Monday, August 30, 2010

Brief Review of Today's Pre-Trial

Hello all! David's going to write and/or upload a more detailed review of what happened today, but here's a heads up:

As a quick review, our attorney, Robert Muise, had essentially put in a motion to dismiss the case. In order to be granted that motion, Robert needs to be able to show that there is no basis at all for a case, and that evidence wouldn't matter one way or another; if the prosecuting attorney can show that there is a basis, and that the case needs to be judged off the evidence, then the case will go on.

The judge reviewed the evidence provided by our attorney and by the city in a pretty intense, interview/dialogue form. It went on for around 2 hours (not exactly sure how long). In the end, the judge decided he needs a little more evidence. He wants more defense from the city attorney on the idea that Roger William's claims about Negeen can possibly constitute probable cause for her arrest. And he also wants better audio from us on the policeman's conversation with Negeen after she was arrested (the camcorder was left running and some of what the policeman said to her can be heard.)

None of us know what's going to happen yet; we have to wait and see what the judge says after he gets these last two pieces of evidence. My guess? He's going to dismiss the parts of the case that have to do with "crowd control" and he's not going to dismiss the parts of the case that have to do with Roger Williams.

But we'll see! Keep us in your prayers! Yours in Christ,
- Nabeel

***UPDATE*** There's a short review of the hearing in the Detroit News here.


Fisher said...

I feel a little sick on the inside after having read this. :-S

Radical Moderate said...

Interesting. The fact that he has to review it, and he has requested more evidence suggest to me at least that the Judge is looking for anything that will keep this case alive.

For God's sake its a misdemeanor nuisance charge.

I punched a Cop in the face on Michigan and Oak street. Shed his blood all over a store front window for God's sake. And I still got that dismissed and collected 100 dollars bail money that the Anti War people posted.

This is insane.

T.D. said...

Nabeel, thanks for the brief update on the hearing this morning. Will continue to keep you guys in my prayers!

- Tim

Teri said...

Still seems odd that if he thinks some parts are more triable than others, then why doesn't he dismiss those parts that he deems dismissable? Are they all tried together for a reason?

Teri said...

Praying for your favor in the sight of God always and forever. May he bless you with grace, mercy, and his kindness. My he allow those things that are hidden whether on purpose or not to be revealed before the judge so that he can no longer hide behind false evidence and testimony.

Confident Christianity said...

Thanks for the update. Many of our church folks are praying for you.

otto said...

Wait a minute. I thought Rogers complaint was against David and Nabeel for supposedly "crowding" him and making him uncomfortable or something weird like that. How is the complaint against Nageen? She was far away behind a tent; I doubt she even heard Roger ask David and Nabeel to turn off the cameras. What in the world was Nageen doing wrong? Standing there while filming and then getting upset when a cop put his hands all over her and called her a criminal? This is making me feel a little sick too.

Christie said...

What Nageen possibly have to do with Roger's accusations. She was a good ways off and could not have possibly heard any request to stop filming. How utterly ridiculous for any of this to go on trial. Waste of my $$ as a taxpayer. It appears to me that the city of Dearborn is grasping at any little straw.

abel said...


Its our duty as Christians to always include you in our prayers.With God's grace this saga will come to a successful ending.