Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Revolution Muslim" Protests Shia Rally in New York

I just don't get these guys. They're willing to stand on corners and condemn the beliefs of their fellow Muslims, and they openly proclaim that Muslims are supposed to terrorize the enemies of Islam. But they are absolutely terrified of engaging in public debate and showing people that Muhammad was a true prophet.

It's easy to shout your views; it's something else entirely to defend them in a reasonable manner. You can write your views in magic marker on a piece of poster board ("Revolution Sharpie"?), but that does nothing to show that your views are correct.

I suppose that the most interesting thing about this video is that it shows how successful America is. Let's face it, in practically any Muslim country, this interaction would have ended in bloodshed. Here in America, however, we manage to keep a strained peace between groups that would otherwise annihilate each other.




MaMiKiKeYu said...
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Radical Moderate said...

The watch commander in the first vid was awesome "So when I lock you up, you will understand right"

Really I have to say New Yorks finest really at its finest. They are cool as cucumbers.

Lets give it up for the boys in blue. Had this been in any Islamic country there would of been a riot and blood shed.

Radical Moderate said...

The second video was even better then the first. I loved the guy who showed up "You follow the quran, you got a problem with MUTA, whats your problem with MUTA" lol

Either way this video should be shown as a police training video. A great example of crowd control it really is. They controlled the agitators, then isolated them for the arrest. Really impressive.

The demonstration of force shown was minimal but definite in the begging, and then when things were getting really heated up the police presence increased to a level proportionate to the threat.

John Park said...

I did not expect this to happen in NY, out of all places.
Interestingly, as an eye witness of this rally I found that the police did a good job by keeping cool.
Let's not forget which city 9/11 happened in which it is likely that the police department would have lost some of their men.

Nakdimon said...

DAVID: "I suppose that the most interesting thing about this video is that it shows how successful America is. Let's face it, in practically any Muslim country, this interaction would have ended in bloodshed. Here in America, however, we manage to keep a strained peace between groups that would otherwise annihilate each other."

I would say: LET THEM HAVE A GO! The religion of peace against the religion of peace should be an interesting match up. Let's see who wins.


aussie christian said...

well that was interesting at least.

Those lads sure are confused, first we have islam accuse the west of killing muslims, now we have these dingbats claiming that its actually the muslims killing muslims, come on guys, make up ya minds, it wears thin after a while if you cant even tell us who is doing what.

Now I am not overly sure on this, but I think most people in the US and the watchers of this blog cant speak arabic, but if I am a minority here, their message so got lost on me because I couldnt understand 90% of what they said 1. because it was arabic, 2. the way they were yelling you could barely understand what they said in english. and 3. when you just shout insulting slogans over and over without showing proof of your accusations you totaly lose any intrest on my part.

I thought the police were extremely tolerant of these dingbats, so well done officers.

Well all I can say in closing is revolution (revultion) muslim as a group are so not worth the effort to try to dialog with, so I would just let them yell like a bunch of banchies caught in a bear trap, because I dont think they have the ability to string two intellegable sentences together.

But well done on throwing mass amounts of light on them so they cant get a foot hold in society.

peace and love.

sam said...

they should take that rally in the middle east and c how long they last lol. what a bunch of retardes. if i was 1 of the cops there i would arrest them before even the rally starts and probably disciplin them myself. just for being a bunch of doosh bags. they should have a law against muslim rallys and people i heard on the news they r going to screen muslims heavyily in the airports. i say WHO WERE THEY WAIING FOR THIS LONG?

OLJingoist said...

They may fight among themselves but unite tightly to terrorize and subjecate any and all that is not muslim.
One more time: "The more devout the muslim the more he is your enemy"

John Park said...

Simon 'they should take that rally in the midle east'

They will not take such rally, say in Iran, cos we will not hear of RM again.

MuslimPhantom said...

