Saturday, August 6, 2011

On the Radicalization of Anders Behring Breivik


Cristo Te Ama said...

Haha David it was very Funny see you with that ...animal over your head haha!!

Jabari said...

This video was funny!!!!! The mainstream media finally finds someone whom they think exemplifies the idea that,"all religions on the planet teach violence towards other people." And when all else fails you blame people who pointing out the violence perpetrated by Muslims and saying it has everything to do with Islam.

Again that was a very good video David.

Joe Bradley said...


simple_truth said...

Excellent approach!

David, I believe that you have some talent for acting. Right on point!

Thanks for breaking down Breivik's rationale into simple terms.

How can the mainstream media and the politicians in powerful positions of influence be so stupid to not criticize Islam and so ignorant of so many things concerning Islam?

Colonel Robert Neville said...

My Lord, but this a mighty takedown. I salute and thank thee, sir. Brilliant. Empirical and damn funny. No, really. Colonel Robert Neville blogspot com.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am a Nazi.

John 8:32 said...

Breivic is a nut job like David Wood and crazed unstable loon like Pam Geller who recently bad mouthed the victims of the Oslo attacks.

You forget that Breivic even though he was already a loony he got his daily dose of hate filled scaremongering from Uncle Spencer and Aunty Geller. Likewise those people of the extreme right-wing in our societies visit blogs like this one which stereotype and demonize one community on a day to day bases. Like all our problems and ills in the west are the fault of one community.

The reason why Breivik attack his own people first was because he saw them as TRAITORS TO NORWAY. If a Neo-Nazi targeted and killed white people, this doesn’t mean that his killings weren’t related to his Neo-Nazi ideology if the targets were “race traitors” (white people who married black people, etc.

Instead of mourning the dead, Pamela Geller–Breivik’s “spiritual benefactor”–is now bad-mouthing the innocent dead. She calls the victims of the terrorist attack “anti-semites,” arguing that the summer camp is an “antisemitic indoctrination center” where they play “antisemitic war games.” Blares the insane and lunatical Pamela Geller:
Utoya Island is a Communist/Socialist campground, and they clearly had a pro-Islamic agenda.

And then we have Pamela Geller coming dangerously close to justifying the shooting, saying:

Breivik was targeting the future leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims who refuse to assimilate, who commit major violence against Norwegian natives, including violent gang rapes, with impunity, and who live on the dole… all done without the consent of the Norwegians.

Can anyone imagine the reaction had Norwegians (or Muslims!) mocked the victims of 9/11 in this way?

Crille said...

Superanalysis that would shock the whole Swedish establishment here in Sweden. I try to depict the current PC situation in Sweden on my English speaking blog. Welcome there!

Rick Hebert said...

David, thanks for taking the time and effort to research and report on this issue. The video is extremely enlightening and brilliant.

And it is very funny! Yes, I watched it to the end. Thanks.

dsinc said...

Thanks David. An excellent video.

My Two Sense said...

So you can't trust "mainstream" media to tell you the truth about Muslims. "Damn liberals and their political correctness." Fine.

Though I admit that I too enjoy David’s videos (for the most part)... as someone who is probably more “liberal” minded than most of the posters on this blog, I suppose I should say something. My fingers are itching to type some kind of counterpoint...

I suppose I could just as easily create a montage of "pseudo news" from conservative media outlets set to Alfred Hitchcock music to prove a counterpoint to the "lamestream media" arguments that conservatives always try to harass me with, except that I wouldn’t want to steal David’s thing (which was admittedly pretty funny).

I might also point to Jon Stewart who did a piece awhile back on how many “lies” and “pants on fires” Faux News has been caught in by Politifact (that Faux News never retracted). Which I suppose could be categorized as another “Non Sequitor”, except that Stewart and Colbert (and more importantly and prove pretty effortlessly most if not all of the time that Faux News is not “unbiased” or even a “news” network in the strictest sense of the word.

I know. I know. "You think 'mainstream' media is bad... you should watch 'conservative' media." I wouldn't want to insert a Non Sequitor into the conversation. Sorry about that.

