Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Hypocrisy from Muslim Protesters

In many Muslim countries, non-Muslims are forced to obey Islamic laws. I never hear Muslims saying, "Hey! Who are we to tell other people how to live their lives?" But watch what happens when a Western nation says, "Muslims, we've got a law that you have to follow." Suddenly, it's wrong to impose laws on people who don't like them. (And notice more cases of Misdirected Rage Syndrome. "Belgium is outlawing the burka. Death to America!")


Zack_Tiang said...

Enough with the upsetting news about the protesting, terrorizing, threatening, bullying, abusive, self-righteous, unfair, biased, unjustified Muslims...

You're making me feel upset and fed up with the hypocrisy of those following the ways of Muhammad.. =(

Just kidding, btw. =P

ned said...

I agree 200% and this hypocrisy should be put to end. I express that Muslims themselves are responsible for it as they abused the rights, freedom and honor given to them in west. I agree back home these muslims crush the minorities. Those muslims who do not want to live under the laws should be thrown out to the countries they belong. “Enough is enough”:: I agree with Geert Wilder. West will have to face them one day::: the sooner the better. Anymore delay in dealing with the issue will have more deadly impact.
Their attitude is just mirroring what quran tells them but they forget it is for them alone and other are not bound by it a bit.

hugh watt said...

Feel the love? Still believe Islam is a "religion of peace?"

Maryam & Marzieh, 2 Iranian Christians spent 8 mths in prison last year. Although one charge against them was dropped, they still face the possibility of trial for “apostasy” and for “propagation of Christianity.” The first charge, arising from their conversion from Islam, could lead to life imprisonment or possibly a death sentence. Their health suffered whilst in jail, and God alone knows their future.

The Incredible Actor said...

It should be a very easy thing:

you muslims hate america or europe because we are all infidels? You aren't able to adapt because of your Quran? Why aren't you then consequent and move out? If you don't like it, go back to Saudi-Arabia or Egypt or wherever you are coming from!

David Wood said...


The two converts escaped from Iran a few days ago. I'm not sure where they went, but they're not in Iran anymore.

hugh watt said...

David: Oh my Lord! Praise God!!!

abel said...

These hypocrites are promoting muhamad's medieval babaric ideology under the guise of democracy.The irony is these same muslims despise democracy.Its only the naive that can trust islamists.

May God bless you David & your colleagues.

ps.David why is a hussle to leave a comment on this wonderful site.

minoria said...

Yes Hugh:

David is right.I read the news yesterday.The Iranian court freed them of all charges and now they are OUTSIDE of Iran in an undisclosed country.

Go to youtube and write "A Look Back on Everybodu Draw Mohammed Day"and it has lots of drawings.Some very imaginative,there is talent out there.
The whole thing backfired on the Muslims.Westerners are GETTING TIRED of being treated as non-Muslims are in Muslim countries.They are even calling it the FIRST ANNUAL Everybody Draw Muh.Day(next year more again).

Fernando said...

Hypocrisy is becoming the a.k.a. for every muslim as it is already for islam...

even yesterday a muslim student was speaking in the Universitie where I teach thate the qur'an says thate "God is love and no other religion says it so (!!!)"... I almoste chooked is laughter as iff I was reading to Yahya Snow's comments... When I aprouched the table where he was speaking to other studentes ans claimes thate that was not true he saide: "whate can we expect to listen from a non-muslim? pure ignorance"; then I saide to him: "its easy to proove who's true: juste show us all where in the qur'an is it saide thate allah is Love"... you guess: he started saying thate the question was bad formulated and thate "one shoulde aske if there's any proffe tahte allah was not Love"... at thate point the other peoiple interveined and acknoledge tahte he was being illogic and he spited in the face off one off the girls presented there...

The campus police was called and he was reliesed because he saide tahte he was offended since someone saide thate islam does not say thate allah is not Love (no one saide thate... but, by the way, thats true...)... he was the one thate claimed thate "no other religion says it so" and did not considered tahte sayiong tahte was being offensive...


minoria said...


Here is an article on the release of MARYAM and MARZIEH,with lots of details:

Kirk said...