I, the Muslim Phantom, am not surprised to see this happening in the USA, that heart of the now, more than ever, vanishing capitalist Empire. I wouldn’t be anything surprised to find out that these young men are, in reality, members from a special unity created by the US government only to demonize Islam. We all know what Blackwater is doing around the world: it’s not, by any means, impossible to realize what’s happening in the USA: you guys need to create false enemies all around you in order to keep the fake world order of democracy. Democracy was invented in pagan Greece: it’s a pagan reality that will never be accepted by any true Muslim. Sharia is the only way to the single true world order wanted by Allah (swt). There’s no way any other human structure off government and/or social regulation can accomplish something. The capitalist western countries are dying from within, from the destruction of your nature: you guys have no moral, no decency, no intelligence, and no religiosity. Islam is not you enemy: it’s your salvation, the therapy to all the deceases that have erupted from the sheer stupidity of those who believe that you can have religion in a shelf and politics in other. That’s the power and strength of Muslim countries: it’s not based upon money or technologies, rather on our beautiful believe in Allah (swt), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and His Prophet (saw), the most benign, compassionate and noble human being that ever existed. Everything you spit in order to deny these realities will pound upon your own face. You’ll look like what your corrupted bible says that happened with Jesus (pbuh). How could Allah (swt) allow this to happen to one of His prophets? Impossible. And here’s another question to you all, you pseudo-christian apologists: why does Lk 2:22ff say that “they” had to be purified? Only the mother had to accomplish that ritual. More: if the gospel of Luke wanted to say that Jesus’s mother was a virgin (something thate the Holy Qur’an clearly states) why would he put her doing such thing? Was she suffering from Alzheimer and, only some months after of the annunciation, forgot that she did not do anything to make herself impure? Is this not another prove that you bible is ruined? I place here a bet no one can give me a clear and acceptable answer to these questions. And remember what I, with my insight that only my faith can give, said before: Islam is not you enemy: it’s your salvation, the therapy to all the deceases that have erupted from the sheer stupidity of those who believe that you can have religion in a shelf and politics in other.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

The fact remains that both Sunnies and Shias suppress and persecute Christians, hence I show no personal sympathy for each faction exposing the other, and exposing each other they do.

Shia islam and sunni islam clearly expose the lack of unity and historical reliabiliy of the islamic religion.

I guess the by-passers who observed this scenerio truly got a feeling of the nature of the islamic religion.

However, these guys of Islamic revolution, showed such an psycopatic behaviour, I find it hard to believe that such people are not by force detained and kept in custody for the safety of the general public.

Negeen Mayel said...

I found it hilarious, when the woman in the first video trys to talk to them, and immeaditly instead of even responding to the woman, the guys go "WHERE'S YOUR HIJAB? WHERE'S YOUR HIJAB!?!!"

Sunil said...


>> One more time: "The more devout the muslim the more he is your enemy"

I find that comment very offending. Didn’t Jesus command his followers to Love even the ‘enemies’? I understand that this website exists because we as Christians love Muslims and reach out in love in the name of Jesus (while we condemn, rebuke, debate the wrong beliefs/practices etc).

Anonymous said...

Muslim Phantom,

Exodus decrees the firstborn belonged to God. In the Book of Numbers, the tribe of Levi was set apart for the priestly function, and this priestly dedication was understood as a substitute for the sacrifice of the first-born, a rite that was never practiced. But in this cas, the consecration of the firstborn was observed in its fullness, for this Child's dedication to the Father was absolute, and would lead him to the sacrifice of the Cross.

Mary did not need purification. Luke does not say this. Neither does Luke say Jesus needed to be baptized. This was done of their own free will to show that they were the fulfillment of prophecy and scripture.

Mary was called "graced" by Gabriel. If one is filled with grace, then there is no room left for sin. All generations call her blessed, including Muslims. To illustrate this further, Mary's vocation was as the ark of the new covenant. Just as the ark of the old covenant was undefiled, so was she as the God-Bearer.
I think what you are really arguing was that they were good Jews and followed the Law before His hour came.

ben malik said...

Sunil, there is nothing offensive about Daniel's statements since they are our enemies but as you pointed out we are to still love them. I didn't see Daniel denying that we shold love them so don't read too much into Daniel's words.

