Monday, April 27, 2009

Nadir Ahmed: The Facts Are Pouring In

Believe it or not, many people aren't too fond of Nadir Ahmed. Indeed, Christians and Muslims are sending me emails loaded with information about Nadir, and there seems to be no end in sight. In this post, I'd like to share some new information that may help shed light on Nadir's character and beliefs.

First, a Muslim emailed me to confirm something Keith Truth said in the comments section of an earlier post. Nadir claims that Shabir Ally's son is blind because God cursed Shabir for believing in Swoon Theory. (This is interesting, since Nadir's friend Ehteshaam believes that Swoon Theory is the only reasonable view to take.) I find this incredibly offensive. I have a fully disabled child, and an Ahmadi Muslim named Naser Shams once told me that my child's disability is due to the curse of Allah. (Since the gene for this disability affects half of all male babies on my wife's side of the family, our friend Naser must think that God cursed dozens of babies to punish me for my unbelief.) So Nadir's absurd and ignorant attack against Shabir is all too familiar to me. Let me say that Shabir Ally is the greatest Muslim debater in the world, that he is one of the nicest men I have ever met, and that he is intellectually and morally superior to Nadir. To use the disability of Shabir's child as an opportunity to attack him seems almost too slimy, even for Nadir. I hope that readers will take this appalling and unwarranted attack into account when they consider whether Nadir Ahmed needs to be completely, utterly, totally exposed.

Second, let's take a brief look at Nadir's ex-wives (yes, plural) and his criminal record. Nadir has been married and divorced twice. I'll be sharing more information in future posts (pending communication with the victims of being married to Nadir). Nadir married his first wife, Fatima, in October of 2001, and they divorced in May of 2006. I haven't been able to confirm yet whether an illicit affair was involved in the separation, but I do know that Nadir was charged with Domestic Battery and Violating an Order of Protection against Fatima. He pleaded guilty to the latter and was found not guilty of the former. (Nadir faced other charges when he was younger, such as criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct, but we'll assume that he's reformed since then.)

Even more interesting, according to court documents, Nadir and Fatima were divorced on May 2, 2006 (having lived together until May 1, 2006). Yet Nadir married his second wife, Essraa, on June 1, 2006! I'll let Nadir fill in the details, but this seems awfully fast (less than a month between the divorce and the marriage to his new wife). But things get worse. Nadir and Essraa were divorced in July of 2006 (yes, less than two months after the marriage). I think we should refrain from judgment until Nadir has a chance to explain. I'll simply say that I can see why someone would look at this and wonder if Muta is involved.


Nadir Ahmed said...

hahahaaha... this is halarious.. did you also talk to my high school friends? So... like as far as arguments and the evidences for our religion, which we *should* be arguing... I notice that you and all the coward Christians are running away from me :)

As for Shabir Ally... he is a loser.. and it is almost all Muslims who reject him... and his silly views. He is NOT a Muslim apologist because to be a Muslim apologist you need to debate ISLAM. Shabir Told me personally I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEBATE ISLAM.... I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEBATE EVIDENCES FOR ISLAM...I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DEBATE AUTHENTICITY OF THE QURAN... soo... ok. So, you never seen him touch these he is not a Muslim apologist.

So.. you want to know about my background...ok.. why didn't you ask? Well.. in high school.. I did know the Lord(my parents were not religious) back then... and I was kind of a "wild child"... I dont want to get into details... but you can contact my graduating classs.. im sure they will have lots of juicy stories for you ;)

As for my divorce, well... I come from a wealthy family and Fatima's attorney tried focus in on a big "win". So... she went to the extent that she said, " was a terrorist website"... and "Nadir has done a lot of terrorist activities"... and she suffered physically and emotionally which of course translates into $$$. <-- all of this is on file :)

But the judge said... "Nadir is a terrorist? And you spent 5 years with Nadir slept along side with him and only now youre telling us? .. Fatima then retracted her statements.. but too late.. the police was bought in and said "yes" fatima did say these things. All of this is written in transcripts which is public information.

But I am guilty of violating our seperation agreement. I sent a letter with a financial settlement in it to her lawyer.. and that is against the law. I pleaded guilty... and paid a fine.

In the end... I do not hate Fatima... because it is greed for money which makes people do the things they do. But divorce sucks and inshallah.. ill never go through it again.

As for you Christian losers... NONE of you are man enough to face me in debate ... if "others" are being influenced by me... it is because of the arguments and "ground and pound" which I bring to these debates... you need to deal with my arguments... not harrass my old high school crowd.

Nadir Ahmed

Nadir Ahmed said...

ops... one mistake.. I meant.. I did NOT know the Lord in my high school days, later on in college I began to study Islam... and changed my life.

Michelle Qureshi said...


Since you're here, did you really say that God cursed Shabir Ally's son to blindness because Shabir believes in the swoon theory?

David Wood said...

Wow! The first thing Nadir says is that I'm running away from him. The last I recall, I've agreed to debate him several times (including during his debate with James White). Nadir has never accepted. And I'm the one who's running. Welcome to Fantasy Land, my friends.

As if Nadir's view of Shabir Ally wasn't clear enough, he calls Shabir a "loser."

So your defense of the charge against you is this: The woman who knew you best accused you of assaulting her and engaging in terrorist activities, but the judge didn't believe her because she slept with you for five years? (Keep in mind, we all know that you threatened to murder Osama Abdallah.)

You say that you would never go through divorce again. Yet you went through another divorce less than three months after your first.

Now, Nadir, please explain this second marriage and divorce. How did you get to know this woman so quickly that you married her less than a month after your first divorce, and then divorced her six weeks later?

None of us will face you in debate? I've already done so, and have agreed, on multiple occasions, to do so again. Keith has debated you. I doubt anyone on this blog is scared of you (especially after seeing what Sam and James did to you--or don't you recall Muslims standing up and protesting your horrendous performance?).

David Wood said...

BTW, whatever comes out about you in future posts, Nadir, I'm glad you're here to clarify matters for us. Unlike you, I don't want to falsely accuse anyone of anything. So, before I come out with any final articles (i.e. the kind I will post on Answering Islam), I'd like to run things by you on this blog, so that I don't misrepresent the facts in any way.

