Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homegrown Jihad: Terrorist Camps around the U.S.


mkvine said...

Give it up for the religion of Peace!

leviMichealathan said...

people, don't u think its strange that catholicism and islam have so much in common besides being the work of satan?
watch this video:

Anonymous said...

michael pls. stop talking stupid stuff. how catholicism can be the work of satan? so i guess, they were worshipping satan until martin luther appeared. ya right. ur bashing the largest number of christians. i am baptized as roman-catholic, but i dont feel like one. i am also thinking right now if i should get baptized for the 2nd time, so that i can say that its my choice. in my case it was my parents choice. still, imo one isnt born as christian, but one BECOMES christian. i dont feel also protestant or orthodox. i am christian, just like bible says. u cannot find the word protestant or catholic in the bible. catholics believe that the bible is the word of god and that jesus is god. i know that u disagree with them when it comes to saints, mary, pope and stuff like that, but honestly who cares. christianity is abt jesus and not mary or pope. i couldnt care less if they think that mary stayed virgin all her life and u dont. is that so important? u probably know which verses they use to justify the pope. well, our faith in jesus is THE ROCK. all christians agree on this and theres no need to call other denominations names. imo christianity is one religion. i am sad, most ppl dont share my viewpoint.

Radical Moderate said...

First Muslims be friend you then they behead you.

minoria said...

Hello Ilena:

Thank you for the input.I believe that there are certainly saved people in the Catholic Church.In fact leading Protestant thinkers also think the same.

The reason given is that the bare minimum is having Jesus in your heart.Or even less,when you take into consideration the story of Jesus and the good thief on the cross.


He is a famous Evangelical scholar who was born a Catholic,became an atheist and later became Protestant.You can find him in youtube.He has a Phd and has written several books.He is a friend of ROBERT PRICE,the Jesus Seminar scholar,even though they are on the opposite side concerning Jesus.


I do not think it exists but GREG BOYD has come to the conclusion(and this is in youtube)that something like it does exist.That people are saved by faith but that there is a time of purification before entering heaven.

I agree the basis is Jesus.And I certainly think that several famous Catholics (because they had Jesus in their hearts)did go to heaven(even though some of their theological ideas were inacurrate,according to my way of thinking).They would be,for example:

1.FRANCIS of ASSISI(founder of the Franciscans)
2.JOHN BOSCO(Italy,founder of the SALESIANS),19th century,he is known by all Italians.
3.PADRE PIO,20th century,Italy,very famous there.
5.FRANCIS XAVIER,Jesuit missionary,basque.

Unknown said...

dear llena, i deeply regret if u r offended; i do realize that catholics r very sincere people; i wasn't refering to people, i was refering to the system of catholicism; i'm very glad to hear that u believe in bible and bible alone; plz 4give me if i hurt u in any way!
also, plz watch the video; imo, it is very insightfful.
God bless!

Fernando said...

Yes... I feel bery strange when I see Christian believers attacking other true Christian denominations... bery strange...

Anonymous said...

uau minoria. i have to admit that i am a bit surprised here. first of all, none of us knows whose way is the right one. only jesus knows this. furthermore, u think that "there are certainly saved people in the Catholic Church." and then u name some our saints, who r 100% saved according to u. thats big. bc it means that only 1% of catholics go to heaven. even not all of our saints r there. first of all we dont believe in allah, who hates vast majority of his creation. we believe in a true god who is infintely loving, good, just and merciful. imo good muslims and ppl of other religions will also go to heaven. u can be jesus' desciple even when u have never heard of him. if u do what he says, that means hes proud of u, eventhough u dont have to necessarily be christian. pls, i refuse to believe that a pious nun or rabbi will go to hell only bc they aint protestants or r jews. u also seem to generalise when it comes to catholics. and i wonder why u didnt add our late pope john on ur list. if u knew some stuff abt mother theresa i am not sure if u would give her such a high grade. lets not forget when martin luther appeared. i dont believe all christians went to hell b4 his majesty illuminated us. still, i find one thing interesting. i think that majority of christian converts to islam r catholics. to cut the long story short, i am still amazed that 1 am one of the rare persons who think that christianity is one religion and that its all abt jesus and that theological stuff and differences aint such a big deal and dont determine if we re gonna go to heaven. i believe that the holy spirit is present in each christian church during the mass, even when u believe that u eat just a mere bread and catholics jesus' body. btw. do u think that muhammad is in heaven? that would be a good question to answer.


no problem really. ill watch the video. and one more thing, i dont believe in the bible and the bible only. i believe in jesus and jesus only. perhaps this sounds weird and i cannot explain it either, but thats how things look like. bible is just a book. we aint ppl of the book. muslims r. they believe in book. we believe in jesus.

greetings to all

ubiquitouserendipity said...

mkvine said...
Give it up for the religion of Peace!

