Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Sad, Lonely World of Nadir Ahmed

Nadir has been emailing me over the past few days (until I had to block him). He knows I'm doing a series of videos and articles on him, so he sent me his favorite picture of himself to use in my posts. (He calls this his "approved picture.")

I was surprised to see that Nadir's best picture of himself is so depressing, but then I realized how lonely Nadir must be. When a man insults everyone around him, compulsively lies, and tries to bully and manipulate people--well, let's just say that this isn't a recipe for lasting friendships.

I remember the last time I saw Nadir. We were in California for some debates. When we were done, Nadir tried to get everyone to hang out with him. No one, Christian or Muslim, wanted to spend so much as a moment with Nadir. He kept saying, "Come on, I'm wired, let's go out." But no one wanted anything to do with him. Everyone wanted to get as far away from him as possible, as quickly as possible. Then a few of us did go out, but not with Nadir.

What I found shocking was that Nadir didn't seem to understand why everyone was so repulsed by his behavior. Nadir insults people regularly; he calls people names; he insults not only his opponents, but their families; he accuses his opponents of being pedophiles; he spreads lies about people; he threatens his fellow Muslims with physical violence; he uses horribly offensive language; he accuses his fellow Muslim apologists of being homosexuals; he lies constantly; and he never stops praising himself. And yet, he just doesn't understand why people don't want to be around someone who behaves like this. It's as if Nadir can't escape the mentality of a nine-year-old, and he doesn't understand why other people see things differently.

On the one hand, I pity Nadir. He clearly has low self-esteem, and his tantrums and atrocious behavior seem like some kind of pathetic defense mechanism. Perhaps Nadir has compulsions that he cannot control, driving away all those around him. Indeed, we may wonder whether Nadir has other psychological problems. Anyone who starts rambling about sex with prostitutes in the middle of a debate on New Testament reliability can't be completely stable.

It seems, then, that something isn't right about Nadir, and that some of his behavior may not be his fault. When I think about this, I don't want to start a series on Nadir. It's just not nice to attack someone whose faculties aren't functioning properly. And yet, just when I think I can't go through with it, Nadir sends Mike Licona (a historical Jesus scholar and a close friend of mine) an unprovoked email, calling Mike a "dork." It's times like this that make me realize that psychological disorders are irrelevant here. After all, if a man had a deadly and contagious virus, he would be quarantined, whether the virus was his fault or not. Similarly, if a man is the most selfish, egomaniacal, insulting, arrogant, deceptive person I have ever met, he must be exposed, whether he's in his right mind or not.


Anonymous said...

Nadir is very unstable. When I debated him called the early church fathers who were martyred, such as polycarp and ignatius, "stupid."

Nadir has the nerve to start in on Mike Licona?! Licona would destroy Nadir Ahmad if they were to debate. However Licona debates top notch scholars and apologists like Bart Ehrman and Shabir Ally. I can't see Licona wasting any time on Nadir after he has been humiliated by those who were unaware of his mental condition (Shamoun, White, Wood).

That said, I would advise everyone to ignore and stay away from Nadir. He could go off at any minute. I get a fealing about the guy that he is a ticking time bomb. Iblocked Nadir and stopped communicating with him on paltalk a couple months ago because he started talking about how allah caused Shabir Ally's son to go blind because Shabir believes Jesus survived crucifixion. Then he said Ahmad deedat was punished for the same view. After hearing that I knew he was insane.

Fernando said...

Mie prayers are on Nadir Ahmed... Mai he get all the help he needs... He always seemed to mee someone completelie "short circuited" due to the factt he has the need to defende whate, in his heart, knows to be false: islam... ounce again: mie prayers are with Nadir Ahmed.

ben malik said...

Wood, is it true that his wife left him as well? The reason I ask is because people who regularly are on platalk say that she came on there awhile back speaking out against Nadir. I was told from some credible sources that she accused Nadir of having an illicit affair with a Muslim woman which caused their split. They say that she stated that Nadir justified his adultery by calling it muta.

