Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get Sam Shamoun a Laptop for Christmas!


Sam doesn't know I'm doing this (though he'll probably see it tonight). If you watch our program "Jesus or Muhammad," you'll usually see Sam and me sharing my MacBook. That's because Sam needs a laptop, and it's almost Christmas. Sam doesn't have the money to lay down for a good laptop, and neither do I (and I'm sure the rest of you don't either). However, if we all chip in, I think we can get Sam a nice laptop and some necessary software. Sam's articles have been a huge resource for all of us over the years, and I think we owe it to him to help him continue his work. I'm putting in the first $50 (about all I can come up with right now). We get 800-1000 visits per day here, so if everyone kicks in a few dollars (or more), we can get this covered. If we raise enough funds, I'll purchase the laptop and the software and give everything to Sam by our next set of broadcasts (December 11th-13th!). Note: Those of you with blogs can copy the code and insert the widget.

*****UPDATE***** As you can see, the goal's been met. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I'll update everyone when I've got Sam set up with a sweet new Gospel-Defending, Islam-Destroying system.


characterbuilder said...

Let's stand with these men who are putting their lives, literally, on the line to expose the wicked cult of Mohammad and proclaim the mercies of our Great God and Savior.

It's time for God's people to put our money were our mouth is... I've pitched in $25 who is going to match it! Doug, Modesto, CA

Jeffrey Pacheco said...

$30 for me.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

I'm with you, Doug. Only, my mouth is a little bigger than yours, LOL! I'm adding 25 along with a match to your 25. I want Sam to have that Laptop! Who'll spring for another 25 or 50 or more?

ubiquitouserendipity said...

$25 from me for a cause of which i cannot find better.

my computer is dying, almost totally wiped out, but i'll get another after the first of the year,,, somehow. so with that i want now to extend the blessings of peace and joy to all those who call upon Jesus, as we celebrate the time of His birth. a blessed and safe Christ-mas season to all.

nabeel will receive my offering. Peace, in His love, papajoe

minoria said...

Hi,I just sent $50,and it's GREAT that the website gets 800-1000 visits per day!Like 500 people who read us daily at least.

I was just seeing the DANIELA SANTANCHE video on youtube again where she called Mohammed a pedophile.There were a few video responses in Italian.

They were calling her "ignorant,intolerant".None of them denied Aisha was 9.Now as I said BEFORE,it is NOT 100% sure it is true but there is a high probability.


So how are you going to call her ignorant if the story is most likely true?How are you going to call her intolerant?So then WE have to tolerate THAT today?Most Italians agree with her.

In the video the Muslim cleric said "maggiore ignoranza"(great ignorance) but NEVER denied it.I was surprised,he obviously accepts it.That is the Muslim cleric's strategy,just say ignorant and intolerant and not answer the question.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
I am from New Zealand and I may be able to contribute a little bit but I am too scared to use credit card or paypal system.

What is the best and safest way to transfer fund?

I love Sam and he indirectly helps me a lot in understanding about Islam and muslims. In fact, oftentimes I use his material to counter the objection from my indonesian friends via internet.

So, yes let me know the safest way as internet has become so unsafe.

sam said...

david wood

if u dont mind posting the attack in rawalpindi pakistan in the that just happened i think this morning.

Radical Moderate said...

A MAC? BLASHEMER, COMPLETE HERESY, a computer that actualy works, and is well designed. How are MCSE's going to fix your machine if it works?

You guys are taking food out of my babbies mouths, buying computers that actualy work.

Don't go over to the Dark Side. Stick with a PC :)

A pleasure to donate. God Bless Sam, David and Nabeel.

www.theocentricthoughts.wordpress.com said...

Sam does indeed deserve this present after all the wonderful contribution he has made towards the work of God. Whenever i go onto AnsweringIslam, Sams articles are always the first to pop up.
God bless you all

Michelle Qureshi said...

Gem (and anyone else)

If you guys want to mail a check, here is our ministry address:

Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries
PO Box 6746
Portsmouth, VA 23703

Please make a note that this is going to the Sam Shamoun computer fund. Thanks!


