Thursday, November 12, 2009

Parents Remove Student from School Due to Harassment by Muslim Students

A SYDNEY couple has withdrawn their two children from a public primary school, claiming their 11-year-old son was bullied by Muslim students because he ate a salami sandwich during Ramadan.

Andrew Grigoriou said yesterday he complained to the school and to police after his son Antonios was chased and later assaulted by Muslim students after a confrontation over the contents of his lunch.

Antonios, a Year 5 student of Greek-Australian background at Punchbowl Public School in Sydney's southwest, said he and a friend had to be locked inside the library for an hour after being chased by a group of Muslim boys offended by his choice of food while they were fasting. . . .

Other parents also complained to The Daily Telegraph about bullying at the school and claimed victims received too little protection.

One said her 12-year-old son was scared to open his lunch box at school because he was harassed about what is in it. "He has been bullied from day one . . . about being a Christian and about the hot salami in his lunch," she said. Read More.


Radical Moderate said...

I am outraged and disgusted after reading this article. I am not so much outraged and disgusted over the actions of the muslim students. I expect muslims to raise their children to behave in such away. What I am outraged and disgusted with is the the way the boys parents handle the situation.

When I was growing up males were tought to defend themsleves. I was taught that if you were bullied you stood up for yourself. If you were bullied by a group of boys you went after the biggest one in the crowd and or the Ring Leader. You did this every day until the bullys got the message. You may get your butt kicked but eventualy they will either respect you, fear you, or figure out your just not worth it.

I was being bullied once when I was in teh 4th grade, my dad tought me how to box, and sent me back to school. It took a few black eyes, and bloody lips but my bully figured out I wanst push over.

When my son and another boy were getting into little squabiles in Jr High, me and the other boys fatehr got together and told both boys to fight it out or shake hands. Either way it ends now. They decided to shake hands instead of fighting infront of both there parents.

If we are not teaching our children to defend, and stand up for themsleves when they are children how can we expect them to defend themselves when they become adults.

minoria said...

Alot of fanaticism in those Muslim boys over food.It is really stupid.

aussie christian said...

to the fat man,

Totaly agree with part of your comment mate, about how it was when we were little tackers.

Slight problem these days in Australian school system, if the bullied fights back, 9 out of 10 times, the bullied gets suspended or expelled for retaliating instead of going to a teacher. then the bullier gets off scott free.

This is the sad politically correct cotton wool system we have here.

What is actually needed is: kid gets bullied, goes to teacher, teacher immediatly acts against the bully. But alas this is just a pipe dream.

Although, the bullies are starting to stuff thier own system up, recently a number of bullies posted on facebook video of them beating up on someone, alas the judge's threw the book at the lot and jailed 1 16 year old girl, probation for a mother and daughter tag team bullies.

But there is begining to become a problem with islamic groups moving into 1 single area, then sending all their kids to one school, and then they start to violently push islamic teachings on the others. lets hope our federal pollie gets his way and forces these groups to disperse or de-immigrate.

IslamSINS said...

I share FatMan's outrage, but I extend it to the school district. If Muslims - adults and school children - want to act like animals, they need to leave the Democracies of the world, return to the M.E. birthplace of Islam, and leave the rest of us to eat what we want, when we want, where we want.

The Sydney couple should be a permanent fixture in the office of the school board, demanding answers for the wimps in the school's governing educators. Did the adults - teachers and principal - also fear the students, or did they fear the fallout from the Muslim parents when they began their collective sniveling about "islamophobia"?

Good grief, we're witnessing probably the greatest spiritual battle this world has hosted. If our educators are too stupid or weak to deal with the rising problems with Islam, what sort of example does that set for the non-Muslim (and Muslim) students in this school district? That might makes right? Who's in charge here, the adults of the mob of wee Muslim bullies?

This is absolutely egregious. I can't even find words to accurately voice my disgust for the school's cowardice.

I'm gagging.

David Wood said...