September 30, 2009 11:54 PM

ubiquitouserendipity says: and give it up for the religion of marital bliss, the religion of the freeing of women and protection of women's rights, ahhhhh,,, the relgion of domestic trankillity (sic, and sick).

i just need to post this in a few posts so that it gets some attention,,, again.

Peace, in His love, papajoe

Fernando said...

Illena said: «bible is just a book. we aint ppl of the book. muslims r. they believe in book. we believe in jesus»... absolutelly right... I imagine... butt I think this is not the place to cxhange arguments between Christian denominations (funny how some Christians demonize other true Christians...): there are other places to do so... I do believe thate all Christian denominations have a more or less big share off the true thate is Jesus... these ones focus more this aspect; others another one, butt it's the Person of Jesus, true God and true Man, who saves us all... Amen!

Anonymous said...

fernando ur right. this blog deals with christianity vs. islam and not catholicism vs. protestantism. i just had to react after michaels comment, but he aplogised , so now everything is fine. we should concentrate from now on on proving that christianity is true and islam is false. god bless

minoria said...

Hello Ilena:

I did not mean to say only 1% of Catholics go to heaven,I was just naming the most famous people.I know Mother Teresa in her letters was almost an atheist,she gives the impression she really didn't believe in God.But she certainly did before and that was enough.Because in the story of the thief on the cross,one certainly doesn't believe the thief,who outlived Jesus,did not give up in the end.


You refered to non-Christians getting saved even if they never heard of Jesus.That could be it,because Paul says something in that area in ROM 2:13-16.Specially verses 13 and 16,which are somewhat hard to understand.

It talks of being justified(saved)by the law and talks of pagans who don't have the law,yet following it because it is in their hearts,and Jesus will judge them.Being justified by the law even though you don't know it but because you have it in your heart seems to imply a different way of salvation for those who never heard.


It is true that is written.Yet,WHO is Jesus?He is GOD.Salvation can not come through Buddha,Krishna,the 300 Arab gods,the Greek-Roman gods,African gods,etc.


They don't exist.They are only products of the imagination.They have no power.

So it could be Paul,who certainly believed Jesus was the only way to salvation(er,God)is here telling us God accepting those who never heard of him,or who didn't get enough information to make a wise choice,and having them justified(saved) also but BASED on having the "law in their hearts".The passages are not 100% clear but that is what it seems to imply.


It could well be that Jesus,when he said "I am the way,the life and the truth,no one comes to the Father but through me"here refers to the situation in ROM 2:13-16,where even pagans are justified-saved because of having the law in their hearts and in verse 16 it is Jesus who decides(it is assumed after a person's death).

minoria said...


Continuing with the passage when I think of Judaism it seems that there alot of light is shed on it.In the BOOK OF JUBILEES 7:20-28,2nd cent. BC we have the first formulation of what later became the 7 NOAHIDE LAWS(they appear in the TALMUD,500 AD).

In Judaism is the idea that the Gentiles can be saved outside of Judaism if they adhere to those laws.


There is NO mention of heaven in the OT so it would be that they Gentiles(righteous ones)would be resurrected also(since resurrection is mentioned in the OT).Or,since modern Judaism accepts a heaven,then they would go to heaven.In fact the idea of heaven was already present in Jesus' time in Judaism,as the gospels show.


When you put ROM 2:13-16 side by side with the Judaic idea of salvation for the righteous Gentiles,in reality you see the only difference,in my humble view,is that at the end Paul includes the name of Jesus.

That would like substitute Yahweh as the judge(Judaic idea)but since for Paul Jesus was Yahweh,it was the same thing.


Paul mentions it.By logic he didn't mean the pagans miraculously discovered the 613 Mosaic laws by themselves.He meant a MINIMUM necesarry.In Judaism there is that idea also,the 7 Noahide laws are the bare minimum.

But what would that minimum for justification?Justification means being declared just,good enough to be accepted by God.Most probably it varies from situation and individual,God taking into consideration all the details.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

to: leviMichael; Ilena; minoria; Theodore (whom i assume is levimichael); and, blessed brother fernando: though i do believe that amongst the household of faith theology does indeed matter, i also know that there are fora innumerable where Christians can dialogue and debate theology. so i have a question for you all: did you folks hear about the calvinist terrorist who went into a roman catholic mass and detonated a bomb belt, killing 37 men, women, and children?
me neither.

to minoria: i love your posts. you are so clear, so detailed, so insightful,,, and so bright. you are truly a blessing, and reading your posts are like little history lessons on the fly. G_d bless you and your beloveds, and keep you safe.

to fernando: your posts are always so detailed, and so on point. your biblical knowledge, coupled with your history as a forced convert to mohammedanism, and knowledge of history of religions is devastating to the mopologists who come here to flail about in their mindless apologetic for the indefensible, read: mohammedanism. you are truly a special blessing brother fernando. G_d our Savior bless you and your beloveds, keep you safe, and increase your influence and outreach. thank you for sharing your love for our Savior with us fernando.

