Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sharia in Australia

How dare these racist, hate-mongering, Islamophobic bigots complain about Sharia law and demand equal rights for men and women?


The Berean Search said...

"This story is about law, not religion..."

An important news piece because awareness of the problem is the first step, but the above quote nearly ruins the usefulness of the piece. Sharia is a central and inseparable aspect of Islam. When will the west realize that Islam causes it's followers to lack respect for national laws and the concept of the Nation State in general?

Angelo Immanuel said...

This is ridiculoussssssssss............ all people are becoming spinelessssssssss.

AAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!

This is irritatingggggggggg !!

Angelo Immanuel said...

I used to believe European countries, USA, CANADA, Australia these are well developed countries, so at least they have much developed and much better understanding than Indians. But no. Now I find spineless cowards are are everywhere. And they are consistent in their irritating spinelessness.
England, France all. Goats have more courage than these people who don't protest against sharia. Here in meat shops, I see even goats struggle and cows try to kick before they get killed.
But Shame on these human beings.
I have no words. Seriously. This is ****** ******* IRRITATINGGGGG.... This is ****** BULL****.
Congratulations to these people in advance, for their daughter's and grand daughter's marriages at the age of nine and congratulations for leading their daughters and grand daughters to death by underage pregnancy.
Even reptiles, who walk on chest, have spine, But you people, who don't protest against sharia, don't have.
****** bunch of ******* ****

Art said...

Now I know to avoid Lakemba.

notimetolose said...

It's about a conflict of unequal civilisations.

Osama Abdallah said...

Islam will spread. Islam will rule. Islam will fix the rotting and decaying West with the Sharia Law.

Peace and love be with you all!

Osama Abdallah

Deleting said...

Obviously Osama is still taking his place in the queue for the second resurection.

TAREK said...

Mr. Osama, I have asked you just a simple question about the death of Muhammad but in vain. I will try my luck again by asking you another question. Please give one reason why Islam is better than any other religion? Mind you, you do not need a deal with Dr. David for this please. Regarding your view I think you aren't aware of what is taking place or you are cheating on yourself. Nobody is against islam growing but I'd love to know what is good in islam? Some Muslims are good people, but is islam the same? please Mr. Osama get straight into the point. Thank you in advance.

TAREK said...

By the way Mr. Osama, I think if you had peace you will not give it to infidels and moreover even muhammad did not have peace but OUR LORD JESUS HAS PEACE AND HE gives it to whosoever wants. Do you want, it please you are welcome. JESUS LOVES you.

The Berean Search said...

"Islam will spread. Islam will rule. Islam will fix the rotting and decaying West with the Sharia Law.

Peace and love be with you all!"

Notice how Osama openly admits that the goal of Islam is to rule over the west? Osama, you must be using a different functional definition of the word "peace" other than the standard English meaning (telling people you will rule over them is not this word's normal definition in English).

Osama, can you please give us the Islamic definitions of the words "peace" and "love" that you mentioned above? Not just the equivalent words in Arabic, but definitions of these words based on the Quran and Hadith. Thanks.

(By the way Osama, I wouldn't go around bragging that Islam needs an environment of rotting and decay before it can offer the west something that is a step higher in quality.)

Truth said...

o.... ho ho.......... i like Angelo and Tarek. I understand Angelo's anger and from his writing I guess he is from India because he said - "I used to believe European countries, USA, CANADA, Australia these are well developed countries, so at least they have much developed and much better understanding than Indians"

But Angelo, I agree - spineless people and as well as courageous people are everywhere. Country doesn't matter.

And I like how you attacked these cowards. But donkeys can never run like horse. no matter how much u kick the donkey. ha ha........

They will sleep until their beds burn.

And Tarek, osama has no place to hide from your attack. ha ha..........

Osama Abdallah said...

Dear Brother Tarek,

What is it about Islam that you want to know? The Noble Verses that Command pushing out evil with good? The Noble Verses that Command returning good with either a better one or at the least the same one? The Noble Verses that Command to "forgive a beautiful forgiveness"? The Noble Verses that Command us to care for the DHIMMIS? Do you know what a Dhimmi is? It's derived from Dhimmah, which means integrity and honesty. Dhimmis are sitting upon our honest and trust. In other words, we are to be True and Genuine to them because they are under our responsibilities. Are you asking about the Noble Verses that Command Chastity, and eliminate all fornication and adultery in the society? The Noble Verses that condemn intoxication, gambling and all evil?

You asked me what is good about Islam. I ask you brother Tarek, what is NOT good about Islam?

I advise you to not watch FOX Noise too much. You'll eventually lose every true fact with this oppinionated and racist network. How many times do clowns like Sean Hannity, for instance, have to be exposed on other networks as ignorants and wrong about their facts in order for people to realize that this network IS NOT a news network, but a network of Tea Party KKK bigots? Their CEO is also a fraud and is facing possible jail time by the way.

I hope this helps. May Allah Almighty opens up your heart about Islam. Ameen.

Osama Abdallah

Cristo Te Ama said...

