Saturday, December 5, 2009

Women In Egypt Taking Self Defense Classes to Defend Themselves from Harassment by Muslim Men

As Muslims in the West strive to spread Islam, more and more facts about the Muslim world make this unappealing.

CAIRO--The grunts and groans of women stop several men in their tracks and send them jostling for a better glimpse at the window. Inside is a group of people who could not be less pleased to see them: a self-defence class for Egyptian women.

“Your body language has to be strong,” Mary Elsouyem, the teacher, says. “The moment they start trouble, you send a harsh message letting them know that their behaviour is not acceptable.”

Her class, which meets once a week in the upper-class Cairo neighbourhood of Maadi, is one of dozens that has been started across Cairo. Eight other women were learning with The Times: five wore veils, one was a Coptic Christian, another was three months pregnant. All the women said that they faced harassment daily.

“I thought it was so normal for us to take this abuse. We’ve let the men get away with it for too long,” Sarai Khella, 23, who was brought up in central Cairo, said. For years she kept her head down while men hissed and catcalled on the street. . . .

A study conducted by the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights in Cairo reported that nearly 83 per cent of Egyptian women and 98 per cent of foreign women said that they had been sexually harassed in Egypt. More than 62 per cent of men who were surveyed admitted that they had harassed women.

The study found that regardless of what women wore they were still hit upon. Approximately one third were wearing a headscarf and conservative clothing and one fifth were in a full veil and cloak. SOURCE.

Notice that your chances of being sexually harassed if you are a woman visiting Egypt are close to one hundred percent. Notice also that a woman's dress is irrelevant to whether Muslims harass her.


Tom ta tum Tom said...

WOW! Mr. Shoebat had comments about the connection between Islam and the "enmity that exists between the woman and the snake" (or something like that) from Gen 3:15. GEEPERS that stuff is ringing in my EARS when I read about so much hostility toward women. I just don't get it. Not even the homosexual people I know hate women like this - I mean, just because they're women. It doesn't make any sense! Wait! Wait! It's a cultural thing, right? The teachings of Islam have nothing to do with the hatred of/ disregard for/ destruction of women, right? Heads UP, Muslims! Women are over half the population of the human race portion of God's creation. To disrespect women - just because they're women - is to disrespect the God who creates ALL.

Oh. Maybe your Muslim god didn't create... anything....

Eric S. said...

I’ve been watching your Jesus or Muhammad series on ABN. And I do agree that radical Islam is a serious problem. However, I do not think we should condemn an entire religion based upon its most radical elements. When you condemn Islam as a whole, you instantly condemn 1.5 billion people worldwide. Here is how I view it: You’re never going to convince the vast majority of Muslims to abandon their religious faith. Therefore, it would make more since to attack Osama Bin Laden’s version of Islam and build bridges with Muslims who adhere to a more peaceful Islam. The average Muslim does not believe in killing women, children and innocent men. But, of course, you will argue that Bin Laden’s version of Islam is authentic Islam, which traces its roots back to Muhammad. But the average Muslim does not accept this interpretation of Islam. Why would you want to convince peaceful Muslims that radical Islam is authentic Islam? If you really want to stop Islamic terrorism you would build bridges with peaceful Muslims and alienate violent Muslims.

And I think secularism, materialism, and radical atheism is far more dangerous than Islam. Western civilization is being destroyed from within. I agree with James White when he says that the wrath of God will judge Western society if it continues down this perverse path.

Fernando said...

No islamic moral supperiourity? Whate does The Osama the Great Abdallah has to say aboutte this?

David Wood said...


If you've really been watching the programs, you'd know that we don't condemn Islam because of the actions of a few. We condemn Islam because of its teachings, which are accurately reflected in the actions of certain followers (which we always back up with proof). Not sure how you missed that.

As for your theory about not telling Muslims what Islam actually teaches so that we can build bridges, I think this is extraordinarily naive. Wherever Islam spreads, there will always be a minority of Muslims who actually examine their texts. Thus, wherever Islam spreads, there will always be radical, violent Muslims ready to kill us.

A further problem with your view is that 30,000 people per year are converting to Islam in the U.S. Know why? Because Muslims are presenting them with a watered-down, sanitized, Christianized version of Islam that appeals to Westerners. If these people knew the truth about Islam, they wouldn't convert. And according to you, we should allow Muslims to propagate their Westernized version of Islam, winning thousands of people to Islam every year.

The solution, it seems to me, is to tell people what Islam really is. This will prevent people from converting to Islam. And many Western Muslims also become repulsed when they learn the truth about Islam. This causes them to investigate their faith.

Your view seems to be "If you can't convert everyone, then just don't tell them the truth about their religion." This is just nonsense. Is this what the Apostles believed when they were preaching?

