Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Debate Announcement


Haecceitas said...

Sayeed doesn't look like someone whose credentials would be very relevant to this debate. I predict a clear victory for White.

Krishnaraj said...

This is new to me ...One of my friend saysthat the the foll. verses are omitted from many of the modern translations???

Matthew 12:47, Matthew 17:21, Matthew 18:11, Matthew 21:44, Matthew 23:14, Mark 7:16, Mark 9:44, Mark 9:46, Mark 11:26, Mark 15:28, Mark 16:9–20, Luke 17:36, Luke 22:43, Luke 22:44, Luke 23:17, Luke 24:12, Luke 24:40, Jhn 5:4, Jhn 7:53–8:11, Acts 8:37, Acts 15:34, Acts 24:7, Acts 28:29, Romans 16:24, 2 Corinthians 13:14, James 1:8
1 John 5:7

Is that true....? Please help. I know everyone hates me here..but please answer this.

Anonymous said...

"I know everyone hates me here.."

we dont hate u krishnaraj. keep asking whatever u want. n1 will hate u bc of ur questions.

sam said...


no one hates u over here. most of us here r christians not muslims. i just dont agree with islam and quran. i speak for myself on this one.

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

Hey krishnaraj,

Why not check for your self

If you follow this link you can compare many english translations with the original greek

Three quick questions.

1)Are you aware of a single christian doctrine that depends on any of these verses?

2) Do you understand that what a particular English translation includes has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not the Bible is the preserved word of God?

3) Do you really wish to make an argument about corruption based on such verses as

Mat 12:47 [Someone told him, "Your mother and your brothers are standing outside, asking to speak to you."] ??


Fernando said...


I can onlie speek for myself, butt I'm almost certain thate no true Christian hates you... we might thinke your're nott being honest in your approuch and questions and you simply ae being provocative, butt thate don't, eber, make us hate you... eben iff you started offending us likke, for instance, Osama The Great Abdallah, we would nott hate you: yes, we would abhorre your deeds, butt nott yourself...

aboout your questions... historical and scientific analisis off the texts can explain you the reasons for some off those "missing verses"... the reason whie they are "missing" are nott theological, rather filological... I'm sure you, and one off your friends (whate kind off friend would not explain this to you?... hummm...), can understand this...

mkvine said...


Having textual variants is nothing new, it's no secret. Thankfully, we have something called Textual Criticism, which determines which textual variants are the most accurate and which are not. In fact, the very reason you can post up these variant verses is BECAUSE textual critical scholars have determined their meaningfulness and viability. Another thing to consider is whether these textual variants affect Christian doctrine in any way; surprisingly none of them do. Also, are you aware that according to Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, less than 1% of textual variants are meaningful and viable? Yes, that means that we can be 99% certain that our text is close to the original (Dethroning Jesus, 60). I am surprised this issue is even being brought up at all. Muslims often claim that even though PARTS of the Bible have been corrupted, SOME parts do contain the word of Allah. But, according to Textual critical scholars, we KNOW what parts have been "corrupted" and which parts are the "words of Allah." So if you want to be consistent, that means you have to accept over 99% of the Bible. Hmm...something to think about.

Christ is Lord, He is Risen

george said...


IF you realize that everyone hates you then you sud find answer. By the way, as christians we dislike many things but never interested in hating any one. You are free to ask and share your opinions.

You are a Human and i ask you to be open to truth that attacking with prejudice mind.

God bless u

aussie christian said...

to krishnaraj,

Mate, buddy, I can only speak for myself and agree with others, I don't hate you.

The beauty of living in a democratic society vs islamic society is we can bitterly disagree, debate a point, concider you to be less than knowledgeable on a perticular subject, and all the while still love you as Christ loves us all.

Please remember, even if someone or most dont agree with you on a point, it is the point we dont agree with, not you.

I shall give you a small example, I totaly disagree with my brother who does not live his life as a christian, although he was raised as one, he drinks smokes, swears like a sailor, is totaly uncivilised to the majority of the human and animal race. But despite all this, I still Love him, cause he is my brother, and I would never ever see harm befall him so long as i draw breath.

Hope this helps mate.

