Friday, September 3, 2010

French Muslims Illegally Blocking Streets in Paris, Police Afraid to Intervene


Anonymous said...

Yes guys I have seen this one already and they are also blocking streets in New York. Not too far from ground zero.

Methinks the only thing missing from this Muslim prayer meeting is President Barack Husien Obama

Tizita said...

Amazing, just Amazing. What comes to mind is when Jesus was telling the ppl......when u pray don't pray prostrated in front of the crowd, w/ ur hands raised for all to see. But go into a closet shut the door and pray to ur heavenly Father, for what u have done in secret He will reword u openly. Can i get an Amen!!!!!!!

Please also check out this Video on the ground zero mosque depicting Hitler and his thought on the mosques, it's really funny!

Bfoali said...

This is getting quite frustrating. I wish Voltaire was still alive so he could use his wit to mock them. The prayer I love and respect, but on the roads? Why?
And Pat Robertson is still alive?

Lucky man.

Brad and Meagan said...


Jabari said...

Wow, this video is scary.
I have two things to say:

1) The Policemen here are a bunch of cowards. You shouldn't let threats keep you from stopping Muslims who are blocking the streets.

2) I expected this to happen, because many muslims are moving into France from North Africa.

Anonymous said...

Islam is the judgement of God upom a nation that has embrassed secular humainism amd forsaken the living God who has given us the trueth in Jesus Christ as the norm.

People need something to worship even if it false such as Islam. It is already too late for Londonstan and Eurabia and soon it will be too late here if we do not have a revival sent by God

Unknown said...

@ Tizita: AMEN!

Really, you make an excellent point, this sort of "prayer" has little to do with God and a heck of a lot to do with a show of political power.

If the French want to hand over their nation to people diametrically opposed to everything they have ever stood for... well that's their problem. We here in the US need to stand up to this sort of pseudo religiosity. I fear that in addition to combating Islam, we must take on their co-conspirators, the liberal PC crowd who accuses you of "racism" every time you criticize Islam. In some respects, they're a more daunting foe because they should be helping defend our non-sharia way of life but refuse too. What they don't realize is that when or if sharia law finally comes, their pussilanimity won't save them. The Wahabbis hate them and their liberal pet causes of gay marriage and abortion on demand as much as they hate Christianity.

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