This is sad, not because of Muslims "wasting" the opportunities they have here (i.e Spain) but because as a spaniard, i am wathing the right wing comming really fast, and they aren't so bad, but i see that they are comming and in a way it's because the inmigrant problem, but actually it's because the muslims problem, they dont integrate, they just have kids and ask for money and ppl is starting to get really angry at muslims, and i wouldn't like to see episodes of muslims being treated as Jews in the german nazi, but the thing is that the Jews didn't deserve such treatment since they did their best to integrate, but the muslims don't even try, this is gonna end really bad, and more for Muslims here in Europe.

Deleting said...

Basically you got a lot of adjectives and a description of Dhimmies.

That's all you're ever gonna get from the dude.

TAREK said...

Thank you for a step Mr. Osama. First of all I'd like to tell you that I have studied and I'm studying islam. My study is not from a net work but from islam sources please. Having said that your answer is vague what I mean by that is, you haven't gave me any ref. at all. If we have to go back to my first question(the death of Muhammad), I'll help you with the ref. from the quran: "Sura" 69 "Ayaa" 44 to 46 and in the Hadith of Sahih Al-Bukhari vol 3, book 47 number 786 and vol 9, book 59 number 713. Please Mr. Osama tell me if there is connection between the above ref. verses in the quran and the hadith. The second question is: To whom is Allah praying? Hope to hearing from you very soon, I pray that YAHWE WILL HELP you knowing the truth IN JESUS' NAME AMEN

TAREK said...

Dear Deleting,
I know and understand the situation. With Mr. Osama we need to take things step by step so that he can see where he is standing and where he is heading. Please friend take it easy and be patient we will get him to read his own sources. MAY THE LORD BLESS AMEN.

TAREK said...

Apology Mr. Osama about the second ref. of the hadith Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol 5 not 9 as I wrote above. Thank you

Deleting said...

I understand and I applaud your goal to get Osama to see the light.
But at the same time, Christ in revalation 22:11 said : He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

Some will not see the light at all and there have been very many godly men who have presented the truth to him over and over again.

At the end of the day, he either gets it or he doesn't.

Be well and blessing to you.

TAREK said...

Dear Deleting
you are right. Thank you very much. Nevrtheless we need to remember the story of the widow and the judge in the gospel, she insisted again and gain untill the judge deicided to listen to her make justice. So as long as CHRIST gives us strength we must keep working in one way or the other. Let us wait and hear from Mr. Osama what hw will say.
MAY THE LORD BLESS you and your family IN JESUS' NAME
I 'd like to ask us to always pray for our dear brothers and their families ("King David" Dr. David wood, "Divine Search Engine" Sam Shamoun, Rogers. Pastor Joseph and those working to bring light to our brothers and sistersmuslims). Let us be slightly patient THE HOLY SPIRIT IS AT WORK, HE WILL TOUCH Mr Osama A. very soon IN JESUS' NAME AMEN

boffeelikescoffee said...

@Osama, a lot of things are not good about Islam.
The fact that there are verses encouraging the killing of non-Muslims disturbs me, and also the fact that women are severely undervalued with them having to conform to a patriarchal system that is found in Islam. The notion of a non-egalitarian and religiously restricted society that Islam holds to in the Middle East and in areas governed by Sharia Law is to me a threat to my rights and freedoms as an Australian. If anyone comes from overseas, they are to comply with Australian law, not the laws of your home country, which are not applicable. As a Christian, I am required by God to obey the authority instituted over me, just like any other citizen of Australia. Thus, I find it strange that you will deem the problems of the West as fixable by Sharia Law, when I find that many Muslim nations face multitudes of social and religious problems, including domestic strife, and terrorism.

valentin said...

It seems that increasingly secular+liberal countries or those run by secular governments are more susceptible to Islamization. At least that's my observation I might be wrong.

simple_truth said...

valentin said...

"It seems that increasingly secular+liberal countries or those run by secular governments are more susceptible to Islamization. At least that's my observation I might be wrong."

That probably wouldn't be a bad observation because it is those type of places that generally allow foreigners to have the same rights as the natives once they become citizens. Even if they don't, they generally get rights that a non Muslim could only dream of in an Islamic controlled land. The more suppressive and closed the society is, the more difficult for an outsider to enjoy equal rights and achieve the same status within that society as the natives. This is magnified in Islam because it makes any non Muslim a second class citizen regardless of status outside of Islam. In Islam, Muslims are superior to non Muslims. That alone, will prevent a non Muslim from being equal.

simple_truth said...

boffeelikescoffee said...

"@Osama, a lot of things are not good about Islam."

I agree with your sentiment. I find it rather hypocritical that Osama would feel that way when his own religion can't even get things right in lands that are far more ideal for his religion to demonstrate their superiority.

For everything that Islam could bring, there are many times more things that it would destroy that are much better than anything that an Islamic controlled land could ever do or bring. Osama, like many other blinded Muslims, are relying upon some theoretical construct to make their claims. If they just take an honest look at the history of their religion, they would be hard pressed to make such claims.