Friday, June 11, 2010

"Jesus or Muhammad" Marathon Next Week!

Attention "Jesus or Muhammad" fans! Starting next Tuesday, we've got everyone--AND I MEAN EVERYONE--live in the studio for a marathon week of live programs.

There have been some changes to the following schedule, but it will give you an idea of what we've got cooking.


otto said...

Praise God!

May you all speak the Word of God clearly and directly (as always)!
Looking forward to watching this on my laptop in a Romulus La Quinta!

I will pray for everyone's safety and well being who participate in the event, and for all doing the show.

God Bless

Zack_Tiang said...

Wow... sounds and looks great!

May I know if it is possible to download the videos AFTER it's over? Cause most likely I'll miss the live video. =(

Fernando said...

Pastor Joseph is becoming a TV star... he's great!!! God bless you all for this great job for the glory off God...

R neila said...

The Mosque is really being built to honor the victims of 911... the pilots. At least that's how Muslims world wide see it.

ahwn 1 said...

hey guys
you all are doing a magnificient jobs in the name of our loving christ jesus. May god bless. wanted to make a very small donation but could not chip in. Anyway i will do tht later. May god bless u all.

minoria said...


I registered to comment in jihadwatch and in the COMMENT section for the article "Daisy Khan on polygamy"wrote about the Jesus or Muhammed marathon.

I added the link to ABN,plus links to answeringmuslims,confidentchristianity, and

Hopefully hundreds will read my info and discover the "Jesus or Muhammed"show.God bless.

Anonymous said...

In less thant 24 hours we will be in Dearborn, Michigan proclaiming the Gosepel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We do this because we are commanded to so by Jesus Himself. We will not be stopped desite court orders or threats. Jesus will save His people.

Apollos26 said...

Hi christian brethren,

I was very disappointed to see that at Jesus or Mohammed, there was a "female" pastor!

I am not going to debate this, but I want to clearly state that I find this to be heretic and unbiblical. From the teachings of Jesus, the apostles, the apostolic and churchfathers aso I can't find any support for this.

She looked like a bad adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

I hope that abnsat will get more conservative with the time.

God bless,


minoria said...

Hello Apollos:
Due to circumstances I can only see some of the show,the 11pm one.What female pastor ae you talking about?About Mary Jo Sharp?Or somebody else.I disagree the NT says women can't be pastors.I have written on why it is not convincing.

Haecceitas said...

I just finished watching the debate on the crucifixion between Tony Costa and Sheikh Awal.

Awal's arguments were incredibly bad and contrived. But perhaps that's just the best that one can do when trying to defend the indefensible.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...


I assume that you are referring to Mary Jo.

Firstly, if you have in mind First Corinthians 11, keep in mind that this event was not a church meeting.

Secondly, Mary Jo did not present herself as a pastor but as a moderator of a debate.

Hiwot said...

I watched “Who is Jesus?” debate between Tony and Farhan. I couldn’t believe that Farhan accepts that Jesus is the Son of God and that the historic Jesus was crucified and died on the cross. I remember that during his debate with Tony in Canada earlier this year, Farhan had a hard time accepting Jesus’ crucifixion. I praise God for opening Farhan’s eyes and helping him understand the truth. It is my hope and prayer that in a near future I will be hearing his testimony. And also, I thank God for Tony that in his all three debates he was able to declare the truth patiently and professionally.

Haecceitas said...


I'm not sure but I think there was an actual female pastor in an earlier episode of the program. (I only saw a small part of it and didn't focus my full attention to the program but one way or another, I got the impression that a female participant (who wasn't Mary Jo) was a pastor.

Apollos26 said...

Hi Minoria and Hogan Elijah,

no no, I wasn't refering to Mary Jo Sharp. Before the debate there was an episode of Jesus and Mohammed and there was a woman called Pastor Barbara.

On this point minoria, I have to disagree with you totally and I am 100% certain that Jesus, the apostles, the apostolic fathers, the churchfathers and the great reformers (Luther, Calvin) would too.

I would encourage you to read the articles I posted in this post.

As I said before I don't want to start a debate, but just to make it clear: in ALL of the old churches, the orthodox, coptic and catholic church you will never find or even mentioned the possibility of female pastors and you will not find a single clue in the OT or NT for this new wave. Female pastoring started in the 20th century. That is a very recent phenomena. It is not about hurting feelings but about the truth. This is a blog dealing with islam, but I find it dangerous if there are thinks that don't totally represent christianity and let the muslims have a wrong impression of it.

Here a quick response from the LCMS:

and this is very interesting too, representing the viewpoint of the churchfathers:

All the best and God bless,


minoria said...

I think Apollos meant another lady,because I saw the 2 shows last night,and there was publicity with a lady pastor about a show called "Women in Islam".
I think ABN is PENTECOSTAL and they have had women pastors almost from the beginning(1901).In 100 years they have grown to 600 million,astonishing.

I am not a Pentecostal though I write for a Pentecostal blog,( there are now women pastors/priests in the Anglican,Lutheran,Methodist,Presbyterian and (John McArthur thinks) also in some Baptist churches.

Apollos26 said...

Hi minoria,

ah ok I see. Didn't know that they are pentecostal, though I could have guessed.

Unfortuntaly it is being kind of trendy that the churches are developing into this direction but we really have to distinguish. You mentioned that in the Lutheran church they start to have female pastors, there I have to point out that these churches aren't lutheran at all. They contradict in so many doctrines the clear teaching and understanding of Martin Luhter's theology that it is a real shame.
What they have in common is the name, but that's all. One church, for example, that remained true to the Augsburger Confessions and most important to the teaching of Sola Scriptura, is the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (

Sola scriptura, that is important, not the denomination. A denomination won't let us enter into the Kingdom of God, but a denomination can help us not to walk a false way, if it stays true to the word of God.

God bless,


minoria said...

Hello Apollos:

I have read the info you provided.I found it interesting.I have my reservations about the conclusions.I have sent an article to called "Can Women be Preachers and Ministers in the Church?"
If approved,and I think it will,it would appear in 2 weeks.When it does,in the comment section I will provide the 2 links that give counter-arguments so the readers can know the opposite view.
Thankyou for the feedback.

Apollos26 said...

Hi minoria,

thank you very much for the kind post. God bless and guides us in HIS knowledge,


Apollos26 said...

Hey brother David,

I just wanted to know if there ever will be Father Zakarias featured in one of the Jesus or Mohammed episodes.

God bless,


Keith said...

I recommend reading books by Dr. Mark Gabriel. Very informative and in line with facts from this website. Dr. Gabriel is a Brother in Christ and wishes to help Muslims out of their faith and into Christianity. He has Doctorate degrees in Islam and Christianity. He graduated from Al Azhar University in Egypt and is a former Imam. His books are well written and informative.

Aletheya said...

For those who are against female Pastors.
Could you please provide me biblical scriptures that are against such?
Because I know that Galatians 3:28 says we all are one. No female nor male...
Please don't try to bring islamic doctrine that makes women inferior to men into Christianity.
Do you know how many "PROPHETESSES" are in the Bible?
You mean Pastoral office is better than Prophethood office?
I don't think so!!!