Thursday, May 12, 2011

Muslim Jihadists Mohammad Mamdouh and Ahmed Serhani Arrested in Attempt to Blow Up New York Synagogue

Seal Team Six killed Osama bin Laden. When all else fails, blame the Jews.

NEW YORK--Two suspected 'homegrown' terrorists have been arrested for allegedly plotting to attack a New York synagogue.

Officers seized the pair, reported to be Mohammad Mamdouh and Ahmed Serhani, as as they allegedly tried to buy guns and grenades in exchange for drugs.

It is the first terror plot uncovered in Manhattan since Osama Bin Laden was killed almost two weeks ago, and will raise fears in a city already on high alert for reprisals.

One of the men allegedly bragged about his plan to attack a synagogue just moments before anti-terrorism officers swooped.

An anonymous source released their names to Fox News.

Mamdouh, of Moroccan descent and Serhani, of Algerian descent, were arrested late last night. Both are U.S. citizens and already had weapons in their possession, police said.

Serhani, in his 20s, has a criminal record for narcotics, and was allegedly trying to sell drugs to fund the gun deal.

According to a police source, both men are 'homegrown' radicalised Muslims of North African origin, a scenario law enforcement officials warned against in the wake of Bin Laden's death. (Read more.)


Joe Bradley said...


Planning to attack a New York synagogue with an arsenal provided through the sale of illegal drugs??

Why all of the HATE when Islam is touted as "The Religion Of Peace"? This doesn't sound very peaceful to me!

If, in fact, Mohammad Mamdouh and Ahmed Serhani were acting outside of the Quran in their plans to use deadly force on the innocent, has the appropriate Fatwah been pronounced against them for their acts of haraam?

If not, why not?

OK all of you Imams and Mullahs, lets hear from you. Are you going to defend their actions or condemn them through a Fatwah.

Is Islam the religion of peace or the religion of hypocrisy?

Fisher said...

They better get deported.

GreekAsianPanda said...

An attempted attack already? That was faster than I expected, if this is indeed over bin Laden. Unfortunately, this may be only the beginning.

Joe Bradley said...

"FBI Task Force Refuses to Join 'Hyped' New York City Terror Case"

"The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force has opted out of the case of two New York men allegedly involved in a plot to blow up a local synagogue over concerns it is not a bona fide terrorism case, WNYC reports."

The worthless FBI and their antisemitism (Fox News). It's time for Robert Mueller to resign.

Joe Bradley said...

I guess that no one should be surprised that Robert Mueller and the FBI are such ardent antisemites, especially when their boss, Obama, threw Israel under the bus today, in his speech to the nation, demanding that Israel return to its pre-1967 borders.