Fat Man,

I think things are a bit different from when you and I were growing up. When we were young, if a bully slapped you in the head, you punched the bully in the mouth. Problem solved. The bully realizes he can't bully you, and he stops trying.

Things are different when it comes to Islam. Muslim students naturally form into gangs, and they believe that they're superior to other kids. If a Muslim slaps a kid in the head, and the kid punches the Muslim in the mouth, there will be twenty Muslim students (of various ages) waiting for the kid after school.

It's difficult to tell your kid, "Well, Son, the Muslims are never going to back down. But you're going to have to fight them anyway. You're going to have to get the crap beat out of you every day from now on, when you should be focused on learning algebra."

Kids shouldn't have to deal with the problems that adults refuse to deal with.

GreekAsianPanda said...

Well, is behavior such as this condoned for in the Quran?

sam said...

david wood

i totally agree with u. muslims do gand up when i was in high school. and its really like a mini taliban. but anyways a lady voiced her opinion on our local news channel and she said that people need to wake up and realize that terrorism is on the rise and that muslims need to defend their religion.

i wud like everyones opinion on this ladys opinion.

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

I don’t know the details of this situation but wouldn’t be cool if the kid showed the love of Christ and stood up for him self with out retaliating.

Imagine a kid explaining that he had the freedom to eat that sandwich because Christ died in his place ushering in a New Covenant not of the flesh but of the Spirit and then inviting the little bullies to flee the bondage of false religious piety and join him is the blessed freedom of the Son of God .

It would take quite a kid to do such a thing and I don’t for one minute look down on anyone who does not take this approach but when it boils down to it an unafraid but meek approach is how the kingdom expands and Satan retreats


Adam said...

Hi every body,

any news article in America regarding David Coleman Headley Aka Daood Gilani and Tahawwur Hussain Rana both Muslim of Pakistani origin. Both living in north America.

Dear reader, after 26/11 terror attack in my Home Bombay (Mumbai). Many Non Muslim Boys are becoming Fans of Mossad. Many after watching the moive MUNICH buy Steven Spielberg. This film is not aired on Satellite TV channels as there are many Muslims in India. A pontential minority vote bank of Indian politics.
But anyways this movie is circulating among Youth on DVDs.

on this blog there will be many Haters of Jews, Christian, Hindus and other non muslim. No matter what I love Mossad for combating terrorists and counter terror.

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,

Read the following story, imagine the guy had been a Muslim, whose blog site do you think it would be one of the first to be referenced on? (no prizes for guessing correctly).

US evangelist Tony Alamo gets 175 years for sex crimes
Tony Alamo, a US preacher, has been sentenced to 175 years in prison for taking underage girls across state lines for sexual intercourse.

Published: 12:40AM GMT 14 Nov 2009

The sentence effectively punishes Bernie Hoffman, otherwise known as Tony Alamo, the founder of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, for the rest of his life for molesting children he took as "brides" in his ministry.

During Friday's hearing at a court in Arkansas, some of Alamo's victims testified about how their families were destroyed while the evangelist took over their lives.

Alamo, 75, had been convicted in July on a 10-count federal indictment.

Judge Harry Barnes sentenced the 75-year old to 175 years in prison for 10 separate counts and fined him $250,000, justice officials said.

Judge Barnes said the evangelist used his status as father figure and pastor and threatened the girls with "the loss of their salvation."

"Mr. Alamo, one day you will face a higher a greater judge than me, may he have mercy on your soul," Judge Barnes said.

Just before the judge sentenced Alamo, the evangelist offered a brief statement to the court praising God then later adding: "I'm glad I'm me and not the deceived people in the world."

His lawyers said they planned to appeal the judge's ruling.

Daily Telegraph, UK

N.B - I imagine a harsh critic of Christianity saying "This is because the the Bible allows men to molest young girls (OT)" - and before you respond, Jesus (or Paul) did not forbid the OT practice, and one could argue that the Evangelist really did LOVE the girls he molested (thus satisfying the Law of Love requirement).