Radical Moderate said...

David and Nabeel dont know me on paltalk like some of you do. I can be rude, crude, obnoxious, a total jerk, making totaly tasteless and completely inapropriate jokes. I more often then not say things for complete shock value.

Now when I say these things I know what i'm saying is inapropriate. Sometimes my internal filter kicks in before the words come out of my mouth and sometimes I even offend myself. But the point is I know what I'm saying when I'm saying it. And I know how it is perseived by people. Thats the point of why i say what i say. In other words people who find my humor funny laugh, people who dont are offended and rightfully so. However when people laugh their laughing becasue I made them laugh, becasue i ment to be funny.

Now Nadir, doesnt seem to know how offensive he is. He seems to think this is normal and acceptable behavior. And that is the thing that is trully sad. People are not laughing becasue he is funny or even trying to be funny. They are laughing becasue he is not funny, they are laughing at him.

Nadir you need help really you do. Please Im begging you get some sort of counselling.

Sepher Shalom said...

I was just enjoying the scenary while reading some thoughts by one of Nadir's fans. Some of you might want to check it out. There are many many audio files on the site (but unfortunately I don't think they're active). It's a google cached link found here.

Here's a little excerpt:

"In this article, we will see how this individual has not only FALSELY and UNJUSTLY proven that Islam allows sex with animals when it doesn't..."All the stuff on this page was apparently compiled by a Muslim. Nadir has quite the fan club.

Nadir Ahmed said...

David - you are right.. you did come forward to debate.. I should have made that exception, however here is the short list of people who are indeed running:

We really don't have to debate... we can just have a discussion in which they allow me to question them on what I see as bogus and fraudulent evidence that they are presenting for Christianity... but notice - they are refusing.

As for Essra and Fatima, I don't want to get into it because I do not want to say anything bad about them. I pray for Fatima every day... and past is past.

I will only say about Fatima what is public record - she made accusations against me, then in front of a judge, she said she did NOT say them. Then a police officer was bought forward and said, she did say them.

But who cares... the main issue people are looking for is can you challenge the evidence...are you arguments strong enough for people to put faith in... that's what people are looking for...

Nadir Ahmed

Radical Moderate said...

David and Nabeel. You know Nadir seems to be the Muslim apologist's problem. I'm thinking really if the other Muslim appologists do not take a public stand then really maybe christian appologist should only debate Nadir.

The point I'm trying to make. it seems that muslims dont like to clean up there own garbage. (sorry Nadir not really calling you garbage just your arguments)

I meen really why is it the Christian appologists like yourself are the only ones publicaly saying what even the muslim appologists say in private. Why cant they take a public stand against one of their own. Why cant they publicaly say what this man is doing is WRONG. I believe there are some hadeeths and even quranic veres that talk about critisizing a muslim in front of non muslims.

Radical Moderate said...

Darn it i did it again I ment to hit Preview and I hit publish

Continuting comment.

I say if muslims will not take a public stand and publicaly join you in exposing Nadir. Then I say let Nadir be the face of islam the appolgetic world see's. Let him be the poster boy for islamic apologetics.

David Wood said...

I know some Muslims who are fed up with Nadir attacking his fellow Muslims and embarrassing Islam. I think they'll be coming out against Nadir very soon.

Fernando said...

Nadir Ahmed... It was a good surprise too see you arounde here... I hoppe this possibilitie off writting your wordes in this blogg will allow you to:

#1: came out off your lonelie life;
#2: gett more in contact with the realitie...

we all love you -- we trulie do --, eben when we do not like manie off youre wordes and deedes...

so: please: do continue to change wordes with us: we are all gibing you an hande in order too allow you to gett in touch with your problems...

we all habe problems (for instance: I habe a convex nabel) so we all, in a waie, can understande you... maie the true and onlie God, the Trinitie, helpp you!!!

Ho-Logos said...

Think that list is impressive, Nadir?

I have GOOGLE and OBAMA running from me. Yeah, for real. None of them have the GUTS to debate me. You know what, instead of engaging in meaningful dialogue I will just call them LOSERS who are scared and RUNNING on my website. That'll teach them.

*puts on tinfoil hat*

Ehteshaam Gulam said...

Wow-- if what David is saying about Nadir is true (I need to confirm all of this by calling Nadir in the future)--then that seems unfair for Nadir to attack Shabir Ally's son blindness for believing that Jesus survived his crucifixion. I believe the same thing as well.

I also never heard anything about Nadir being married twice-- I know he was married once. I also don't know about a PPO violation or him going to court. Since he's my friend he would've told me this. Interesting.

Also sorry to hear about your son, David.

Also Nabeel, sometime in the future let's do that debate we had planned.

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...


I've been patient with you, I've always attempted to make excuses for you, no matter how crazy your ideas have been. I seriously used to think you had good intentions.

However your comments against Shabir Ally just highlight that you have serious issues, how can you have the audacity to say such things about his family. Btw, David, I also expected better of you as opposed to dragging Nadir's ex-wives into this whole situation, perhaps you're trying to give him a taste of his own medicine but... I honestly do expect better from you on this, there was no need to bring his ex-family into this whatsoever. I'll probably take this issue up with you when I meet you in person next to clarify why I feel it was morally wrong to do that.

Nadir, honestly- you will continue to have fans, because many people out there do not actually scrutinise religious apologists and their behaviour or even content, but I can tell you now bro, in the eyes of 99% of Muslim-Christian Apologetics observers, you're done and dusted.

These comments about Shabir Ally's son (which btw, I genuinely am 99% confident that you would've said them, given what you've told me in the past) are completely unacceptable. Heck, you even tried to stab Sami in the back during his debate with David in the Q and A for accusing David of debating kids who are easy prey, despite the fact that Sami's material and argumentation is superior to yours.

List of London Apologists who have condemned Nadir Ahmed and don't believe he should be debated include:

Sami Zaatari,
Abdullah al-Andalusi,
The vast majority of Hyde Park Speaker's Corner Da'ees.

For God's sake dude, you wonder why people don't debate you anymore.

