Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Jesus or Muhammad" Tonight (10:30 P.M., EST) and Tomorrow (8:00 P.M., EST)

It's that time again. Tonight (Saturday, 10:30 P.M.) we'll be discussing Muhammad's antagonism of the polytheists when he was in Mecca. We'll have another show tomorrow (Sunday, 8:00 P.M.). If you don't get ABN via satellite, you can watch live on the internet here.


abel said...


Is it possible for us in Europe to wacht you guys live on ABN?

Hope you let me know before the show.

Tania said...

I'll be sure to watch!=)

BTW, Pamela Geller wrote about your arrests on here blog and attached one of your videos to her article.

You can view it here:

There is some slight misinformation about your arrest in her article, but overall I thought it was nice of her that she gave a little shout out about your story and she also made some good points.

Sam said...

Abel, you should be able to watch from anywhere by going to their internet site, the link to which David has already provided.

Anthony Rogers said...
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