Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Veritas: NPR's Ron Schiller Hobnobs with Undercover Reporters Posing as Radical Muslim Donors

NPR (federally funded "National Public Radio") fired Juan Williams for admitting that, due to terrorist attacks, he feels a little uneasy when a Muslim boards his plane. (Williams also said that Americans need to fight against such negative feelings.) But what happens when radical Muslims approach NPR, rail against Jews, and campaign for Sharia, while promising to donate millions of dollars? (Hint: NPR's response involves rants against Evangelical Christians, Republicans, etc.)

Will NPR fire Ron Schiller for his comments against Christians and Republicans? Don't hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

My first impression is Schiller is a pompass ass who look down on the rest us uneducated slobs who did not have the money or the oportunity to attend an Ivy League university.

My next impression he is a hypocrit for blasting Jaun Williams for his comments about Muslins and then blaming the Jews and Christians for all the ills in the Middle east.

Old Archie Bunker was RIGHT. All liberals are MEATHEADS dead from the neck up.

Jason said...

Schiiler resigned for making such ignorant statements. What he did could have a seriously negative impact on NPR, and rightly so.

donna60 said...

The Progressives have been slowly dominating the Democrat part for the last fifty years. It started out slow, but it now belongs to members that are so elitist, that my parents, who were Roosevelt Democrats wouldn't be granted an invitation to the party.

I'm not even sure Roosevelt would be allowed in, these days.

I quit blogging on Huff post. If I said anything about a case for belief in the bible, or traditional marriage, or expressed any other opinion other than the one mandated by the far left, I was instantly labelled as trailer-trash, ignorant, uneducated and bigoted.

The end came for me when I was told by three different bloggers that I was not a Democrat, and I had never been a Democrat.

So, I guess I am not.