I am not saying this myself, I am merely pointing out, that anything can be twisted and used against a religion - no doubt the american liberal media will have a field day with this item of news...


Alcaff said... said...

Muslims are the majority wherever you go around the globe. But the fact of the matter is, why should others who are non-muslim have to carry the yoke of Islam by following the same rules that they do?
This is bullying. Government need to take precaution

Fernando said...

Hi Abdullah...

we habe seen in previous threads your greek and biblical knowledge, butt coulde you presente us any text that allows "men to molest young girls (OT)"?...

thanks in advance...

aussie christian said...

To abulla,

I hope you totaly condem this sick sick slimy indiviual, and hope like the rest of us that he remains in a tiny cell for the remainder of his miserable life to be only released in a pine box to be buried in an unmarked grave and forgotten for the filth he is??

I certainly do!

This is the reason why I condem the actions of this filthy rock spider and Mohummad and am glad that upon resserection they will be judged by the Lord Jesus Christ and be sent directly to the everlasting distruction of hell to join Satan their god.

By the way, your post has absolutly nothing to do with this subject, and seeing as this is a site discussing islamic issues I really dont see that its on topic for this thread or this site.

Peace and Love.

Dragostea said...

Abdullah friend,

I used to smile a lot when i was reading Osama's comments on this blog, still not before checking my bible on the verses he mentioned. But in the same time i was so sad thinking about Osama and how he doesnt even try to convince himself that what he writes is true, but just post it. He just loved to lie (or maybe he was just joking and didnt get his jokes :) ).. I remember Osama saying on time that Jesus allowed us to eat human flesh and he gave Mark 15:11 as a verse to back his point: 11 It is not what people put into their mouths that makes them unclean. It is what comes out of their mouths that makes them unclean." I simply couldn't help my self from laughing to such a PERLE :)...or another even better was when he said something like THE SCIENCE PEOPLE DISCOVERED A COUPLE MORE BONES IN THE EAR FORMAT AND SHOWED THAT THERE ARE 366 BONES IN A HUMAN BEING :)... it was hilarious what i found out: i followed his sources and guess what: 366 was actually a phone extension for one hospital that treated bones...

But now we dont have Osama anymore :(...but i have to say that krijna and you are still keeping osama alive in my memories. And now, why do i smiled when i read about this guy tony alamo that you brought up: you presented him as a christian evangelist (it's not your fault, since the article says that too), but his life tells everything about him: in the 60's he was incarcerated for a weapon-related offense, he divorces wives, marries other women, changes his name at least 2 times, he is arrested for tax evasion in '69 and '94...When his wife died of cancer in '82, Alamo claimed she would be resurrected and kept her body on display for six months while their followers prayed. After 16 years her body was given to her family... His ministry was described by the media as a CULT with brain washed followers.

WOW what a great example we have in him :). And the fact that he calls himself a christian: should i remind you that Jehovah Witness cult followers calls themselves Christians too ??? (you know about Jehovah witness, after all most of the muslim claims are copied from JW )...

And now at the end, a question that has to do with another thread: reading your past comments i see an obvious change of attitude at you after you debated David and Nabeel, especially on the topic "is Islam a religion of peace?"... Were they that good into convincing you that the Islam that you were following in the past was not the right Islam ???

The peace of our God and Savior Jesus Christ to be with you all..ALL !!!

ubiquitouserendipity said...

abdullah ~ tony alamo is a disgusting human being. may G_d deal with him justly. i think you will find that any Christian would condemn this man's actions. you also won't find any scriptural justification for what he has done. personally i think the only thing you find wrong with what he did is that it is an opportunity for you to try to throw a "tu quoque" fallacy towards Christianity in some weird vain attempt at justifying mohammed's pedophilia.

i've stated publicly that i think sexual predators need to be shot. this supposed Christian is no exception. he has forfeited his right to human interaction. now he hopefully lives a sensorially deprived existence. by law we deal with the temporal nature of this type of garbage,,, and G_d in His infinite love and justice deals with all men individually.

yeah abdullah, thanks for pointing out tony alamo's case. we should probably put up a tally sheet, and see what kind of deviant behaviors committed by the various self-proclaimed religious ahderents we can report. oh wait, they do that here:

and here:

by the way abdullah, can you explain what is going on in this following video?

