Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rifqa Bary's Testimony Prior to Her Father's Death Threats


Fifth Monarchy Man said...


This girl rocks. When I think of what my life looked like at her age it makes me weep with shame.

This is the most encouraging thing I have seen in a long time. What courage! What devotion! What love even for those who would harm her!

Compared to the transforming power of the gospel as illustrated by this young lady's life Islam is nothing but a cruel joke.

and a little child shall lead them.
(Isaiah 11:6b)

For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake. For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
(2 Corinthians 4:5-6)

Amen and amen


Radical Moderate said...

Umm, looks like they made the video private for some reason.

Anonymous said...

one thing is certain: the girl is crazy for jesus :)

Radical Moderate said...


Answer Rifqa Berry s parents, and the Orlando Sentinal.

Is it not obvious by now that her parents want to hurt this girl. They cant hurt her physicaly so they will hurt her emotionaly.

But what do these diraies contain? Are they love letters, are they sexualy explicit, do they detail the life and times of sexualy permiscouis drug using teen ager?

No. they detail her love for CHRIST.

"The writings reveal a young woman who has embraced fundamentalist Christianity, who has stood outside an abortion clinic, duct tape across her mouth, alongside other protesters, and who has dreamed about Armageddon.

She must convert her family to Christianity, she wrote, including her older brother, Rilvan, 18, who worships "demonic music."

She must approach strangers and talk about Jesus. She saved a list of tips on how to do that: "Do NOT be sneaky," she wrote. "Sit down . . . get to know them . . . (Ask) would you mind for 5 min if I share the gospel with you."

Amazing that these parents and CAIR thought they could hurt shame and humulate this little girl by publishing her diaries.

Amazing how Christ is glorified in the pain of this little girl. Amazing how this petite little girl is standing up to the devil worshipers. Muslims you could learn a lot from her, we all could learn alot from her.

Bryant said...

I Love it! She has a healthy dose of passion. God IS raising up a generation for Him. Revival is coming!!

minoria said...

About this thing about Armageddon.For some illogical(I think due to willful blindness) reason many non-Christians believe we actually are trying to bring WW III.Hmmm,it is because they want to ignore the CONTRARY evidence.

No Christian is in a "secret conspiracy" to bring WW III.It only happens we due our best for world peace,but we believe that it will happen,but NOWHERE does it say in the NT:"speed it up!"

Yet when you say this to some non-Christians,they think it isn't true.Why?They want to believe even if there is no evidence.There are still many people that believe black people are inferior.Why?Because they want to believe even if the evidence is against it.

minoria said...

RIFQA's diary shows that it was not true that her family is "liberal-minded".CHILDREN can often see through pretense.It shows her parents' declaration that she was "kidnapped" to be false.It shows she was a Christian for years.


Suppose a WHITE girl had a BLACK boyfriend.She does not tell her parents for YEARS.Why?

Would she keep it a SECRET for YEARS if her father and mother were liberal,open-minded,caring,loving,moderate,not filled with CONTEMPT for black people?

Hmmm,I don't think so.She would have told them after a FEW MONTHS.She knew they would not FREAK OUT.She would know they were REASONABLE,modern,21th century people,humanistic,easy-going.

Radical Moderate said...
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minoria said...

It is true,she is very charismatic!When I made the last 2 comments I had not yet seen the video because of a technical problem,just a blank.In fact I only knew the content in general from comments in

I sure hope God protects her.It makes me more determined to make the world a better place.Sadly some non-Muslims I know are very blind towards the danger posed by the Muslim persons who don't believe in human rights,freedom of speech.

You explain things to them and they react irrationally.They can not get it into their heads that TODAY an large and large numbers in a COMMUNITY of people cn actually favor killing a person based on religion.And that it can actaully be related to a religion.


Some 20% of Hindus are UNTOUCHABLES.For thousands of years they were mistreated Sanctioned by Religion.Their discrimination is part of the religion belief system.Yet in spite of that many non-Muslims can not get it that violation of human rights can actually be justified as part of the belief system of Islam.

Radical Moderate said...

This is a message. Do you really think that CAIR would selectivly release this to the media. The whirl wind is comming. The message to young Rifqa, is "we dont have to physicaly touch you to hurt you."

There may be things she wrote that any normal teen age girl would write in her diary. Things that her parents and CAIR are now threatinging to publish.

The sad thing is that her parents will publish them. The sad part is that muslims will think this shames Christ. Instead it only will shame them, it only will condem them.

minoria said...