In fact, the incident at White's debate where he went on rambling about his sexual behavior may have been a direct result of these paltalk encounters.

Do you anything about this professor, or about his wife leaving him?

If it is true I don't blame her. It isn't easy living with someone who loves himself more than he loves anyone else, especially more than God.

Michelle Qureshi said...

I really wish we could just put Nadir Ahmed in the past... but he keeps on coming back. I pray God will renew his spirit, his person, and his soul.

Bryant said...


I respect your approach to Nadir Ahmed. I understand that you want to expose him. However, I honestly believe that you are playing right into Nadir's hand here. He wants you to spend time talking about him. It gives him the attention he desires. It makes him feel as if he is still relevant, when he truly isn't. Nadir does not want to be forgotten. He sends these e-mails to get people riled up. And when you respond, you only prove that his tactics are working. I would consider not doing the series on Nadir simply because he does not even deserve to be mentioned.

Work to get a consensus among Christians and Muslims to completely ignore Nadir, and watch him become a distant memory.

David Wood said...


I agree with you in part. Nadir craves attention, and that's a concern. However, I doubt Nadir wants the sort of attention I'm about to give him. I have no intention of interacting with his ideas, since he doesn't have any. Instead, I'm going to expose him thoroughly.

The problem (as I show in a video that I will post tonight or tomorrow) is that some people don't do background checks when it comes to Nadir. He goes up to someone like Ehteshaam and claims to be a great Muslim apologist, and some people never bother to examine Nadir's claims about himself.

So my plan runs as follows.

(1) I'm going to do some blog posts, videos, and articles on Nadir.

(2) Once all of the material has been compiled, I'm going to put all of it on a single site:

(3) All of us can work together making sure that there are links to all over the internet.

(4) This site will soon be the top entry when people type "Nadir Ahmed" into search engines.

(5) This will make it easier for people to learn the truth about Nadir.

(6) Once this project has been completed, we can ignore Nadir forever.

David Wood said...

Ben Malik,

I knew (1) that Nadir was married at one point, (2) that his wife left him, and (3) that he goes nuts when people mention "muta" around him.

However, I always figured that his wife left him because he is the most deceptive, insulting, arrogant person in the world. I had no idea that there may have been an affair.

Now, if Nadir committed a sin and repented of it, that wouldn't be any of my business. But if what you said is true, then Nadir may actually approve of muta. This would be relevant to my articles and videos on Nadir, since he claims that he has never practiced muta and that he doesn't believe in it.

Does anyone know how to get into contact with Nadir's ex-wife? I would like to record an interview with her about Nadir. I can even make sure she is reimbursed for her time.

Radical Moderate said...

All aboard for the Nadir train Wreck. It's funny but I was first introduce to this site as well as Dr Whites site becasue of Nadir. It was during the White and Nadir Debate. I actualy called Nadirs Mosq in Peroria to confront his Imam on the things that Nadir said during the debate. It was recorded over paltalk. I might still have it but that was several system rebuilds ago. I know I sent it to Sam Shamoun and I think even to Dr White. Christain Prince from paltalk has it, he has part of it in a utube video.

In this call his Imam through Nadir under the bus. He said and I'm quoting from memory "Nadir is a very smart man, he does this on his own our mosq does not support him in anyway. He is just a member of the Mosq and not on the pay roll of the clergy"... Then after I confronted him on the things that Nadir said "Oh no this does not sound like Nadir, if any muslim said those things about Jesus or Christian he is not a muslim"

Radical Moderate said...

I wasnt done with the last post actualy hit the publish button instead of preview.

I actualy do feel sorry for Nadir. He definitly suffers from some sort of disorder. I'm thinking ADD, mixed in with OCD, and just a touch of Mania mixed in for good measure.

But then again that sounds like me :) Well have fun Dr Wood playing with the crazy people. I know I will have fun reading all about it :)

Haecceitas said...