I've heard first hand that Muslims wanted to leave Norfolk after your Mu'tah stunt during the White Debate. They literally got depressed by that stunt. (Btw, Nabeel I condemn you if you spread that rumour around).

Just sort things out Nadir, it's never to late to admit you were wrong with certain actions and renounce them.

David Wood said...


I agree that it's generally inappropriate to discuss someone's ex-wives, etc. And I would be lying if I said that giving Nadir a taste of his own medicine had nothing to do with this (i.e. Nadir feels free to attack Shabir Ally because of his son . . . let's see if Nadir enjoys having his relationships used against him).

However, the main issue is accurately reporting Nadir's beliefs.

Nadir says that he doesn't believe in lying, yet he lies constantly. So is he lying about not believing in lying? Nadir says he doesn't believe in Muta. But does his six-week marriage show that he believes otherwise? Nadir says he doesn't believe in beating women. Does the domestic abuse charge indicate otherwise?

Whether we like it or not, people are accusing Nadir of believing in Muta (I haven't seen proof one way or another). Other people would never accuse anyone of such a thing, even if it were true. My approach is to bring up the issue, to lay out the reasons people are saying such things, and to give Nadir a chance to either admit his wrong or correct people's misjudgment.

I know it's not pretty, but I think that this is the right thing to do, and that it's the only way to proceed with someone like Nadir.

Michelle Qureshi said...


In case you haven't noticed yet, I have not accused Nadir of anything ever. The only public statement I ever made about him concerned his conduct with me and David over email.

As an apologist, you should concern yourself with evidence, not hearsay. I am not the type of person to talk disparagingly about people. I've even hesitated to contribute to this whole rebuke against Nadir (and I haven't contributed).

That's the last I want to hear of this false rumor.


Yahya Hayder Seymour said...


sorry my comment wasn't so clear, I had meant to type:

(Btw, Nabeel I condemn you if you did actually spread that rumour around).

All I've heard about it is two conflicting reports, did your parents actually tell Nadir you did?

David Wood said...

On the issue of Nabeel supposedly accusing Nadir of practicing Muta, I've clarified that before on this blog.

When the accusation of Muta supposedly took place, Nabeel didn't even know what Muta was. I talked to Nabeel constantly in those days, and I never heard him say anything remotely resembling a charge of Muta.

Here's what actually took place. Nadir contacted Nabeel's parents and deceptively portrayed himself as a major Muslim apologist. Nabeel's parents (trusting people) believed Nadir. Nabeel tried to show his parents that Nadir isn't a respected apologist. To show what some Muslims think of Nadir, he directed his parents to Osama's page, where Osama says some very negative things about Nadir (including the claim that Nadir believes that Islam allows sex with animals). By the time Nabeel's parents discussed morality with Nadir, this had somehow gotten twisted into a charge of Muta.

Interestingly, Nabeel told Nadir long before the debate with James that he had never accused him of Muta, and that he didn't even know what it was. (I have the emails, if anyone wants to see them.) Then Nadir falsely accused Nabeel and went berserk in front of an audience (and haven't we come to expect this from Nadir?).

Anyway, that's what happened. I've known Nabeel for almost ten years, and I've never once heard him speak falsely of Muslim apologists. Nadir, on the other hand . . .

Anonymous said...

Nadir said:

"As for Shabir Ally... he is a loser.. and it is almost all Muslims who reject him... and his silly views. He is NOT a Muslim apologist because to be a Muslim apologist you need to debate ISLAM.."

This type of comment is troubling to me. Why would Nadir have anything against Shabir personally? I mean Shabir seems to be a nice guy. He stands up for his convictions and has courage to debate top notch scholars with opposing views. He is, as professor Wood pointed out, probably the best Muslim debater in the world. The only reason I can think of, as to why Nadir dislikes Shabir so much, is jeleousy. I can't see Nadir consistently attacking Shabir just because he doesn't debate the Quran too often. And if my memory surves me correctly, didn't Shabir debate Annis Shorrosh on, "What is true Islam or Christianity?" as well as brother Sam Shamoun?

Anyway need to take the advice of Yahya Seymor or (Ibn Mut'ah) and settle down on all of this self destructing.

Sami Zaatari said...

Other Muslim apologists who also have nothing to do with Nadir and have shunned him:

Bassam Zawadi
Jalal Abualrub

we can also confidently include Shabir Ally as well. Indeed Yahya, Nadir' stunt during my first debate was an insult to both myself and David, infact it was almost like saying this debate you two just for almost 1 hour and a half didnt matter at all because of age difference!

Nadir it is time you apologize and bring your ego down, everyone does bad things, me included, but the difference is is that unlike you most of us including myself can tell when we are wrong and have the courage to admit we were wrong and publicly apologize for our bad behaviour.

I myself even tried to HELP you from this, I told you to remove your silly article on Mike Licona and spare yourself from Wood's articles on you, and most importantly with the fact that your claims were not true! You didnt listen and look whats happening now? Dont you see how your stubborness and silly acts are taking you down?

If you want to redeem yourself you need to two things on your website:

1-Publicly and sincerly apologize for ALL your attacks and bad behaviour towards apologists such as Wood, Licona, Qureshi, White, and the others who you have constantly attacked and called cowards running scared from you etc etc.

2-Remove your article on Mike Licona as that will show your apology being backed up by some actions.

3-Publicly acknowledge that what you said about Shabir's son was wrong, foul, and uncalled for, in point of fact you have commited a major Islamic sin by your claim. Are you Allah? Do you sit on Allah's right hand? Did you personally ask Allah if He cursed Shabir's son? Offcourse not, hence you have commited shirk in yourself by thinking you can speak for God and you need MAJOR REPENTENCE ON THIS ISSUE.

4-Last but not least you must apologize to all of your fellow Muslim apologists for having such a huge ego problem, and admit that you were wrong in having this ego problem, and admit that you were wrong in calling yourself the only top Muslim debator in America and the world! Furthermore Nadir this claim of yours that you are the top guy, the best debator etc etc is another major Islamic sin, it is the worst of major sins as it is minor shirk as well because you are showing off non stop and inflating yourself with no modesty but only pride and arrogance.