Traeh said...

Ok, that was disgusting. Let's pray that something better than Islam finds its way to both groups: Sunni and Shia.

Qur'an Chapter 8, Verse 12
When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

aussie christian said...

Muslimphantom, you should change your name to muslimpoltergheist, because there is nothing good in any of your statements, only mischeif and trouble making.

These people were muslims, both on the street and the dingbats on the sidewalk. it was not as you try to weakly claim with stupidity a US conspiricy, next youll tell us there is a ufo at area 51, kennedy was shot by the cia/kgb/kkk/wiggles
and the earth is flat, please give us a break and keep ya conspiricy theories to yourself.

As mohummad did not come from the house of David and Jesus did, therefore Jesus is the saviour and mohummad is the antichrist who is the seed of satan, the Holy Bible is not corrupted but the koran is a demon inspired book of lies and is also so corrupted as to be totaly unuseful to either man or beast or demon.

I speak to you in direct terms so you are clear, Jesus the Christ is the only hope you have of salvation, mohummad will only lead you to the endless distruction of satan.

Leave islam and come to Christ and be saved, for I dont want to see anyone left to suffer in the grasp of satan the devil.

Peace and Love.

minoria said...

Regarding LUKE 2:22 I don't see why MARY should NOT have obeyed Mosaic Law in this case.Why disobey?It would have been silly.It was written for all Jewish women.


The PHARISEES believed that God gave Moses 2 LAWS:a WRITTEN one,which is in the TORAH,and an ORAL one,which was NOT written down,but passed on orally for centuries.

In the WRITTEN one it mentions the woman must undergo purification after childbirth.Now the ORAL one was NOT written down at that time but at least some of it in the MID-SECOND century AD,the MISHNAH.

From what has been written down there is nothing about the HUSBAND doing purification after his child's birth.But since the Bible has SEVERAL been shown to be right(when it was thought it was wrong)regarding history,then it could be there was a custom then that was attributed to the oral law that did have husbands doing purification.


BEFORE some scholars said NAZARETH did NOT exist at the TIME of JESUS.One even wrote an article "Where Jesus never tread."But ONLY like 2 WEEKS ago they have discovered a HOUSE in NAZARETH from JESUS' TIME.It is the FIRST time we actually have archeological evidence that prove it conclusively.

minoria said...


Now there we have ALLAH pray for MOHAMMED in 33:56 and 33:43.That is the direct,clear statement.To WHO is Allah going to pray to?Those 2 passages in themselves are enough to show the Koran can NOT be from God.I think Muslimphantom should ponder on it.

Anonymous said...

Sir, you must proove this.
Have you ever sit down with this guys and talked to them to see if they really believe or are just lieing ?

More: Do you deny that Shia and Sunni have a problem ?
That in other muslims countries they have a problem ? They debate ?
And in Iran there were sunni muslims that bombed shia mosques ?
Do you deny this facts ?


No intelligence: in the last 500 years we GAVE the world the best medicine. In the Orient WE created HOSPITALS.
no religiosity: This forum is proof of the religiosity in the WEST.


Islam as salvation: Butchering people for stealing IS SALVATION ?, beating wifes(with reason or not) IS SALVATION ? living in 7th century IS SALVATION ? NO PROGRESS AT ALL IS SALVATION ?
Every religions has something good, but we judge a religion based on fruits of that religion: the bombings in WEST and ORIENT; the butchering and killings; the divorces(specially in SHIA ISLAM: mutah); violence in the family, ETC.


You must prove that the Bible is corrupted. More: if Jesus was a prophet then there is a problem, but if Jesus was GOD INCARNETED, then there is no problem.
Is Allah to PROUD to let one of his prophets to day for the entire humanity ??
Then HE is no better the any human I know.
There are parents whom let their children sacrifieced for the greater good. And Allah can't ??


