comes to debates. Look, to stubbornly hold on to a position when you have the clearest evidence refuting that position is a very wrong way to debate. What I find very troublesome for Moslem debaters is that pride blinds them to see the truth. David you completely took Nadir for lunch on this debate. Good job. May the LORD keep giving you the wisdom to contend for the faith and defeat the cult of Islam.

Truth said...

I love this clown Nadir. and his hairstyle is awesome. ha ha ha ha...........

bold head with long beard. ha ha ha ha...........

no no seriously.

I have seen his other debates with brother Sam Shamoun, James White and Daniel Scott.

Nadir jumps like a helpless child when he starts realizing that he has no way out and he is going to loose. ha ha ha ha...............

Although not only him. ALL muslims are stupid. And if any muslim is not stupid, that means he / she is either doing research or planning to leave islam or already left islam.

I don't understand how somebody can take islam seriously.

specially the 72 virgin matter.
ha ha ha ha...............

Don't they understand that if allah has so many huris, that means allah has a prostitute quarter in heaven ?

and that also is ONLY for men.

ha ha... what a justice....

Search 4 Truth said...

I actually find it kind of sad. I have debated Nadir on paltalk and this is his typical approach. In my interactions with him he likes to say and build it up that he is going to give you a death blow. As if in a weak attempt to intimidate you into not going to that topic. Then when you reveal the evidence, his death blow consists of reinforcing your argument and claiming the debate is over.

I bet the Muslim community is going to say he is a spy for the Christians to make Islam look bad! As I have come across every excuse and logical fallacy that you can imagine.

I was going to say stop debating him, but I think it's best to keep exposing Islam through Nadir so someone will step up like, Naik or any of the other teams. It seems they are not willing to do what Islam teaches them!

25:52 So do not obey the disbelievers, and strive against them with the Qur'an a great striving. They cant, this is why they have to kill the opposition and those who want to leave once realizing the truth of Mohameds evil!

Haecceitas said...

This was very one-sided debate. But I still think that Wood vs. Gulam is the most one-sided debate ever.

Can't wait to hear what kind of absurdities Nadir brought up in the other debate to show that Christianity promotes violence.

Osama Abdallah said...


Why will Christ come back again? And what will he do to the entire earth? Will he:

(a)- Play chess with everyone?

(b)- Have total disregad to the "Glorious Western World's Freedom where we can all have peaceful and intellicual debate", as Mr. Wood put it, and dwarf the Nazis by slaughtering by the 100s upon 100s of millions from the people of earth?

(c)- Find a new girlfriend.

(d)- Join's list of authors :>).

The answer will come right after these messages......

Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

Mr. Wood,

Name the time and date and I'll debate you on any topic you name.

Osama Abdallah

David Wood said...


I'll be in Phoenix next month. We can debate there (one on the 22nd, and another on the 23rd.

(1) "Was Muhammad's Relationship with Aisha Morally Acceptable?"

(2) "Are There Scientific Errors in the Qur'an?"

Sam said...

Here comes the other self-professed Muslim champion. Is this the same Osama whom Nadir threatened to physically beat to death?

From :
Reply-To :
Sent : Thursday, September 7, 2006 12:50 AM
To : Osama Abdallah , IslamLife ,, omer moh ,,,
Subject : osama watch your back

Osama, you fucking kaffir.. how dare you insult our Prophet(P) by saying he has a mental disease wallahi, if I ever meet you on the street.... youre done.... and it WILL happen. watch your back. and as for your gay lover Saami, the fact that you support this piece of shit osama.. the same holds true for you. I have ways and means... I promise u. I have made a screen shot of your defamation of our Prophet(P), so you dont try to hide your kuffar. Thanks, Nadir Ahmed


From :
Reply-To :
Sent : Thursday, September 7, 2006 3:07 AM
To :, omer moh ,,,, Osama Abdallah
Subject : Re: osama watch your back

you fucking kaffir.. you think you can arm bar me? lol ill be the one breaking your elbow, then, I'll triangle choke you and force you to take back your insults against Prophet Muhammed(P) .... then I'll ground and pound your ugly face. It's going to be great.. Ill pass your guard in matter of minutes and mount you... and Ill slamm my fist right in your eye socket, and I'll say.. "what did you say about our Prophet(P)?" "who is old and stupid now Osama?" Let's do it this weekend. You can come down to my ju jitzu gym. Ill arrange it with the fellas down here. or did you want me to come up to your gym ? This is JIHAD. Thanks, Nadir Ahmed (

Sam said...

In respect to Osama Abdallah or Nsdir Ahmed, I really don't know who is worse, or who causes more people to leave Islam.

David Wood, get me a piece of the action since I would love to debate Osama on the prophethood of Muhammad and the Deity of Christ.

Baron Eddie said...

Osama, Don't forget to wear your Infidel's clothing ثياب الكفار , May I suggest a topic you can debate Wood or Sam (Mohammed's love to non-Muslims) ...

or (Allah's sons) ...

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you more and more brother David and Sam and shut every mouth that lie.

Osama is not a Muslim because he is making fun of Issa ... In Islamic countries no one dares insult Issa, but not this Kafir (كافر ) ... I am sure somebody will issue a Fatwa against him now.

Osama Abdallah said...

Mr. Wood,

You know I never say NO to any topic, especially when it comes to defending Islam. If you didn't know that, then you now do my brother. And is that Sam Shamoun who posted after you (Sam)? LOL, this guy never changes. Plus, while he's already past 40 years old, he still wouldn't even post his whole name as an alias. What a kid! LOL. He's still the same old hateful and boring guy. I mean, in all of this time in teaming up with David Wood you still have not learned how to be calm and couth?

Yes Sam Shamoun, please name your topic and allow me to teach you some Islam and some Bible.

Also, bring Mr. Walid Shoebat with you, if you can. I'd like to teach him some "Bible Prophecies" while we're at it, as I've been concentrating on him lately as you can tell from my website. I'll give each man 2 debates. 2 for uncle Couthless, 2 for David, and 2 for Walid. I can do Saturday and Sunday. You can distribute the 6 debates among yourselves however you want to; meaning one can do more than 2 and the other can do less.