Peace, in His love, papajoe

Radical Moderate said...

In the comment section on a previous post the question was asked by Nabeel if Osama Abdullah should be un banned from the blog. I responded with words to the affect of yes becasue he does make things more exciting. However after reading Abdullahs last post I now revoke my previous comment and instead nominate Abullah as the new Osama.

Abdulalh thanks for picking up the tourch were Osama Abdullah left off.

First Abdullah I wnat to thank you for pointing out the vile dispicable behavior of the man in your article. I thank God that he was found out and brought to earthly justice and if he does not repent and accept Christ then he will also pay the same price that you and all others who die in thier sins apart from Christ will suffer.

Abdullah also notice that every Christian on this blog has so far condemed this mans acts, in the strongest possible terms.

Also notice that you did not condem the actions of the muslim children for bullying christian children for eating salami during Ramadan. Your silence speaks volumes.

Instead you posted a article on the vile acts of a pedaphile, with a accusation that the Tanak allows and permits this type of behavior. You are trully following in the footsteps of ingnorance that your Brophet set as a example for muslism to follow.

I'm begging to think that it is to much to ask for any kind of intelectual honesty or integrity when it comes to muslims.

Again congradulations on picking up where Osama Abdullah left off, I hope you enjoy your stay here. I'm sure the vile nonsnes and false accusations will be every bit as entertaining as Osamas comments were.

One more thing. Do you as a muslim love death as much as I love life? If so then just know that you hate Wisdom, and you hate GOD.

"Blessed is the man who listens to me,watching daily at my doors,
waiting at my doorway.

35 For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the LORD.

36 But whoever fails to find me harms himself;
all who hate me love death."

Proverbs 8:34-36

All who hate me (wisdom) love death.

Chennai Man said...

exclusive for Aussie christian:

Sydney: Another Indian student was attacked in Australia when a petrol bomb was hurled at him in his home here leaving him almost 30 percent burnt on Thursday.

According to the newspapers of Indian community, 25-year old Rajesh Kumar was attacked in his house in Sydney by a petrol bomb. Rajesh was quickly covered by a blanket by his flatmate which saved him from further injuries.

This is yet another incident of racial attack against Indian students in Australia. Shravan Kumar, a 25-year-old student from Andhra Pradesh was stabbed by a screwdriver by a group of teens. Shravan was fighting for life in a hospital. Three of his friends were also injured in the attack.

Another student Baljinder Singh was attacked in the same manner. Baljinder was released from hospital on Friday.

Such attacks have terrified Indian students residing in Australia. Australian authorities are also concerned about the security of Indians in the country.

Another Indian student attacked in Australia
Melbourne: In yet another attack on Indians here, an engineering student from the community was racially abused by a group of Australians, including a woman, who also punched him in his left eye.

36-year-old Amrit Goyal, pursuing automotive engineering from the Australian Industrial System Institute here, was attacked in Laverton area, Amit Meghnani, President of Federation of Indian Students of Australia (FISA), told PTI.

Goyal was attacked yesterday outside his house when a group of two men and a woman hurled racial abuses at him and also physically assaulted him.

"I was standing outside my home when two men and one woman approached me. They were shouting abuses at me... I asked them to calm down but they punched me in my left eye. I called the police but they came after an hour and a half.

hi guys, please pray holy sprit to keep calm these aussie born agains.

Radical Moderate said...

David, Aussie Christian, and Islamsins thank you for your response to my comment. As a father of a child who turned out to be somewhat of a Alapha Male I am well aware that things have changed since we were growing up.

How ever I think this could be a learning opertunity for the boys being bullied.