So if you can do these 4 things on your site, publicly, for all to see (and i am sure Wood would even post it on his own blog site) then you can most likely make a new start, if you dont do this, then I and the other Muslim apologists mentioned here will have nothing to do with you, infact all the Muslim apologists mentioned here have already blocked and moved away from you, until now I have been the only one to stay in touch with you! Furthermore I will be forced to also go public on you on my own site as well, because someone who goes around speaking for Allah, and claiming he is the best this and the best that which is minor shirk must be exposed and warned about to the public. So just do the right thing and apologize, I have done it when i did wrong, and that is the sign of a true sincere believer, when he can admit that he is wrong.

David Wood said...


You don't need to wait until we meet to explain why you think it's wrong to post details about Nadir's personal life. You can post them here. If you have good reasons, I'd like to know them, and I'm sure other readers will agree with some of what you say. We can then compare our reasons for/against posting such details about Nadir.

My reasoning runs as follows:

(1) While it is generally in poor taste to post details about someone's personal life, this certainly isn't always the case. (For instance, a few years back, a pastor who routinely condemned homosexuality was shown to have been engaging in homosexual behavior for years. As messy as it was to bring this out, I think it was acceptable to do so.)

(2) Nadir spends all day and night trying to convince people that he's a great Muslim and the best Muslim apologist in America. Some people come to believe him, mostly because they don't know the facts about him. Now, if Nadir believes in Muta and wife-beating, should people know about this when they're deciding whether to support him? I think they should.

(3) Nadir has stated publicly that he doesn't approve of wife-beating or Muta. Yet people have claimed that he does believe in these practices. The only way to determine the truth (since Nadir is a compulsive liar who can't be trusted) is to sift through the evidence and see where it points. Sadly, in this case, the evidence is based on Nadir's relationships. So, if we want to know what Nadir really believes, we have to consider his wives, etc.

(4) At the end of the day, my view is that conversations should be as civil and respectful as possible. However, when someone like Nadir is involved, and he's insulting Christian and Muslim scholars, spreading lies and rumors, using the foulest language imaginable, spewing threats . . . well, in cases like this, the gloves come off. Civil discourse and good manners go out the window, and the only factors left are truth and love. Thus, I want the truth about Nadir's belief and character to be revealed, and, because I love people, I don't want them to be deceived about Nadir. I'm therefore willing to get my hands dirty in order to expose Nadir once and for all.

It's really sad that the only way to deal with Nadir seems to be to expose him mercilessly. I've been patient with Nadir for three years now. I've waited for him to reform his character. I've waited for Muslims to come out against him in full force. But nothing has changed, and something needs to change. So if no one else is willing to do the dirty work of exposing Nadir, I'll do it. Trust me, I don't want to. But I will.

Nakdimon said...

Yahya: Heck, you even tried to stab Sami in the back during his debate with David in the Q and A for accusing David of debating kids who are easy prey, despite the fact that Sami's material and argumentation is superior to yours.
Wow, Yahya, you know I was thinking the same thing? I thought about that as soon as I heard Nadir's voice (was listening to the audio) how patronizing he was towards Sami, yet anything Sami brought up in that debate was far exceeding any point Nadir has ever made in any debate.

Shabir, in my book, is the best apologist Islam has out there. Him and Jamal Badawi, that is. Nadir cant even so much as carry their shoe-laces.


Nakdimon said...

Yahya: (Btw, Nabeel I condemn you if you did actually spread that rumour around).Yahya, I think this works both ways. Call your friends/brothers of “Islam and friends” and condemn them for the same behaviour. You seem upset with Nabeel for allegedly spreading the news of something that actually happened. Yet, your friends/bro’s on Islam and friends are constantly spreading lies about Christian apologists. Making all kinds of false claims about apologists from our side. For example:

Since when was the ministry of James White “known for hosting debates and paying for the expenses”? Making all kinds of claims that White and co. want to safe face to “recover” from the debate with Sami Zaatari in November ’08, that their “business” suffered and their “stocks tumbled” and therefore being willing to pay for expenses to debate some Indian apologist, “Imraan” or something.

This kind of nonsense is spread by your people. No condemnation! Doesn’t seem to bother you or your fellow Muslims. Stop nitpicking! Even IF Nabeel DID spread that NEWS, a fact and NOT a rumour, he wasn’t lying and therefore he can’t be blamed or condemned by anyone. Yet when your fellow Muslims spread RUMOURS, lies and NOT facts, there is no rebuke at all. The Muslim emotional fits are totally misplaced.

David Wood said...


You are right to point out inconsistencies. However, I repeat, Nabeel said no such thing about Nadir . . . ever.

Nakdimon said...


The "kid" Sami Zaatari behaves more mature than you do. That will make you a better man, not only in our eyes, but especially in the eyes of your fellow Muslims. Sami was big enough to admit error, he knows that it's like to humble himself and apologize, and my hat goes off for him because of that. So I suggest you take Sami's advice, as he speaks from experience.

May the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob have mercy on you to help you make the right choices.

Nakdimon said...

David, true dat! But even IF Nabeel had done so, it still would have been FACT and not rumour.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

dear nadir ahmed: i had committed to stay out of this due to the fact that i am not a debater,,, but your ugliness of character has caused in me the feeling that i need to offer my say. partly because i have listened to most of your online debates, and i don't like how you falsely represent my Lord, and mostly because you do not seem to be a good and decent person, nor an honest person.

i grew up on the streets nadir, i know bad-@$$ people. a little personal disclosure: as a 5 year old child i did my first burglary; as a twelve year old i cut a kids throat; as a teen i beat people with sticks, pipes, my hands, and anything i could grasp. i spent a good portion of my adolescence in reform school in california (preston school of industry,,, the same "school" my father attended twenty years previous). in my school when you sold a wolf-ticket (barking in the dark) you got called immediately.

i also have worked with both developmentally disabled children and adults, severely emotionally disturbed youth, and chronically mentally ill adults. dude i know crazy from the street level and from a behavioral and symptomatic level. you sir are a mess. following are quotes from you from just your two posts on this thread:

Nadir Ahmed said...

hahahaaha... this is halarious..