Osama Abdallah

Reese Smith said...


The answer isn't (A) because no wants to play chess with someone all knowing.

The answer isn't (C) because he already has a bride.

The answer isn't (D) for obvious reasons.

That leaves (B)...and well he did say vengence was His. Remember the flood...

Osama Abdallah said...

Baron Eddie,

I am glad that you conceded, before everyone, that we Muslims honor and love and respect and uphold Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, very dearly and very seriously. Tell this to your brother in Christianity, Walid Shoebat, who kisses up to those who despise Christ and call him a bastard, the son of a Roman soldier, i.e, the Jews.

Osama Abdallah

David Wood said...


I seem to recall you backed out of one or two debates with me last year in Michigan, so I'm not sure you can say you never back down. However, I will grant that you are much more eager to defend Islam than any other Muslim I know of, so I commend you for standing up for what you believe.

I talked to George, and he suggested a debate on Muhammad's moral consistency instead of another scientific debate. Since you've already agreed to debate Sam, that gives us four debates in Phoenix:

(1) Sam vs. Osama: "Did Jesus Claim to Be God?"
(2) Osama vs. Sam: "Was Muhammad a True Prophet?"
(3) Osama vs. David: "Did Muhammad Practice What He Preached?"
(4) Osama vs. David: "Was Muhammad's Relationship with Aisha Morally Acceptable?"

See you in Phoenix.

WhatsUpDoc said...

Great job David Nadir was all over the place

minoria said...

I have not heard every minute,but like 90% of it and if I had been in the debate Nadir would have stumped me with some of the viewpoints he gave.I was amazed David found a convincing answer.David,you really studied the theme,its details and different aspects.`

Guys check out this new and brilliant article by Michael Licona:"The Death of Jesus and the Defeat of Islam"

Osama Abdallah said...

"I talked to George, and he suggested a debate on Muhammad's moral consistency instead of another scientific debate. Since you've already agreed to debate Sam, that gives us four debates in Phoenix:

(1) Sam vs. Osama: "Did Jesus Claim to Be God?"
(2) Osama vs. Sam: "Was Muhammad a True Prophet?"
(3) Osama vs. David: "Did Muhammad Practice What He Preached?"
(4) Osama vs. David: "Was Muhammad's Relationship with Aisha Morally Acceptable?"

See you in Phoenix."

I accept. Once George confirms, then I'll book the flight and hotel and will see you in Phoenix, AZ, on the weekedn of 10/22 and 23, insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing).

Osama Abdallah

Baron Eddie said...

I am willing to debate you Osama ... but since I am not known yet, I get to choose the topic ...

Why we can find donkey's name easily in the scripture and not find the Arabic name Mohammed ?

WhatsUpDoc said...

I have one question about practicality of what Nadir says. Lets I am living in Toronto along with 350 Muslim and David is living in Buffalo with 200 non Muslims. I have already sent a messenger to David and messenger told me that David and his people refused to accept Islam and they said they love their pork and are not willing to give up Usury.

In my mind it is very clear that David and company are unbelievers so I decide to fight them and arrived in Buffalo with my 350 all armed and ready to fight.

David comes out and asks me what is going on? I reply " you are unbelievers and we are going to fight you" David says " I don't want to fight I want peace" I say to David " OK if you are going to make a piece offer then I will accept"

David says " sure how about if i don't attack you and you don't attack me and we go back to as we were before"

According to Nadir He is supposed to say OK and shake my hand and return back to Toronto and we all live in peace.

This is completely absurd LOL

Hey David you were just brilliant. Loved your first burn the Koran day video. Thanks

donna60 said...

Mr Abdallah,

I realize that I can't expect you to acknowledge Jesus' Deity, as I do, but I really did believe that Muslims were expected to at least be respectful to Jesus as a prophet and even the Messiah.

The answer to your pop-quiz is E) None of the above.

1 Thessalonians 4:13-17
13 And now, dear brothers and sisters, we want you to know what will happen to the believers who have died[a] so you will not grieve like people who have no hope. 14 For since we believe that Jesus died and was raised to life again, we also believe that when Jesus returns, God will bring back with him the believers who have died.
15 We tell you this directly from the Lord: We who are still living when the Lord returns will not meet him ahead of those who have died.[b] 16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. First, the Christians who have died[c] will rise from their graves. 17 Then, together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Then we will be with the Lord forever.

andy bell said...

Osama and Nadir,

I agree with you guys. Islam is correct. I am ready to convert to Islam. I've come to the realization that the purpose of life is to live like a polygamous ignorant, 7th century arab. I want to brush my teeth with a tree branch instead of a toothbrush. I want my girlfriend/wife to wear a garbage bag and I really really hate jews now. How many jews do I get to kill after I convert?

Please contact me soon, because I look forward to being hated and reviled by 80% of the civilized world and blaming everything wrong in my personal life to a magical conspiracy.

Well, anyway....Salami Laycukm PBSWT Mohamad mohamad Jihad.

Your's in faith.

Hemel said...

How many times Osama Abdullah the self-proclaimed best teacher of islam need to humiliate himself.Rather he should humble himself a bit and put end to his blasphemies.He is no match to Sam or David.Rather he should debate his co-religionist Nadir Ahmed!

Hemel said...

Osama said,
"I mean, in all of this time in teaming up with David Wood you still have not learned how to be calm and couth?"
So Osama why you still not learning how to debate or show how you are better than Nadir Ahmed though you claimed to be?No doubt you are gonna humiliate yourself once again

Sam said...

For some strange reason, Osama seems to have a problem with my age (even though I am not 40 years old. I'm actually 39). However, if he has a problem with someone being 40 or older, then he definitely should have a problem with Muhammad since the Islamic sources say that he was 40 when the spirit came and physically manhandled him.

