Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Most Common Baby-Boy Name in London

Is it Jack? Thomas? Daniel? Nope - gone are those days. Now it's "Mohammed". In fact, when you add up all the various ways of spelling the prophet's name, it is more than twice as popular as the next name, Daniel.

By the way, London isn't the only European capital to have "Mohammed" as the highest ranking name. There's also: Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam, and Brussels.

Does this necessitate any conclusion about a gradual Muslim takeover of Europe? No. Does it point strongly in that direction? Yes.


minoria said...

I know Bernard Lewis said that by 2100 Europe will be majority Muslim.
That will mean discrimation for us non-Muslims.The non-Muslim minority of 2100 will blame their ancestors for their situation.

I really do not think we will make it to 2100,the second coming will have occured by then.

Anonymous said...


I won't be here in 2100 I 1 grand daughter might be here but she will be in here 90s if she is. But I must say I would not want to live in a Muslim Europe no matter when it comes.

Zack_Tiang said...

I believe the reason 'Mohammad' is becoming a common name... is because the name is often use almost like some prefix to the person's name... almost like 'Mr' or 'Lord'...

So like.. Mohammad Ali.... We know him more commonly as Ali.
Mohammad Khairul... We remember his as Khairul.
This might have been due to the commonality of 'Mohammad', but could also prove that Mohammad is becoming more of a prefix of a name, rather than an actual given name.

Same can almost be said of 'Abdullah'... except this one is usually place in the middle of the name... i.e. Ali Abdullah bin Someone

Mr Lim said...

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