Now that we're talking about Nadir Ahmed, do you know anything about his educational background? I think he called Bob Morey's show many years ago and tried to challenge him to a debate. I seem to remember that he claimed that he holds a bachelor's degree in religious studies. But I don't remember seeing/hearing anything about that recently (in the introductions to formal debates, etc).

IslamSINS said...

Hmmmmm, I'm vacillating on your proposed Nadir-effort, Dr. Wood.

Because Nadir is the poster boy for the term, "attention whore", this might be flattering to him. He appears not to care where the attention comes from, nor what form it takes. Sorta reminds me of the old Hee-Haw song with a twist on the lyrics, "If it weren't for bad attention, he'd have no attention at all". This doesn't seem to bother him.

I also don't know if it would be wise to involve his ex-wife in any critical effort to expose this lunatic. Ex's might not be able to give an objective opinion, and if he's riled to rage, he might try to harm her. She's his "ex" for a reason.

We only see what Nadir publicly displays. If this is his controlled, best-foot-forward, image, can you imagine what he's like behind closed doors? Oy! He must be a tempest in a cesspool. I'm surprised that he hasn't choked to death on the toxic fumes from his own verbiage.

That Ehteshaam thinks he's a legitimate role model only shows that Ehteshaam, like most Muslims apologists, spent no time investigating what he's promoting. After all, if he did, he wouldn't have made such a poor showing in last week's Romulus debate, would he?

Nadir has been a dead man walking for years. The only thing which keeps his name alive is the scathing criticism given by others. It might benefit mankind were we to brush off his dementia and exile him to the land of the ignored. It might even be considered a public service, to let this moldy corpse rest in complete isolation. Judging from his repugnant behavior, he's incapable of learning through the criticisms he collects. He might even enjoy standing atop his dung heap, thinking he's "king of the mountain".

David Wood said...

Fat Man,

If you can find this recording, it might be a good file to add to my website on Nadir.


As I see it, there are two factors here.

(1) Nadir loves attention, and by writing articles and putting out videos, I'm drawing attention to him.

(2) Nadir is still going to Christians and Muslims, telling them that he's one of Islam's main defenders in the world.

So here's the dilemma. On the one hand, if I expose Nadir and put everything together on a website, this draws attention to him. But it makes the material easier to access and will help prevent Nadir from deceiving people about his own importance.

On the other hand, if I don't expose Nadir and make a website about him, no further attention will be drawn to him by me. But this will allow him to continue deceiving Christians and Muslims about his importance.

You say that Nadir's career is dead. That's true. But as you could see from my debate with Ehteshaam, Nadir is still hard at work deceiving people. If we stand by and do nothing, I fear that more young apologists will be fooled by Nadir.

Anthony Rogers said...


I remember Nadir's debate challenge to Dr. Morey. In fact, I have it recorded on a CD somewhere. I don't recall what Nadir said about his educational background at the time, but I do remember that Dr. Morey asked him if he was an Imam. Nadir said very clearly that he was and that he was qualified to represent Islam.

Royal Son said...

As a Christian, I'm sorry but I have to say I disagree with this thread. I do not think it is glorifying to the Lord to perpetuate the kind of postings that are taking place here.

First of all. I have no interest in Nadir's marriage or his personal affairs. They have absolutely nothing to do with us. We should keep out of them.

Secondly, his behavior can speak for itself. Do we seriously need to declare open season on the guy?

Thirdly, there's nothing wrong with his photo at all. Talking about him looking depressed because he's a sad and lonely man is not my idea of how we should go about our work as apologists. I know that the owners of this blog are of a Godly ministry and their work is of a high calibre. I therefore believe that such threads as this are not fitting.

I imagine it has been started because of frustration. I can understand and empathise with those who may have had negative encounters with Nadir in the past. Yes, warnings about interacting with such people may indeed be justified, but I'm sorry, I do have to disagree with the way this is being carried out.

As far as I'm concerned, we bring more glory to God by praying for him and showing our love in spite of any hatred he may have toward us. I think we ought to rise to a higher level.