He should further have problems with Muhammad since he took 9 year old Aisha as his wife and had sex with her when he was an old man of 54 years of age!

So Osama I can't wait for you to teach me! In fact, I eagerly look forward to these meetings since it gives Wood and myself further opportunities to glorify our risen Lord Jesus and expose this false prophet.

Hazakim1 said...

Bye bye Osama.....Nice knowing you (briefly). You're gonna get roasted.....have fun

taomeano said...

Osama Abdallah,

I have watched a lot of your debates with David Wood, Sam Shamoun, Nabeel and Christian Prince, and I find that you have a tendency to disrespect the LORD JESUS CHRIST. In one of your debates you asserted that Jesus escaped to Egypt like a rat. This and many other derogatory remarks you make about Jesus Christ in your debates have convinced me that you are conflicted in your beliefs. Your own Koran respects and venerates Jesus Christ, yet you Osama totally disrespect Him. I would like to advise you against making such disrespectul remarks in your debates againt Jesus Christ. The scriptures calls it "harsh speeches or things" as indicated in the following verse"

"Now Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men also, saying, “Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way, and of all the HARSH THINGS which ungodly sinners HAVE SPOKEN against Him.”(Jude Ch 1 vs 14-15).

And Osama you have spoken some harsh things against the LORD JESUS CHRIST. I will strongly advise you to just stick to your debate topics and refrain from making derogatory remarks about Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

It does not win you any points in your debates, it just shows that when you get desperate you resort to attacks instead of providing solid refutations to your opponent's arguments. Please Osama you can do better than that.

wri7913 said...


You forgot one other important aspect to that kind of absurdity.

You said "David says " sure how about if i don't attack you and you don't attack me and we go back to as we were before"

According to Nadir He is supposed to say OK and shake my hand and return back to Toronto and we all live in peace."
At this point, Nadir would propose a Hudna or peace offering that is only good for 10 years. During those years he is to prepare to wage war against you when those ten years are up.

At the end of 10 years, he will then find some lame ass excuse by which to break this Hudna and impose war against you. Such is the reality of living with Islam. The lies, deceptions and backstabbing of Islame.

Nakdimon said...

Ìt must be total hell for a Muslim to listen to Nadir defend their religion and interpret the islamic sources for them. His (mis)use of their sources must be sheer agony. For example, his quote of Surah 4:75 he explains as muslims having to defend non-muslims from oppressors. Yet little does he consider (or he does but is just blatantly deceptive, which shouldnt surprise anyone) that this verse speaks about Muslims in Mekkah asking for help and not an open statement for helping the oppressors around the globe or even helping non-muslims.
Lest I be accused for applying my own interpretation that is supposedly driven by my hatred for Islam, here is what Ibn Kathir says about this verse:

Anyways, good job David. Especially the citing of Ibn Ishaq. Good to see a Muslim approving of good ol' Ibn Ishaq for a change. Unfortunately, though, that Muslim is merely Nadir Ahmed.

Hemel said...

Osama,do not try to be extra brave when you dont have the capability.You will face the worse humiliation in debating bro Sam.From whom the so called heroes of islam like Zakir Naik,Shabir ally,Bassam Zawadi is running away in fear

Nakdimon said...

Andy Bell,

The saddest thing is that when you listen to Nadir making these arguments especially about Surah 9:29 and how the western world should thank Allah for that verse because it has done so much for western civilization, we must keep in mind that Nadir actually believes his nonsense! He actually does! Now the question is, if Islam is to be acknowledged for all of the West's scientific achievements, why has the Islamic world been such a failure to produce anything scientifically groundbreaking when it wallows in Islam, the very source what Nadir claims is responsible for the Western successes in science?

As for Muslims using a miswak to bruch their teeth and wearing Islamic garbs because their prophet did these things. I wonder what they wipe themselves with. Do they use tiolet paper or an odd number of stones? Seeing the "prophet" did that too.

Fisher said...

‎"...Why sura 9:29 is the most magnificent verse of the Qur'an..."

Yes, because there's nothing more magnificent than humiliating Jews and Christians while making us pay an extortionate poll tax. (sarcasm)

Nadir is such a clown. The heck, he can't even last three minutes without changing the topic and shifting the burden of proof.

LouisJ-B said...


any news of Ali Ataie.

Baron Eddie said...

David, How could you misunderstand surah 9:29 ...

We (non-Muslims) are vacationing in the West ...

Unknown said...

I am not sure if you're aware but recently in Toronto, Canada at a dinner event several of our federal ministers including the Hon. Jason Kenney spoke out against state sponsered persecution in Pakistan (via the Blasphemy Sharia Law). The event was about the consequences of these laws on minorities, and celebrated the life and work of martyr Shahbaz Bhatti. There was an excellent special presentation made which I'll link here that you need to see which shows real people who faced this persecution and how it affected them.

WhatsUpDoc said...


You are going by real Koran. Remember according to Nadir's Koran Mohammad wanted to end the massacres between Jews and Christians and give everyone religious freedom.

Nadir is suppose to fight the unbelievers and if unbelievers offer peace Nadir is supposed to accept it.

I think Nadir is trying to turn Mohammad into Buddha.LOL

WhatsUpDoc said...

David, Here is a very interesting Hadith for you to remember in your future debates it shows how his companions felt when Mohammad was alive.

Volumn 007, Book 062, Hadith Number 115.
Narated By Ibn 'Umar : During the lifetime of the Prophet we used to avoid chatting leisurely and freely with our wives lest some Divine inspiration might be revealed concerning us. But when the Prophet had died, we started chatting leisurely and freely (with them).

This one shows that people were afraid to talk freely,leisurely and perhaps romantically because they were afraid that Allah may forbid that in the next revelation.

Once he died and they went like. Hey no more revelations, now we can talk romantically with women and nothing Allah can do to stop us.

Anthony Rogers said...


It looks like you have more than enough on your plate, but are you still up for debating a third opponent?