Peace and love,

leviMichealathan said...

krishnaraj said:
I know everyone hates me here..,

it is very difficult and perhaps impossible to love someone who is against you.

but THE LORD JESUS compels us to love everyone. it is only through HIM that we can love you, krishnaraj.

it is difficult, i admit. that is why HE must increase and we must decrease.

true love comes when we DECIDE to love someone, i.e., we make a conscious decision and not love someone out of our emotions.

so krishnaraj we choose to love you even though you are against us; it is impossible to love you out of our emotions.

in fact, if a situation arises were a christian has to sacrifice his life to save yours, so be it; if you are dead, it is too late for you to accept CHRIST.

even when it comes to GOD, HE wants us to love HIM with all of our minds; HE never says to love HIM out of our emotions because it is impossible to love GOD (or man) that way...

Love based on emotions is like a rollercoaster: if you make me happy, i will love you, else i will despise you.

krishnaraj, Jesus loves you!

minoria said...

Hello Krishnaraj:

I don't hate you.In fact I thought the Shabir Ally video you made reference to was a good thing because I could show where I see defects in that man's exposition.His tactic is to NOT present RELEVANT INFO on the theme that actually weakens his position.

Come on now,that is being unworthy.


I thank David Wood because till a few days ago,when I saw him and Mary Jo in the ABN show I only knew that in a hadith Aysha had said "I have known of no women who have suffered more than the believing ones."

You have heard that in a hadith Mohammed says that to beat a wife is to strike her with a toothpick or light stick.That is shown by Muslims to say that the beating is very minimal,almost nothing.


Yet the Aysha hadith has it that it concerned a woman whose skin was GREENER than green.Yet Mohammed sided with ther husband,so there he approved of the beating.


Obviously Mohammed changed his mind.One time he was of one opinion,another time of another opinion.He was only human.But the Muslim leaders have to be honest and say it,Mohammed made mistakes,he was not God,we do not agree with eveything he did.

Anonymous said...

Krishnaraj said
"I know everyone hates me here.."

Hi Kris,

I can also speak for myself on this matter. Upon my elementary examination, I come up with a few options to your statement.

1. I believe whatever worldview you hold will be used unconsciously as a yardstick to see the world around you.

Based on this unexamined worldview you made a conclusion that you know everyone hates you. Thus, I dont think it is fair to everyone as you force put your words and push them to everyone throat to swallow. In fact the response from Christian brothers/sisters prove your worldview about us is totally wrong.

I believe you should now realise that you need to either:
1. keep your belief that we hate you. This makes you a delusional person. OR
2. Throw your existing worldview and start to embrace what we told you that we love you.

After learning Islamic teaching about hate and hatred, I actually can understand why you said things the way you said it and how you view things the way you view it.

2. Option 2 is "You know that we don't hate you, but you did it on purpose to make us look bad".

If this this what the cause of your statement, I hope know you realise that the Islamic teaching that you hold high is really leading you to self-deceptive. Again, the options to the answer are still 2: either your abandon it or your hold it tight regardless the flaws of it.

If this is not what the reason you said the things you said about us, then I believe you genuinely think we hate you based on my 1st observation on point 1 above.

At the end of the day, please remember Muhammad or Islam will not help you in any shape, form at all. In fact He needs your prayer for his salvation and salvation of his whole family.

I hope you can see things from a better standpoint now.

I love you in Christ as Christ loves me.

Fifth Monarchy Man said...

Hey Krishnaraj,

An important point to remember is that our love for you is supernatural. It is a result of the Holy Spirit that lives inside us as Christians.

Take the terrorist who just killed those soldiers in Texas for example. The natural thing would be for us to hate him and seek vengeance on him and his family for what he has done. But while I feel nothing but contempt for the ideology that lead him to do these things I truly feel love for him and I pray that even now he will see the light and embrace the savior who died for him.

This phenomena is perhaps the greatest evidence for the truth of Christianity.

Please think about it


leviMichealathan said...

muslim apologists come across as if it is some big secret that there are variants in the transmission of the NT;

for heaven's sake, these things are taught in bible colleges...

even the newer translations make mention of these variants.

fellows like deedat, naik, adbulla, etc, come across as if christians are trying to hide these things, meanwhile back at the ranch, it is ALSO the christian scolars who are writing books, papers, websites, articles, etc about the subject even long before the muslims started to mention it!

anyone who wants to study textual criticism of the NT can find ample information everywhere!

krishnaraj, why do your aplogists come across as if it such a big discovery?

even the author's names are also discussed in bible colleges; but muslim apologists make it seem as if it is the discovery of the century!

krishnaraj plz don't fall for it; do your own research and see for yourself that these muslim "apologists" really have nothing to prove christianity wrong!

may u come to Christ!

Fernando said...

Here are two links for this debate...