Saturday, January 8, 2011

U.K. Muslim Youth Leader Saifour Rahman Convicted of Stabbing Gang Rival in the Eye with Machete

Hmmm. Now where could these young Muslims have gotten the idea that disagreements are to be settled through violence? Let's see. According to Muhammad, (1) if someone doesn't accept Islam, you fight him, (2) if someone leaves Islam, you execute him, (3) if someone steals, you hack of a body part, (4) if a wife is disobedient, you beat her into submission, and (5) if people are guilty of sexual sin, you either give them lashes or stone them to death. It seems that, in Islam, violence is the solution for practically everything.

A youth worker who lived a double life as a ruthless gang leader was jailed indefinitely today for blinding a man by hacking a machete through his eyeball.

Saifour Rahman, 23, appeared to be a pillar of the community, giving up his free time to volunteer at an outreach project for youngsters.

But beneath this veneer of respectability, Rahman headed an east London gang known as the Timber Wharf Boys and went by the street name of 'Jackal'.

As the head of a mob of 20 armed with baseball bats and sticks, machete-wielding Rahman meted out a wicked attack on Razaull Ahmed, 22, on the Isle of Dogs. . . .

'A large group of Asian males with scarves wrapped around their faces and with weapons came running towards them down Westferry Road,' said prosecutor Jonathan Foy.

'Estimates to how many there were in the group vary but it is somewhere between seven and 20.'

Foy told the court that Saifour Rahman was at the front of the pack with a large machete in his hand, and the gang ran towards Mr Ahmed and his two companions.

They then set upon him with their weapons: baseball bats, poles and pieces of wood.

'In an act of shocking savagery, Mr Saifour Rahman slashed Mr Ahmed's face,' said Foy.

'It was a wicked and deliberate blow. The blow of the machete bit deep into his nose and cut straight through his left eye.

Razaull underwent surgery at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London, but doctors were unable to save his eye.

The court heard Rahman regularly volunteered with the Docklands Outreach charity - a support service for young people in Tower Hamlets.

Rahman had also worked with youngsters at the Island House Community Centre on the Isle of Dogs.

Co-accused Emad Ahmed, 22, Sofiul Bosor, also 22, and Sahab Ali, 27, were all said to have been members of the armed mob but were all cleared. (Read more.)


Unknown said...

This blog is a pathetic attempt at villifying Muslims. You should try the truth comes ALWAYS comes out.
And a tip..learn the facts David. THe fact of this matter is the "authorities" imprisoned an innocent man, based on NO real evidence, just fabricated evidence, lies, rumours and speculation. And his family and friends will fight hard to free him.
Friday 7th Jan. 2011 was a sad day for ordinary Britons, who had hope in the British justice system.

goethechosemercy said...

Pathetic attempt?
Maybe you're right. From what I've seen, Muslim scriptures and history vilify Muslims plenty.
The crimes of Christians and the imperfections of the West do not excuse the crimes of Islam.

Unknown said...

@ goethechosemercy
yes a VERY pathetic attempt. Muslims actions and sayings in no way represent ALL Muslims. Its the same for the IRA and Catholics, I'm sure?
Learn the scripture PROPERLY with open minds and perhaps your heart may be guided towards pure truth and absolute justice.
What are the crimes of Islam that you love attacking? No-one is perfect, and yes that does not excuse what happens in the world today. But have you sought to real people of knowledge for your answers or are you just imposing your own views because of one thing you disliked about a quarter of the worlds population? Think about it..if Islam was so oppressive etc why are more and more Westerners coming to Islam? Especially women?
And this guy, Saifour did not use Islam as a result of whatever he is being accused of, it was a sad case of the British justice system getting it wrong, yet AGAIN.

Jahanara said...

What satisfaction do you get out of attacking and twisting things everytime Islam is associated?
Using false teachings of the Qran to support your ignorant views is appalling, I suggest you do some thourough research on Islam. Has it ever crossed your mind that enemies of islam have formed a false Quran to support such views like yours, to win support against Islam?
Little did you know Christianity has similar teachings of the Quran and other religious books such as Torah etc.
You claim that Islam teaches and solves everything with violence well then how do you explain the way of life of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who did not promote violence even when he was spreading the word of Islam.

The claimed attack that apparently took place by Saifour did not happen as the result of the teachings of Islam, nothing of this this kind was used as evidence as a result of Islamic teachings, especially not if the victim is a fellow muslim and when Islam is about brotherhood. It is sad and I do admit that people from their own religions attack their own but it is not because of the teachings you claim are from the Quran. Also some of the stories you hear about a small minority of muslims is not sufficient enough to brand a whole muslim community!!!!

The prosecutor presented no evidence what so ever to prove Saifour Guilty and as you clearly stated the victim said the gang was fully covered on the face!!

There are several cases like this and thats across all the ethnicities and religions and most are the result of their own behaviour not religious teachings.

There are groups out there that will promote Islam in a negative way for several reasons, such as hatred and also because they have been misguided but it is not right for all to be stereotyped on the basis of a few!!!!!