I have a couple of ideas in mind:

1) "Is the Allah of the Qur'an (and ahadith) an Anthropomorphic Entity?"


2) "Does the Old Testament Teach the Trinity?"

However, I am not sure how this could fit in with the two day schedule. If it is not possible now, perhaps in the future. If so, let me know.

Cristo Te Ama said...

Osama wrote some questions about "what is Jesus donna do when he comes back" the thing is that even if he comes to destroy Satan and his armies, it is not us "christians" the ones who must be killing at this very moment non-christians. Also why would you care this if you dont believe in our revelation book, it's like me worrying about my next incarnation, hoping i dont become a bug or something like that, i dont believe in that doctrine, so why would i care? yet when we read Sura 9:29 in example, it is not about some future filled of spiritual events, it is about the right here right now, u killing non-muslims, so thats the problem for us, because even if we don't believe in your book, that won't change the fact that you are commanded to kill and submit us.

Traeh said...

Isn't it true that where the Islamic texts say that Aisha was 9 years old when Muhammad consummated with her, 9 lunar years are meant? And since a lunar year is only about 355 days, doesn't that mean that Aisha could actually have been several months short of her 9th birthday? At 9 lunar years old, Aisha was only 9 x 355 days old, which is 90 days less -- or about three months -- short of what we today mean by a 9-year old. Aisha may well have been 8.

E H said...

Premise of the debate is:

"Does Islam promote violence towards non-muslims?"

Nadir says (29:07 of the second video):

"I accept that absolutely. Muslim have been ordered to fight non-believers"

If fights are violent and non-believers = non-muslims, then the answer to the question according to Nadir is yes.

The only thing Nadir can argue is the "present danger" which is some other debate which probably he will lose.

Chinchilla PetVerse said...


A couple of quick questions for you:
1. You said "The Jews in Arabia were rejoicing when they saw the Muslims since they would save them from the persecution of the Christians". Do you HAVE ANY EVIDENCE FOR THIS?? The Christians AND the Jews were persecuted horribly by the Roman Catholic faith and if you follow church history, there were the Nestorians and the Paulicians who were active in that area. They saw the Muslims who could give them some respite from the Catholic persecution. They accepted the dominance of Islam by signing humiliating treaties with the Caliph not knowing that there is only one rule in dealing with the Devil "YOU DON'T"
Question is: What is your evidence that this so called "hand of friendship" extended by the Muslims to the local Christians was inspired by Q9:29 when NOTHING in the verse points to this??
2. Also, if helping the Jews and Christians was the true intention of Islam then why didn't they give them freedom of religion and NOT make them sign the humiliating conditions under the Caliph which ensured that Christianity wouldn't survive more than 1-2 generations??

Please try and respond without theatrics

In Christ


Baron Eddie said...

Osama, somehow I missed your comment before!

You seem to be good at twisting words

You made fun of Jesus Christ and I said Muslims won't do that "but you did" ... you focused on one part but it was you who admitted that you are not a Muslim in front of everyone ...

But I am glad to see that your recent comments does not do that.

May Lord Jesus Christ opens your eyes ... He is knocking at your door ...

Osama Abdallah said...

"So Osama I can't wait for you to teach me! In fact, I eagerly look forward to these meetings since it gives Wood and myself further opportunities to glorify our risen Lord Jesus and expose this false prophet."


I look forward to these meetings as well, Sam Shamoun.
I know David Wood is a very straight forward man, and honest enough to not come up with cheap excuses to replace himself with another person on October 22nd and 23rd. I SINCERELY HOPE THAT YOU'LL BE AS MUCH OF A MAN AS HIM, this time. I do look forward to school you on both Islam and the Bible on October 22nd and/or 23rd, Sam Shamoun. And I don't like to give fireworks remarks and rhetoric that are empty. I sincerely hope that you will not replace yourself with another Christian.

As for me, I swear on the Holy Name of Allah Almighty I will make every humanly possible effort to be there. You have my word that I will be there, Sam Shamoun, insha'Allah. I am booking the flight tonight my friend, insha'Allah (if Allah Almighty is Willing). I look forward to intellectually, peacefully and professionaly teach you some Islam and some Bible. It'll be professional, academic and very very peaceful, insha'Allah. Nothing to fear in terms of safety. So I hope that you won't run this time, Sam.

So having said that, can you confirm, to everyone, that you and I are on for the debates that Mr. David Wood listed under both of our names above? I think this is only fair for everybody.

Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

To be more clear before everyone, I call on Sam Shamoun to prove that he is NOT a man of empty words, and to confirm before everyone that he will debate me on the following topics on October 22 and/or 23:

(1) Sam vs. Osama: "Did Jesus Claim to Be God?"

(2) Osama vs. Sam: "Was Muhammad a True Prophet?"

I honestly think that this is a must-do, on part of Mr. Shamoun, before everyone. Otherwise, I think everyone here will see that Mr. Shamoun is no more than a man of empty words and empty rhetorics.

If Mr. Shamoun shows that he is not a man of his words, and does actually REFUSE TO CONFIRM, then I call this debate off. I hope David Wood and George don't take this the wrong way. But I insist on our friend, Shamoun, to be there. But him being confirmed for this debate is a condition for me to accept. You have my word that I'll be as peaceful, friendly, nice and professional, with you, as I can be. And I am normally very nice, peaceful and professional anyway, with people, in real life. We debate, and you go your way and I go mine. You're welcomed to join for dinner if you'd like after the debates.

Osama Abdallah

Anthony Rogers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anthony Rogers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anthony Rogers said...

Osama said: "You know I never say NO to any topic, especially when it comes to defending Islam."

I call on you, Mr. Abdallah, to prove that you are not a man of empty words and to confirm that you will debate me on the following topics:

1) "Is the Allah of the Qur'an (and ahadith) an Anthropomorphic Entity?"


2) "Does the Old Testament Teach the Trinity?"