I notice that you and all the coward Christians are running away from me :)

As for Shabir Ally... he is a loser..

and I was kind of a "wild child"... I dont want to get into details... but you can contact my graduating classs.. im sure they will have lots of juicy stories for you ;)

I come from a wealthy family and Fatima's attorney tried focus in on a big "win".

and she suffered physically and emotionally which of course translates into $$$.

As for you Christian losers... NONE of you are man enough to face me in debate ...

it is because of the arguments and "ground and pound" which I bring to these debates...

here is the short list of people who are indeed running:
ubiquitouserendipity says: you are the guy who says "it's my way or the highway," and the whole world stands up and says "no damn way." so what do you do? you attack the world as if the world needs to adjust to you instead of you adjusting to the conditions of the world and the people around you. you need serious counseling nadir.

so you think you were a wild child huh? i think you were a little self-entitled rich boy who was a spoiled brat that turned into a punkish adult. you behave as if your best shot in life is to victimize anyone who doesn't agree with you; from wives to your brother mohammedans to Christian apologists.

i could say, in the same vein as you, that G_d's punishment to your parents was you: i can't imagine the shame they must feel knowing how you've turned out. they must be crushed by your behavior and attitudes towards life.

i have a 6 year old granddaughter named faith who has asperger's syndrome. if you talk junk about my family i will request your presence here in montana and we can go hunting in the missouri breaks, or go for a stroll on one of the many huge reservations here. you seem to think that you are immune to repercussions of your cheap talk. i'll call you out in a heart beat. and if you think you are some kinda' mixed martial artist with your references to "groud-and-pound," come to montana man. i have a 31 year old son that would love to roll with you. oh, we raise pitbulls too.

so you demonize other mohammedan moslum apologists, victimize women, talk mad trash about any man who will not take your childish bait and engage you, and then you wonder why NO ONE wants to debate you. though you have been told here that david wood will debate. if i were dr. wood, i wouldn't waste a moment of real time on you. you are like a cockroach dude: disgusting, creepy, and you operate in darkness. i would posit that the reason the other scholars won't debate you anymore is because you truly are beneath them. you have no scholastic standing,,, you are not really a serious debater,,, you have made yourself into the joke that you've become. no one takes you seriously.

finally nadir (the low point is exactly what you have allowed yourself to become, in keeping with the english of your name), since you offered first rebuttal re: your wife and the personal protection order, and you admit to violating the lawful ruling of the judge: why did your former wife have a personal protection order in the first place? let me guess: because she was trying to victimize you right?

personally nadir, i think you are the coward here. i've known women and children abusers. there is something typical about your behavior that identifies you as "chronic": you are still victimizing your victim. you seem to be in the grips of a serious social pathology. i've known many borderline personality disordered adults, and you seem to be walking that line. you are unconscionable.

may the G_d of love and Light, HE Who abides in unapproachable Light, the G_d of abraham, isaac, and jacob (israel), illumine your soul, change your heart, and bring you to your knees before His throne, to the glory of G_d the Father, in Jesus' name, amen

Radical Moderate said...

Nadir Ahmed said
"As for Essra and Fatima, I don't want to get into it because I do not want to say anything bad about them. I pray for Fatima every day... and past is past."

Nadir thats good that you dont want to say anything bad about your X "WIVES". However I did notice that you said you pray for Fatima, but you did not say you pray for Essra. I have to wonder why don't you pray for her? Is Essra just a disposable wife?

As far as you violating the order of protection, why was there a order of protection in the first place.
Now I have been involved in a messy legal action with a spurned woman. I know they can be vindictive, and just down right meen. Shakespere was right "Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned". However you were charged with Domestic Battery. I know you were found not guilty by a jury of your peers. But it still begs the question why were you charged in the first place?

ubiquitouserendipity said...

in the garden of life, some of us are flowers,,, and some are slugs, leaving a slime-trail wherever they drag their skin sac

nadir, if the G_d of creation could change a slimey dude like me, and turn me into a flower (a wilting flower, but a flower none the less), the One True and Living G_d can change you too nadir ahmed. He can change you so that you don't have to live with the internal turmoil and pain that seems to rule you. come into the Light of His love nadir, come unto His peace, His love,,, and you will be at rest

Peace, in His love, joe

David Wood said...

Ubiquitous Serendipity,

No need to respond to Nadir's violent threats in kind. I know that you'd like to put Nadir in his place, and I'm sure you could. But let's face it. Nadir's about as much of a threat in the octagon as he is in the debate ring. I doubt that anyone on this blog would lose to Nadir in a physical confrontation. So let's not take his threats seriously.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

David Wood said...

Ubiquitous Serendipity,

No need to respond to Nadir's violent threats in kind. I know that you'd like to put Nadir in his place, and I'm sure you could. But let's face it. Nadir's about as much of a threat in the octagon as he is in the debate ring. I doubt that anyone on this blog would lose to Nadir in a physical confrontation. So let's not take his threats seriously.
April 28, 2009 2:45 PM

ubiquitouserendipity says: you are right professor wood,,, and i would not ever threaten a person. i just meant to state the fact that the outcome of someone making such an attack on my family as has been made on you and on shabir would be very specific. i have no need to see that poor man beat or abused in any way,,, he has more problems than he can identify (an old aa saying about new-comers trying to sober up and learn how to live: "he's so sick he doesn't know how sick he is.")

no, i wouldn't threaten nadir ahmed,,, i do want for him to realize that there are real people on the ends of his personal attacks. though he didn't attack me, he needs to know that not all Christians are locked into pacifism as the Way (that is for another time, though i am comfortable with my stance).

thank you for taking the time to get me to clarify, which i hope i accomplished. i mean no violence or hatred toward any man.

i do want you to know that i respect what you and nabeel are doing, and hope to never post here anything that would be at cross-purposes to your intent. for that i am subjected to your guidance and feed-back. Peace, in His love, joe

Radical Moderate said...

Analyses of Nadir Civil and Criminal Documents.

Nadir Ahmed said “As for my divorce, well... I come from a wealthy family and Fatima's attorney tried focus in on a big "win".”