You speak of hating/offecing language, but you just offenced some Orthodox Eastern Church.(<< Was she suffering from Alzheimer >>).
If you would read the bible in the context you will see that both Jesus and His Mother Mary had done something that they didn't had to do. But they did it so they could fullfill ALL the LAW of MOSES(Matthew 3:15Jesus replied, "Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness." Then John consented. ).
Luke 2:23: "22When the time of their purification according to the Law of Moses had been completed, Joseph and Mary took him to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord 23(as it is written in the Law of the Lord, "Every firstborn male is to be consecrated to the Lord"[a]), 24and to offer a sacrifice in keeping with what is said in the Law of the Lord: "a pair of doves or two young pigeons."[b]".

According to the Law of Moses any woman whom gave birth had to go through purification ritual(Luke 2:22, ).
Having intercourse with your husband and then having a child isn't a unpure thing(Song of Solomon 5:1 - GOD blessing the physical love between a husband and wife).
But purification has a physical benefit also.
On spiritual side the purification was giving God praises for the baby.
If somebody has done something unpure(sinful), he must FIRST HAS TO REPENT(2 Chronicles 7:14), and only then PURIFY HIMSELF.

Please refute me on my points.


MuslimPhantom said...

I, the Muslim Phantom, and not the Muslim Pointiest as someone, whose name I do not want to repeat in order not to be rude, called me, am more and more convinced this is a hoax created by the USA government to give the false impression that we, Muslims, do not love everybody or even hate our beloved Muslim brothers that have detached themselves from the true Islam. You can figure it out for yourselves: just pay attention to the videos and see that that supposed Black Muslim in the first video is holding, at one point, the sign with his left arm. On the other hand the Policeman is filmed saying “gays”, “gays”: how could someone knew that from simply looking at someone’s eyes? I know that in western countries, on the contrary to what happens in the Muslim world, there are homosexual persons and some of them quite visible ones like those that you well know, but I do not think this is the case. The homosexual plague that is corrupting your sons and families, you christian clowns always crying that you are being persecuted here and there, is a consequence of that corrupted bible you have that says that David loved Jonathan more than any women. Never would Allah (swt), the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, would allow an ancestor of the messiah to be a gay man. That’s why our Prophet, Muhammad (saw), was such a virile man with everything in its place and not a “castrato”. You can only envy his blessed life that made him an example to us all. And here’s another question to you false apologists: why is said in your corrupted bible that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and at the same time we read, in Mk. 6:1, that Nazareth is his «hometown»? You can try to answer me with all your twists and turns (and how is that Jesus that did not had a father was from the house of David when Mary was never said to be so?) like you did mixing, like Luke, the ritual of consecration and the one of the purification but I’m cleaver than you all since I have been studying about christianity from the best site in the world: the one of Osama Abdallah: with the help it’s giving me, and the insight that only Islam can give, I’m becoming more and more acquainted with that false religion of yours. I’m not going to say that I’m invincible (only brother Osama is), but, so far, no one managed to give me any solid answer to my intelligent questions. All the tries have been futile. That’s the assess of the bankruptcy of stupid christian debaters that cannot defeat an humble Muslim. Allah willing, and despite this blog administrators effort to silence all top Muslim apologists, I’ll be here for good to see the crumble of the capitalist west from within.

Radical Moderate said...

I just noticed something were is teh fat guy. The guy who is in all the other video's. He is missing.

aussie christian said...

To Muslimphantom,

Now that you have decided to become more polite in your postings I will now cease to deliberatly insult your posting name. (which I did as to make a point of how nasty insulting someone is).

I totaly disagree with you when you state that islam is the way to salvation. the reasons are as follows.

1.Islam allows lieing when you are trying to advance islam. because islam claims to be the next revelation from the bible, this makes this claim to be false because the Bible tells us to tell the truth, and lieing and telling the truth are opposites therefore islam contradicts the Bible ergo islam is false.

2. islam claims to have the last prophet (mohummad "not his real name"). but as he did not come from the line of Israel (he was a pagan arab) he thus fails in this claim ergo islam is false.