Also I fully realize that I'm not going to change the minds of conservatives on here to quit watching Faux News any more than you guys are going to change my mind to suddenly become a Christian Conservative overnight and suddenly believe that everything Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly says is Gospel. EEewwww.

I guess I'll just have to agree to disagree with you guys on some issues.

That being said, who do you trust these days if all news media is not to be trusted? I suppose the only recourse is for all of us to print out our own 1500-page copies of crazy people's manifestos and read them ourselves and draw our own conclusions.

minoria said...

So funny,I posted 3 links in 3 different articles in jihadwatch with a description so others will see it.

goethechosemercy said...

How grim the future looks for the democratic thread in our culture!
Under the banner of "all must live together", everyone is silenced, miserable, cowed and above all, submissive.
If the logic of PC MC prevails, the Western world will perish. I would suggest we start setting up the equivalent of madrassas for the study of Western history, philosophy, culture, Christian theology and practice, and how all of this is linked.
We must teach grammar as if the sentence mattered.
We must create pockets of Western education for Western and Westernized people-- those who believe completely in the merits of our history.

BenFromCanada said...

So...Breivik was involved with the Fremskrittspartiet (the Progress Party), an anti-immigration, anti-muslim party that is the SECOND BIGGEST PARTY IN THE COUNTRY, and so he found he couldn't be heard? In other words, he's clearly an idiot, or a man with a persecution complex. You know, like christians and conservatives.
We don't call all people who oppose islam bigots. JihadWatch IS run by bigots, and the "Ground Zero Mosque" protestors are mostly bigots.
You're using this tragedy for your agenda. Clearly.
But think for a minute. Does it not strike you as plausible that Breivik could have been convinced that muslims weren't evil people who needed to be opposed through violent means if he wasn't reading a bunch of blogs with violent rhetoric?
Look at my blog-post about the attack, which can provide a (sort-of) counter to this piece:

TAREK said...

Hello Dr. David!

Thank you very much for giving up your free time for this wonderful video. MAY YAHWEH BLESS and your family always in JESUS ' NAME AMEN.

tThe mainstream media blamed Christianity at the start of this issue but did not find any evidence from the HOLY BIBLE to support their claim, they are now shifting their blames on Mr. Wallid, Mr Spencer and the rest. If the mainstream media want a fair stand let them look into Islam sources and see if muhammad gave green light for violence to his followers against those who reject him. Let them get a copy of quran a hadith of sahih Al-bukhari and let their minds to speak freely.

Once more thank you again for the video and MAY YAHWEH BLESS EVERYBODY IN JESUS' NAME AMEN

Traeh said...

You said Jihad Watch is run by bigots. It's run by Robert Spencer. Show us a bigoted statement made by Spencer, and give us the location of the quote so we can check it. I don't think you can. All Spencer does is report the supremacist statements and actions of many Muslims.

On page 547 (814 in the Arabic) of the earliest Muslim biography of Muhammad, Muhammad permits a threat of beheading to force a conversion to Islam:

He [Muhammad] said: "Woe to you Abu Sufyan, isn't it time that you recognize that I am God's apostle?" He [Sufyan] answered, "As to that I still have some doubt." I [Ibn Abbas] said to him [Sufyan], "Submit and testify that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the apostle of God before you lose your head," so he [Sufyan] did so.

Traeh said...

The brilliant David Wood strikes again. No. Actually, he may have topped himself, which is no small thing.

I was entertained by the British woman (?) character. Wood might have enhanced it more by going a little further into drag, if that could be done humorously.

Also, I wonder if the video would have been even more brilliant if Wood had created more than one satirical character. Maybe two or three different characters could have shared the woman's lines?

The fairy tale was also funny.

This video packs a powerhouse punch. The opponents right about now should all be screaming "Incoming!!!!!"

Traeh said...

In core Islamic texts, Muhammad says your "lives and property" are not safe from him unless you become a Muslim

In Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the two most canonical hadith collections:

Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 2, Number 25:

Narrated Ibn 'Umar:Allah's Apostle said: "I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshiped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's Apostle, and offer the prayers perfectly and give the obligatory charity, so if they perform all that, then they save their lives and property from me except for Islamic laws and then their reckoning (accounts) will be done by Allah."