I don't think Westerners FEAR directly that Islam is growing, more that we recognize Islam's teaching, it's destruction of democracy, freedom and basic human rights...

Women choose to cover themselves fine, but that does not address the human condition. If the only way to keep men from objectifying, raping and lusting after women is to cover every inch of their bodies, there is a greater problem at hand. It screams the truth that all men needs to be transformed in the mind. A simple covering does not do this. What does this mean for the Muslim men who cannot look at a woman showing her shoulders, hair, and arms without being tempted so much he feels oppressed by sexual desire? Is it not true that the problem is within the man, not the woman?

On top of this we hear of multiple instances of women sentences to death for sexual misconduct, in Islamic nations, and jail guards rape them multiple times. The "justice" system is worried of moral, yet rape is not accounted for because these women are whores anyway?

What a heavy, inconsistent, powerless yoke.

Anonymous said...

What is really happening here is a test of resolve. Will Eurabia cave to the Sharia. A line must be drawn in the sand on this issue. It is not about the right to wear an specific item of clothing but rather if Islam will dominate the rest of soceity.

I think it should be illegal for all people male or female Muslim or non-Muslim to cover themselves in such a way that they cannot be easlily identified.

Theodoris said...

I can't help but trying to picture a group of Christians in Saudi Arabia trying to conduct a similar protest against Islam....I don't think they'd survive 30 seconds on the street.

The very democracy that they are complaining about in this video is what allows them to safely protest. They live in a westernized country, are likely educated and pay taxes to the country. If they really believed what they were saying, they would move back to a nation with Islamic law.

The reality however is that they want the best of both worlds -they want democracy and all the benefits of living in a westernized country but at the same time want a complete islamic society.

I do applaud their religious fervor, and pray that one day they focus their energy on serving our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

ned said...

Hugh Watt,
I believe islam is not a relegion of peace but a muslim as human can be. Islam does not teach tolerance rather bids muslims to terrorize and fight and kill. Tolerance is required to keep peace in case of islam it is almost absent.

In Christ


minoria said...

Hello Fernando:
How horrible.For the Muslim to spit on a girl.And all because he did not want to admit he was wrong.Lack of education,humility,respet,decency.

I have similar experiences.Having to hear that the JEWS and NAZIS were secretly working together to establish Israel.

That the PALESTINIANS are descended from the ANCIENT HEBREWS.

To be told by Maria several times "that I lie and continue to lie."That according to her "Christians have always been treated well by the Muslims".That I "lie" when I say it is not so.

The Berean Search said...

"Women choose to cover themselves fine, but that does not address the human condition. If the only way to keep men from objectifying, raping and lusting after women is to cover every inch of their bodies, there is a greater problem at hand. It screams the truth that all men needs to be transformed in the mind."

Well said Kirk. The problem is that there is no Regeneration in Islam. It's all the works and effort of man.

How do we keep people from drinking? - Outlaw alcohol.

How do we keep people from stealing? - Chop off their hands.

How do we keep men from lusting? - Cover women from head to toe.

hugh watt said...

Minoria. Nice story (Maryam & Marzieh), God can move mountains!

So females want to cover themsleves fully; but what about their voices? Islam says the female voice is awrah;

“O wives of the Prophet! You are not like other women, if you are God-fearing. So do not be soft in speech. Lest in whose heart is disease should be moved with desire.” (Surah al-Ahzab, 32)

No man objected to the speaker. Her voice could be considered awrah by some. Where does it end! When will men tell women they can no longer speak out in case they attract people in the wrong way? Ok, she wasn't exactly "soft in speech" but not all men go for a 'softy' y'know. No, i'm not talking about me. I know what you're all thinking!

"Allah is love," and Muhammad is an example of it!

Theodoris said...

"I can't help but trying to picture a group of Christians in Saudi Arabia trying to conduct a similar protest against Islam....I don't think they'd survive 30 seconds on the street."

If you even THINK of that in S.Arabia you want last 30 seconds! Don't go down that road; it is a dangerous road.

Anonymous said...

For those who are interested Tony Costa is going to debate Bassan Zawadi on the subject "Was Mohammed Assured of His Salvation" at NAMF in Toronto on July 9th for details check out my blog @ http://challenging-islam.blogspot.com/