First you teach the boys to go to the teachers and authoriteis everytime they are bullied. DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT each and every case. As Islam Sins put it the parents should be permint fixtures in the principals office.

At the same time, enroll the boys in a Mixed Martial Arts or Judo/Jutitus, and or Hopkido classes. Teach them how to punch kick and more importatntly to grapple.

With the schools help set up meetings with the parents of the offending muslim students. Make it clear in no un sertin terms that this will not be tolerated. That your sons will eat whatever they eat at any time of the year, regardless if muslim parents are starving thier children for allah. That you will encourage your sons to work with in the system. But if that system fails then your sons are perfectably capable of defending themselves. Make it understood that you will hold the parents of the muslim boys personaly responsible. Make it understood that this ends NOW.

Ultimitly the hope is that this approach will demonstrate yours as well as your childs resolve to not be bullied. Hopefully the school will be able to protect your child from harm, hopefully the parents of the muslim students will understand that they do not live in a muslim craptakistan and they will be able to control their children. But if not. Then you have tought your child the most important lesson of all. To cover your own butt.

With multiple documented evidence of your child being bullied, with multiple documentation of the failure of the school to protect your child and the failure of the muslim parents to control their own children. Then there is not a prosecuter, Judge or Jury in the free and civilized world that will hold you or your son's responsible for defending themsleves.

Radical Moderate said...

I jsut thought of something Is abdullah the same muslim that is goign to Syria to study islam more indepth?

sam said...

david wood

have u seen the cartoon animation movie of MOHAMMAD THE LAST PROPHET?
if u did wut is ur opinion on it. i saw it and it was very well animated but they left out the true how mohammad really was

David Wood said...

Has anyone noticed how much Muslims love to blaspheme and mock the Holy Spirit? It seems people like Ashraf just wouldn't feel they have made a comment without insulting the Spirit of God. Is it a coincidence that, according to Christianity, a person's desire to blaspheme the Holy Spirit is the surest sign that someone is in complete rebellion against God?

minoria said...

I also condemn the man Alamo.I am glad he got caught,there is still some justice.But I was going in my head about Andalusi's idea that Sharia law is good.He said the LEFT also attacks Islam only it uses the word SHARIA.

Islamic law discriminates non-Muslims,whatever version there is.It can in no way be justified.Since Jesus did not lay down a set of laws then Christians can in good conscience prefer monarchy,oligarchy,democracy,revolution.But the best is the SECULAR state.


He is a great Christian writer,he has debated ROBERT PRICE,for example,and has a doctorate.He said things went bad in the church when it got too involved in politics in the 300's AD.

That does not mean one has to not promote actions against racism,colonialism,etc but NOWHERE in the NT is there a call God wants a theocracy.

In Thailand the Muslim insugents have killed almost 3,900 Buddhists,a peaceful people.They want to establsih independence and Sharia law in the southern part where they are a majority.Again the LAW of GOD is the Golden Rule,nothing else.

IslamSINS said...

US evangelist Tony Alamo gets 175 years for sex crimes Tony Alamo, a US preacher, has been sentenced to 175 years in prison for taking underage girls across state lines for sexual intercourse.

Abdullah, I think the Christian community rejoices in this, and every false messenger exposure, which abducts the title of "Christian".

To put this foul Alamo up as representing Christ, you will need also to produce a teaching of the Holy One of Israel that supports child rape. Can't find one? Gee, neither can I, nor any Bible student. It's a completely spurious correlation, you blithering imbecile.

Now, please turn to Muhammad's sunnah and see how the vile entity you call "allah" (really, just Muhammad the liar's sock puppet), sanctions the rape of a wee girl named Aisha. Then, if you wish to dump a little girl after you've raped her, 65.4 only requires that you observe the three month iddah.

I dare say, if Alamo were Muslim, he'd be elevated to the status of "messenger of allah", in keeping with the reprobate after which you model yourselves.

See the difference, Cuppy Cake? Muhammad, rather than being your best example, would nowadays be serving a life sentence for the filthy teachings he horked up. Teachings which provided him every earthly desire of his black, demented heart, have assured the eternal abode in hell which is reserved for him and, sadly, all Muslims who fear using their minds.

