Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coptic Girl Escapes Abduction and Forced Conversion

In Pakistan and Egypt, Christian girls are routinely kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert to Islam. Police officers typically either side with the Muslims (because they are Muslims) or are afraid to side with the Christians, for fear of Muslim reprisals. Occasionally, however, a Christian girl manages to escape. (Pay careful attention to what certain Muslims will do when they learn that the police are on their side. This has implications for the future of Dearborn, Michigan, where police have already submitted to Islam.)

A Middle Eastern journalist has revealed that “one of the most explosive issues in the relations between Christians and Muslims of Egypt is the abduction of Christian Coptic minor girls, to force them to embrace Islam, after humiliating and demeaning them psychologically and morally.”

Mary Abdelmassih, in a story for the Assyrian International News Agency (www.aina.org) said, “This dangerous phenomenon which appeared in the 1970s and which has become a lucrative business for all Muslim participants including the Egyptian State Security has been steadily on the rise, with reports surfacing weekly of several disappearances without trace of Coptic girls.”

She said that those fortunate enough to return home have talked of their ordeal. (See: www.aina.org/news/20091223164421.htm )

Abdelmassih went on to say that Zeenahom (Suzan) Nady Adly, 19-years old, “is one of the fortunate girls who was able to return home, after being drugged and abducted by Muslims to force her conversion to Islam.

“She comes from Ezbet Fanous, a small hamlet, near the town of Samalut (150 miles from Cairo), inhabited by a Coptic majority of twenty families to six Muslim ones and a Muslim mayor.”

The journalist said that according to the girl’s story, as she went out at night on Saturday, June 12, 2010, to buy soft drinks for some visitors at home, she was stopped by two Muslim men, who sprayed a substance in her face, making her lose consciousness.

“When I regained consciousness nearly two hours later, I found myself in the building of the Islamic Sharia Association in Minia, facing a shaikh [Islamic scholar] who tried to intimidate and force me to convert to Islam,” reported Freecopts advocacy in a taped interview with Zeenahom. “He tried to convince me that I would be safer marrying a Muslim, and leaving the area.”

However, the shaikh contacted State Security to tell them that he wanted her to convert, but he was told to let her go as her family was not keeping quiet.

Meanwhile, said Abdelmassih, her father, Nady Adly, had sent telegrams to all authorities and her family demonstrated in front of Samalut police headquarters asking for her return, which forced the security authorities to intervene.

“However, her ordeal continued at the police station where she was taken the next day. Zeenahom accused the village mayor Khalaf Ebdelmageed of masterminding her abduction at the hands of Muslim Sayed Khalaf and another named Taha El-Hinnawi, in exchange for money,” said the story.

Zeenahom was reported as saying, “While I was at the police station, the village mayor told me that I was too good to be a Christian. He asked me to say in the police report that I will convert to Islam, but I refused.”

The girl said that she refused to tell the police the names of her abductors, especially Sayed Khalaf, for fear of retribution. She is staying presently with her aunt.

Magdy Attia, one of the Coptic witnesses who demonstrated in front of the police station until Zeenahom was handed over to her father said that nearly two hundred Muslims, together with Sayed Khalaf’s family were there with weapons intimidating them.

“We were told that they will take Zeenahom by force to convert and marry her main abductor Sayed Khalaf, a driver by occupation, who has divorced his Muslim wife recently,” he said. “We were told Zeenahom will be Sayed’s second wife.” Read more.

Take note of the pattern when Muslim attempts to violate the rights of Christians fail. (1) Muslims attempt to oppress Christians. (2) Christians stand their ground and prevail. (3) Muslims want vengeance. The Muslim message is: "Yes, we're violating your rights, and you'd better accept it, or we'll do something worse."


hugh watt said...

A recent study from the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) has detailed the increasing
frequency and geographic scope of
sectarian violence over the last two years.
The study found that between January 2008 and January 2010,
there were at least 53 incidents
of sectarian hostility or tension, in 17 of Egypt’s 29 governorates.
In Minya governorate alone there
were 21 incidents.
The study sets out the main types of incidents. First are “acts of collective retribution”, of which the majority involve Muslims
attacking Christians. These occur
when all the people in one group are held responsible for the
actions of one member.
If a Christian is accused of harming a Muslim, the Muslim
community in that area believe
that they all have a responsibility to take revenge for
that act against the whole
Christian community. Recent examples include the violence in
Nag Hammadi in January 2010 and
Farshoot in November 2009
Secondly, violence is often prompted by Christians engaging in
prayer or worship services, or
building a church. Objections come
not only from Muslim citizens but from state officials as well. The
report states, “on more than one
occasion, state representatives have refused to a allow group of
Christians to worship in a home or
have arrested and questioned those
who do so.”
The EIPR believes that the state does not have a plan for tackling
the growing sectarian violence
because, until recently, it
denied the existence of any tension and viewed any incidents
as isolated events. The police
seem unable or unwilling to intervene to protect the homes
and property of Christians, and all too often no one is brought to
justice for the violence.
However, it seems that state officials are now beginning to
recognise the dangers of such
tension and to admit that there is a problem.
The report makes a number of
recommendations to the Egyptian
government, including investigating all incidents of
sectarian violence, bringing those
responsible to account and fairly
compensating the victims. It also suggests reviewing Egyptian
legislation to ensure it is free
of faith-based discrimination. It calls on the Islamic and Christian religious establishments to work
together to promote tolerance
and coexistence.

Letitia (The Damsel) said...

There is no compulsion in religion?

ned said...

muslims have no boundaries in their evil ways and that's why i always tell them to show what good they can do rather than telling me the morals from their book. Jesus said you will know the tree from its fruit and also that a evil or bad tree cannot bear good fruit nor a good tree bear evil or bad fruit.

Besmikov Lenko said...

This is just a single incidence, so why paint all 1.6 billion Muslims with the same brush?

Letitia (The Damsel) said...

Besmikov Lenko (if that is your real name),

Forced conversion,
(More, but I'm feeling generous)

I count at least four violations, not one, and since this is a regular practice, this story is hardly an isolated incident (AS THE ARTICLE ADMITS). Think about what you are saying. If we were talking about the sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church, I doubt you would make the same statement. Don't paint all Catholics with the same brush.

Besmikov Lenko said...


I feel upset with how the media portrayed Catholics. It was down right wrong. How did you know whether I'd make a blanket statement like that?

Wali said...

I agree with Besmikov Lenko, just because these incidents happen because some Muslims that have gone astray from the right path doesn't mean that you have to blame the entire Muslim population for it. Such as those terrorist attacks, the only reason those are happening is because there is a small group of extremist muslims that want to make a new Pakistan by "Their beliefs." These people are angry at the people of Pakistan because they do not follow their ways, and think that the people of Pakistan have gone astray and they think that it is their duty to eliminate them, but in reality it THEM who have gone astray from the pure muslim path. These are sick people who terrorize and make everyone else pay for their lack of knowledge of their own religion.