Thursday, November 11, 2010

Former Muslim Udo Ulfkotte on the Clash between Islam and the West

Udo Ulfkotte was born into a Christian family, but he eventually became an atheist. While traveling among Muslims, he converted to Islam in Afghanistan. He is now a Christian, and is an outspoken critic of Islam.

Ulfkotte believes that Islamic culture cannot coexist with Western civilization, and that Muslims should return to Muslim countries. This is quite different from my view. I love seeing Muslims come to the West, because it gives us the opportunity to confront Islamic doctrine, and gives Muslims the freedom to choose whether they will follow Islam or something else (a freedom they do not always have in Muslim countries).

But Ulfkotte and I agree that something has to change. Ignoring the problematic commands in the Qur'an can only end in disaster.


Jabari said...

I don't know about having muslims coming here in the west. All they are going to do is try and turn this country into the one they escaped from........yes I know what you're saying, they'll be able to enjoy the freedoms of the west. However, I may think the increasing number of muslims here in America will lead for more calls for Sharia here in the U.S.

You know what I mean??????

Unknown said...

Ifyou like, you may post this:

a videofrom MEMRI TV about an islamic conference in Moritania teaching terrosism and Jihad. Qaradwi was there and happy with these teaching.

Western wake up, see what is going on among muslims ... see what no muslim here will show you !

Tizita said...

YES! I do think islam CAN'T and i say CAN'T co-exsist w/ western culture!

Muslims on the other hand can, if they are willing not to follow the teachings of the quran & hadith. People are easy to change, its the ideology they carry with them that makes it hard to change.

This guy reminds me of the prodigal glade he came back from where he left.

minoria said...

I said it before and I say it again that Europe needs 50 million immigrants for the next 25 years just to keep the same population,no increase.But for human rights' reasons and because they integrate Europe should open its doors to all the Christians of the Muslim lands(the 15 million Arab Christians,4 million Pakistani ones)plus all the other non-Muslims(1 million Hindus in Pakistan,some 10 million Hindus in Bangladesh),the secret apostates and also(since they reject violent jihad and are peaceful)the AHMADIYAS,plus the BAHAIS of Iran,etc.Let them all in,they will integrate and marry with the Europeans and cause no problems.

Look at Spain,before the 200 dead by the Muslims in a train,Spain had 1 million Muslims (the BIGGEST immigrant group).LATER Spain woke up and allowed a drastic acceptance of NON-MUSLIM immigrants.Now NON-MUSLIM immigrants in SPAIN are the BIGGEST GROUP.

There are 1.5 MILLION SOUTH AMERICANS,bigger than the Muslims,plus 700.000 ROUMANIANS,so it is 2.2 million to 1 million,with more than twice the immigrants being non-Muslim.