Thursday, October 22, 2009

Geert Wilders Speaks at Columbia University







Radical Moderate said...

In the last video, the second Questioner summed up the problem.

She drew a parrelle between Nazi Germany depiction of the Jews and Gert Wilders exposing the truth about islam.

I beleive that the Devil's greatest triumph was Adulf Hittler. Yes Triumph, we often view hitler as a failure. Even in modern pulp culture he is viewed as a failure. In the moive "The Devils Advocate" the Hereo of the movie asks the Devil "What about Adulf Hitler". The Devil responds "A disapointment."

It is becasue of Hitler that anyone who speaks out against cultural releativism is labled as a NAZI. Most dont even know what NAZI stands for, or even the political ideology that that National Socialism preached and practiced.

This is why Adulf Hitler is the Devils greatest success story.

sam said...

people who r not familiar with Islam need to knw wut it is really about. geert wilders is right about the freedom is speech is takin away from europe and i think they sudnt have any more muslims coming to north america or the europe. this is only because they will cause more trouble and violence in the countries. i wud like to thank david woods and nabeel for exposing islam and keep up the good work.

aussie christian said...

Greetings bloggers.

I've been reading some of the blogs for a little while now, I am also fairly new to the internet.

Really looking forward to conversing with you all.

It is good to see someone in a position of power who isnt afraid to speak the truth, despite what the political corrects think.

chrisse said...

The refusal to address the islamic ideology, and the prevention of exposing the islamic ideology to fair criticism and historical truth in favour of historical narrative, together with the insistance of our moral relativists to focus the debate on people who call themselves muslim, is our biggest obstacle.

Not one of these moral relativists would bat an eyelash if you criticised communism, and come out crying crocodile tears for the persecution of the innocent communists, calling you a racist for doing so. If I was not a witness to the complete and wilful submission of the human intellect of moral relativists to the denial of truth and the fiction of personal perspective as being the arbiters of the basis of this debate, I'd think I was watching a Hollywood movie.

However, Europe is being hung on its own petard - re-writing history started with the revolutionary protesting xtians and was adopted and taken to greater heights by the enlightenment. We are now wallowing in the beginning of the new dark ages, that will really be dark and not a figment of prejudice and hate.

All these lies need to be exposed before there is any chance of civilisational recovery.

Fernando said...

Hi aussie christian... glad to see you arounde here... Hoppe to see you posting more comments in the future... May God help you and bless your entire family...

Anonymous said...

Already John Calvin has warned for the danger from Islam. This is a fight (war: that is what the islam is calling it) that has been going on for centuries when America was still insignificant! This fight will be lost because of ignorant unlearned idealists (Nihilists).