Monday, February 14, 2011

Dispatches: Lessons in Hate and Violence

Better watch this quick, before YouTube takes it down.







Ben said...

A brave, honest piece of reporting.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the BBC's offering an hour prior to the broadcasting of this show, lovingly entitled "Geert Wilders: Europe's Most Dangerous Man?". If you live in the UK, and missed this "documentary", you can watch it on BBC iPlayer.

It had to be one of the most hideously biased, poorly researched and recklessly irresponsible pieces of "factual" television I have ever seen - and considering this is the Beeb we're talking about, that's saying something. The smears, shoddy research, whitewashing, editorialising and willful distortions come thick and fast.

Unknown said...

The Sheikh said "The hindus drink cow piss." Hmm, I guess camel urine is much more healthier, perhaps?

jayaramaiah kuppur said...

This is plain and simple Sharia Schooling. The students are almost treated like criminals. Even reading of Koran must take place in a disturbed and agitated level. That’s why the students are made to rock forward and backward at a furious pace!
It is not a surprise as Islam’s Sharia is meant to control and administer population driven to violent and criminal frenzy on account of its hateful teachings. It is no surprise that Sharia is not for decent and civilized people as originally it was conceived to control the criminal army that was used by Mohammed to commit loot, plunder and rape of so called unbelievers. It later mutated as a great political tool to subjugate and rule the followers of the cult. This important utility for Elite of the Islamic world is the main secret why this barbaric cult survived till today. If Sharia components are not used by its elite to subjugate its victims, Islam will die out within decades.

An Islamic society can never be ruled by decent and civilized laws. This is the reason why democracy can never be practiced by them. Education of the type shown in the very instructive videos is a necessity to counter the violent and criminal nature that takes root in its devout followers. Instead of opposing it, the West must learn to take this as proof of Islam’s incompatibility with its civilization and culture. Either it must learn to encourage lawlessness in the form of barbaric and criminal behavior to accommodate Islam and its Sharia or take urgent steps to insulate from this cancerous ideology before it will be too late.

Christie said...

I could give the teachers a bit of leeway--after all I teach my children that we are to not act like those who do not know the mercy of Christ as well. Now what I mean by that is that we don't call our friends names and tell them to do things that will get them in trouble--somehow after seeing the balance of what they were teaching I don't think they were saying that.

Now I spank my children when they are disrespectful, disobedient, and deliberately destructive (the four bad D's) but what those teachers are doing is not spanking. That would be beating/kicking as it was about the head and often using feet! Inappropriate discipline for both parents and teacher. The teachers are terrible but it is the parents that worry me--if they don't know this is happening why is that? If they do know what is happening--How Could They Allow IT! The schools will not be able to continue the terrible teachings/beatings if they have no students!

Parents you have the authority to control who teaches your child and what they are taught. Do not allow you children to be taught things that will lead to their destruction! You are entrusted with your children's hearts, do not betray them.

Thomas Wendrock said...

Some has uploaded the BBC2 documentary "Geert Wilders: Europe's Most Dangerous Man?" to YouTube. Here is the link:

Rafik Responde ao Isla said...

Ok... I have watched the videos! That is how I see it:

1. Islamists are pushing hard to provoke a confrontation with the West.
2. In European and America the pressure is building up.
3. Muslims Islamists are totally confident that a war would unite all Muslims and Islam would be victorious, as promised in the Quran Sura 24:52, 55.
4. Soon (hopefully not) something huge and bad will or may happen. God may have mercy of all of us.

Let's keep loving these Muslims and preaching them the Gospel. Some of them may find Jesus in this chaos.

That is how I see the next future events. I am a prophet? I am an ALARMIST? Surely not, but the evidences are many to point in this direction.

NEW BLOGGER 999 said...

Regarding the BBC version of the Geert Wilders documentary, I saw this film in Dutch made by the Dutch producer last year. All the BBC did was to add a few extra pieces of left-wing ideology, for example their comments and the UAF people shown. Otherwise it was hardly untouched from the original which was on youtube.

BBC refusnik

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on a potential Google take-down.

The film had some interesting revelations on the ever-so-elusive concept of the "moderate Muslim" that confirms Dr. Walid Phares comment that these people live under fear and intimidation (Gadi Adelman interview, December).

That is why we don't see moderate Muslims demonstrating their outrage over terrorist atrocities. This is also mentioned in the Center for Security Policy Team B (II) Report, Sharia: The Threat to America.

TPaul said...

There is nothing surprising about the hate teachings on kaffirs at those mosques. Where do you think these mullahs are getting their ideas? Its from no where else than within the pages of the koran and that is something moderate Muslims are not willing to accept.

I commend the teacher at the Oxford Islamic school for his 'sunday school' brand of teaching, but ironically his ideas about respecting people of other faiths that he is instilling in the kids at this school is truly unislamic.

This brand of pseudo-Islam and those promoting it should never be considered truthful, because in reality there is no such thing as a 'nice' Islam.

Anonymous said...

I agree TPaul. Although it would be nice if all Muslims practiced a tolerant form of Islam, Ali Sina teaches that these people only make the situation worse because they provide cover for stealth operators like the Muslim Brotherhood and its fronts like CAIR, MPAC, MSA and ISNA.

The ultimate problem is that by keeping a violent text in use as a credible sacred text, it will always breed more jihadists. Ali Sina teaches that every Muslims is at risk of becoming a terrorist because when people have a life crisis, they turn to God for help, but in Islam, that means reading the Koran and learning about their duty to kill unbelievers.