If you find Alamo's fondness for child-molesting repugnant, I hope you're busy examining why you call yourself a Muslim.

Tafsir al Jalalayn on 65.4: "... their prescribed [waiting] period shall be three months, and [also for] those who have not yet menstruated, because of their young age, their period shall [also] be three months —"

Kathir and ibn Abbas read the same. I wish I could read Arabic to see what Qurtubi and Tabari say, but the English translations are enough to induce vomiting.

Are you vomiting, Abdullah, or prowling the streets for a prepubescent girl to rape, knowing that your false messenger and your false god consider it an act of worship?

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

Hey all

ashraf said,

This is yet another incident of racial attack against Indian students in Australia.

I say:

Do you understand the difference between an attack motivated by religion and racial attack?

Abdulla said:

US evangelist Tony Alamo gets 175 years for sex crimes

I say:

Do you understand the difference between a cult leader universally condemned by Christians and convicted for his crimes, and some orthodox Muslim youths bullying a kid in school because he did not participate in a Muslim fast?

To all Muslims:

while Do you understand what the logical fallacy of tu-quoque is? If not check this out

If you take some time to study this fallacy it would do a lot help us progress in these kinds of discussions.

Thanks in advance


aussie christian said...

To Ashraf,

Oh Joy, oh yay, I done been singled out for a personal comment.

Okydoky then, firstly, as this has absolutly nothing to do with religeous matters it barely needs commenting on, but I shall do my best to respond point by point if thats alright with you.

All the incedents you mentioned happened in Sydney and Melbourne where the majority of Indian students choose to reside whilst studying in sunny Aussieland.

Sydney and Melbourne are currently home to the largest majority of ethnic groups.

Sydney and Melbourne are home to most of the ethnic gangs, asian, middle eastern, african etc, due to the fact that the majority of ethnic groups stay in those two cities.

A number of the attacks on these poor Indian students have been perpertrated by the following, by asian gangs, reason, they consider Indian students to be loaded (with money) and an easy target because english is their second language and they tended to travel alone with large quantities of cash (silly move if you ask me) but most certainly not any excuse or reason to bash and rob the poor blighters.
1 or 2 by middle eastern gangs because of the tensions between pakistan and India over territory.
Some have been commited by the general filth that roams around looking for an easy target to rob for whatever reason (damn sick if you ask me).

Now as for your closing comment of: "hi guys, please pray holy sprit to keep calm these aussie born agains." Can you point please to which Christian church, 'born agains' specifically as you noted, because as far as I am aware, not one single Christian denomination has been involved in the attacks on our visiting Indian guests. And more to the point, Many Christian churches are currently gathering their parishoners together to work out practical methods of protecting all who visit our shores.

Also note if you would, nearly all church, govt, civil organisations have universaly condemed the actions of a few sick and twisted bottom feeding scumbags. Myself included in the condeming thereof!

So I do hope that is a pretty clear indication that the vast majority of Aussies condem violence, promote peaceful living with all and a sence of community.

Peace and Love.

aussie christian said...

To the hosters of this Uber blog.

I wish to ask our Muslim commenters of this blog some quite serious questions on the subject of the 4 Muslim men in Sydney Australia currently awaiting trial for terrort plotting, but do not wish to go off topic.

If you could kindly begin a blog on that particluar subject it would be most appreciated, as I wish to get some feedback while our Muslim commenters seem to be in an almost talkative mood.

Thanks in advance if you can guys.

Love and Peace

Chennai Man said...

tit for tat Mr.Wood,

we are forced to do so,we muslims here should speak in the same language what you understand, just we are returning the ball to your court,That's all sir.

by the way, we muslims never against god, we realize that we are slaves of god & we have fear of the judgement day.

