Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rifqa Bary Interview--Transcript and Audio

Rifqa Bary was interviewed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to determine whether she was in danger in Ohio for converting from Islam to Christianity. Interestingly, the FDLE declared that it would be inappropriate to investigate whether Islam calls for the deaths of apostates, and said that they refuse to look into the matter. (If they had, they would have discovered the facts presented here.) This, of course, made it Rifqa's word vs. the word of her parents, of Taqiyya-practicing Muslims, and of the Muslim-backing media. (Rifqa's parents were also interviewed. While Rifqa was forced to be alone during her interview, her parents were permitted to have members of CAIR in the room for support.) The FDLE concluded, despite Rifqa's testimony, that she is in no danger from Muslims. She has already been returned to Ohio, where she awaits her first hearing there. The audio of the interview can be heard here, and the transcript can be read here.


Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

I am afraid USA is sold much like Europe.

minoria said...

I have read in a link gaiven in faithfreedom that she has been taken to a secret location to continue her studies.But I think all is not lost.

Her family is undeniably illegal,she can apply for asylum,I am sure her lawyers are working on that or already have.Her father has been proven to have lied when in his 2 amnesty applications he gave info that contradicted the info in the other application...he was saying anything to get the amnesty.I believe Rifqa 100000% more than he.

What gives me hope is she has dedicated people working for her,like Pamela Geller and also her Christian friends in Ohio.

What makes me most sick is the stupid attitude of some non-Muslims who are SHOWN all the evidence that she is telling the truth and yet refuse to admit its validity,they are evil people,worth nothing,and who are losers in this life and the next.

Anthony Rogers said...

Few things are as disturbing to me as this whole thing. Let us fervently pray for Rifqa Bary; let us pray that she will be strengthened by the Lord to hold up under all of this.

May the Lord protect our sister from the Osama Abdallah's of this world.

minoria said...

Yes,Semper,I really hope for her safety also.I know she has a good ally in people like Pamela Geller.Again it makes me sick to see how people can be so blind to the obvious facts of Islam today,that the way it is now is anti-human rights.

It is not only for her,but many in the West have received death threats from Muslims.There are many fanatics in that community.It is the only religious community where hatred is so widespread if you criticise them.Pray for her safety and that of all who are in danger from Islam's fanatics.