We should stop and think: "Am I truly any better than Nadir?" Is it not because of God's grace alone that there is any merit of righteousness accounted to me? I deserve wrath, but God showed me mercy.

Supposing Nadir were to receive the gospel by the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in the future, would it not be a shame to us that this kind of activity was undertaken by our part?

Again, I'm not saying it is wrong to warn people but just think for a moment, what would the Lord think of such comments:

"Well have fun Dr Wood playing with the crazy people."

I would rather it read:

"Well, much grace Dr Wood, praying for the lost souls"

Our work shall be tested with fire.

IslamSINS said...

Dr. Wood, the dilemma is why I vacillate. To expose, or not to expose: That is the question. For now, I will remain firmly on the fence, unable to commit to either position. It's easier reading about him than listening to him. LOL - he triggers my gag reflex and makes me break out in hives.

David Wood said...

Royal Son,

I know that your view is quite popular among Christians nowadays, but when we look to Scripture, I don't see the "Well, just pray for people" attitude. Rather, I see false teachers and enemies of the Gospel constantly exposed and rebuked.

Let me ask you this. If you had been present when Jesus was criticizing the Pharisees, calling them "whitewashed tombs" and "blind guides," would you have said, "Now Jesus, I'm really shocked at your behavior. Shouldn't you just be praying for these guys instead of condemning them? Do you really need to expose and embarrass them like this?"

When we're dealing with those who oppose the Gospel, there are two concerns: (1) the false teacher and his salvation, and (2) people the false teacher might influence. You seem to be focusing on (1). I'm focusing on (2).

Despite the overwhelming public outrage against Nadir, he still manages to influence certain young people into thinking that he's a respected apologist and debater. Should we let him continue to influence and deceive people? Should we simply pray that his heart softens towards the Gospel?

When we add the fact that Nadir spreads lies and deception about God's true servants, that he insults and degrades those who defend the Gospel, can you really say that we shouldn't shine a light on Nadir?

Nadir looks horribly depressed in every picture I see of him. I don't say this to make fun of him. I say this because I want Nadir and others to understand that there are consequences for our actions. If a man does the sorts of things Nadir does, he's going to end up miserable and friendless. That's just a fact. As Epictetus said, "If any be unhappy, let him remember he is unhappy by reason of himself alone."

You also said that Nadir's personal relationships are irrelevant. I have to disagree to a certain extent. If Nadir supports muta (prostitution), this is something that young Muslim apologists need to be aware of when they decide to listen to Nadir or not.

Now be honest. If you had a pastor who supported prostitution, do you really think this is no one's business but his own? Shouldn't people be aware of this when they decide whether to listen to him?

Again, I think your views are very popular among Christians. I also think that they run counter to Scripture.

David Wood said...


Yes, I'm on the fence too. I'd like to ignore him, but I can't stand seeing him deceive young Muslims into thinking that he's still a force to be reckoned with. So, as a compromise, I'm going to state my full case against Nadir, and then wash my hands (and take about fifteen showers back to back).

Royal Son said...

Dr Wood. I'm afraid you have misunderstood me. I am not saying that Nadir's false teachings should be exposed. What I am against are personal attacks against one's character.

I do take exception to you lumping me with "the popular view". I know what you are referring to, and that is to simply ignore false teachers and just pray for them. I repudiate such a view. This is not what I believe. I believe that false teachers should be exposed. But they should be exposed for their false teachings. Nothing more, nothing less.

His personal relationships have nothing to do with me. His teachings on personal relationships are something different however.

Again, his lies and false teachings should be exposed, but I do not agree with people attacking another person's character.

As for his photo, I think it's perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with it. I've seen photos of you with a pretty identical expression. Should I conclude that based upon that you are depressed? Such comments are not necessary.

Royal Son said...

By the way Dr Wood, you did make an excellent point regarding a Pastor being involved in prostitution. Such actions or beliefs are indeed to be exposed in order to protect the flock of God.

