Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome to ShariaTube

We've had a good run on YouTube. With nearly eight million views and close to seven thousand subscribers, it seemed like YouTube took international communication to the next level for us. But things have changed.

If anyone would like to share your feelings with YouTube, contact info can be found here. (The emails YouTube has sent me come from, though I never get a response when I email them.)

This is a copy of the video YouTube banned a few weeks ago.

Here's the video YouTube will be banning sometime in the next day or two. Notice that the video consists entirely of two people talking into a camera at a festival.

Since I didn't save copies of all our videos, anyone who wants to save a video for future reference had better download it now. YouTube will be pulling down our account in three . . . two . . .


donna60 said...

What competitors does Youtube have?

Kim said...

Well you guys are spreading Islamophobia in America and wherever you may go. Eventually other faiths are going to be afraid of the spread of Christianity and the cycle goes on and on lol.

Kim said...

Considering the West has caused much devastation in many Muslim countries I suppose they are trying to quell any homefront terrorist attacks by keeping things neutral wherever/whenever possible towards Muslims and our faith.

There are wars going on, just to remind you.

Foolster41 said...

@kim: If by "islamaphobia" you mean truth about Islam, yes you are right.

Foolster41 said...

@donna60: Actually there is a pro-Isreal networking site with video uploading called "forbidden territories" though I'm not sure if videos about Islam that don't deal specifically with Israel fits in there. It would be worth for Acts 17 to be checking into.

Anonymous said...

Videos linked on my channel. We'll see if they last. When they took down the first Fogel Family Massacre, I mirrored it and they let it stay up. Keep up the good work guys:

Arab Festival 2009 - Sharia in the US Must See

Acts 17 Enters the Dearborn Arab Festival (PART ONE)

Acts 17 Enters the Dearborn Arab Festival (PART TWO)

Welcome to ShariaTube

Nimochka said...

Hi David!

I am outraged by what the YouTube is doing to your account. How can I protest. The link that you posted was a bit complicated for me. Can we e-mail them and make our disgust of their actions known to them? I here by ask first of all please people if anyone knows exactly how to do it share it with us and also make sure you send a strongly worded (but polite) mail to YouTube administration and make you sentiments known! Thanks! Because if not next they might come for you!

Nimochka said...

Sorry David but really the "contact us" page of YouTube seems to be designed for people who have complaints about other peoples' video contents, but I cannot find where we can complain about YouTube policies to the YouTube administrators themselves. Could you please let us know where we should write to?

John 8:24 said...

Kim said: "Well you guys are spreading Islamophobia in America and wherever you may go"

It is very easy to throw around loaded words like "Islamophobia" to accuse someone without actually having to prove anything. Here is something for you to ponder - perhaps you would open your eyes and give up your stubborn refusal to see the truth:

... I want to tackle the illusion of “Islamophobia” though, for “phobia” means to hold an irrational fear of something. There are very few concerns about Islam that are expressed from irrationality. Most fears regarding Islam are entirely rational and legitimate – and the invention of this new lexicon “Islamophobia” – is largely the latest attempt to sideline debate and deflect blame from Islam for what its teachings, and consequently, followers have done and are doing.

There are two main questions one has to ask regarding this fear. Who holds the fear, and what do they have to fear?

Well, if you’re a homosexual – then the law used by Muslims thinks you should be executed. As a poll in the Guardian reported – 0% of Muslims think that homosexuality is “acceptable”.

If you are Jewish, then your prospects aren’t much better. Islam is inherently anti-semitic. The Qur’anic passages speak for themselves – such as Al-Ma’idah 41, Al-Imran 78, Al-Baqarah 87 and Hadith such as Al-Bukhari. In these respective passages, Muslims are told either to kill, or to heavily tax Jews, to be suspicious of Jews and not to mix with them or “take friends among them”, not to mention the Anti-Semitism involving Holocaust Denial and eradicating Israel.

If you’re a former Muslim, then as an apostate you should be executed. If you’re a non-muslim, then your life as a monotheist is worth half of a muslim and your life as a polytheist is worth between 1.5 and 5% that of a muslim (according to the current Sharia law code in Saudi Arabia – as described in Al-Dawud).

If you’re a woman, then your legal testimony is worth only half that of a male; If you are raped, then you’re deemed to be an adulterer worthy at least of 100 lashes, if not execution. You’re also allowed to be 1 of 4 wives to any man – without any real legal recourse or objection. In certain sects, you will be expected to wear a Burqa. If you don’t like the Husband found for you – then you can expect a nice flight to Pakistan until the idea grows on you.