Since you are not likely prepared to defend the nature of your man-god, and no doubt need to spend all your time over the next several weeks preparing for the upcoming debates (in between making bombastic and antagonizing posts directed at Sam), I won't accuse you of being a liar provided you agree now that you will debate me on these issues sometime in the next six months. That should give you sufficient time to brush up on these issues.

I honestly think that this is a must-do, on part of Mr. Abdallah, before everyone. Otherwise, I think everyone here will see that Mr. Abdallah is no more than a man of empty words and empty rhetorics.

Anthony Rogers
Answering Islam

Sam said...

I guess Osama really is looking forward to humiliating Muslims again since it is obvious he isn't concerned about the reputation of Allah or his messenger, which is why he is willing to put them to public shame another time.

It will be my pleasure to debate you. In fact, I AM THE ONE WHO TOLD WOOD TO GET ME A PIECE OF YOU!

However, since you are making conditions, you will need to accept Anthony's debate challenges as well. You must agree to face Anthony and accept his two debate topics.

Make sure you say yes since I am literally anxious and excited to debate you in Arizona since this will give me and Wood further opportunities to expose Muhammad as an antiuchrist and to glorify Jesus as Lord of all, including Muhammad.

Sam said...

Anthony, Osama's proud won't allow him to refuse to debate you. He is a glutton for pain. Glorify to Jesus, this will give us further opportunites to expose Muhammad for the evil, vile antichrist he truly was and to exalte Christ over such an antichrist.

I will let Osama run off his mouth here since I will make sure to take care of him at the debates by the grace of the Lord Jesus, much like I did in our last debate.

Sam said...

Hey Osama, dinner will be on me after the debates. That's the least I can do. :-)

David Wood said...

I could probably arrange the debates between Anthony and Osama on ABN.

Mary2 said...

The debate was won when the many versus in the Qur'an were quoted requiring violence against non-Muslims. That needed to be pointed out. Also, Muhammad's doctrine of abrogation (of the peaceful-sounding suras by the jihad suras) needed to be explained as it was being denied. Finally, Muhammad's doctrine of tagiyya (lying to non-Muslims) needed to be explained because that is what Mr. Ahmed was doing.

Baron Eddie said...

Osama "It is hard for you to kick against the goads."

I ask all brothers and sisters to keep brothers Daved, Sam, Anthony in their prayers ...

May God put His Words in their mouths and ours ...

Osama Abdallah said...

Sam Shamoun, are you going to confirm our debate for oct 22 and 23 or not? You ran your mouth and now seem to be backing down. What does Anthony have anything to do with David Wood', Sam Shamoun's, and Osama Abdallah's upcoming debate? Why are you now making him a condition?! Either speak as mature as any 40-year old man is expected to speak or don't waste my time. I don't play with kids.

Come back and give a clear comfirmation before everyone so we can all move forward.

As to Anthony, speak with George Siege or whoever else and arrange a time sometime in early december.

Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

And as to the point about me once backed out from a debate with David Wood, I remember that there was a boycott against David Wood by the Islamic Organization that was involved in the debat's arrangment at the time. I didn't want to go against their will. To my knowledge, no one debated David that weekend. Otherwise, I would not have backed down.

Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

And to George and David, if Sam Shamoun decides to back down even on the day of the debate, then I too will call off the debate.

Sam Shamoun may think that he's being a 40-year old cute spoiled and silly kid with cute charms and shining bald head when he plays these silly games, but I don't find that in him cute at all and neither should any grown man.

Radical Moderate said...


I swear Muslims are like a one string guitar well maybe two stringsd in your case.

your debate topics have been addressed over and over and over again. Let me break it down for you.

Debate topic 1. "Did Jesus Claim to Be God?"

If you are looking for a verse where Jesus says those exact words "I am God worship me" The answer is no. So thank you and other Muslims for pointing out to us Christians what we already know.

If you mean that Jesus claimed things for him self, things that only God claims for himself. That he applies Old Testement scripture that is only for YHWH to himslef, that by doing these things to 1st century Jews, would be blasphemous becasue he is equating himself with GOD. Things that even to 10th century Muslims would be considered Blashemouse. i.e


In comparason Mansur al–Hallaj (died 922) claimed: “I am the truth”, the orthodox Ulama were so outraged that he was first imprisoned for 10 years, then crucified, and then dismembered alive.


Now your next topic

"Was Muhammad a True Prophet?"

Osama are you in doubt? Cause I seem to recall that your Quran tells you that if you are to ask the people of the book. Jews and Christians.

Well I think I can speak for SAM, DAVID, Anthony, FMM, and every Christians on this blog. THe answer is NOOOOOOOOOOO, he is not a true Prophet.

It is the same answer Christians gave when Mohamed was walking around, it is the same answer we have given and will always give.

Why wont you listen to your Quran, and believe what Christians are telling you?

chris J said...

Just finished watching the debate...I think Nadir is a big time twister of facts...Clearly David had the upper hand in the debate....Nadir was twisting and lying. He has his own twisted view in my opinion. Very pathetic.

Radical Moderate said...


As much as I would enjoy watching Sam defend the True religion of God, and destroy Islam. Those topics have been done to death, quit beating a dead hourse. Its milk and I'm more into sollid food.

Instead I hope you accept Anthony's Rogers debate challange and topics, so we can really feast.

kim said...

As an Atheist, I have to say...why do Muslims always go to the argument f, well, "Christians are violent too" to explain Islam's violence? Do two wrongs make a right? It is always a deflection to Christianity's violence to defend Islam's violence...but what about those of us who are not Christians? This means NOTHING to us. Violence is violence. It is unacceptable period. It doesn't meant sh*t of other people are violent. It doesn't excuse it. It is still unacceptable. I'm tired of all these deflections instead of owning up to the truth of the violence of the Quran. It's like saying, "oh, yeah, I killed someone...but it's okay, because so-and-so killed someone too". Failed logic.

And before anyone says, "oh, but have you even read the Quran, do you even know what you are talking about?". Yes, I have read the Quran, cover to cover. As well as the Talmud, the Bible, Umdat al Salik, and many Hadiths.