3. islam claims as truth and good many things the Bible claims as false and evil. thus when islam contradicts the Bible islam is in the wrong and ergo islam is false.

I also have noted you love to throw in that you claim the Bible is corrupted. Bring forth your proof including: date of corruption, person or group who corrupted, which passages exactly where corrupted, show the original passages in their uncorrupted state. when you do this you may have more than lies and falsehoods to stand upon.

And remember muslimphantom, to attempt to tear down Christianity does not in any way prove islam is true. so you need to bring forth proof that islam has anything apart from death lieing and distruction to offer before you can claim "salvation" through your religons teachings.

Peace and love.

Adam said...

"I, the Muslim Phantom......." ha ha ha ha ...he he he..ha ha ha...

You know in my country the Kaaba worshippers or muslims, come up with conspiracy theory as the whole world is against them....

So muslimPantrum ..you seem to be a Pakistani...as paki muslims are good in creating conspiracy theory. Jewish Christian Buddhist Hindus all conspire against Kaaba worshippers

minoria said...

Hello Muslim Pahntom:

Yes,MARK 6:1 says Nazareth was the hometown or country of Jesus.Why?Because Jesus lived there almost all his life,not in Bethlehem.

MATT 13:53-54 and LUKE 4:24

They refer to Nazareth as being the hometown or country of Jesus.Yet they BOTH say he was born in BETHLEHEM.Then WHY call NAZARETH the hometown of Jesus.Since he lived there almost his entire life:he grew up there,it was the place of his parents.They were being expressive.

minoria said...


Yes,JOSEPH is said to be descended from DAVID and that he was NOT the father of Jesus.But LUKE 1:32 has an angel say to MARY that Jesus would inherit the THRONE of his FATHER DAVID."


Here is a Jewish expression.The MESSIAH's title was MESSIAH SON OF DAVID.In the OT "SON" often means DESCENDANT.It is telling us MARY had KING DAVID as one of her ANCESTORS.


That expression appears in the Koran.Muslims say it just means she was of the

minoria said...


Due to technical difficulties I sent my post prematurely.OK.In the last part I was referring to:


Mary,mother of Jesus,is called that in the KORAN.It seems the Koran confuses 2 MIRIAMS or Marys,that of Moses' time and the Mary of the 1st century.


Muslims say that since Mary,mother of Jesus,was of the Levite tribe,then she was a DESCENDANT of AARON and "sister of Aaron" is merely an expression meaning "of the tribe of Aaron".I am only saying this in case a Muslim argues that "his FATHER DAVID" is to be taken literally under the circumstances.

ned said...

Hi MuslimPhantom

You said: The homosexual plague that is corrupting your sons and families, you Christian clowns always crying that you are being persecuted here and there, is a consequence of that corrupted bible you have that says that David loved Jonathan more than any women.
In most of the Muslim countries the homosexual incidents are eaten up in religious conspiracies and the victims and families are left to suffer the agony. Many of the homosexual attacks are done in mosques by the imams themselves.

You said: You can only envy his (mohammad) blessed life that made him an example to us all.
Please give us an account why we should we envy mohammad and how mohammad was blessed and in what way. Should I assume it that by the way of the marriages to numerous and varying age women, especially to 6 year old aisha. Or is it the wars and bloodshed he brought in the region. Is it his prophethood that was demonized which also includes the satanic verses. Is it his relations with slave girls and encouraging his war companions to take the slave girls, this amounts to adultery by religious and civic standards. I do not find a single quality in him that one can be envy of.

You said: And here’s another question to you false apologists: why is said in your corrupted bible that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and at the same time we read, in Mk. 6:1, that Nazareth is his «hometown»?
If you had researched this while sleeping you could have know the answer that father and mother of Jesus belonged to Nazareth while Jesus was born in Bethelhem. You can read Bible to know why Joseph and Mary were in Bethlehem.

Like I said earlier the being derogatory and disrespectful shows what spirit is working in you and surely that does not discourage any Christian in any way rather we rejoice in any situation.

Best Wishes to you,