If you’re for the rule of law, then the introduction of Sharia Civil Law Courts will not really impress you, and neither will the fact 40% want full Sharia Law. Nor will the fact that most of the terrorism that has happened recently in the UK – has been from Muslims who have grown up and studied in the UK relatively free from discrimination – with all the benefits of citizenship. The Christmas Day bomber and the 7/7 bombers were all UK nationals, radicalised in the UK whilst gaining an education in the UK.

If one is for human rights, I doubt the record on child brides, forced marriages (especially to first cousins), female genital mutilation, suicide bombing and firing rockets at free democratic countries is something to convince you there is nothing to fear from Islam. If one is for democracy, one will not be impressed by ayatollahs, monarchs and dictator after dictator parading around as if the world is their birthright.

The argument that the West can do no good and that Islam can do no bad doesn’t really work. No one is suggesting that the West at times doesn’t have faults – but in culture and liberty, it is far superior to anything that Islam has had to offer. Everything is relative, and in relation to each other – it is the West with the higher ideals. “Islamophobia” implies that there is nothing (rationally) to fear from Islam worldwide – when, if you’re a woman, a homosexual, an apostate, a non-muslim, a Jew, a rape-victim, a minority, pro-rule of law, pro-democracy or anything remotely supportive of western ideals – you have much to fear.

(Taken from Dannypycock's blog on

Haecceitas said...

I wonder what would happen if you'd repost some of the deleted videos on Thomas More Law Center's channel. Would Youtube have the guts to touch their channel?

Anonymous said...

"lol," Kim? That's pathetic.

Since you've taken it upon yourself to arrogantly "remind" others that "there are wars going on," let me remind you: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin. You may have heard of him.

If telling the truth about Islam spreads "Islamophobia," that is not the fault of Christians. I say that as a raging, militant atheist.

goethechosemercy said...

No freedom of expression at YouTube.
David, David, David.
I'm disgusted right to the bones.
YouTube decided to confound fear with wisdom.
No magical chemistry of courage and anger here.
I can't even find the words . . .

Haecceitas said...

So both of the videos that Youtube has either removed or is planning to remove so far are about Dearborn. If this pattern continues, might it indicate something about the reason for the removal of these videos? Could this be connected to your civil lawsuit? The Dearborn officials won't be able to destroy the evidence but at least they can try to influence the perception of the public if they can somehow pressure Youtube into removing the videos that are related to the things that are going to come up in court.

Anonymous said...

The charge of Islamophobia is not about fear at all. The term is modeled on the similar political term, homophobia, which is a posturing tactic. The purpose is to set up the object as a superior thing, whether Islam or homosexuality, and to set up the critic in an inferior position as one who fears. We all know Islamophobia is only an ad hominem attack anyway, so it really does not deserve to be addressed, because it is an emotional and bullying response, not a logical statement.

John 8:24 said...


Have you received an official reason from YouTube for deletion of those videos? And if yes, did you respond to their email or give them a call? If not, did you ask them why they removed your video? And could you post it on your blog? It would make sense to save all your communication with YouTube and make it public. That would generate support and put more pressure on them.

I know of certain accounts of Christians that were deleted by YouTube as they were flagged heavily by Muslims. However, I got to know that some of them were restored after much fighting back and complaining.

Fighting back, putting constant pressure on them and exposing any bias you find is the best way to keep them on check.

Sue said...

@ Kim: Have you read the Quran and understand what Islam is all about yet? Do your research.

Radical Moderate said...

Kim said...

"Eventually other faiths are going to be afraid of the spread of Christianity and the cycle goes on and on"

Really, you mean like KSA banning all other relegions accept Islam, you mean like Pakistan killing Christians for blasheming against Mohamed and Christians who have apostasized from Islam, you mean like Iran killing aposteates to Christ, the same with Afgan, etc...

That kind of fear?

You also said...

"Considering the West has caused much devastation in many Muslim countries..."

May I remind you what came first, 9-11 or the US invasion of Afganistan?

What came first the invasion of Iraq or Iraq invading Kuwait?

What came first the US Missori shelling Beirut, or the Muslim caused civil war in Lebanon?

Ultimitly I ask you what came first the Crusades or the Jihad?

You see no mater what the US or any other country does in "MUSLIM COUNTRIES" it is always a response to the violence that Islam brings.

Radical Moderate said...

Kim one more thing. I think I should point out that I would disagree with a lot of the way the west has reacted to Muslim oppression, tyrany and violence. However it is still a reaction to islamic oppression, tyrany and violence.

Abu Khamr al-Masee7ee said...