The only chance I see is to declare Muhammad a fallen prophet and allow the Meccan Koran, but declare the all of the Medinan Koran to be "Satanic verses" (even if the whole Koran actually is).

I can respect moderate people and understand their desire not to lose their love of God and their culture, but another real problem with a desire to preserve Islam in a reformed form is the lack of any real spiritual content in the Quran. It borrows some historical narrative from the Bible, but guts them of their spiritual value. Bill Warner has analyzed the Koran and as discovered that in the majority of the Koranic text follows this simple pattern which he calls the Koranic Argument, a pattern of violent threats against those who did not believe Muhammad:

- A description of the threat or violence

- Who is threatened

- What they did to deserve the violence

- How they are wrong

- Words from Allah to support his messenger, Mohammad

According to Bill, the Koranic Argument content of the Mecca Koran is 63 to 70%, and 12% in the Medinan Koran because in Medina, actual violence replaced the threat of violence.

So reforming Islam by stripping out the violence leaves a hollow shell of a book which is devoid of real spirituality. There is not even a Golden Rule in Islam.

Moderates who want to reform Islam are just living in denial of the fact that their religion is not true. As long as they refuse to wake up to that fact, they are perpetuating the use of a book that promotes violence. If they don't use the violent passage, others of their progeny and community will.

Nakdimon said...

When on earth will Britain wake up? What more do Muslims need to do or say that would persuade the Brits that Islam is completely incompatible with everything Britain stands for?

Notice what these teachers don’t say. They don’t say “I believe that you should do this” or “I believe that you should do that”. NO! They say “ALLAH says this” or “The prophet says this”, meaning this is what ISLAM teaches NOT what their spin on it is. Hence these are not just simply a few radicals, these are people who give you the Quran and make no secret about the fact that the Quran teaches that Brit that is not a Muslim is the worst of creatures and that Allah hates them, they are to be fought, they are to be loathed and they are to be treated harshly. They are beneath Muslims and Muslims should subjugate them.

Again, what would it have to take for Britain to recognize Islam for what it really is and to take a stand against it?

Nakdimon said...

Did I hear that correctly? In video 4 at the 10:48 mark she says
“Although hitting children at all in full time schools is completely illegal, it doesn’t extend to madrassas”

WHAT? Is she saying that this prohibition isn’t applicable to madrassas or is she saying that madrassas simply ignore the fact that it is prohibited to hit children in schools? If the prior then why not? If the latter then why isn’t there any action undertaken or charges pressed?

Anonymous said...

Nakdimon, it's because the madrassas are private, not public.

Unknown said...

johnk, tpaul, what the mullahs are preaching isnt psuedo-islam, it is the real thing. what you are depending on to save us, a more "tolerant" form of islam, would be pseudo-islam, and it exists only in the imagination of silly infidels who are not willing to fight for their beliefs.

Anthony Rogers said...

Tony said: The Sheikh said "The hindus drink cow piss." Hmm, I guess camel urine is much more healthier, perhaps?

I think it is more a matter of taste. You know, kind of like, some people like Coke and other people prefer Pepsi. Of course Muslims are not really going by what brand of urine personally tastes better to them; rather, they are letting Muhammad's taste-buds dictate what their taste-buds ought to find more palatable. I guess you might say that for the rank and file Muslim who would otherwise prefer the urine of a cow or a monkey, camel urine is an acquired taste.

Of course that is tongue-in-cheek: Muslims do believe that consuming camel urine has health benefits such as would warrant throwing back a few and guzzling away. In fact, the other day, before David put up these videos, I was actually thinking about Muslims drinking camel urine and the thought came to mind: if drinking camel urine was recommended by Muhammad, and if it really does have some special medicinal value that can't be derived from elsewhere, what do Muslims living outside Islamic paradises - where the medicine is produced and in rich supply, lands flowing with camel urine and honey - do in order to get a six pack of much needed camel tonic? And just when I should have rebuked my incredulity in light of the fact that Muslims do hundreds of other things that are just as or even sillier than this, someone told me they actually do have the elixir imported from Dar-ul-islam, and it is sold in Muslim shops.

From such things as this I learn that my desire to think that Muhammad's followers are not really that naive is dying the death of a thousand qualifications.

Tizita said...

OK, i stopped watching the video after part two. I have better things to do (like watch survivor) instead of having to listen to the so called "moderate muslims" telling me what the imam's are teaching isn't true islam.

Give me a break! They ARE teaching exactly true islam, not some nonsense! I can't stand investigations like this. first of all the interviewer (im guessing) by her name, is a muslim.

And second of all they will go to such extremes to try and make islam appear indifferent to Christianity. I have no time to waist on garbage like this. I feel really sad for all the ignorant people that will fall for this.

When will they ever do an honest investigation of what REAL islam is all about? When? Until then i will avoid deceptions like this.

Ok, im gonna go and watch survivor now (on youtube :)

P.S. Thanks David for posting this.

betwixt said...

I came across this video of Douglas Murray and Dr. Taj Hargey arguing the role of Hamas in Gaza. This is the same Dr. Taj Hargey of the Muslim Education Center of Oxford featured in the Dispatches report (Part 4, mark 12:00). Despite Dr. Hargey's apparent condemnation of the intolerant teachings in other madrassas, he seems to think Hamas is a freedom fighter organization. Perhaps I'm making connections between the two where there are none, but, Islam being both a religion and a political ideology, it is rather a natural connection to make.

Anonymous said...

@Betwixt - good find. Thanks for sharing.