Michelle Qureshi said...


To answer your question, though, I'd say the best way to transfer a fund is through paypal; it's always been safe for me, and it's really fast.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nabeel,

Thanks for the reply. I have never used Paypal and I will have a look at it later. Again, I am a baby in term transfer fund. The one I used to do is to transfer fund to my mother in law in overseas. I get her account and I went the bank here in NZ and transfer the fund. It took 1 or days to go across. Anyway, Once i know how to use paypal i will transfer some funds. Around NZ400 or around USD288.


Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

David or Nabeel,

Due to a lot of house moving lately, it has been virtually impossible for me to do any transaction by e.g. visa card on the internet (I guess there is some confusion with transaction and my address) and I am not sure it will work out sending a cheque from UK to the US.

Is there any bank account in the US where I could send the money.

You guys have my email, if you give me a bank account I will send 30 pounds within the next couple of days.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anthony Rogers said...

Has Osama Abdallah sent his contribution in yet?

Radical Moderate said...

Wow just a few days and the Goal is almost reached. This is awsome

VJ said...

guys we need to wait for osama,he will send his 1000$ as his personal quran tuition classes from SAM..


Radical Moderate said...

David Wood I noticed something. As soon as the this post went under other posts the amount of contributions dropped. I think you need to repost this at the top and keep it at the top, until the goal is reached.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

david wood: i agree with brother fatman; could you keep this post positioned at the top of the blog until the goal is reached?

nabeel: check's in the mail with $25 for sam's computer,,, though you can use as much of it as you deem necessary for sam.

the blessings of peace, love, and joy from G_d our Savior to all who bow the knee to Jesus our King. a blessed Christ-mas season to all. Peace, in His love, papajoe

Anonymous said...

Thanks David.

I am going to transfer the fund tomorrow.

In Christ alone

Michelle Qureshi said...

Hey guys--

I heard you and moved the post back to the top. Thanks for looking out for Sam, a true warrior for Christ! Keep him and David in your prayers this weekend, that they may effectively reach Muslims and open them up for the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

Your brother in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Yes lets all stand with Sam in getting him a new computer for Christmas. I put in 25 U.S.dollars not Canadian so if I can chip in 25 dollars U.S. some of you can as well. I also put the widget on my blog. But what I am really waiting for is some of these Muslim cheap skates to throw a few of their petro dollars in the pot. Come on Osama you should be good for 25 dollars if you haven't already spent it on a Mutah marriage

characterbuilder said...

Bro. Tom,

Third post from the top... I accept your challenge. I added another $25.

Look there is are only three days left. Don't wait for someone else to give...

You can give $5 (Just skip your Starbucks for a day) $10, $25...

Jesus said, "give and it will be give back to you..."

Also, the Lord bless David Wood for thinking of Bro. Sam. before himself. (I'm sure David has some needs too.)

Can't wait for the next "Jesus or the other guy?"

Doug, Modesto, CA

MaMiKiKeYu said...

hey David or Nabeel , I have a confusion, is peter joseph is the same person as walid shoebat?

faktb said...

There are many wonderful laptops available these days for $500 or less. Maybe use the extra money to invest in books, equipment, etc. Just a suggestion.

David Wood said...


I can almost guarantee that you've never used a MacBook Pro. If you had, you wouldn't dare mention other laptops. For everyday purposes, and especially for debate and television, there's simply no comparison between a Mac Pro and anything else. It's like moving 25 years into the future.

ben malik said...

Hey faktb, instead of suggesting to David what he should do what don't you actually contribute to the cause seeing how you have benefited from Wood's ministry. And I am sure that every penny you send in will be used to further bless you as you continue to use this blog. Just a suggestion.

Remas said...

Awesome blog, got directed from Keith's blog.. anyway I put in $25.

characterbuilder said...

Right on Ben... and a good suggestion at that!

Anonymous said...

2,000 dollars is not a lot of money to raise these days for Sam. Sam has been a blessing to all of us who are involved in Muslim evangelism. We need make sure Sam gets this computer. To suggest that Sam use a computer that is only $500 is iaufable. As of this moment all Sam needs is another $310. That isn't much. But I still waiting for Osama to forgo one Mutah marriage and chip in $25.