It has been my experience that, with the exception of perhaps the most popular videos, YouTube will take down any video, regardless of content, if enough people flag that video. As silly as it sounds, if enough people flag a video, YouTube won't second guess why the video is offensive; rather they'll just take it down. So I wonder, are you sure these videos being taken down have to with a specifically pro-Muslim bias at YouTube, and not due to the general practice just mentioned?

Anonymous said...

Actually this is typical YouTube behavior, you can post anything vulgar and stupid you like, but if you speak the truth loud and long enough you will get kicked off.

John 8:24 said...


Another thing you must do is take a backup of your channel (if you don't already have the videos backed-up). Here is a software you can use:

Once you install this software you should paste the url of your youtube channel and the software will download all the videos on your channel. Use the settings FLV 480p or MP4 720p. Having the videos in FLV or MP4 format will save you a lot of time when you want to upload them back to youtube or to any other site.

Others can also use this software to download all the videos and repost them on their own YouTube accounts.

Anonymous said...

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil. Thomas Mann

Islam is incompatible with Western culture, history, judicial system, and civilization. Remember, our judicial system based on Judeo-Christian values. Islam objects these values and Koran calls for extermination of Christians and Jews. Muslims objective is creation of global Caliphate and establishing Shariah Law. All this eventually leads to civil war, unless we will take care and deport all muslims from US and Europe. Look what is going in Britain, France and other countries where muslims clear declared their primary objective to overcome current social systems and replace them with Sharia law. Read below confessions of leading muslims around the world, including American
and watch the Fitna on:

Omar Ahmad Co-founder of the Council of American-Islamic Relations: "Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam ... Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of
scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."
Algerian leader Houari Boum├ędienne said at the United Nations in 1974:
“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

Dr. Ja`far Sheikh Idris in article “Separation Of Church And State”
said: “Secularism cannot be a solution for countries with a Muslim majority or even a sizeable minority, for it requires people to replace their God-given beliefs with an entirely different set of man-made beliefs. Separation of religion and state is not an option for Muslims because is requires us to abandon Allah's decree for that of a man.”

Al-Jazeera’s Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi, who is widely hailed as a moderate reformer in the West, said:
“Islam will return to Europe as a conqueror and victor,” and “the conquest this time will not be by the sword but by preaching and ideology.”

A Saudi Sheikh, Muhammad bin Abd Al-Rahman Al-‘Arifi, imam of the mosque of King Fahd Defense Academy, said:
Muslims “will control the land of the Vatican; we will control Rome and introduce Islam in it”
Also read article “Arab-American author outlines secret 20-year strategy to undermine country” by FROM JOSEPH FARAH'S G2 BULLETIN.

Plus, remember, all muslims organizations in US have close ties to global terrorist organizations, like Hamas, Hezbullah, Brotherhood.

Deleting said...

Kim said: 'Well you guys are spreading Islamophobia in America and wherever you may go.'

Really? Everywhere? I live in North Carolina and they haven't spread it down here.

Maybe it's a muslim thing. Bill Warren did a calculation of how many people were killed by your religion in the past 1,400 YEARS. Here's some of the numbers: 60 million christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddist and 120 million africans (most as slaves). All together it adds up to 270 MILLION. He didn't even count the 700 jews Muhammed beheaded at Khabar in ONE DAY!

Kim, the asian continent only has 239 million people living in it. By his calculations Muhammed averaged an event of violence every 6 weeks for the last nine years of his life.

And most of your holy book does not tell muslims how to be muslims. It tells you how to interact with those who don't follow islam. Kaffirs: me, David Wood, Nabel, Nageen, almost everyone who posts on here and doesn't try to give a polemic argument which is what most of your posts are.

Before you pop off another retort about Islamaphobia you need to come up with an explanation as to how it can be called a religion of peace when you've got the blood of 270 million innocent people following your prophet's example on your hands.

Lydia McGrew said...

You _didn't save your videos_??? Yikes! Hurry up, everybody, grab 'em!!!

Samuel said...

For some reason googleads is posting ads in the upper right corner referring to, refreshing doesn't change the nature of the ads, al referring to muslim interest, as if anyone here is interested in marriying a muslima

simple_truth said...

David, you shouldn't be so quick to make that accusation until you had more information. Since, I don't, I will have to wait until I know the situation better. Like a few others have said, it may be unrelated to what you think; however, I am not ruling out what you have said.

minoria said...

I just found found out about this insanity of youtube.Almost anything is possible,including the West commiting suicide.Only thing to do is to continue fighting till the bitter end.

abel said...

Long live David wood.Down with you tube!

abel said...