Hello Fat Man:

I think you are right,but we are all human.But on the second hand:"How can we be sure what will be released in the future are REALLY her words?Do you really think CAIR is not above cutting pieces or adding words?"It will if it has too.

Another deletion.I wonder who it was and what it was about,I haven't read it.In fact several times there have been deletions.

Radical Moderate said...

The deletion was mine and I reposted what I wrote. I needed to edit it becasue when I wrote the orginal I was emotional and I ended it with a threat. I removed threat so as not to take away from what I wrote.

Radical Moderate said...
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Adam said...



Who is Evading the Debate- Janab Akbar or Sakshi? You Decide


Update: Christian Muslim Debate at Calicut on October 2009.

Sakshi: An Apologetics Network

Just to inform you all. How Indian Muslim Daawa preachers who are running away just like Zakir to Debate Christian Apologists

Radical Moderate said...


Yeah typical muslim, he can attack the bible using any means possible. Use atheist, pagans, mormons, Jehovah Witness, even Jews.

But even try to use othrodox scholars on his Koran and Hadeeths he crys foul.

minoria said...

Hello Fat Man:

Thank you for the input.It shows you have the humility to see where things were not as best as they could be.Thank you again for the message.

About what Adam wrote,I think the Muslim debaters in India can not reject the hadiths.There it is not like here,where many Muslims reject some of them.There in India a Muslim can be hurt by his own fellow Muslims.

SHAH RUKH KHAN is married to a HINDU woman,but for the Muslims there she is not a real wife,but in the category of concubine,so to speak.

Ryan S said...

What a powerful testimony...

Im shocked that Osama hasnt posted anything on this!

Adam said...

Review of one the largest Christian Muslim Debates in India: Truth Triumphed

Transcript of May 10 Debate: Divinity of Jesus and Messengerhood of Muhammad

After 9/11 Islam is the only religion which has spent millions on Advertisement and PR to promote islam as a good product.
Many made fortune out of the lucrative business of Daawa projects, especially English educated Muslims.

After late Ahmed Dedat many muslim used his tactics to gain popularity.
Starting with

Dr. Zakir Naik who started IRF (Islamic Research Foundation) Mumbai (Bombay)
zakir calls himself student of comaparative religion, but you will never find him debating other student of comparative religion either Hindu( Arya Samaj) or Christian Apologists to islam.

Open Challenge to Dr. Zakir Naik check the below link

Br.Imran stated IREF (islamic research and education foundation) Hyderabad

Imran over the years has been coping zakir naik and deedat. His tactics are very simple, debate with catholic priest and local church pastors. Arrange dialogues with people who dont know islam or people not trained with apologetics.

Check this link Bro. Imran of IREF answered

True Message Center, and Center for Peace and True Message Answered

Mr. Asifuddin Muhammad started IACR (Islamic Academy of Comparative Religions) Bangalore
He is also known as zakir naik student as he uses zakir research work

On October 27, 2007 Sakshi: An Apologetics Network in India had a dialog with IACR on the topic ‘The Concept of Sin and Salvation in Christianity and Islam’
The dialog links are below

M.M Akbar started his Niche of Truth in Kerala India
Similar tactics debate people who are not trained with Christian apologetics especially Catholic priests, orthodox priest of Syrian Orthodox Church of India and local church pastors.
On August 22, 2008 in Kottayam Kerala India Bro. Jerry Thomas gave a two-hour rebuttal session for M.M. Akbar’s wild allegations against the Holy Bible.
check the below link

In india These days islamic Daawa preacher are running away from Christian apologist to islam, like mice and zakir the rat never comes out of IRF hole.

Fernando said...

Hei... Muslim Phantom... no feedback about thise? And whate is doing Ibn? Is he in Somalia or in Pakistan killing Christians? Or organizing violent muslim manifestations in the UK or Belgium? Hummm....

Nakdimon said...

Adam, I take it you are in India. Keep up with the great work you are doing for the Body of our Lord and Messiah, Yeshua of Nazereth, the Blessed Son of God, Who should be praised through all eternity, together with His Son.

It is good to see that those Indian Muslim apologists are kept in hiding. That demonstrates that the truth of the Gospel is shining bright and as long as that is the case, the darkness keeps it on a down low. Which is exactly what Islam has to do as long as the Gospel remains supreme. Keep challenging those Muslims and exposing their double standards.

Shalom & God Bless,

Adam said...


News from Pakistan


GOJRA Christians massacre was due to hate announcements from Mosques A Shocking Report