There are a couple of things wrong with this statement. First assuming that Nadirs family is wealthy that is his families money not his. Nadir is a grown man of legal age; he is responsible for his own mistakes. His X wife can not go after his father or mother even in regards to child support.

Second the State of IL is not a community property state and in IL, there is no such thing as alimony. Even if Nadir was living off of some sort of trust fund. That fund would be protected. Secondly if Nadir was truly from a wealthy family and had any kind of inheritance or wealth then more then likely there would have been a Pre Nup agreement. There is none.

Now although there is no such thing as alimony in IL, there is a thing called Spousal maintenance. This maintenance is in edition to any child support granted by the state. In IL child support is a fixed percentage. For a single child it’s 20% and for multiple children its 25% to 30% net pay. Spousal maintenance is only applied in a few circumstances. If the wife is not working, for instance the wife is a stay at home mom. Then she would need to be supported for a set time to maintain her standard of living. Usually 12 to 18 months. But the wife would have to show cause on that.

Finally the court documents do not support Nadirs Statement that he is from money, or that he has any kind of wealth.

Let’s examine these court documents more closely.

1. The first thing that sticks out in his first divorce is that the only asset listed is a 1999 BMW 323I. Current blue book value for a convertible in excellent condition $7,350. Since this was three years ago, add about $5,000 more and we have a depreciating asset value of $12,000. That’s assuming the car was paid for at the time of the divorce. No other assets are listed. No property either personal home or rental, no stocks, no bonds, no 401K, no trust fund, no annuities, no life insurance policy. Nothing to denote the acquirement of wealth. Not even a family pet. There is the mention that both parties will keep there own retirement etc. But this is a generic statement meant to cover anything not listed. Since the only thing that is listed is the BMW it can be assumed that there are no other assets.
2. Another thing that sticks out is that the paper work is sparse. Other then the order of protection and a motion for his divorce attorney to withdraw from the case. By the way Attorneys usually do not withdraw from wealthy paying clients. There are no depositions, as I said before no real listing of assets, no real motions for discovery of assets by his x wife. So in other words this was what is called a cheepo divorce. Neither client had any real money so the lawyers could not drag it out.
3. If what Nadir said is true then there would be all kinds of motions for discovery of financial statements, bank accounts, trust funds, tax returns, investment port folio’s etc.
As I said in point 2, the paper work is sparse. Both divorces amount to 33 pages of documents. Compare that to my case, were I had over 2000 pages of documents, and I’m not from a wealthy family 

Just thought I would share.

Now as far as his wild child claim. There are two adult cases beside his violation of the Order of Protection and Domestic Battery. First let me come to Nadir’s defense on the Domestic Battery. He was found not guilty. Secondly IL is a zero tolerance state. If the police are called on a domestic someone is going to jail, usually the man. If the woman is attacking the man, gouging his eye’s out, hitting him with dishes, frying pan, breaking his stuff etc… And the man throws her down on the bed to get her to stop, or even pushes her away. THE MAN IS GOING TO JAIL. So in reality it does look like this domestic is a bogus call.

However his wild child claim does not add up. The only other charges are
1. Disorderly Conduct and 2, Criminal Trespass.
For those of you not in the know, Disorderly conduct is a catch all. It’s a misdemeanor usually thrown out at court time. It is used for protesters, and other people being obnoxious and making a spectacle of them selves. It is used so police can make an arrest and remove the obnoxious person. After the perpetrator of such a heinous crime has calmed down (or in my case sobered up) they are usually released with out bond with in a few hours. Now if you’re a real fool, like calling the police names, spitting on them etc… Then you’re not going to be released for at least 72 hours, even if you post bond. The police will take there sweet time processing you.

The other crime, criminal trespass, is another one of those misdemnor charges reserved for the truly foolish. This is used when an obnoxious person is asked to leave a place that he does not have any legal right to be. Like a restaurant, movie theater, roller skating rink, or even another persons home. Again serious crimes indeed.

Despite Nadir’s internet bravado, there are no arrests for Aggravated Battery, No assaults, no attempted murders, no unlawful use of a weapon not even a criminal damage to property. No arrests for drug possession, or delivery. Not even a urinating in public charge. NO FELONIES WHAT SO EVER. Just obnoxious charges meant for the truly obnoxious behavior. Yeah Nadir was truly a Real American Bad Ass.
One more thing, usually Disorderly Conduct charges go with a drunk in public. He wasn’t even drunk when he was being obnoxious. He was of sober mind.

Nadir Ahmed said...

So it looks like the old Christian tactic of "divide and conquer" ;) Divide the Muslms make them fight with each other...

so you might be wondering... who can be soooo stupid as to run to the enemies/opponents of Islam and actaully help them in their goals against Islam, and out comes Sami Zaatari and yahya.

No doubt, David Wood deserves credit... and I am sure he will be viewed as an expert amoung his peers... as was able to make Muslim apologists fight with each other and actuallly join him in his crusade against another Muslim apologist!!! Hats off to Wood... that takes skill.

However, I do not want my name on his powerpoint presentations. I will not say anything about Sami, yahya for the simple reason that is what the Christians want me to do... I have common sense.

However, it is Sami Zataari's reputation which has been tarnished. In the boldan 3arabiya(Arab world) , people who help or the enemies of Islam are viewed as traitors...and munafiqeen. Muslims have no respect for them and no trust. Many surahs of the Quran came to address the munafiqeen.

Even worse, he is challenging me to apologize to the enemies of Allah!
So, what do you think they would think of someone who tries to defend the honor of the enemies of Allah, against one who exposes them from the liars, frauds and deceivers which they truely are?

What is very interesting, was that Sami, inspite of being emotionally hurt by my "ego", could not find a single false statement or lie on my website...

Then I think that makes David Wood and his gang of loser, who are the ones who are liars...

Nadir Ahmed

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...


My objections to you mentioning these things are primarily for the following reasons:

1) I'd hate for my wife (should God forbid, a divorce would ever take place) to be dragged into my business and be mentioned alongside my shortcomings.

I believe you could have solved this by stating Wife X as opposed to using their actual names.