Christopher said...

Brother David,
God bless you and Brother Sam. You have no idea how much I love and appreciate the work that both of you have been doing (including countless others)in these last days to expose "The System of The Beast" which is ISLAM!

Your Ministry has inspired me to use GOD'S TALENT(S) to reach out to the Islamic Community with THE LOVE OF CHRIST. I am overwhelming excited by the prospect of God using someone as insignificant as myself to WORK IN THE VINEYARD (with God-Fearing Men such as yourself), to reap a GREAT HARVEST FOR HIS KINGDOM.

I'm reaching out to your Ministry from Toronto, Canada. I pledge $50 USD towards Sam receiving a new laptop to advance the work of God. Truly God's LABOURERS are worthy of their labours.

Although I don't know either one of you personally; I can honestly say that I LOVE YOU with The Love of The Lord. Again, you INSPIRE All of Us who desire to FULFILL OUR MINISTRY IN THE LORD to do so with integrity and honour - putting Christ 1st before all else. Our lives truly MUST become a living testimony to The Majesty of Christ and The Work that He has Completed on our behalf upon The Cross. Let Us All be willing to LIVE and also DIE, if need be for His Glory.

God Bless You All!!

Bro. Christopher White

minoria said...


My father unexpectedly sent me some money for my birthday so I have put in another $25.

I am glad I can help a second time,but it is snowing all day long non-stop and that really puts one in a bad mood.


DEC 6 was ST. NICHOLAS DAY.It is a big thing in HOLLAND.He was a real Greek bishop of the 300's AD.There is a story he once gave a father money for the dowry of his 3 daughters(that is the origin of the Santa Claus tale).


Her day is DEC 13.She is VERY popular in SCANDINAVIA(even though they are not Catholic).She was an ITALIAN martyr from Sicily.Her name comes from LUX(Latin for "light").On that day they have a procession of girls dressed in white with red sashes carrying candles and singing Christmas songs.


It is in December also,but the exact day varies from year to year.So my greetings to our Jewish friends.For knowledge it means DEDICATION or REDEDICATION in Hebrew.In 170 BC king ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES tried to destroy Judaism,and he captured Jerusalem and its Temple.
He sacrified a pig in it and added a statue to Zeus.That began a Jewish revolt under the Maccabees.In 167 BC they recaptured Jerusalem and the Temple and purified and dedicated it again to God.That is the why of the celebration.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

praise the Lord on High. i am so blessed by the people here who give of their selves, their time, and possibly some day their lives. i am further blessed by those of you who have been so generous by contributing to the ministry of brother shamoun.

i am unfamiliar with mac-book, but it matters not; i believe that by buying a top of the line laptop computer, with some necessary soft-ware, e.g., bibleworks and such, we are contributing to the efficacy of brother shamoun's ministry. had i more available funds i would have sent more,,, without lending a cocked-eye at the purchase.

praise the G_d of abraham, isaac, and jacob (israel), for such committed and capable brothers as sam and david. i am convinced that there is not a mohammedan in the world who can refute the truths presented by these humble ministers of G_d's Word (along with a handful of others such as dr. james white, brother dr. nabeel, william layne craig, jay smith, Christian prince. and i think matt slick and m.j. sharp capable). the bottom line defense of mohammed and his allah is, "my blind faith trumps your scriptural and historical truth,,, 'cuz mohammed said so." (if you've seen dr. white's recent debate with syed sayeed you'll see that that is what the imam was reduced to. pitiful~)

though the efforts presented run the gamut of their favorite tu quoques and tireless red herrings (and every other named and unnamed logical fallacy), to their constant out of context attacks on the bible, and out of context defenses of their own scriptures (i.e., hadiths and koran), along with outright lies from the less capable mohammedan defenders, that when faced with those who can present the truth in love, capably, honestly, and fearlessly, their defenses become clearly desperate, and sometimes quite pathetic. thus they are stuck with defending the indefensible with obvious fallacy, misrepresentation of and disrespect for both ours and their scriptures, and lying.

what is most obvious to me is that at the bottom line the westernized mohammed-followers have no real respect for their hadiths or koran. if they did, they'd take it as it is written, and not lie (taqqiya) about it. i guess that until the One True and Living G_d touches your sin-laden heart, self-justification is the universal norm.