If you think that atheism is a much bigger threat to Christianity, I invite you to visit any Muslim country on the planet and to start preaching the Gospel. See for yourself whether Islam is a threat.

sam said...

eric S.

quran itself is probably ur biggest source to study if it teaching r worthy of any peace. there r plenty of posts on this site that explains further evidence if Islam is peaceful or not ( with source). u r right in a way we cant preach to every muslim in this world but they knw wut is right or wrong depending on wut that have been taught (brainwashed).

david wood

i was playing a couple of games of pool at a pool hall with a friend and the owner asked me where i was from. i replied i am from pakistan. he then asked which part? the bombing part or the calm part of the country. i then looked at him saying the bombing part lol. i then told him it was muslims who r doing all this cause there quran teaches them. he then said im a muslim and the quran doesnt mention killing. he then went on quoting a passage saying if a muslim kills another muslim hes not worthy of going to heaven. something along that line. i sud have suggest him this site.

Unknown said...

Dear Eric,

1st thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas... however I think this is typically the idea of a person living in the west.., if you ever lived in a muslim country under majority of muslims and ruled mainly by sharia, that would have never been your opinion !!!

The problem is: islam has so much contradictions that allows its followers a wide range of opposite morals ... in which the most radical is mainstream, however there other few verses , which are inherenlty weak, but muslims in the west appeals to to fool ppl and spread their religion. However go outside this nice westernized shell to see the whole reality , go to muslim countries and review their bloody history , whic is still till today !!!

Another point, if you think we really should adress only radical muslims ..ok great.. but there will be a question here, which one is the mainsream faith, that truely express islam ?! by examining sources, we find that raidcally has understood isamic doctrine better than peacful version.. as peaceful islam is not backed up by any sort of strong evidence, however on the contrary, peacful islam will be like a time bomb, that can express radical doctrines anytime they would...

more importantly , we have never seen a peacful muslims condems radical doctirnes that are present in their sources , isnt that interesting enough ?!!!!!!!!!

Eric S. said...


You pretty much dismantled my other points, so I'll only address your last statement on Atheism.

When I say that secularism, materialism, and radical atheism is far more dangerous than Islam, I am referring to what happens when a society rejects God. In a godless society, nihilism, meaninglessness, and the devaluation of human life reign supreme. For example, since 1973, there have been 49,500,000 abortions in the United States. The west will be destroyed from within if it is to be destroyed at all. And you took issue with my statement on radical atheism, but the 20th century witnessed the murderous reign of atheists like Joseph Stalin, Mao Sa Tong, and Pol Pot. And the radical “New Atheists” like Sam Harris are calling for the complete eradication of faith and religion.

Fernando said...

Hi shafsha... glad to see you arounde here ounce again... may God bless you...

Fernando said...

Brother shafsha made a very, very important point: «we have never seen a peacful muslims condems radical doctirnes that are present in their sources, isnt that interesting enough?!!!!!!!!!»...

yes, thats not onlie interesting, butt also worryieng...

Verumi said...

shafsha said:"peacful islam will be like a time bomb, that can express radical doctrines anytime they would..."

This reminds me of a conversation with a "peaceful" Muslim the other day. He expressed his desire for Muslims and Christians to live peacefully together. "At the end of the day," he said, "we believe in the same God. We (Muslims) believe in Jesus, too. We believe in the Virgin Mary. I know that there are differences in the story, but I only look at our common beliefs." Great. I then expressed my own view that everyone's relationship with God is personal. My philosophy, I told him, is "I respect your religious convictions, you respect mine." He agreed with me. So far, so good.

He continued to be "open-minded" while he talked about Islam, but as soon as I engaged my own Christian beliefs in the conversation, he got angry. For instance, he kindly explained Islam's version of Jesus' (non-)death. I patiently listened. When I took my turn to tell him about Christianity's view of Christ's death, he got angry and indignant and then insinuated that I should open my mind and learn. He didn't let me put a word in at that point. Apparently, we were not having a two-way conversation; I was being taught. He didn't have anything to learn from me, because he didn't care to have two gods, etc. Further, he said, "We believe in Christianity, just not in the same way, but you don't believe in Islam!"

Three thoughts: a) Open-mindedness and peaceful co-existence (in his terms) = learning about Islam and not discussing Christian doctrine, b) By declaring that Muslims believe in Christianity (just not in the same way as Christians do), Islam is the more tolerant religion of the two, and c) Not believing in Islam is offensive.

I came out of that conversation wondering what just happened.

sam said...

eric S

do u really think that atheism is far more dangerous then islam?
i dont knw if u knw this but muslims r called to fight the unbeliever. HOW MANY AMERICANS LIVE IN AMERICA ESTIMATING? when radicals extremists (muslims) r shouting death to america, what do u think thats means eric? and if muslims have a chance to fight the unbelievers here in north america they wud. im a pakistani christian born in saudiarabia. maybe u sud go give ur opinion in saudiarabia and c wut happen to u. ISLAM IS CALLED TO FIGHT. AND WESTERNERS R SCARED AND NO MEDIA HERE WUD BROADCAST OR EVEN WANA TALK ABOUT THE REAL ISLAM.

Adam said...


Unlike muslim we dont hate non muslim or muslim, christian or non christians.

you are very true, The average Muslim does not believe in killing women, children and innocent men. Muslims are human just like christians and non muslims. So our problem is not the muslim but the Cult of Kaaba Worshippers or Islam.

Its the satanic symbol of Kaaba worshippers or islam, the reason for their act of sacrificing innocent lives.

