Thursday, May 6, 2010

Supplement to Nabeel's Post on Qur'an 5:32

As Nabeel noted, and as we have noted before, Qur'an 5:32 is constantly ripped out of context by Western Muslims. The meaning is distorted to such an extent that the "Westernized" interpretation is exactly the opposite of what the verse means in context.

I wanted to add that, two days ago, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) issued a press release concerning the Times Square bomb plot. Guess which verse of the Qur'an they cited to prove that Islam promotes peace and love towards unbelievers. Yep, you guessed it. And if you also guessed that, like other Muslims (including our friend Nazam), ISNA left out the "We ordained for the Children of Israel" and "spreading mischief in the land" portions, and that they didn't explain to their readers that the very next verse calls for the brutal massacre of those who cause mischief in Muslim lands (e.g. the United States), you guessed right. Observe ISNA's press release:

(Plainfield, IN 05/04/2010) - The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) joins the Muslim American community and the rest of our fellow citizens in expressing its appreciation of the outstanding work done by the various law enforcement agencies in investigating and apprehending the alleged perpetrator(s) of the botched attack on New York and its residents.

At the same time, ISNA condemns in the strongest terms the planned attack on innocent city-dwellers of every race and creed. The attack, described by the alleged sponsors as a sort of "pay-back" or "revenge", is "inexcusable and without any justification in Islam or authentic Muslim tradition", said Dr. Ingrid Mattson, president of ISNA. "Even the murder of a single innocent person is abhorrent and in direct contradiction to the clear and unequivocal teachings of our faith (Quran Chapter 5,Verse 32), let alone the mass murder of unsuspecting innocent bystanders in a crowded square", she added.

Now I have to ask, if Muslims are allowed to rip passages of the Qur'an out of context to satisfy an agenda, why do Muslims object when critics of Islam do the same? Suppose I were to say: "Well, of course Muslims are trying to blow up Times Square. Surah 9:5 says that Muslims are to 'slay the idolaters wherever you find them.' And since they regard almost all Westerners as idolaters, their religion obligates them to kill us (which is what car-bombs do) wherever they find us (which includes Times Square)."

Here Muslims would quickly condemn such a claim. "How dare you rip this passage out of context! You have to quote the entire verse! You have to quote the verses that come before this! And the verses that come after! You have to examine the historical context! Only then can you arrive at the real meaning of the passage!"

Amen. But for Muslims, this methodology only seems to apply when it's convenient for them. When it's not convenient (i.e. when it doesn't allow them to deceive Westerners about Muhammad's teachings), sound methodology is utterly abandoned.

Of course, as long as it remains Islamophobic to seriously and critically examine the teachings of Islam, Muslims will be able to mislead their ignorant and ill-informed non-Muslim audience.

Here's a video I made on this topic after CNN used 5:32 (with the "We ordained for the Children of Israel" and "spreading mischief in the land" portions carefully removed) to condemn the Fort Hood Massacre:

On a related note, I made a pamphlet (one page, double-sided, Word format) discussing Islam's violent teachings. The pamphlet begins by discussing the misrepresentation and distortion of 5:32. If anyone is interested in distributing copies, I could send you the file, and you can print and fold some copies on a printer.


Letitia (The Damsel) said...

Mr. Wood,
You might reference our interview for my blogpost on such a related topic. Thank you.

Why Nidal Malik Hasan Did Not Murder Anyone (a Q&A with David Wood)

Michelle Qureshi said...

I didn't know you put that up. That's pretty good, Letitia :-)

ned said...

What good does it do when muslims put up any verse about peace or what not when they are involved in acting in opposition to what they claim. If you just want to tell something good just for the sake of telling then may be anyone can say something very good but does it matter. Whenever u talk about peace with them they come up with verses but do those verses matter when in the name of allah muslims are busy killing innocent, in pakistan, nigeria, sudan and afghanistan. It is sorry to say that most of the christians do not know their own Scripture and have not tested their God Who is Loving, Living, Truthful and Mighty. We have not put faith in Jesus as Saviour and by this i mean doing His commands cause Jesus said if you love Me then do My commands. And if we do not have Jesus in our heart then it is hard to stand against the deception of Islam. And thats where many chritians fall to the deception of other relegions. I would end that they are doing exactly what their teachings tell them to to terrorize, fight and kill: it ok, but why are muslims shy to admit it?

Be strong in the strength of The Lord of Armies.

minoria said...

In my recent debates in Spanish I told them this:
AVERROES,the greatest philosopher to come from the Muslim world in his book on Islamic law "The Distinguished Jurist's Primer",volume 2,section 56.10(Bidayat al-Mutajhid,the title of the book)says it is ok to kill an APOSTATE because of a hadith by Mohammed("whoever changes his religion,kill him").

People have an idealized view of Muslim culture in Spain.I also said that THOMAS AQUINAS,the famoust Catholic Christian philospher was in favor of killing heretics.The difference is we are honest about history,critical of the past,not idealizing it.The idea that Spain under the Muslims was a MODEL for TODAY is incorrect.

The reason is that for them "Spain under the Muslims"is their BEST example of coexistence of Jews,Muslims and Christians.It is the best they could achieve,but it falls short of what is just.