David Wood said...

Osama said: "And as to the point about me once backed out from a debate with David Wood, I remember that there was a boycott against David Wood by the Islamic Organization that was involved in the debat's arrangment at the time. I didn't want to go against their will. To my knowledge, no one debated David that weekend. Otherwise, I would not have backed down."

Well, now I'm worried. First, if you remember correctly, no Muslim organization was involved in arranging our debate. The organizers were you, me, and George. Second, you say that no other Muslim debated me that weekend. But the only Muslim I was supposed to debate was you, and you backed out at the last minute. Third, you say you backed out because a Muslim organization (which had nothing to do with the debate) didn't want you to debate me. But that's still the case. The world is filled with Muslim organizations who don't want us to debate next month. Are you saying that if a Muslim organization contacts you prior to the debate and tells you not to do the debates, you'll cancel at the last minute? You'll break your word because a Muslim organization tells you to break your word? That makes it kind of hard to set up debates. We never know if the Muslim will show up!

Sam said...

David, is Osama trying to act illiterate like his prophet was? Was I not clear enough that I want to debate this guy in October? In fact, the more he starts throwing insults at me the more severe his humiliation will be.

So, David, can you tell this repulsive child to pretend to be mature for once, especially since he is a father, and stop with these silly stupid games. And could you tell him if he has a problem with me being 39 (not 40 as he keeps insisting even though I already corrected him) then he must surely have a problem with his false, wicked prophet who was 40 when that evil spirit came to torture him and lead him and millions astray.

In fact, if he is consistent then he should also have a serious problem with Muhammad marrying a young minor who was still playing with her dolls when he was 54 years old, old enough to be Osama's father.

D. Collaric said...

At the one hand Mr. Ahmed points out that Jews suffered from persecution and yet in other parts of the Video he says that Jews are "stealing" Arab land, and they have no right for a country. Now if today there are no Jews in Saudi Arabia, is this also the fault of the "evil Christians" who returned and ruled the Land ? Why did Jews in Saudi Arabia "convert" to Islam if as Nadir says that Islam came to protect their religious rights and the freedom to choose the religion they want? In a society were one can freely choose his/her own Religion, should there not be many Jews who took up the offer? And then, there is the issue that non-Muslims are not allowed to Mecca. Just contemplating about those points it make clear to me, that the Muslim spokesperson not only lost the debate but he was trying to mislead the listeners.

Baron Eddie said...

Muslims ask did Jesus said "I am God worship me"

with that logic if any man comes now and claims to be God ...

Would you believe him?

No ...

Then why ask this question!

But Jesus did what God can do ...

He forgave sins

He raised the dead and will raise

He cured all diseases

He created eyes

He opened eyes

He changed water to wine

He rebuked the wind

Mat 11:5 "The blind see and the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them."

Mat 9:28 And when He had come into the house, the blind men came to Him. And Jesus said to them, "Do you believe that I am able to do this?" They said to Him, "Yes, Lord."

Jesus said it in a way known to the Jews that He is God ...
that is why they said He blasphemed and tried to kill Him

Jesus proved He is God
in what He did ...
in what He is doing ...
in what He will do ...

Glory to His Name

Osama Abdallah said...


That was two or three years ago. I remember you were boycotted. Unless we're talking about different mixed things this is what I believe happened.

Anyway, don't worry about me not showing up, insha'Allah. I'd worry more about your partner. Unless you want to call it off, I'm confirmed for oct 22 and 23 as long as Sam Shamoun doesn't back down.

Osama Abdallah

Anthony Rogers said...

Osama said: "As to Anthony, speak with George Siege or whoever else and arrange a time sometime in early december."

I look forward to it. But let's shoot for January. December is a busy time for me. Sound good to you?

Anthony Rogers

TPaul said...

Bro. Sam, please be careful. I smell a rat with Osama's insisting that you debate, even after you made it abundantly clear you would.
Everyone and their dog knows that Osama sucks at debates. He thinks he is doing Islam great service, but on the contraty, he is merely making a laughing stock of it, and most Muslims have recognized this. Why then why is he so insistant?

sheik yer'mami said...

'The debate is over, reform is done..." is the typical Tariq Ramadan drivel.

It actually means nothing other than 'we are here, we are here to stay, Islam is perfect, and what'cha gonna do about it, infidel...?'

War is deceit, said the prophet pretender Muhammad, and Islam is always at war with the unbeliever, until all resistance ends and Islam dominates.

That's all that's to it. Once that is understood, we can deal with it.

Everything else will just protract the agony.

Seam_on_Us said...

I had not even watched 7 minutes of this and I already felt the familiar uselessness and futility in arguing with a Muslim. They seem to argue with their brains on standby. David, with deepest sincerity, I am thankful there are Christians like you out there. Great work and God bless.

Osama Abdallah said...

Sam Shamoun former 40-year old silly ben malik,

As always, you're an ill and hateful person who even hates himself. No you were not clear about your commitment. Knowing your history and how low you speak in, I only saw rhetoric and cheap insults to everything that is dear to me and to every Muslim, and not clear cut commitment. Now that I finally got the commitment out of you and locked you in your own words, then I'll move forward with the debate, insha'Allah. I'll show you that you're far less than even a drop from the spit of the Prophet of Islam, peace, mercy and blessings be upon him, whom you insulted here several times for no reason. See you in Phoenix, insha'Allah.

Osama Abdallah

Osama Abdallah said...

"Bro. Sam, please be careful. I smell a rat with Osama's insisting that you debate, even after you made it abundantly clear you would.
Everyone and their dog knows that Osama sucks at debates. He thinks he is doing Islam great service, but on the contraty, he is merely making a laughing stock of it, and most Muslims have recognized this. Why then why is he so insistant?"


Trust me when I tell you that I personally and physically will protect Sam Shamoun if someone attacks him physicaly.
I don't believe in hurting people for bringing forward arguments against Islam, because it's not the individual himself that is the problem, it's the argument that needs to be taken care of. Otherwise, today it's Sam Shamoun saying, tomorrow it's Michael Wood, and on and on and on...