I guess where I'm coming from is this - as we expose the false teacher, we always need to do so under the anointing of the Lord so that our words will be proper.

Would you not agree that we do need to exercise caution when considering how to expose false teachers and to what degree?

I don't want you to get the impression however that I am some sort of liberal who cares not for the defence and proclamation of the truth of the gospel and the exposing of falsehood. Faithful christians throughout the ages have been martyred specifically for such work. It would thus be absurd for me to brush it off as unloving or unnecessary. Scripture commands me to expose lies and proclaim the truth.

Bryant said...


You're the leader of the ministry. Whatever you decide I will support.

I like your idea of having a website that will show up when Nadir's name is googled. I agree that it will show Muslims the type of person Nadir is. However, don't expect this to totally stop Muslims from fully interacting with Nadir Ahmed. Muslims are attracted to him because of the filth he pours out about Christ not because of his excellent Muslim attitude.

Haters of the Gospel will always congregate together. I think that there always will be Muslims who will align themselves with Nadir simply because there is a voice who spews lies against the name of Christ.

Radical Moderate said...

Royal Son,

In a way I agree with you. It would be one thing if this was a recent event. But Nadir has been running around for some time. Now if Christians appologist just wanted to pick on muslims, to make them look foolish, idiotic, un rational, and complete lunatics. Then Nadir's dance card would be full. However that is not the case, even muslims have been distancing themsleves from him. But that is the problem. The more people distance themselves from Nadir, the more it fules his dellusions that he really has something other then his being obnoxious. He has not trully been confronted, with all the evidence at once. This has been a long time comming.

Now as far as his X wife is concerned, and the reason for his divorce. That goes to character. He has said that he did not commit adultry, that he did not commit MUTTA, and that he does not solicit prostitutes. Now if any of that is true this proves he is a liar.

Now as far as David Contacting his x wife, if she wnats to talk, then she is free to talk. Now if David posted her personal information wtih out contacting her that would be wrong. But if she wants to I say let her.

Now I aslo agree that on a base level I will recieve some pleasure at this public flogging. I meen everyone loves a good football to the groin. However hopefully this will cause Nadir to trully reflect on his actions. And hopefull help him to see that he is not despite what the voices in his head tell him, a muslim appologist. And maybe just maybe he will get the psychological counselling he needs.

Sepher Shalom said...

Nadir, if you by chance are following these comments, you should know there are two ways people bend the knee in submission to the will of the God of Abraham and the Kingship of Messiah:

1) Without resistance, and a smile on their face, thankful for mercy

2) Kicking, broken, and fearful, crying out for mercy

Nadir, since you have been publicly declaring lies against YHWH's word and His Messiah, He is going to break you. How you respond when you are at rock-bottom is what you should be concerned with.

My prayers are with you.

Radical Moderate said...

The Sad, Lonely World of Nadir Ahmed. Is about to get alot sadder and a lot lonlyer.

Nakdimon said...

WHO in the universe would want an affair with Nadir Ahmed?

Fernando said...

Announcing and denouncing... there's the delicatt path off the true Christian... all done withe true Christian love...

I guess noo one around here is demonizing Nadir Ahmed, rather exposing his bad and trullie dangerous deeds and influence...

Anonymous said...

I confronted nadir ahmed 1 day at paltalk.He was boasting that no christian apoligist is able to debate him.

I challenged him on his bluff.

Than the conversation took a funny turn. Nadir demanded me to rebuke sam shamoun for running from him ,or else he wouldn't debate me.

Cause i really wanted to expose this snake I agreed that if Sam 'run' from nadir (which I know he didn't) like he said it would change my view about him.

Having met his criteria he still refused to debate me cause I didn’t ‘mean’ what I said.
Nadir kept dancing and dancing in order to not to debate. Its all caught on tape..

We play the tape in the room whenever nadir comes into the room.. Quite funny 

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

So Rafa-el is Nadir still active on the pal-talk.

Mind though, this running away business, I have once had Nadir run away from myself on Pal-talk, years ago, when he challenged Christians to bring forth evidences for the historical reliability of the Gospels. I don't think he could handle the information.

