Sunday, May 8, 2011

Muslims Attack Churches in Egypt

Notice that we see the same pattern across the Muslim world.

STEP ONE: Someone doesn't like Christians.

STEP TWO: The person starts a rumor, e.g. "That Christian burned a Qur'an!" "That Christian blasphemed Muhammad!" "That church is keeping a convert to Islam in chains!"

STEP THREE: Instead of carefully assessing the evidence, Muslims instead form a mob and start burning churches and killing Christians.

STEP FOUR: The media portrays the senseless violence as "community conflict."

STEP FIVE: Everyone insists that the conflict has nothing to do with Islam (or the Qur'an's commands to subjugate non-Muslims, etc.).

And Muslims tell us the spread of Islam will help the West.

CAIRO--At least 10 people are dead and 185 are injured, some seriously, after Islamists burned down two churches in a Cairo suburb overnight in a bloody rampage against Coptic Christians.

It was the second assault on Egyptian Christians in less than a month.

Hundreds of Salafist radicals massed outside the Saint Mina Church on Saturday night firing guns, and throwing Molotov cocktails, bottles and rocks amid rumours swirling through the country’s Muslim community that a Coptic Christian’s wife had converted secretly to Islam and was being held in the church against her will.

The woman in question has appeared on television to deny the rumours but Salafists and their supporters refuse to believe her.

Police and soldiers intervened at the scene but the mob then moved on to another church, Saint Mary’s, and torched it too.

The Egyptian cabinet met in emergency session on Sunday to address the matter.

On March 9, another church was burned down on the same pretext, leaving 13 dead.

Christians represent around 10 percent of Egypt’s population and complain of systematic discrimination by the Muslim majority.

The country is also gripped by mass anti-Semitism. A 2006 survey by Pew showed 97 percent of Egyptians admitting to having an unfavourable opinion of Jews, 82 percent describing their views as “very unfavourable”. (Source)


Unknown said...

Of course the Egyptians hate the Jewish People, they lost their slaves, with a great portion of their wealth, because the One True God said so! Ever hear of Armageddon? Let it be then. We just need to choose the date and time, huh? And let God Be the Judge between the Muslims, and the Jews and the Christians...We'll all just stand there and whoever's God is Greatest will save His people and Destroy those that are not His. How about that? He knows the time of His coming to Judge.. Surely He is ready for that day.. Are we?

Unknown said...

Of course the Egyptian hate the Jews. They lost their slaves and a good portion of their wealth, because the One True God said so! Ever hear of Armageddon? Let it be then..We just need to pick the date and the time, huh? Let God be the Judge between the Muslims and the Jews and Christians.. We can all just stand there and whoever's God is Greater can save His People and destroy those that are not His. He knows the time of His coming, and surely He is ready for that day. Are we?