My concern is primarily for their reputation, I imagine they probably don't get too happy when being discussed alongside their ex-husband.


you know very little about me, I've condemned Islam and Friends (Rex) for making stuff up already, I even discussed this in person with Sami and Abdullah and made it clear that the guy was lying. However I'm not personally in contact with the guy so can't do much about it.

Secondly Rex is not my friend nor do I support much of the content of his radio show, I'm very consistent in rebuking Muslims, ask Sami how harsh I was with him about the incidents last year.

nma said...

Nadir Ahmed said...
Well.. in high school.. I did know the Lord(my parents were not religious) back then...

Nadir Ahmed also said...
ps... one mistake.. I meant.. I did NOT know the Lord in my high school days, later on in college I began to study Islam... and changed my life.I was under the impression that abrogation was Allah's game!

Hussam said...

Hi, just to see if my comment will be displayed before I drop it lol.

David Wood said...

And so we hear from Nadir again. According to Nadir, I'm the reason Sami and Yahya have turned against him. He still can't even consider the idea that maybe his fellow Muslims object to (1) Nadir saying that Shabir Ally's son is cursed, (2) Nadir calling Shabir Ally a loser and a dummy, (3) Nadir lying and deceiving people for no reason whatsoever, (4) Nadir threatening to kill his fellow Muslims, (5) Nadir calling his fellow Muslims homosexuals, (6) Nadir calling his opponents pedophiles, (7) Nadir attacking the families of his opponents, (8) Nadir criticizing people for debating Sami (despite the fact that Sami's debate skills are vastly superior to Nadir's), and so on, and so on, and so on.

Yes, Sami and Yahya couldn't possibly have a problem with Nadir for reasons like these. They must simply love non-Muslims so much that they're willing to attack their best apologist (Nadir Ahmed). The Qur'an condemns them! Perhaps Nadir will threaten to kill them, just as he threatened to kill Osama Abdallah.

Radical Moderate said...

Nadir said
"who can be soooo stupid as to run to the enemies/opponents of Islam and actaully help them in their goals against Islam, and out comes Sami Zaatari and yahya."

Then he says
" I will not say anything about Sami, yahya"

He then goes on to say
"However, it is Sami Zataari's reputation which has been tarnished. In the boldan 3arabiya(Arab world) , people who help or the enemies of Islam are viewed as traitors...and munafiqeen."

Well its good to know that Nadir is not going to say anything about Sammi :)

Sami Zaatari said...

wow talk about being stupid, LOL, Nadir how many times have you attacked Shabir infront of Christians, sheesh every Christian practically knows about your hate and attacks on him, even keith mentioned how you made that sick statement to him. do you see who the hypocrite is? do you see why your worthless? Indeed you have been running to Christians telling them how bad Shabir is and bla bla, and you want to talk? ironically the Christians thankfully didnt listen to your rubbish, there is an irony in that! its the Muslim (NADIR) trying to discredit the other Muslim (Shabir) to Christians, and then this Muslim (Nadir) claims other Muslims (MYSELF) are allying with Christians against him!!!!!!! i mean who writes this stuff! furthermore in no way have i helped Wood against you, why should i? you are the best person in that, all Wood has done is expose your behaviour!!!!!! thats the irony you cant figure out, and i tried to HELP YOU FROM THAT, but you didnt listen and now look at whats happened.

and last but not least myself and other Muslims were saying this about you before this blog appeared, lol you are such a liar you now pretend that this blog has created this issue when there was an issue with you and your antics all along. tell me Nadir , was it this blog article that made Bassam, Jalal, and many others sick of you and made them shun you?

you know what, there is a common denominator to all of this, its very interesting, practially most Muslim apologists who run across Nadir end up having a problem with him, and cutting relations with him, is that a coincidence? you know what we call that? a Khawariji!

Sami Zaatari said...

David its a conspiracy, ill admit it, yes, im a reptillian and i have been sent to work against Nadir who is without a shadow of a doubt THE BEST EVER apologist that has appeared on the face of this earth, and we feel threatened by him so we had to act so humanity would not be swayed by his vast knowledge. its true its true. were all reptillians NA, and were after you! and Shabir Ally is also our commander and chief who sent us from planet zymbag.

Michelle Qureshi said...

I don't know why, but I still feel sorry for Nadir. I pray that God will renew him into a new man.

David Wood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Wood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nadir Ahmed said...

sorry posted this in the wrong area:

A Christian wrote this to me:

Sepher Shalom said...
Nadir, if you by chance are following these comments, you should know there are two ways people bend the knee in submission to the will of the God of Abraham and the Kingship of Messiah:

1) Without resistance, and a smile on their face, thankful for mercy

2) Kicking, broken, and fearful, crying out for mercy

Nadir, since you have been publicly declaring lies against YHWH's word and His Messiah, He is going to break you. How you respond when you are at rock-bottom is what you should be concerned with.

My prayers are with you.

April 26, 2009 9:59 PM

Now, here is a Christian I actually respect. But unfortunately for him, it is the Christians and renegade Muslims who are being punished:

no doubt, Allah punished David Wood. According to Nasr, David made mubahallah, invoked the curse of God if he is on the wrong path, and Allah punished David Wood by delivering him a crippled son.

let us not forget how Allah punished Anis Shorosh:

Dr. Anis Sharrosh( ,Arab Christian debater against Islam, was arrested for trying to burn down a building and indicted for tax fraud: <-- Could this be a sign from God?

Muslim have no problem accepting that Anis Shorosh was punished, or Jimmy Swaggart was punished..Muslim have no problem saying that ... so now be consistent... be honest.. and say the same thing about Shabir Aly.

And praise the Lord, the Christians have testified to to honesty and even handedness - I applauded the demise of Morey, Sharosh, Wood, and when Christians confronted me about other Muslims... I did not hold a double standard and use the same standard to judge them...

My response to why Allah punished Shabir Aly, or other Muslims... it is the curse of the cross. They embraced it, and Allah punished them. Now all those Muslim who mocked Sharosh and the Christians... need to come forward and admit the same thing about Aly.

It is a matter of honesty... and we can not have a double standard.

I want to thank the Christians again for proving my honest approach to religious truth.