David,do you've the e-mailaddress of you tube.These guys are disgusting to say the least.

Traeh said...

Does David or anyone else know of a solid authoritative biography of Muhammad that excludes the parts that traditional Islamic scholars consider dubious, but that doesn't whitewash Muhammad for Western ears? One that includes plenty of references from sources Muslims consider authoritative, like sahih ahadith, the Qur'an? I gather Ishaq's bio, though popular, is frequently poo-poohed by Muslims as unreliable? I said I don't want whitewashing for Western ears, but a bio that sometimes includes some obvious hagiography is fine, as long as the miraculous that is portrayed is rooted in tradition and not in modern deceptive and sophistical attempts to make Islam look good in human rights terms. The biography I have in mind will probably be one that is respected by Islamic scholars.

I've got a major longterm homework assignment to create a comic book history -- I'll be doing it in a 3d medium. I need to provide references (from core Islamic texts) for all events portrayed.

Traeh said...

One of the dangers of the internet is that by giving everyone an anonymous outlet to criticize Islam, people may think they don't have to step forward and resist sharia and jihad publicly. The reality may be that if we don't get 100 times as many public resisters as we currently have, and the vast majority stay safely anonymous, Islam will win.

It's difficult though, because to effectively defend against charges of bigotry, one must have authoritative and detailed knowledge of facts. But to become an expert is naturally very hard. That large difficulty means most people who criticize Islam can easily become vulnerable to the charge of bigotry. And a bigot is such a heinous thing that many people will not come forward publicly. This goes especially for politicians. Thus the sharia culture and ethos advances with far too little challenge.

Communism and fascism were ideologies, whereas Islam is also a people, an umma, a sort of pseudo-ethnic category. Thus when one opposes Islam, one is perceived as almost opposing an ethnic category. Ironically, that is one of the chief retrograde aspects of Islam. By limiting individual freedom in so many ways, Islam mimics ethnic identity, in which one participates without any choice, simply as a matter of genetic background. Communism limited freedom too, but did not create a "people," an "umma," a pseudo-ethnicity. Why?

Because communism started from and pretended to be based upon science and the individual intellect. Thus communism incorporated at its foundations some of the individualistic assumptions of the Western tradition. Communism claimed to be subordinate to rational critique and the individual intellect. It took a long time for communists in significant numbers to admit that empirical tests had falsified communism, but they at least pretended to have an empirical, rational standard open to critique.

Islam by contrast founds itself first of all on the Qur'an and Allah. Not on reason or science. Thus Islam suppresses the individual even more than did communism, and by founding all on a "God" who in general rejects individual freedom, Islam incorporates the whole of a human being prior to reflection or intellect. Somewhat as a fertilized human egg is incorporated into its parents' ethnic cluster. Islam creates a collectivism that is almost as irresistable as membership in an ethnic complex. But at least membership in a particular ethnic complex does not necessarily entail a belief one is uniquely in possession of the truth (unless one is a Nazi or racist). By contrast, Islam does entail belief that one is in possession of ultimate truth, even while Islam forcibly collectivizes individuals into Muslim families (by commanding that in any interreligious marriage, the husband must be Muslim, and the children must be raised as Muslims, or else) then into an umma, a largely involuntary membership somewhat analogous to an ethnicity.

Islam is in part a profoundly reactionary spiritual response to JC, whose message, despite many foolish Christians, tended to liberate human beings from the old blood ties and ethnic ties, the old collectivisms. Many Christians may at times have rejected reason and freedom, but surely not Christians who paid close attention to JC's message.

The Gospels portray JC as the Logos, as Reason. Whereas mainstream Islamic theological movements, with a relatively brief exception over a thousand years ago, place reason under Allah. Allah obeys only himself, and to claim that he obeys anything other than himself -- for example any laws -- whether the laws of reason or others -- is deemed an insult to him. Allah is an absolute despot, a law unto himself, not subordinate to reason or equivalent to reason. Thus it is irrelevant in life to consult one's own conscience or moral reason or ethical intuition.

That attitude to law is why science, despite some Christians, was born in the Christian world, whereas Islam only rarely accepted science.

Anonymous said...


I have sent the youtube Admins a letter of complaint. I hope many others will do the same and that youtube will rethink this horrendous decision.

In Christ,

David Wood said...

John 8:24 said: "Have you received an official reason from YouTube for deletion of those videos?"

Yes. They made an extraordinarily vague claim that the videos violate "privacy." But this is just nonsense. There's no privacy at a public festival. It seems that if someone slaps me, I need to ignore him, so as not to violate his privacy.