Their act is similar to the True Prophet of True Kaaba Cult called Islam. These Holy Terrorist recite the similar books and know their religion better unlike average muslim. Imagine these men and women, who got the guts to kill and be killed, unlike average muslim.

A average muslim is not fimiliar with true Islam.

Mr. Eric, Please dont fall in the words of the peaceful muslim. You live in the West where muslims are minority. If you are a Christian Try spreading the Gospel of peace and love of Jesus to your average Muslim friend in WEST. as for us its dificult but not impossible to spread the gospel to muslims, where they are the majority.


Unknown said...

Thanks Brother fernando .. good to see you ..

I was folowing the blog from a distance over the last period of time, just because I was busy .. thanks, GBU ALL

Kirk said...

Eric S,

I will have to chime in and say, there is no greater evil, just evil itself. The nihilistic faith, for it is faith, existentialism, atheistic faith cannot be compared as a greater or less-than threat than Islam.

Islam in it's very conception was introduced by the doctrines of demons, the angelic being who preached another gospel, different from the Truth. The Truth that will set all people free, place all things in order, and create renewed minds. This truth does not keep the destruction of godless self at bay, but rather transforms the destructive man, society, people into a peaceful loving disciplined individuals.

You have stated that Islam "at least" gives value to human life... Yet the countries that have recorded the most human rights violations are countries with Islam at the helm as the national religion, law, and way of life.

Women are not equal, children are taught Jews are apes and pigs... apostates are beheaded (backed up by the Quar'an, of course)... If one merely SPEAKS evil of the false prophet, Muhammad, your blood is called for... where in this society is humanity respected and at the very least tolerated?

And this is better than the western nihilistic belief in nothingness?...

Time to drop the "better of the two evils" scenario. Both have degraded God's creation to the point of millions slaughtered on both ends. Religious Islamic cleansing in Sudan, Ethiopia, or Ethnic cleansing with Nazi Germany, The Communist regime under Stalin, Kim Jong's slaughter of those who don't follow the Juche and it's unholy trinity Kymer Ruge... it's all the same.

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy..." There is one behind all of this, enticing men's hearts to serve self and overlook and destroy others.

And it is Christ who "came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

One or the other. No middle ground here.

"...have never seen a peaceful Muslims condemns radical doctrines that are present in their sources, isn't that interesting enough?"

Good point Shafsha

David Wood said...

Just to clarify,

I agree with Eric about the threat of atheism (and I wanted to clarify because my previous comment may suggest that I don't). As a former atheist, I know what it's like to live with absolutely no foundation for right or wrong. Atheism is spreading, and many of the "new atheists" are declaring that religion in all forms is a danger to humanity. It isn't difficult to imagine such a movement rising to power, and its leaders declaring that all religious believers must be quarantined to protect the world from religion.

The primary reason atheistic regimes have been able to kill far more people than Muslim regimes is technology. Muslim countries are typically trapped in the 7th century, while atheistic countries are often advanced militarily. Thus, millions are killed when atheistic regimes decide to start killing.

The reason I'm focusing more on Islam in my work is that there are tons of Christian apologists focusing on atheism, with comparatively few focusing on Islam. With that said, I plan to start debating atheists again next year, though my primary focus will be on Islam for quite some time.

Kirk said...

David, Sir,

Great point.

I hope I did not lead anyone awry by my comment.

My purpose was to point out that, there are many individual battles (Atheistic though, Pantheistic though, evolution, JWs, Later Day cults, Islam), but ultimately one war (war over the souls of men).

Though there were many different key leaders, in the Axis of evil, for example, but Hitler was the mind.

Make sense, maybe I'm splitting hairs here. All I have is love here, just puttin in my 2...

Gad Bless you guys and the work and thought here.

Fernando said...

Hi Jon...

here's justt some data that will show clearly who's the most sex-dragged people in the world:

Who's serching for "sex" in GOOGLE?

Just note thate from the 4 majour languages searching for sex 3 are from muslim background...; 3 from the top 4 cities in the world serching for "sex" are from islamic countries; and 5 out 7 firts countries looking for "sex" are muslim countries...

blackmoley said...

islam is a violent ideology and no other religion is prone to so much violence as this video clearly illustrates.

AikiLady said...

Thank you for posting this. I have my 1st degree black belt in aikido and understand how important it is for any woman to learn to defend herself effectively. (Any man, too.)

In an effort to spread aikido, my sensei has made outreach to a local mosque and allows a few of the men to train at the dojo on occasion. Because, in aikido men and women train together only one of the men will train with us on a regular basis. However imagine being told by your sensei not to train with them because of their religion. The request made me cringe.

Also, the mosque has its own aikido classes, but they do not offer classes to adult women, only to children (male and female) and adult men. One day, my sensei held a testing for their kids program at our dojo, and I was assisting on the mat, along with his wife who is a 6th degree black belt. After seeing female black belts, the muslima come up to me after class and asked me if they can learn aikido, too, and if the women black belts would be willing to teach them. I said sure, but a few minutes later I was politely told to not push the issue because the idea of women practicing martial arts was against the beliefs of some members of the mosque who finance the mosque.