I wanted to lock Sam Shamoun on his words so that there will be NO ESCAPE FOR ANYONE in this debate! I won't give explosive rhetoric here because I am not into this. I like to act more and speak less, as our beloved Prophet had commanded us when he said:

"The best of the speech/talking is the least in words and most in meanings and directions."

But again, rest assured that I would personally defend Shamoun and Wood and any other Christian with my own person if I need to.

Osama Abdallah

goethechosemercy said...

A Christian genocide in Late Antiquity?
Yeah right.

D. Collaric said...

I knew when Mr. Ahmed Nadir said that Jews weren't allowed in Israel, that this was not the case and that in his "holey book" allah states clearly that he gave them the land! Sura 17:104

17:2 We gave Moses the Book, and made it a Guide to the Children of Israel, (commanding): "Take not other than Me as Disposer of (your) affairs."

17: 104 And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel, "Dwell securely in the land (of promise)": but when the second of the warnings came to pass, We gathered you together in a mingled crowd.

Also there is the strong implication that all of the Old Testament prophets including Jesus were really devout "Muslims"! Now allah promises the land to the devout "muslimic" children of Israel, to "dwell securely" and later it is the very same deity chases them out of the land! Can one "trust" such a deity not to turn against other "Muslims"?

33:26 "Allah made the Jews leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth. He gave you a country you had not traversed before."

What is unclear in the words "that you killed some"? I fail to see the "good" in this fight, when people who just rejected a religion were driven from their land and killed.

Mary2 said...

One of the jihad strategies in "dialogue" with non-Muslims is to provoke, provoke with personal attacks until the other side counters with personal attacks. Then, the jihadists can say that they are no more vicious (i.e., violent) than those they are debating. Ignore the immature childish name-calling and stick to debating the topic/issues/subject matter.

vino said...

please edit the replies with dirty offensive words. Otherwise please don't call yourselves Christians

curly said...

@Baron Eddie,
Amen ! Let glory to Jesus Christ alone !

Bob said...

Nadir's most potent argument : "The debate is over!"
What debate?

Unknown said...

Assalam am a muslim girl n really very proud to be. I dont know if u people (David n the other non-muslims)have ever gone across the Quraan, if no, then it does explain the ignorance in which u are n if yes, then go through it deeply n u'll undertstand the beauty n reality of this unique magnificent n blessed religion which is Islam. it is indeed the only religion promoting truth love peace tolerance. u want a proof oue tolerance to yr sarcastic comments is one. Is it so difficult to accept it?????
Islam is only for people having knowledge n wnderstanding. Blessed b my brothers n sisters in Islam. BEAR IN MIND ONE THING NON-MUSLIMS

Unknown said...

Assalam am a muslim girl n really proud to be. For all u non-muslims n David, before commenting on something u must atleast have some knowledge of it.Have u ever been through the Quraan?? if no, then it explains yr ignorance n if yes then go DEEPLY through it n u'll see Islam is indeed the only truth promoting love peace understanding tolerance. u want a proof!!!
Our belief makes us tolerate all yr sarcastic comment. it hurts our heart hearing all your stupidity but yet it also gives a sense of strongerness. U cant tolerate Islam coz u too u know its a marvellous, a magnificent the only truth as religion. You can kill us but U CANT KILL OUR FAITH. it runs through our veins,in our heart n soul. Islam is the religion for only those people having knowledge nderstanding so b blessed all my brothers n sisters in Islam. ONE MORE THING NON-MUSLIMS, in yr religion there are so many things which doesn't make any sense like marrying yr girls to banana tree. where is the sense in this act? but yet we wont elaborate it wud be a kind of war so let it be n think twice before accusing.

for you DAVID U WAANA A PROOF. Here's a verse from the Holy Quraan (S:109)

" Say: O ye That reject Faith!

I worship not that which ye worship,

Nor will ye worship That which I worship.

And I will not worship That which you have been Wont to worship

Nor will ye worship That which I worship.


Unknown said...

David u wanta proof here it is from the Holy Quraan (S:109)

"Say: O ye That reject Faith!

I worship not That which ye worship,
Nor will ye worship That which I worship.

And I will not worship That which ye have been Wont to worship

Nor will ye worship That which i worship


Unknown said...


Mary said...

Wow. People are in delusion. I can understand wanting to know God (who is obvious through nature) and wanting to have meaning. It is too bad there are counterfeit (fake) religious cults which promise much and deliver evil. The parts of the Qur'an which sound peaceful are rewritten from the Bible, but are not quite on the mark and are contradicted by the later jihad doctrines. Only someone who does NOT know what Islam teaches would make the mistake of not knowing that, or else it is taqya (Mohammad's example of lying to non-Muslims about Islam).

The original Bible (not parts rewritten by Mohammad 600 years after Jesus) says: "Sin directs the hearts of the wicked, their eyes are closed to the fear of God. For they live with the delusion their guilt will not be known and hated. Empty and false are the words of their mouths; they have ceased to be wise and do good. In their beds they hatch plots, they set out on a wicked way, they do not reject evil." Psalms 36:2-5

Unknown said...

I come from a country where the Islamic terrorist ask you to recite the Islamic creed (shahada), if you cant they behead you and Nadir is talking about "if they offer peace"we will accept it ? really ? are the Coptic Christians in Egypt not being peaceful ? why are they being marginalized ? Honestly i am yet to see a Muslim who will call a spade a spade

Unknown said...

Oh no, thats no way to start a

Unknown said...

Mohammad's allah is named the "great deceiver" (Jesus called satan the father of lies). Muslims are supposed to follow the example of Mohammad and follow Mohammad's allah. Tagiyya is illustrated by Mohammad's example. So, how can you NOT expect his followers to be deceitful liars?

iskreni_1 said...

