Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jesus or Muhammad Today (Saturday) at 2:30 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time)

We'll be having an episode of "Jesus or Muhammad" at 2:30 today. (We're trying to have some afternoon episodes for people in radically different time zones). Be sure to tune in via satellite or online here.


Radical Moderate said...

Sorry I missed it

minoria said...

In Yahya's blog I had called DEEDAT a charlatan.Harsh,but the reason is because in his arguments he:
1. Quoted from 1 JOHN 4:3 where it say he who accepts Jesus as Messiah is from God.
2.Then he shows that the Koran says Jesus is the Messiah.
3.So the Koran is from God.

Is that Deedat knew 100% that ALL scholars accept that 1 JOHN is ALL by the SAME author.
So the SAME author of 1 JOHN tells us for HIM Messiah Jesus ALSO means he is the SON,plus he died for the sins of others.
So 1 JOHN 4:3 means the Messiah,Son of God.And since the KORAN denies Jesus is the Son of God,then for the author of 1 JOHN the Koran is not from God.

If Deedat had done the SAME to the Republic of Plato,or the Ethics of Spinoza,cherrypicking the author the SCHOLARS(let us say,atheist scholars) of those philosophers would have shook their heads in sadness or contempt,they would have thought he was,well,the word is:"fool"or if he did it knowingly the word would be "charlatan".

Yahya Snow said...


Isaw that comment and approved it as it was from you

I think womanfortruth responded...I have not really looked into the dialogue

BUT a quickie...

Deedat may have pointed to more than one author due to the history of scribal aduteration...thus each scribe making an alteration unwittingly becomes an author

What do you think Minoria of this surmising of mine..?

God bless

ben malik said...

Yhaya, Mninoria would say that you are mentally challenged since Deedat didn't appeal to scribal alterations but to the text of 1 John 4:3 as it exists in our current Bibles. I would say you are a bigger charlatan and liar than Deedat.

Anonymous said...

hey guys could you please give us a bit more warning about time changes. this is a great program and i hate it when i miss it

Anonymous said...

Yahya, Deedat was a charlatan a and a fraud. He was a only a scholar in the minds of the poor deceived Muslims that bought into is bombastic rhetoric. His knowledge of textual criticism was less than nil and he would never have applied those standards to the Quran. Islam thrives on dishonesty and deception, Without dishonesty and deception Islam could never survive.

Fernando said...

Houwww... Yahya let someone say the truthe -- Deddat was a charlatan and an ignorante in all quadrants -- in his blog... amaizing!!!

minoria said...

Hello Yahya:
I have not yet read womanoftruth's comment but will soon.But concerning textual corruption of 1 JOHN:one way is if parts of X document are in a DIFFERENT literary style.1 JOHN is 3 pages,1 page would have to one style,another a different one.
As far as I know no scholar thinks the style shows abrupt changes.

minoria said...

In the forum in Spain I was able to get this info to them,which is impressive:

RICHARD SWINEBURNE,a Christian philosopher and Oxford profesor,wrote "The Resurrection of God Incarnate"in 2003.

He shows the mathematical calculations he used to be able to use BAYE'S THEOREM(it's a complicated equation used t calculate probabilities).

First,the 4 gospel accounts constituted ONLY 5% of the evidence.

1.He put the probability of the EXISTENCE of GOD=50%.

2.If God exists then the probability he became incarnate=50%.
3.Probability the 4 gospels would report the life and resurrection of Jesus accurately=10%.

4.1 in 1000 the probability we would have all this evidence if it was NOT true.
So in spite of all that he got:the probability that God resurrected Jesus from the dead=97%.