At that time I found it funny since I expected Nadir to be a well-informed debater, and a muslim named Nisar Muhammad who debated Sam Shamoun and got smoked even told me personally that Nadir was their guru.

Now if muslims in 2004 referred to Nadir as their guru, the man must have had a lot of influence.

Anonymous said...

Hogan Elijah, yeah nadir is still almost daily active on paltalk.

But pretty much no Christian takes him serious anymore.(yeah there was a time that I took him serious, a very very long time ago)

Nakdimon said...

Hogan, is that debate available between Nasir and Sam?

Royal Son said...

Thank you David and Fat Man for your responses.

I apologize if I over-stepped my mark.

David Wood said...

Royal Son,

I don't think you overstepped your mark at all. Where would any of us be without input from others? Indeed, part of me agrees with practically everything that's been said in this comments section.

The bottom line is that sin, corruption, and deceit cause problems, and it's not always clear how we should respond. When someone like Nadir comes along, it's very difficult to know what to do in response to his threats, lies, ramblings, outbursts, insults, etc. So if I decide to do A in response, part of me is saying, "No, you should have done B, C, D, or E. One of those options would work better." But if I had gone with one of those other options, I would have been wondering if I should have done A.

At the end of the day, dealing with people like Nadir is a puzzle and a struggle.

Radical Moderate said...

Royal Son
I didnt think you over stepped your bounds. Who am I to say anything like that. I agree with your concern. However this is a long time comming. And I applouad David for taking a stand. Something really the Muslims should do. After all he really is their problem.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...


these are at least the transcripts of the debates, found on; I don't know if Sam and Nisar interacted on forums or between two websites or whether they debated on Pal-talk:

As I said I have no clue if the debates were recorded or only in written form.

I met Nisar on the forum on 'answers to islam', very nice guy, but very angry with Sam Shamoun, I guess as most muslims he suffers from 'shamounphobia', the old forum on 'answers to islam' is unfortunately closed, but I guess some of the posts are still available, if you somehow google them and I know that Sam Shamoun was active on that forum in the very beginning in 2002-3.

There is however another new forum available on 'answers to islam', which is pretty passive at the moment; I guess no one knows about it:

hope that helps.

God bless

Royal Son said...

Fat-Man and David. Amen. May the Lord have mercy on his soul.

Nadir Ahmed said...

A Christian wrote this to me:

Sepher Shalom said...
Nadir, if you by chance are following these comments, you should know there are two ways people bend the knee in submission to the will of the God of Abraham and the Kingship of Messiah:

1) Without resistance, and a smile on their face, thankful for mercy

2) Kicking, broken, and fearful, crying out for mercy

Nadir, since you have been publicly declaring lies against YHWH's word and His Messiah, He is going to break you. How you respond when you are at rock-bottom is what you should be concerned with.

My prayers are with you.

April 26, 2009 9:59 PM

Now, here is a Christian I actually respect. But unfortunately for him, it is the Christians and renegade Muslims who are being punished:

no doubt, Allah punished David Wood. According to Nasr, David made mubahallah, invoked the curse of God if he is on the wrong path, and Allah punished David Wood by delivering him a crippled son.

let us not forget how Allah punished Anis Shorosh:

Dr. Anis Sharrosh( ,Arab Christian debater against Islam, was arrested for trying to burn down a building and indicted for tax fraud: <-- Could this be a sign from God?

Muslim have no problem accepting that Anis Shorosh was punished, or Jimmy Swaggart was punished..Muslim have no problem saying that ... so now be consistent... be honest.. and say the same thing about Shabir Aly.

And praise the Lord, the Christians have testified to to honesty and even handedness - I applauded the demise of Morey, Sharosh, Wood, and when Christians confronted me about other Muslims... I did not hold a double standard and use the same standard to judge them...

My response to why Allah punished Shabir Aly, or other Muslims... it is the curse of the cross. They embraced it, and Allah punished them. Now all those Muslim who mocked Sharosh and the Christians... need to come forward and admit the same thing about Aly.

