Friday, February 25, 2011

Christian Woman, Agnes Nuggo, Arrested on Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan

It's the same story over and over again. Some dispute arises between a Christian and some Muslims in Pakistan. The Muslims, without any evidence whatsoever, quickly start yelling, "She blasphemed Muhammad!" Then the authorities swoop in and arrest the Christian. By this point, Pakistani politicians are powerless to defend the Christian, since any such defense will also be viewed as an attack against Islam and Sharia. Thus, the Christian sits in jail, awaiting her fate. Sad. But don't wait for an outcry from Muslims here in the West. They're too busy complaining about "Islamophobia."

A Christian woman, Agnes Nuggo, was accused of blasphemy and arrested in the Diocese of Faisalabad, in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The Catholic Church, which is handling the case, expressed "extreme concern" over the affair.

The Commission for Justice and Peace in the diocese reported that Agnes (50) is married to Bashir Masih, has children and lives in the Christian quarter of Waris Pura. She was accused of blasphemy after a dispute over a piece of land that had already created controversy with his relatives. Some Muslim neighbours accused her of having made insulting statements against the Prophet Mohammed and against Islam. On 16 February, the local police registered a FIR (First Information Report) pursuant to art. 295/a of the Criminal Code and arrested her. Agnes professes her innocence and says the accusations are completely fabricated.

Fr. Nisar Barkat, Director of the Justice and Peace Commission in Faisalabad, reported "Bishop Joseph Coutts has become aware of the case and asked me to follow it closely." Fr. Nisar was in court and obtained a copy of the complaint against Agnes, who will have her first court hearing in two weeks. The church will find her a lawyer and will take care of her family. (Read more.)


Anonymous said...

This poor woman will be tried according to Shariah and therefore will not be allowed to testafy against any Muslim or speak on her own behalf May the Lord protect her and grant her mercy,

armand said...

Another one? Oh no...God help and protect the christians of Pakistan!

Unknown said...

wow what a very eye-opening report:) muslims in america seem to be blind to this certain realities in their native lands, i sure hope that america, a country i look up to, will finally open its eyes to the reality that true muslims are terrorists and moderate muslims are like christians who support abortion- they are counterfeit!!

Anonymous said...

This has been coming on pretty frequently lately. You would think it would be enough to get America to wake up and tie foreign to reform of these laws.

I've read about the last 3 years of AF/PAK articles at

They said that basically Pakistan joined the US in the War on Terror because Pres. Bush told the world that either you are with us or against us. Pakistan knew they would be invaded too if they didn't join us.

If they can't reform their barbaric dark ages criminal code, then we should just stop helping them and tell them not to worry about finding resources to invade North Waziristan because we will just do it for them.

M.C. said...

Well, well, well. Just an update folks. For those that didn't get a chance to look at the post from the English program "Dispatches"... the youtube pc gang has removed it because of copyright infringement. It kinda funny, cause another a/c has other episodes of the same program. We'll see if they get re-posted in the future. I encourage you to watch it.

Fisher said...

Nothing new under the sun. This kind of thing just keeps on going on and on and on and on, sad to say. I pray that this sister gets acquitted somehow.

minoria said...

I can only say such evil behavior is unacceptable in the XXI century.It is obvious that the reason WHY the blasphemy-apostasy law can NOT be eliminated in Pakistan is because of popular support for it.

Hugh Watt posted a very thought-provoking video in,a debate between a Muslim and a Christian (of,a UK group.

It was about if Islam was being given special treatment in the UK,while Christianity wasn't.Watch it.It has given me ideas for a new article:

goethechosemercy said...

I pray that the Lamb of God protects AGNES!