Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yet Another Policeman Weighs In

As once a Police Lieutenant in charge of an Investigative Unit, I am outraged at the conduct the Dearborn Police Department displayed when arresting four Christians when they were exercising their first amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom religion at the Arab Festival in Dearborn. The Governor of Michigan should call for the Mayor and the police chief to step down from their positions because of their poor judgment, lack of leadership and knowledge of the Constitution.

The Church members in Dearborn should demand a full investigation into the violations of each of the Four Christians civil rights. Today, it is they who were arrested, tomorrow it may be you. I thought I would never see the day when the injustice and persecution of Christians while witnessing within their Constitutional rights would be violated by the very ones who are supposed to protect us and serve us. But here we are. May now justice be served in our court system in Dearborn, Michigan. If not, in the US Supreme court.

Ken Lewis


minoria said...

It is great to know other police men know what is what.There is still hope.For example I am REALLY surprised that the MODERATOR of the Muslim forum I participate in accepts practically all I write,almost no censorship.
And I am criticizing the divinity of the Koran day after day,showing how such a story is from X source,etc.A human book.I think the moderator,who is a Western convert,a woman who doesn't even wear the veil,is doubting.An intelligent person can't see book after book from 100-600 AD being the SOURCE for X story in the Koran and continue to believe.


I don't know if it will be accepted.Already my argument that 5:32 is from the Talmud has appeared,and that the Koran badly quoted it.My new addition,which I hope appears,is that the Koran says:

1.CRUCIFIXION existed in the time of patriarch JOSEPH(12:41)

2.CRUCIFIXION existed in the time of MOSES(7:124/26:49/20:71)

Crucifixion was not invented till 1000 years or more after JOSEPH and 600 years or more after MOSES.

A historical error TWO TIMES(or better said 4 times)

Besmikov Lenko said...

Why are you filling your blog with positive feedback? Where's the negative feedback? Two sides make a coin.

The Berean Search said...


Why don't you say the same thing to all the Muslims and everyone else being critical of Acts17?

When all the detractors and critics of Acts17 start posting "positive feedback" on their blogs and YouTube pages, then you will have a point. Why don't you start your efforts with your own blog and with Yahya Snow? I noticed he is now following your blog. Let's see you put your money where your mouth is with your own blog, and let's see you put the same vigor into convincing Yahya he should publish positive things about Acts17 and what happened in Dearborn, since according to your own position "two sides make a coin".

I look forward to seeing how that goes for you ;)

Michelle Qureshi said...


Actually, we haven't received any negative feedback from police officers.


Lydia McGrew said...

And if you read other threads, you'll see plenty of negative feedback, which has been approved and posted. It's pretty pathetic, too. I think Nabeel and David have done themselves a real favor by letting everyone see just how poor the arguments of their adversaries are.

Radical Moderate said...

Parody of Warren Zevons "Send Lawyers Guns and Money"

I went to the arab fest,
the way I always do
How was I to know,
the cops were with the muslims too

l I was only talking to some muslims
I know it was a risk.
Send lawyers guns and money
Dad get me out of this.

I’m a inocent bystander
Some how I got stuck
For saying Jesus loves you
That’s how I got cuffed

Now Im sitting in a dearborn jail
Rejoicing in the son of man.
Send lawyers guns and money
The sharia has hit the fan

minoria said...

It has ocurred to me that most readers who come here know nothing of the BARNABASFUND.My friends,alot of Christians are being persecuted,killed,discriminated ONLY for being non-Muslim.

What can be done?Instead of just feeling sad you can go to the barnabas fund’s website and find out about them,donate so they can really help people in danger.Check them out,they are for helping in practical ways:

Read about their PROJECTS,how they intend to help with real help:

Muhammad said...

It seems that dearborn is heading to be a world of it's own and in fact should be seen what WILL HAPPEN IF we don't make laws that gives people or communities the right to create communities with laws that are contrary to our own.

VJ said...

Joker naik once once again in his showman costume Gets a debate challenge by pastor and JUST WATCH what's his criteria for debating them..


Elsa said...

I am amazed at how people seem to have lost their common sense - it does not make sense that a mosque could be built at ground zero to show respect, etc. It's as if people have learned to utterly not listen to themselves, to anything reason, as if we must believe what we are told, even if manifestly untrue, as we know from deep in ourselves.

minoria said...

Hello VJ:

You have a good blog,I have favorited it.I saw the video with Naik.
Naik is not intelligent,there are several undeniable passages in the Gospels where ACCORDING to the JEWS'/JUDAISM'S STANDARDS Jesus says he is God.

He was clear by his own Jewish standards.Naik is no scholar(no moe than DEEDAT),you were right VJ, he is a farce,a clown who pretends to be a scholar.

I now see by this video he is no gentleman,but an arrogant,ignorant,silly man.David Wood or Nabeel or James White could easily win him.The Muslim world is in a low state.


One of the 99 names of Allah is AL-HAQ,the truth.Jesus said:"I am THE truth."

Not I tell you the truth,I am truthful,but I am THE TRUTH.

BY Islamic standards he said he was God.


I don't know what your opinion of Gandhi is but a Hindu scholar who writes for has written 2 articles that show Gandhi evil man.He actually REFUSED to condemn Muslims who raped Hindu women....something he would NEVER have done had it been BRITISH men,the word is HYPOCRITE,even evil.
It is not the only thing,there is more:

The thing is once as a young man he was mercilessly beaten by Muslims after having criticized Islam and that made him a coward for life regarding them.



VJ said...

or Robert (if that's your name)

Thanks for favoriting my bog, i never knew anyone actually read my blog :)

Your right,hes no scholar,when he starting responding to the pastor somehow i knew what the arguments would be like e.g
"God has son in tons"
i anticipated that argument just to realize its main source would be Deedat.
NAIK is no more than a parrot who speak someone Else's word and refuses to defend that in public with the best apologist on the planet.

And yes i am pretty sure David,nabeel or Dr white could trash him,
you must have noticed shaikh awal failure in the debate with Dr white was due to arguments that were word to word from deedat.
That's why Dr James studied him hard to defeat him.
So i have no hesitation to believe our christian apologist can win over him.
but i personally would like SAM to debate him first ,cause he can deal him in same way and refute any unanticipated arguments offered by that clown.

ZN also said to the pastor to book a hall in mumbai for a debate with his student,i suppose if our apologist can debate his best students in India it would be a shame to his daawah business,and to save face he would have to debate himself,besides booking a hall in India wont cost much as currency conversion from $ to rupees would make it easy for American debate organizers to pay.
The cost of 1$ = 50rupees approx

About Gandhi ,i am personally no fan of him although in my country hes considered to be the father of the nation,there are some things in Gandhi that are always spoken by preachers in India.
i,e Gandhi loved Christ but disliked Christians for their unchristian behavior ,that' why he dint convert to Christianity,
not sure if you have heard of this before.

Anyways keep up your good work exposing the false religion.
i have seen your posts on many blogs cause i also visit this blog everyday but i hardly post, except on some occasions.
your responses are great and help support the apologists not waste their precious time to respond to silly arguments by these Muslims

I try my best to refute Muslims on a communities in where hundred of Muslims are members,but we have a handful to refute them,the main problem is that they use zakir naik argument and Christians dont know how to respond,my main sources to respond to Islam is this site not forgetting AI,and AOMIN.ORG
they have worked hard in defending The Gospel against that perverted prophet.
if you like and have time you can also join us here in defending the gospel against non-believers.


Grifman said...

You guys should file civil rights complaint with the Justice Department.