It is a matter of honesty... and we can not have a double standard.

I want to thank the Christians again for proving my honest approach to religious truth.

Now the easy way out - is just declare "hey! God does not punish anyone in this life!!" i.e. ... denial. hm.. really? So God does not punish the wicked to make them sign for those who seek? That goes against both the BIble and Quran. God indeed punishes, and at times... his punishment is swift.

Soo.. I know the Sami Zatari's feels were hurt, to the extent that he ran into the arms of David Wood... and I apologize for that... but it is a matter of honesty and integrety for me...if I condemned Wood, Sharosh, Morey..etc.. I should also condemn Aly.

Btw... I am loving this post - because this the best proof that is unchallengable!!! NO one has yet been able to challenge the evidence on the website... it is being avoided like a hot potato... and it is clear that everyone except David Wood is scared to death to enter into the ring with me... they are all hiding behind rocks... especially Nabeel Qureshi.

Look out for my article on God's punishment of David Wood...

Nadir Ahmed

Royal Son said...


I would like to ask you a question sir. Why is it that Allah will forgive Muslims for their very serious sins (as great as a mountain) and place in their stead the Jews and the Christians?

I am referring to Sahih Muslim Book 37 Number 6668.

Also, regarding your being consistent on condemning Christians and condemning Shabir Ally, I would like to know if you personally feel that everyone who has blind or disabled children have them as a result of a curse.

Finally, would you tell Shabir Ally's child that they are the result of a curse from Allah?

It seems that you have a lot of hatred towards people. If Islam is a religion of peace, as you have tried to assert many times in your debates, why then do we not ever see a peaceful Nadir, but instead an angry and insulting one?

Thank you for your responses.

Royal Son said...


You would like to see some challenges to things mentioned on your site.

Ok, I will start with a simple qutoe first:

"This debate identified the Bible as one of the major contributing factor to the moral decay of America and the West, and further demonstrated that Britney Spears falls well within the Biblical moral lifestyle and does not contradict it."

I find this quote rather interesting. A few comments from me and then I look forward to your response.

1. "The West" is a distinct entity from Christianity. They are not synonymous or interchangeable.

2. America and Christianity distinct entity from Christianity. They are not synonymous or interchangeable.

3. There are Christians who live in the West.

4. There are Christians who live in America.

5. What Britney Spears does has nothing to do with the bible.

6. The bible teaches that to so much as look upon a woman with lustful feelings is adultery.

7. The bible teaches that murder is wrong.

8. The bible teaches that stealing is wrong.

9. The bible teaches that we should not love the world or things of the world.

10. The bible teaches that people should not divorce but were permitted to do so because of the hardness of their heart.

11. As mentioned in my previous post, Sahih Muslim Book 37 Number 6668 states that Christians and Jews will end up paying for the serious sins of Muslims. If this is the case, then it seems to me that Allah will forgive such acts as mentioned in the quote, just so long as it's the muslims that are the ones doing it.

12. Because I know you love to debate about violence in the bible - I have asked you this in Paltalk before but you never responded - Did Allah commit "Genocide" of men, women and children when he brought the flood?

Thank you for your responses.

Anthony Rogers said...


Aside from your false antithesis -either we feign a knowledge of the unseen reasons why certain bad things happen under the providence of God or we deny that God punishes people in this life - the fact is that bad things have befallen you even as they have the other people you have mentioned, so why don't you draw a straight line from the bad things in your life to the conclusion that you are under the curse of Allah?

MK said...

So Do you muslims believe that Allah performed a majic or lied to the world about the death of Jesus, if so are you believing in a God who is not trustworthy at all, what a fantastic faith?

Sjw.M said...

Is Allah the God mentioned in the Bible or is it something ficticious in the Koran?

Truth Defenders said...

You could easily replace the name Nadir Ahmed with Sam (HasSamo) Shamoun and it would fit perfectly.