G_d bless pastor joseph, samar, brothers shamoun and wood, and all the abn staff and supporters, as they continue with this blessed ministry.

may G_d bless all who call upon the Name of the Lord this holy-day season, as we celebrate the birth of our King. and may the Holy Spirit of G_d open the eyes, and soften the hearts of those lost in following mohammed. Peace, in His love, papajoe

ubiquitouserendipity said...

one small leap for man, one giant step for britain:

praise G_d, and thank Him for non-dhimmis.

Peace, in His love, papajoe

Tom ta tum Tom said...


Fernando said...

I'm very glad for the outcomme of this action... may God bless brother Shamoun in his work...

Locrian said...

I'm glad you guys raised the money for a nice comp and some Bible software for brother Sam. Maybe now when I'm in Sam's paltalk room I can actually take notes and pay much more attention to Sam's Bible study classes.

It's the end of an era, and I may never again hear:
"Brother Locrian? Can you post for me "add chapter here" verses "add verse here" through "add ending verse here", and lets see what it says....Let's see what it says, hold on guys (impatient tone added)...Here it is....."

LOL...We love you Sam and Merry Christmas.

VJ said...

where is this sam's paltalk room,? what times does he come online??
never knew about it,,really excited to hear him live there

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord the money has come in for Sam. So many of us have benefited from Sam's ministry

Anonymous said...

Praise God for this

minoria said...

I am glad Sam will soon have his laptop.December is the best part of the year,the whole month.I have just watched most of a new debate I found:


Go to youtbe and write:"Ehrman-Licona Debate:Can Historians Prove the Jesus rose from the Dead?"

It is in 4 parts.The most interesting part is perhaps when LICONA shows that GROUP HALLUCINATIONS are very improbable to explain the resurrection appearences(based on the opinion of experts).I have alot of respect for Licona as an honest speaker.Alot more than for SHABIR ALLY who omits important info in his debates that he (supposedly)knows as a scholar.He has done it over and over again,so my opinion is not precipitate.


EHRMAN mentions in the end when part 4 finishes that in Antiquity OTHERS have had miracles attributed to themselves:Emperor Vespasian did a miracle,Honi the Circle Drawer,a rabbi who made rain come,Apollonius of Tyana.But in THEIR case(and he knows this)we don't have that it was the friends/disciples of those people and an enemy of them who tells us so and who later believed.

We know the very first disciples of Jesus believed he resurected (the most important miracle of all)from the 1 COR 15 creed.And we know Paul thought he resurected from HE HIMSELF.

Dk said...

yo AI use the remaining $4 for some burger king. Just a sugggestion - Love Dk ;-)

Unknown said...

What Sam Shamoun needs for Christmas is a lesson from David Wood, whereby David teaches Sam how to be gracious with debaters, whether Jew or a Muslim.

No offense Sam.

characterbuilder said...

Rec Man,

Maybe we should put you on David's
lesson gift list as well.

No offense.

Unknown said...

characterbuilder, why me? I have said nothing wrong. I haven't spoke disrespectfully to Christians like how Sam Shamoun has to Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Rec Man,

Every individual is used in its unique way. Brother Sam is used amazingly by God with his strong statements of truth. I love it.

Brother David, is also used with same power in his unique way.

Thus, we all need them in their owns ways.

All temperaments will be formed and used in its way accordingly to the Glory of God.

So, to complain about brother Sam means you don't fit in to his unique way. However, you should not judge or even generalise him to your own standard. In fact, I would say i have been helped by brother Sam clear cut straight forward explanation. He puts thing strongly in the right perspective in his amazingly unique way.

You dont like it? but i do like it so much and so do my other friends back in Indonesia.

Fernando said...

can we see Sam's new Mac? pleeeeese...

RED ARROW said...
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