Monday, March 7, 2011

Did Aisha Poison Muhammad?

According to Sunni sources, Muhammad was poisoned by a Jewish woman at Khaibar. Some Shias, however, maintain that Muhammad was poisoned by Aisha and Hafsa, on orders of Abu Bakr and Umar! Shaykh Yasser al-Habib presents the case for the latter view. (Note: al-Habib refers to Sunnis as "Bakris" or "Bakri sect," due to their allegiance to Abu Bakr.)








armand said...


BTW, David, you will definitely enjoy this I guarantee you!

If any muslim, christian, atheist or whoever can refute the claim in that article, the author (me) will personally meet him and give him 20,000 US dollars in cash!

Radical Moderate said...

Oh this guy is so a dead man walking

george said...

I believe that this view will blow majority of Muslims mind. Is their any solid debate took place between the two view regarding the pointed Subjects?

Anonymous said...

The more information one spreads the better.I recently posted a link to abnsat's debate between Tony Costa and Sami Zatari on "Does Islam violate basic human rights?"

A lady from Russia called Nina replied she was watching them thanks to the links.She said the BBC ad CNN said nothing of the Islamic terrorist peril.

From now on when I provide a link in jihadwatch I will also(like the last time) add people to also read:

PYEM ministry,Hagbard's blog "Debunking Quranic Science",, and

I believe the efforts of PYEM ,the religion of conquest and Hagbard's blog are valuable

Damon Whitsell said...

This is kool David,,

I am thinking about doing a Islam music video spoof for a fictional Islam Exposure Album of a classic satirized song collection called "Bashing Muhammad by Damon Whitsell". This will go great with that.

Here are the songs I will use.

I SHOT MUHAMMAD (But I swear it was because I did not have a sword)

Infidels will survive


Crosseyed Aisha (beaten bloody)

Ya think it is a good enough Idea to invest the time?

goethechosemercy said...

As an individualist, I think this person has every right to re-interpret his faith.
His fellow Muslims will not give him the same right.
And this is why Islam is bent back onto itself, unoriginal, uninventive; this is why Muslim culture has nothing to give.

Xanthippa said...

The idea that Muhammad was killed by Aisha is not new, nor particularly controversial, among Shia' Muslims. Remember that the big split in the Ummah - the first fitna - is between the followers of Aisha's father (now the Sunnis) and those following Muhammad's family, specifically his daughter Fatima and her husband Ali (Muhammad's cousin).

This is going back 25 years, when I took a course on Arab history in College - we went into Muhammad's death in some detail. According to the scholarly (Western) consensus, it is most likely that Muhammad was murdered by Aisha.

Ali was Muhammad's body guard. Muhammad had a short illness, during which Ali was sent away to break up a conspiracy against Muhammad. Muhammad recovered, felt well for some days and led the Friday prayers. Then he went to pay a conjugal visit to Aisha.

An hour later, Aisha came out, saying Muhammad had died with his head in her lap.

Muhammad's body was burried without his family (Fatima's branch) being permitted to see him, before Ali returned.

Oh, and it was openly alleged that Aisha's brothers were murderous thugs who had conspired against Muhammad (and others) so their father could get power....

So - I got there using different facts, but, the conclusion remains the same: Muhammad was indeed murdered by Aisha on her father's orders!

donna60 said...

Poor Aisha. When she was nine years old she was raped by a sick old geezer, and the Muslims still won't leave her alone.

This Shiite didn't offer any motivation for Aisha to murder her husband. In fact, since Aisha already knew that Mohammad was the only husband she could ever have, and because, she apparently had strong needs for physical affection, she would have been very much likely to do anything to keep Mohammad alive.

He didn't show how she had a way for her to study poisons and become adept at them, like the Medicis or Agrippina.

He has no statements from servants who would have helped her, or her husband formulate this poison.

He ignores that she had been tried by her peers, and aquitted by those who knew the situation best.

And he can't explain how Aisha and her sister-wife were able to swallow the same medicine themselves, and not die.

donna60 said...

There is absolutely no way that a 18 year old girl could kill a full-grown, healthy man in less than an hour!

Even with poison. Ha! Ha! People take pills thinking they are going to have an easy death, but that isn't the case. Even in a coma, they are brought to ER vomiting all over themselves and struggling for breath.

It took longer than an hour for Socrates to die with hemlock, and the Greeks knew a little something about poisoning people to death.

Where did Aisha get this poison? Who helped her attain it?

Groene Leeuw said...

Mohammed seemed already on a dead horse when he married Aisha. That put Aisha undoubtedly thinking.

Groene Leeuw said...

Mohammed seemed already on a dead horse when he married Aisha. That put Aisha undoubtedly thinking.

donna60 said...

I have seen young nurses and nurses aids struggling with 80 year old men. If Mohammad was healthy and virile enough to visit Aisha to fulfil his marital duties to her, he wasn't that weak!

Queen Kahina said...

Regarding the poisoning of Muhammad, there is a very informative video posted on this issue on YouTube. It is well researched and well presented. I recommend it to anyone who is curious to have an in depth understanding of the murder of Muhammad. Circumstances definitely point to homicide, not a natural death.

sefati said...

I was born into a Shia family and society this is the first time I ever hear it. It is no secret that Shias don't really care for either Aishia or Abu Baker but this is really the first Shia guy saying it and it simply doens't make sense.

And yes I agree with "radical moderate" this guy better not leave his Shia comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

Prophet Muhammad Superdud!

Taking surah 66 as our script, it would be great if a Jesus Christ Superstar type performance could be made out of surrah 66.

The Cast: Mutt & his ventriloquist dummy, Allah. Aisha & Hafsa. Mary the Copt.

The Plan: Mutt wants to have sex with Mary, but its Hafsa's turn & Mutt plans how to get rid of her, by telling her that her father is very sick & she needs to visit.

Hafsa meets a friend on Camel Road, who tells her that her father is in great health.

Hafsa smells a rat & doubles back & catches Mutt doing, what Mutt loves doing & all Hell breaks loose.

Hafsa & Aisha give him a dog's life.

Mutt talks to his dummy, Allah & asks how he can get out of this mess & as usual Allah comes up with the answer.

What do you think?

Unknown said...

Here is a transcript of the video series.

Unknown said...

Wow, it’s! Way to go spreading the Shia way!