Sahih Muslim, Book 031, Number 5917:

...Ali went a bit and then halted and did not look about and then said in a loud voice: Allah's Messenger, on what issue should I fight with the people? Thereupon he (the Prophet) said: Fight with them until they bear testimony to the fact that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger, and when they do that then their blood and their riches are inviolable from your hands but what is justified by law and their reckoning is with Allah.

John 8:24 said...

Hey everyone,

I just noticed that someone (presumably a Muslim) started using John 8:32 (created in August 2011) as his display name to post on this blog. Please don't confuse it with mine which is John 8:24!!!

I always find it interesting to see a Muslim quote a bible verse to prove a point. For they NEVER EVER read and understand the context of the chapter or the book. They do not even manage to read a couple of verses above or below before using the verse to 'prove' something. No wonder they follow a 'prophet' who could not read! The verses they quote actually turn out to be quite embarrassing for them in most of the cases as one looks at the context.

It is funny to see a Muslim use John 8:32.

Dear John 8:32, would you also read the rest of the chapter please? (including John 8:24!)

goethechosemercy said...

I always find it interesting to see a Muslim quote a bible verse to prove a point. For they NEVER EVER read and understand the context of the chapter or the book.

This is an interesting and important observation. Muslims do not see the context of an entire chapter because their only point of reference is the Quran, which is one of the most chaotically-organized books in the world.
The Quran has no context because it carries no over-arching narrative and speaks no precise narrative.
It contains commands. and commands have no context.
That's why Muslims quote the Bible as verses but never discuss it in terms of context, and why, in turn, they claim that the Quran has context, which it doesn't to discredit discussion of Quranic verses.
It is in attempting to find context for the Quran that groups of verses can be assembed and understood as to their meanings in a Western sense, and the meanings that emerge are all anti-humanistic and ugly.

Islam is truly the biggest case of deceptive simulation in human history.
Islam is profane.
Mohammed is a false prophet.
Allah is an elemental spirit of the world.

Deleting said...

jOHN 8:32 is only talking about truth the way he decides it applies. John 8:45 applies to this guy. As a matter of fact John 8:44 really nails the lid on his coffin.
FYI John 8:32- Satan also misquoted scripture and pulled verses out of context just like you're doing.

mutteater said...

Yah, Breivik's views were formed before the anti-jihad movement existed (actually if you don't include Hindutva or the Kahanists). I source same in his broken relationship with his father (a Labor Party member and State Diplomat). Why did he murder youth? Surely they were surrogates for patricidal feelings. And the "manifesto" was nothing but an externalization of same. No? I saved comments - now concealed - from littlegreenfootballs - at the time when Breivik claims he was there as a "European refugee." LGF goof-one - Charles Johnson - puts himself out as daddy to the adult-infants who post there. Breivik's decision to go Postal clearly followed neo-dad's perversion to the dark-side.

As for Breivik-thought, what a crock of crap. Anti-jihadis are generally pro multi-cultural, rejecting mohammadanism as a culture-destroyer. And Breivik wants the abolishment of the social sciences; Robert Spencer IS a social scientist.

Try to find the US Congress publication, "Facts on Communism" for a exemplary of the type of study that should be made of the mohammadan horde. As David suggests, take the enemy at their word. Denial of what they readily admit is in season.

mutteater said...

John 8:24

Among muhammadan dogmas (madhabs) only a trained imam - usually after a 4 year curriculum - may even touch a Bible. If fact when one Ahmad Deedat commenced to write on comparative religion, he was flown to Saudi Arabia for special counsel, because he was self-taught.

It was only since Anglo-American oil interests in the Persian Gulf were handed to local savages, that the term "islam" was put to use. Before the Wahabi purchase of US academia, "muhammadanism" was universal. "Islam" was deemed fraudulent, because the enemy propped same as embracing Judaism and Christianity. The enemy won't touch either the OI or NT because their cult denigrates same as "satanic" distortions.

Tariq Ramadan likes to use the term "people of the book" (ahl-kitab). His kitab means: Abramic, cum Christic prophet messages, prior to the "satanic" captivity of "muslims." That is why they hate us, and intend to wage Genocidal war when they have the numbers and the dhimmis.