Hi Aussie,
you may have 1000 reasons to justify such attacks on indian students, mu question is: why the holy sprit is not stopping them? why christian racist groups attacking poor Hindu indian students? the parents of christian racists did'nt teach them how to behave & how to love others? see if it is one or two incidents ok but for the past one year or more it is repeatedly happening, why?

eventhough, i appreciate ur govt & other NGOs action to prevent this kind of christian racists attacks on other community.

David Wood said...

New rule. Anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit is getting blocked. I simply can't continue hitting "Accept Comment" when by pushing the button I am posting blasphemy against the Spirit. I really feel like I am sinning when I accept such comments.

Sorry Ashraf, but you'll have to post your blasphemies somewhere else. You're out of here.

To other Muslims on this site: Either learn to discuss your religion like adults, or go to a different blog.

george said...



Who said Australia is 100% christians? dont u think that Some Muslims are doing this wo stays in Australia? dont u think its Pak muslims? coz in this world only pakistanis MUSLIMS hates INDIANS?

By pointing what Australians are doing do not justify what Muslims do.

Smart indian!


aussie christian said...

to ashraf,

You make 1000's of totaly unsubstansiated claims that it is done by Christian racist groups, before it was born again's.

I answered your question, I then asked you a very simple question to show evidence that any of these crimes were commited by Christian groups (racist or born again's) you have failed to do so, (Must be a muslim thing) dodge, throw insult, dodge, refuse to answer etc etc, mohummad taught you well.

So ashraf, don't bother wasting your breath throwing more unsubstansiated accusations at me or anyone else until you answer consicely and directly to the question, for as of now, you sir are on my "don't answer the unsubstansiated one" list. You will only be removed off my list when and only when you begin to A/ answer a question directed at you without deflection. B/ make comments based on fact rather than obsurd and wild accusations.

And David, well done good sir, ali deserves to join osama with his god satan.

Peace and Love.

aussie christian said...


100% of the muslims who have been regular posters here have all been blocked now. Did anyone notice as I did that the reason for their blocking is their "verbal Jihad" (new term for the constant attacks)

I could make a glaring statement that this shows how all Muslims can only attack as they cant defend islam any other way, but I know and others know, this is totaly not the case.

I do hope this lets other posters from the islamic persuasion know that if you want to just attack and never discuss, your a verbal jihadist and thus not worth the bandwidth or the cost of the internet connection to answer you.

Well done David for blocking such nasty individuals. I was becoming irate with both of them as well.

Peace and Love.

Sunil said...


>> why christian racist groups attacking poor Hindu indian students? the parents of christian racists did'nt teach them how to behave & how to love others?

On what basis do you call the Australian groups who attacked Indian students as “Christian group”? They could be atheists for all you know. They are not even doing that in the name of Jesus (unlike what is pointed out in this blog, which is done in the name of Islamic beliefs on food etc). In any case, regardless of whether done in the name of Jesus or not, the attacks on Indian students are condemnable. All Christians will condemn it in one voice. Yes, the parent as well the people who attacked Indian students are condemnable for their ungodly and anti-christian behavior. On the other hand, you can’t even condemn the misdeeds of Muslim students done explicitly in the name and banner of Islam. With such attitude, it does not look like you fear God nor Judgment day.

Sunil said...


>> Read the following story, imagine the guy had been a Muslim ...

If the guy had been a Muslim, all other Muslims should condemn any wrong behavior done by Muslims (whether in the name of Islam or otherwise). Just as all Christians condemn Tony Alamo for ungodly and unchristian behavior. That is what one would do if one really fears/believes God and Judgment day etc.

minoria said...

A mistake commited by Muslims all the time I think is that they always assume almost everyone in the West is a Christian.Now only a minority are.That is a fact.

For example,of those Westerners I know well,only like 2 consider themselves to be Christian.


When some people burn down a mosque in the West or beat up a Muslim the question is:"Are ANY of them self-declared followers of Jesus?"

I would say it is always Westerners who are not Christian.

But when a church is burned down in,say Indonesia or Egypt,ALL the participants are self-declared Muslims.