What about the other video? The only people in the video other than Nabeel and me are people walking in the background. If YouTube seriously wants to say that it's a violation of their "privacy" to have them in the background, there are tens of thousands of videos that should be immediately removed from YouTube (any public events, sporting events, concerts, etc.).

The point is this: YouTube has no rule against people appearing in the background of a video filmed in public. So they're inventing this rule as an excuse to shut down our videos. And they're only applying their new rule to us. The first video has been up for more than two years. The second has been up for a year. Suddenly, there's a rule against public filming?

John 8:24 said: "And if yes, did you respond to their email or give them a call? If not, did you ask them why they removed your video?"

Yes, I complained about them taking our video down. They ignored my complaint and notified me that they'll be taking down another video.

David Wood said...

Lydia said: "You _didn't save your videos_???" I normally save a copy on my portable hard drive, and erase them from my laptop. However, one day, I thought I was erasing old videos from my laptop, but I was actually erasing them from my portable hard drive. So I lost some of the originals. (So far as I know, we still have all original footage of the festival, though.)

CD2000 said...

Thanks for the videos.. they are truly helpful. God bless.

Rotterdam said...

Saudi values not American values in Dearborn Michigan.
We better wake up.

Ezra Levant hauled before a "Human Rights" commission, because he dared to publish the Danish Cartoon.

proof for god said...

it seems that some important internet companies (google; youtube; microsoft; etc.) are stoutly liberal and dislike the exposing of the many problems that strict Islam brings.

PoliticallyIncorrect said...

David, I have backed up all of your videos as I use them to show others the threat of Islam. If you need any, just let me know.

Joe Bradley said...

It's time to get busy people. Go to YouTube and find any Pro-Islamic videos and FLAG THEM as promoting violence and terrorism. Why do you think The Acts 17 Videos are being deleted??? It's because all of those unemployed Muslims are flagging the Acts 17 videos. They have nothing better to do between government checks.


Chinchilla PetVerse said...

Hey David,

Try hosting it on hope it helps.



vonbrucken said...

Hello can we have a direct address to where to complain ???
is too vague ...
Thanks !

Lydia McGrew said...

I'm glad to see other people with big hard drives are apparently getting all the videos. I've collected a recommendation of vimeo as well as an alternative hosing site. I've got a few (three) of the videos from the arrests at the Arab festival. Those are still up, of course, but in case they go down. (At least you, and presumably the Thomas More lawyers, still have the raw footage.)

If you can, please keep us updated on this, David. For example, if the entire Youtube channel goes down, I'll probably want to update some old posts with links to new locations for the videos.

Uw man said...

I have read the Service Terms, but I don't see anything about religion, discrimination or offense. There is however a passage that warns the user that watching Youtube might cause the viewer to be offended. He or she agrees not to take legal action.

So the viewer is responsible, not the one who posts films. How about that?

Gregory said...

Well, I couldn't find anywhere on that hperlinked you tube site where I could complain or post an opinion. They just keep bringing up answers....Need a more sure, direct link to complain at.

Anonymous said...

This is the closest I can find:

Just about anything else I can find on the net says YouTube cannot be contacted directly, but some offer phone numbers if anyone wants to go that route.

Unknown said...

I emailed them and got the reply that the email does not work. I went to the web site under "Contact Us" and all they have is a snail mail address. This is outrageous! I can't even voice my opinion

John 8:24 said...

David said: "Yes, I complained about them taking our video down. They ignored my complaint and notified me that they'll be taking down another video."

What is the email-id that you used to send YouTube your complaint? Since many are struggling to find an email that they use to contact YouTube, it would be good if you could let us know.

Did they never got back to you on your complaint? As I wrote earlier, it would make sense to make your communication with them public. Also, please don't forget taking a back-up of all your videos with the software I mentioned. I already did ;) It is 2.9 GB and took about 4 hours. I ran it overnight.

proof for god said...

it's so grievous that many of these huge and essential internet companies are so hard to contact and it seems many of them contend against the Christian worldview. im praying for u.

PuritanCalvinist said...

I am sorry to hear this, David. I have greatly benefited from the videos you and ABN have put out. Hopefully, you can find another company that will allow freedom of speech.

God Bless,


maybe they can be reposted at

curly said...

I know some Muslim advocate Sharia law. Some muslims favor separate state and religion.
So, this second video disgusted me very because festival security hit and block video more than 10 times. IF they think we are Islamphobia, why not they can EDUCATE us and let David Wood and Nabeel Q ask them with video camera at the booth !! WHY NOT !! now, we see who is true hypocrite !

Jdynqq said...

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Bella Brown said...

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