I tried to use the term "muhammadanism" but doing so in the current context, only yields marginalization. But the quran is the product of a singularly sick mind of the demon possessed pedophile who founded history's worst killing machine, in 610 AD.

Unknown said...

LOL! Surprising end! Thanks David! Awesome!!!!!!!

Hazakim1 said...

Ben From Canada needs to do something better with his maybe trim that tacky beard.

Gabriella Oak said...

EASILY your best video to date David!! Your alter ego is a composite of every red brick, middle class, leftist, fame hungry, over-indulged British lecturer I've ever met. In fact, if you were prepared to adopt that character full-time, you could secure yourself a top ranking executive position at the BBC. Probably make Director-General within five years, lol.

Anyway, thanks for cutting through some of the smog.

Fisher said...

So I just downloaded Breivik's manifesto and read through portions of it. My reaction upon reading it is: "Holy cow, this guy may have been insane, but he certainly wasn't stupid or ignorant." Sadly, it seems he saw the problem but provided the wrong solution to it.

Anyway, good job on another great info video, David. Very educational and entertaining. You really know how to make a name for yourself, lol.

valentin said...

If Anders' motivation for carrying out his evil deed, was due to the supposed hate-mongering of people such as Pamela Gellar, robert Spencer, conservatives etc... If this is the case as some idiots would have us believe, then it would follow that if a liberal (sorry Two Sense:) or anti christian atheist murders Christians/conservatives. It must be because he/she was motivated by the hate mongering against right wingers, that is spread by the same media who calls Anders a right-wing Christian. 

valentin said...

@David wood. You should make a video explaining to the many foolish people that exposing the hatefulness and violence of Islam is NOT hateful nor intolerant. I'm getting tired of people misusing the word "hate" and "intolerance"

a.n.s.AZ said...

For this reason ye hate the Christians, because they do not deem these to be gods-Mathetes, epistle to Diognetus Chapter 2.

minoria said...

Great to know David's video is now on jihadwatch,more have seen it.

I am watchng a debate between Harris and Chris Hedges.Some of the things Hedges says are wrong.
He says he has lived 7 years in the Muslim world and read the Koran and that the Koran is against suicide......true,but I can't believe Hedges has never read sura 9:111.
In fact no Muslim suicide bomber thinks of himself as commiting suicide but jihad.I distrust Hedges now.


Hedges is against the Guantanamo thing.It makes sense.But the main reason,as any person can because it is attacking the SYMPTOM,not the CAUSE.
You can send hundreds to jail but hundreds more will take their place.


Killing Ben Laden was attacking the sympton,not the cause.

goethechosemercy said...

If fact when one Ahmad Deedat commenced to write on comparative religion, he was flown to Saudi Arabia for special counsel, because he was self-taught.

Whether Muslim or not, I hope this man is still alive and well, and KEEPING HIS OWN COUNSEL in defiance of the evil he has confronted.

goethechosemercy said...

Well, I just read that Mr. Deedat submitted to the evil he confronted in Saudi Arabia.
He spent his life trying to discredit the very scriptures his Quran said that he should honor!
What a dreary life.
Islam is profane.

Chetan Pai said...

First things first....violence and killing of innocents is beneath contempt. Such acts are worst face of humans. This video does not in anyway make me sympathise with Breivik.

Now about the video...comical in nature, but successful in the message it wanted to share and did it aptly. You may find it surprising and funny, that while the western media is going hammer and tongs over "Christian radicals" in US who "influenced" Breivik, Indian Media is busy doing the same, but instead, blaming the "Hindu Radicals". As in one of the part that man was pointing fingers everywhere...thats exactly what this leftist media is doing. Let me know if you want to see what they wrote and I can send you a link.

Jabari said...

By the way everyone go to my blog Persecuted for Christ the Url is:

Unknown said...

Nothing short of in your face, tell it like it is! LOVE it, and thank you for refreshing to see that someone out there does get what is happening, and is sharing it with humor and those “pesky facts"....can’t wait to recommend this to others!

Tallulah said...

You are so good at this, David. Thank you for the information. It clarifies a lot for me. Keep up the great work!