Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christian Hoteliers Cleared of Insult Charges against Muslim Woman

Notice the chain of events. A Muslim woman insults Christianity by saying that Jesus was only a prophet and that the Bible is unreliable. The Christians respond by criticizing Muhammad and Islam. The Muslim then complains and files charges for insulting her religion. Fortunately, this instance of legal jihad didn't work.

Christian hoteliers accused of insulting a Muslim guest for wearing the hijab and berating her for her beliefs were dramatically cleared this afternoon.

Benjamin and Sharon Vogelenzang denied using threatening, abusive or insulting words which were religiously aggravated against white British Muslim convert Ericka Tazi, 60. . . .

Mrs Tazi, who converted to Islam when she married a Muslim 18 months ago, was staying at the hotel while she attended a pain management clinic at Aintree Hospital for her fibromyalgia.

She claimed Mr Vogelenzang called the prophet Mohammed a murderer and a warlord and likened him to Saddam Hussein and Hitler.

But the couple denied her version of events and claimed Mrs Tazi told them Jesus was a minor prophet and that the Bible was untrue. Read More.

Since Mrs. Tazi doesn't believe that Muhammad was a murderer or a warlord, I have to wonder what the terms "murderer" and "warlord" mean in her dictionary. Anyone got some definitions that wouldn't apply to Muhammad?


aussie christian said...

lets see, terms that she would understand in relation to mohummad.

satans spokesperson,
lover of little girls,
to lazy to do the killing himself so he gets everyone else to do it for him,
demon possessed,
such bad memory cant remember what the sura starts like so changes it near the end,

Yeah, I reckon that covers a few words to accuratly discribe mohummad.

It is absolutly awesome that the couple got off after being charged under such dubious cercumstances.
Lets hope they can rebuild their business after such an horrendous attack.

Peace and Love

Fernando said...

Doctor Wood asked: «Anyone got some definitions that wouldn't apply to Muhammad?»...

well... here are just some examples:

peacefull poerson;
moral example;
good husband;
mentaly balanced;
religious poerson;
truth teller;

I'm bery glad for the outcome off this... one should eben be glad to go to court in order to say in court of law wahte muhammad was and whate islam is... next major event off this is Geert Wilders... I hope he'll be hable to putt the fingers in the muslim scares...

Radical Moderate said...

This is great news. A clear victory for Freedom of speach in England. I am really impressed with the supporters who showed up.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord- I have posted tis story on my blog also

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Lessee, terms that wouldn't apply.... how about "God's Apostle"... yes, I know that's a title old Moh loved to use for himself but I don't think it applies. And how about "Praiseworthy"? Yet another title that Mohammed doesn't deserve.

Not sure if it's applicable but the scripture that comes to mind is MT 18:15-19. Maybe it's because I see this as a tiny act of binding an evil - here on Earth - as our Lord binds it in the Spiritual world (if this is even an appropriate interpretation of this passage).

Anyway, I'm just grateful for every little victory: - every one of them is critically important in this war that the enemy has declared on God's people...

aussie christian said...

To the hosts of this blog,

We need to open a discussion on the ban in switserland of the minurets. the islamic council has demanded in the UN no less that switzerland overturns the majority vote of that country, thereby foregoing democracy for islamic rights. sharia by stealth in my opinion.

Islam tells us this ban will do dramatic hard to relations, is discriminatory to islam, and will cause mass hard to muslims living in western countries, while at the same time, we are told to keep our nosey noses out of the goings on in islamic countries, and thier ban on allowing churches to be built, or even repaired in some countries, and even practicing any religeon aside from islam. and they wonder why we say, islam you hypocrite.

I think the mass hypocrocy needs to be brought into the open of islam and its treatment of other religeons in islamic countries, while demanding fair treatment in western countries.

Thanks in advance.

Peace and Love.

Radical Moderate said...

David/Nabeel maybe you guys can post this link in the main blog. Its Some of Father Burtros presentations with english translation. It has MP3, Video, and even the transcript in PDF format.

Michelle Qureshi said...


for those who want it to be written down :-)

We'll see what we can do, brother.