Funny thing here is to see muslims acting they interpret the Bible true and honest way. Those are just hipocryts under the theology of AntiChrist which is foretold in bible:

1 John 2:22
This one is the antichrist: the one who denies the Father and the Son.

Islam denies God to be Father and anbody Jeus is Son of God; which Bible is telling ecactly. This is THEOLOGY teaching. It is not about atheism - it is foretold about SYSTEM WHICH ALREADY APPROVE GOD - but neglects Father and Son. So, it is theology teaching.

Who describes such teaching: BINGO - islam

God bless.

csharpstring said...

Well done david.

but to be honest even i could have destroyed this ahmed guy in a debate, he was repetitive and had absolutely no response to any of david's arguments.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that Nadir explains that Muhammed ended 600 yrs of war between Christians and Jews, but does not mention anything about the constant Arabic tribal wars during this period. So does this mean that it was OK for the Arabs to fight among each other, pillaging and so on, but not OK for the Christians and Jews to fight among themselves? This would mean then there is a double standard.
I don't believe anywhere in the Bible there is where God used His people to fight other people's wars. The only time of piece, and I use that term loosely, between the Arabic tribes was during the time of Hajj to Mecca each year.

Peace be with you all;
Albert @ A Christian's Answer to Islam

Pierre said...

Concerning this topic and the video "The 3 stages of th Djihad", there's a leader of the christian minority, Père Boulad, born and raised in Egypt, where he still lives, who said he never encountered opposition neither rejection or violence from the muslim majority against christians until recent years. He's very troubled about those envents. Now, I'm not saying the video is wrong. I'm just reporting a live testimony. Père Boulad, a fine preacher et speaker about Islam and the Western world, has numerous clips on YouTube. He speaks French, English and Arab.

bh1999 said...

Communication is the way to resolve differences.

MelPax said...

It seemed less like a debate and more of a "one up" contest. David Wood is very knowledgeable so I am surprised that there was such an atmosphere of school yard antics between two sarcastic kids trying to out-wit one another. I don't recall debates emulating a rap battle in the ghetto. Nadir is obviously a rank amateur at any angle you slice.

On the subject of Quran 9:29 ... in the beginning of the REBUTTALS/CROSSFIRE video Nadir quotes a Hadith, (he spoke so fast I never could actually follow what he said there) where did Nadir get the part about "peace"? And as he was quoting maybe he didn't hear himself say that IF they wanted peace they could have it, just as in so much that they convert and ... blah blah. He sort of threw it out there and left it alone. What Hadith is that from please?

"The debate is over", was the nail in his debate strategy coffin. Who is actually going to place any confidence in a guy who uses that?

I would like to have asked him why "violent muslims" are whipped up into a zealous rage by the same clerics that are cited in "peaceful" mosques both locally and online if they are not in fact preaching that muslims should FIGHT the 'unbelievers'? How is it that bitter and sweet is coming from the mouth of the leaders and teachers within their respective communities and no one is pointing this out? And I would have like to have seen each debater bring some logic and common sense into the discussion alongside the typical debate/talking points.

As far as this comment section, it's quite pathetic. Some of the people commenting here are devoid of any manners and class. If a few of you people are supposed to be Christians then why post that email exchange between Osama and Nadir? That was just foul and uncalled for IMO. All that nonsense is better left to the "unbelievers", let them eat their own. We are not commanded to behave this way.

Lastly, the opening and closing thank yous were patronizing and insincere from BOTH sides. Are we trying to reach these people for Jesus Christ or are we trying to publicly humiliate them in a battle of apologetic wits? Neither seemed mature, compassionate or genuine.

I just read Nabeel Qureshi's book, "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus", because I am supposed to move to Pakistan this Fall, and the David Wood he wrote about was a bit different than how I perceive him on video and in debate. I have my own debates with a Pakistani muslim almost daily and he is the TYPICAL muslim in that region - wants to LOOK the part, prays in a lazy stance (but 5 times a day, usually at the last second), doesn't know the Quran, hadith or ANY other of the alleged "holy texts", sometimes cusses, listens to American music, watches American films and rants on about God giving him dreams and visions about Jesus being sad that Christians think He is 'something he isn't' (meaning God in the flesh) - and the youth are definitely a mixed bag of tradition and western influence. They are muslim by DEFAULT ... I see them as such. If ANYTHING they are a superstitious people who go through the motions because that is what they are SUPPOSED to do, not because they truly will live and die for the faith.

My 2 cents ... whatever.

Unknown said...

Muslims should not try to resemble non-muslims in clothing. Muslims should have their own identity and not follow teachings and habits of other religions. However this does not mean that a muslim should not wear jeans a t.shirt and snickers. But in doing so it should not be with the intention of resembling or following other religions in the way they dress.

Peter Laman said...

The Ka'b Malik argument he constantly uses in the rest of the debate utterly fails:

"If you offer peace we will accept it
And make you partners in peace and war.
If you refuse we will fight you doggedly,
‘Twill be no weak faltering affair.
We shall fight as long as we live
Till you turn to Islam, humbly seeking refuge."

What kind of peace is this about? Well, Malik said, we'll make you our partnersin war and peace. So if the kufar offered peace, Malik would accept it and make them partners in jihad. The only way for the kufar to do this was to become muslims, because how else could they become partners in jihad? This also aligns with the ban on friendship with the kufar. If Malik partnered with kufar, without their submission to islam, he would violate islam.

In muslim thought, 'peace' is always among muslims.

So actually, this is not a real invitation to peace, but a call to either surrender or wage war. This is also confirmed by the hateful and violent things that follow in Malik's malicious poem.

Cheryl Baghernejad said...

You know Muslim men can't control there temper at home or on line. THAT IS A SICK bastards threatening you on line, if you need in guns from Tennessee,where they are as plenty as weeds, I will send free, not that you can't take if yourself

Smb said...

It seems a little convenient that a lot of Mohammad's revelations came whilst around a girl rather than his older wives. Easier to manipulate a child than an adult. Just a thought.