Friday, August 12, 2011

Debate Tonight on ABN: Robert Spencer vs. Moustafa Zayed

Be sure to tune in to ABN at 9:00 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time), as Robert Spencer debates Moustafa Zayed on the status of women in Islam.


taomeano said...

Hi David
Will tonight's debate be seen live on the internet at

simple_truth said...

taomeano said...

"Hi David
Will tonight's debate be seen live on the internet at"

I saw the debate from abn. I really don't know how Moustafa can argue as he does by dismissing almost everything that Robert said while trying to make it appear that he doesn't know Arabic to know the meanings of certain words or understands the ayat. He constantly called Robert a liar for simply presenting the interpretations of Islamic scholars on the meanings. He really assaulted Robert's character in the final rebuttal.

How can this guy be taken seriously after all of this? He used tu quoque and continually poisoned the well. He defeated himself just based on his abhorrent use of logic. It was easy to tell very early in the debate that Moustafa didn't have much to make his position solid. Even if he had very convincing material, his approach would have drowned it all out. Robert, to his credit, tried to stay away from falling into his trap and continually reminded the audience of what the debate was about and tried to debate the topic with supporting evidence. Even if we were to assume that Robert had no solid argument, his grace and poise alone would have made him look like the winner compared to Moustafa.

Deleting said...

A small recap of the debate:
Moustafa: Islam respects women's rights.
Robert: No it doesn't as (evidence presented from the Koran)
Moustafa: He's lying! He killed all those people in Norway. Look at what Anders Brevik did because of him!

All of Moustafa's argument with a few bits here and there that still weren't on topic was an ad hominim attack on Robert.
Robert didn't get emotion. He tried to get the debate back on track and when Moustafa kept harping on it (By the way, he did this halfway through the debate when he couldn't sidetrack the debate to another topic and couldn't answer question.)

Interesting to note, most of the callers were arabs and told Moustafa he was a liar (or implied as such). I love the arab lady who asked 'So where's your burqa?'