Monday, May 24, 2010

Rick Barber Runs for Congress--The Spiral Begins

Several U.S. citizens are running for office on a "Quit Being Soft on Islam" platform. Consider Rick Barber's new commercial.

Western nations are understandably sick of politicians bowing to Islam. When a U.S. soldier opens fire on his own soldiers, shouting "Allahu Akbar," and the government won't even consider the possibility that the attack was motivated by his Islamic faith, people take note. Americans, the media, and the government have tried, with every ounce of strength, to view Islam in a positive light, despite the violence, oppression, rapes, acid attacks, wife-beating, and honor killings we hear about constantly. But the dam of Western tolerance is starting to crack. And yet many Muslims continue to do the very things that are causing concern among non-Muslims. This is leading, inevitably, to a spiral. The steps are as follows:

(1) Before the next elections, Muslims will launch several more terrorist attacks, possibly even here in the U.S.
(2) Sickened by the apathy of Western political leaders, citizens will elect officials who promise to get tough on terrorism.
(3) Outraged that Westerners would think of becoming more aggressive towards Islamic imperialism, many Muslims will become even more hostile towards the West, leading to further terrorist attacks.
(4) Concerned about the increase in terrorist attacks, citizens will elect officials who promise to get even tougher on terrorism.
(5) Muslims will be outraged even more, which will lead to additional terrorist attacks.
(6) And so on.

At some point in this process, I suspect that one of the major news channels will stop defending Islam and submitting to organizations like CAIR. They will begin turning to Muslim sources to explain Muslim violence. Citizens will be elated that someone is finally telling the truth about Islam, and the channel's ratings will go through the roof. In order to survive, the other news channels will also start pointing a finger at Islamic teachings.

The new knowledge of Islam will cause massive concern about Muhammad's teachings, and an even stronger desire to confront it. This, of course, will outrage Muslims, who will call for more violence in response. Events like "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" will become more and more common, giving rise to more and more Muslim outbursts.

Unless something changes, the spiral won't stop until one of the sides collapses. Most people (including me) don't want to see this, but that's just where we're headed. What are Muslims doing to stop the spiral? Getting angry over cartoons?

Remember, my Muslim friends, that we live in a democracy. The actions of political leaders are strongly influenced by the will of the people. If Muslims upset enough Westerners, those Westerners will eventually take action. And for those Muslims who think that the Muslim world is strong enough to win a victory over the West, a quick history lesson is in order. Muslim nations have repeatedly joined forces to attack Israel, and have repeatedly been crushed by a very tiny nation. Hundreds of millions of Muslims detest a few million Jews, and yet are powerless to defeat them. What would happen if the entire Western world decided that the West will no longer put up with Islamic attempts to conquer the world?

Now is not the time to build mosques at Ground Zero. Now is not the time to throw tantrums over cartoons. Now is not the time to call for the destruction of Israel. This is the time when Muslims need to show the West that they believe in peace (real peace, not Islamic peace) and justice (real justice, not Islamic justice), that they have more to contribute to the world than honor killings and acid attacks, and that there are more important things to Muslims than the scribbles of a twelve year old. If Muslims continue to care more about cartoons than about women who are being kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert to Islam; if Muslims keep demanding concessions from Western nations while turning a blind eye towards the horrific oppression of non-Muslims in Muslim lands; if Muslims can't come up with a better way of dealing with problems than perpetual violence--I don't foresee a positive end to this spiral.

The ball is in your court, my Muslim friends. The calls for minaret-bans and burka-bans in Europe did not begin in a void. The soaring popularity of politicians like Geert Wilders is no coincidence. People are getting fed up. You can either show them that they are wrong, or you can continue trying their patience. The choice is yours.


Nakdimon said...

My name is Nakdimon, and I approve of Rick Barber.

hugh watt said...

During Gulf War 1, i happened to be working in an office. The head of the department made a comment about the situation, although it was really a generalization. She said, "they (asians) shouldn't even be in the country," referring to my homeland.

Where i see this going is ultimately martial law. Many folks do not know the difference between a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu etc, and will lash out at any asian in anger. I've seen this; it must be scary for asian non-Muslims. The moderates of course will keep saying 'Islam means peace,' whilst the threats and killings continue. Politicians will still try to convince the populace Islam is being misrepresented by the minority, and those who lose loved ones or are maimed by a bomb will say, 'well, explain this!'
The Saudi's don't want the 'radicals' ceasing power; similarly in Pakistan where nukes are the main target for these lunatics. Martial law is what i see coming. Meanwhile, what do they do with those who can blend in amongst the populace like "Jihad Jane?"

R. Barber, he's a start. Until more people like Rick 'spine' Barber stand up, the world will continue to cower to Islam until it wakes up one day and realises the values many have and are dying for in Afghanistan, Iraq etc, are gone.

Many are waking up. "You can fool some of the people some of the time..." Even Muslims are waking up to what Islam is really about.

sam said...


Traeh said...

Very interesting article, David Wood.

Your prediction that first one news network, then the others, will eventually become highly critical of Muhammad's teachings, would be interesting to flesh out a little more. How plausible is it really? The PCMC culture, which by an unhappy accident reinforces and is reinforced by intimidation from jihadists and Islamic influence operations, seems often to have an iron grip on public discourse. Could it really give way?

We do see, perhaps, vis-a-vis Islam, some sort of realization growing in parts of the American populace. But huge numbers still seem to have a mindset almost impregnable to any criticisms of Islam as distinctly totalitarian. As you know, not just uneducated people have yet to notice that Islamic core doctrine is dangerously authoritarian and designedly incorrigible; also many in the media elite see no evil.

But maybe, with RevolutionMuslim's recent success in using death threats to censor Comedy Central, something has started shifting among media elites.

Some blogger has said we are in what should be called the ISLAMIC WORLD WAR. Perhaps that's right.

minoria said...

I for my part have spoken to several non-Muslims about the South Park cartoon with Moh. as a bear/death threats to its cartoonists/Draw Muhammed Daycontest on Facebook/censorship of Facebook,youtbe in Pakistan,and freedom of speech.

They knew nothing of it.But it was necessary.


The jihadists are saying they are going to blow up people there since a South African newspaper drew Muh.

Anonymous said...

If I were a citezen of the United States I would move to the congression distict where Ricj Barber is running and work my tail off to see that he is elcted

mkvine said...

Finally, a politician with the guts to speak against Islam and tell it like it is.

The Berean Search said...


I believe you are correct in your assessment of where things are headed. This youtube video is a speech by Lt. Colonel Allen West who is running for political office and a key part of his platform is combating Jihad and a recognizing that the threat is from Islam.

He raises some very salient points, and this shows we are seeing evidence that David's assessment is correct.

Radical Moderate said...

Great analysis David. Hopefully the "Moderate Muslims" what the Quran calls they hypocrite will wake up and realize that it is not the west that is a threat to their way of life, it is the True followers of their religion that posses the danger.

Radical Moderate said...

Wow Berean Search great video.

sam said...

David wood

is there any way u can get a hold RICK BARBER and tell him that we r with him all the way?

hugh watt said...

Am i the only one who couldn't get sound on the youtube vid'? (Berean Search).

The Berean Search said...


I just checked the link. Sound seems to be working for me.

The title is: "Lt Colonel Allen West's Speech on Jihad and Islam for Freedom Defense Initiative"

The url is:

Maybe you will have better luck accessing it by one of those methods.

hugh watt said...


Nope! Not a sound. It took me 3 attempts to get sound on Professor Woods, Mosque at Ground Zero, piece. Thanks anyway.