Peace to all who bow the knee to Jesus Christ, our Lord, our G_d, our Savior, and our King,,, and may the G_d of love and light, the I AM, HASHEM Adonai, by the power of His Holy Spirit, draw those lost in the darkness of mohammed worship to the foot of the cross, and to the love of Christ, Who died for the sin of the world. amen

in His love, papajoe

minoria said...

Hello Serendipity:

Thank you for the kind words.They are very encouraging.I appreciate your kind words.I just try to be as accurate as possible,though I do make mistakes.

I would also like to add that in the latest entry to MARYAM NAMAZIE's blog( there is a call to sign another petition.This time to stop the stoning of a woman in Iran.I have signed it,gave them my email address.Please,check it out and let's try our best to stop the stoning of that woman.

True,she commited a crime but the age of stoning is gone and done with.Thank you again Serendipity,for your words of appreciation for me and Fernando.

minoria said...

Hello Adam:

Thank you for the information.I have given this before but I thought you might not know it.There is a Catholic website that is very good.It has debates and talks.I often listened to it.

It has Catholic Answers Live,also debates by WILLIAM CRAIG,DINESH D'SOUZA,KARL KEATING(Conservative Catholic),MICHAEL LICONA,etc, and FULTON SHEEN TALKS(popular Catholic priest of the 50's and 60's).It is in:


I know there are inspiring Catholic Christians,even if one disagrees with some doctrines.One case is that of a JESUIT PROVINCIAL in Japan,the Portuguese Father FERREIRA.Francis Xavier and other Jesuits did missionary work there beginning circa 1550 and by 1600 there were like 200,000 Catholic Christians.


Then a great persecution broke out and thousands died as martyrs.They were tortured to force them to deny Jesus,including the European Jesuits.Again,thousands prefered torture to death that deny Jesus.One was a high Jesuit offical,FERREIRA.He suffered torture for 5 hrs,then he could not stand it and denied Jesus.His life was spared.


He lived for 20 more years in Japan,but then one day he could not continue more,and told the authorities that he recanted his recantation and he was again tortured to make him change his mind,but this time he did not recant and died.This is a well-known story for those who are familiar with the history of Christianity in Japan.

Chennai Man said...

Ilena said...

u cannot find the word protestant or catholic in the bible.

Dear illena even you can't find the word "Christian" in your hollly bible. so your whole faith is fiction and man made isn't?

Chennai Man said...

leviMichael said...

people, don't u think its strange that catholicism and islam have so much in common besides being the work of satan?

Mr.Levi can you explain about it more?

David Wood said...

Ashraf said: "Dear illena even you can't find the word "Christian" in your hollly bible."

Has anyone noticed that Muslims like Ashraf never bother to actually read the "holly" Bible before making completely false claims about it?

Acts 11:26--". . . The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch."

Acts 26:28--"Then Agrippa said to Paul, 'Do you think that in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian?'"

1 Peter 4:16--"However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name."

Now will there be an apology? A correction? An admission that something false has been said about our book? Doubtful.

leviMichealathan said...


watch this video:

quality isn't that good; there are better quality videos of the same lecture on the web, just look 4 it;

Adam said...

Hi Minoria,

Thanx for your information. Let’s all Christian from all denomination on this Blog unite and only Discuss what this blog is all about.

These days in India the Mohammadians are trying to create differences among Bible Christian and Majority Catholic Christians. By talking about the common belief among Muslims and Catholics.

I'll like inform on few more points.

DINESH D'SOUZA is from community (community in terms of Language and race as India is a sub continent)

ST Francis Xavier he is the Patron saint of Konkani Catholic (Konkani an Indian language spoken is Goa and other parts of Western coastal India) His remains lays in Bom Jesus Church Goa India. He is also the patron of Tamil Catholics in parts of Tamilnadu and Sri Lanka. (TN state in South India).

St Gonsala Gracia patron saint Of The Archdiocese of Bombay (Mumbai) Gonsala Gracia also well known among the Japanese.

Anonymous said...

"Dear illena even you can't find the word "Christian" in your hollly bible. so your whole faith is fiction and man made isn't?"

david showed u the passages, so i guess we can conclude that christianity aint fiction but true and aint man made, but is from true god. the funniest thing in the world is when muslims accuse us that christianity is man made. well, just take a second and look at ur one witness account u so blindly follow. christianity has more credibility bc it aint based on the account of one guy and his imaginary friend.


its always nice to hear from u. as we already stated here, denomination doesnt really matter. we re all christians and followers of jesus. thats only thing that matters.