Now the easy way out - is just declare "hey! God does not punish anyone in this life!!" i.e. ... denial. hm.. really? So God does not punish the wicked to make them sign for those who seek? That goes against both the BIble and Quran. God indeed punishes, and at times... his punishment is swift.

Soo.. I know the Sami Zatari's feels were hurt, to the extent that he ran into the arms of David Wood... and I apologize for that... but it is a matter of honesty and integrety for me...if I condemned Wood, Sharosh, Morey..etc.. I should also condemn Aly.

Btw... I am loving this post - because this the best proof that is unchallengable!!! NO one has yet been able to challenge the evidence on the website... it is being avoided like a hot potato... and it is clear that everyone except David Wood is scared to death to enter into the ring with me... they are all hiding behind rocks... especially Nabeel Qureshi.

Look out for my article on God's punishment of David Wood...

Nadir Ahmed

David Wood said...

Wow! Nadir has declared that I am under the curse of God because of my son's disability as well! It's because of the Mubahila, you see!

This would be a good time to share the facts, since it shows how Muslims like Nadir and Naser (two of a kind) think.

(1) A Muslim challenged me to a Mubahila (Muslim prayer duel).

(2) I accepted, though I would not agree to the traditional format (in which each side calls down curses on the other side, and asks for God to curse the liars). Instead, each of us stated our beliefs and said, "May God curse me if my beliefs are false."

(3) Three weeks later, the Muslim backed out. He had been in two car accidents, had lost his prayer compass, had been locked out of his prayer room repeatedly, and began having panic attacks.

(4) Later, an Ahmadi Muslim (Naser Shams) said that the original Muslim's challenge didn't count, since he wasn't an Ahmadi. He asked me what I would be willing to put on the line for the sake of my beliefs. He asked if I would be willing to put my PhD or my finances on the line (i.e. would I agree that God would strike my finances if my beliefs are false?). I told Naser that I would put my life on the line (nothing more, nothing less).

(5) So Naser drew up a contract. In the contract, he said that anything that happened to anyone in my family would count as clear evidence that I was under God's curse.

(6) I responded and told him that this is absurd. All sorts of health problems run in my family, and my father was already on the verge of death. So I told Naser that he had asked what I'm willing to put on the line, and that I had put my life on the line (nothing more, nothing less).

(7) Naser refused to put anything on the line (which might make Muslims wonder whether this qualifies as a Muslim prayer duel).

(8) According to our agreement, if my beliefs were false, God would kill me within a year of signing the contract. As a mercy, God would terrorize me as a warning prior to killing me. Naser and I both signed the contract. Naser agreed that, if I survived the year, he would sincerely investigate Christianity.

(9) Naser then sent me an email saying that he believes God can curse my family as well.

(10) A year came and went, and I was alive and well.

(11) Despite our agreement, Naser refused to sincerely investigate Christianity.

(12) Seven months or so after our contract expired, my wife and I had a baby, Reid, who has Myotubular Myopathy, a disease which kills half of all males in my wife's family line. (Note: Reid is the first baby with this disorder in my wife's family who has survived.)

(13) Naser declared that this was a clear sign from God, and that God had given him the victory! (This is in spite of the fact that I had only agreed to put my own life on the line, and despite the fact that I was alive and well after the contract had expired, and despite the fact that Reid was born long after our agreement had come to an end.)

(14) So, Naser believes in a God who (a) kills generations of babies on my wife's side of the family, all to prove a point to me, and (b) somehow didn't manage to do anything on the contract we actually signed (despite the fact that I gave a long list of things that I would count as God's curse).

(15) Nadir agrees that God has given the Ahmadis (who believe in Swoon Theory and a prophet after Muhammad) a clear Mubahila victory!

(16) Nadir says that, in the name of consistency, he also declares that Shabir Ally has been cursed (once again, by Allah's attack on a baby, rather than on the guilty person), all because Shabir supports Swoon Theory (like Ahmadis!).

Welcome to the amazing world of the Ahmadi-Ahmed team-up. Hide your babies everyone! Their God tends to miss his desired target. I look forward to your article, Nadir. Please post it along with Naser Shams' full name, a copy of the contract, and the relevant dates.

David Wood said...


You say you'd hate for your wife to be dragged into a discussion like this. I agree completely that it would be totally out of place to bring your wife into such a discussion. But we're talking about Nadir here. There are certain people in the world who need to be utterly exposed, in order to end their evil influence. Moreover, Nadir's beliefs about wife-beating and Muta are what's in question here. Let me put this differently. If I ever become as corrupt and wicked as Nadir, I hope that you and others will do everything in your power to stop me from influencing people. And if I lie and deceive people about my views, I hope you will show people the truth about what I believe. You would say the same, wouldn't you?

You say that I shouldn't have used his wives' names. But I only used their first names, which can hardly be used to identify them.

Dk said...

Monkypox said:

"Btw... I am loving this post - because this the best proof that is unchallengable!!!"

geesh and hear I thought the science of the Quran was the best... but no really it's GODS curses upon the infidels that prove Nadir Ahmed from ExamineTheTruth is an apologist of God!

"Welcome to the amazing world of the Ahmadi-Ahmed team-up. Hide your babies everyone!"

I actually wouldn't let Nadir anywhere near them...

Nakdimon said...

Nadir, considering your mental state, I think everyone, Muslim and Christian alike, agrees with me that you are in no position whatsoever to pronounce any judgment of the one true God or of Allah. There is no way you can distinguish if either David or Shabir are facing the difficulties they are facing now because of a curse or because of a trial.

Therefore I find your entire argumentation repulsive and disgusting. But I should not be surprised since that is the true reflection of your character. I have told you months ago that you are being chewed up and spit out by your fellow Muslims. Now you see it for yourself.

Sami has obviously tried to help you, but you, of course completely in line with your vile character, see it as an attack instead, in spite of repeated statements from Sami to the contrary.

Guys, I’d say “don’t throw the pearls at the swines”. Nadir obviously enjoys to sit in his own vomit. If a person cant see the difference between condemnation and a helping hand, then all efforts to persuade him is useless.

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...


These claims are sick.

David, I'm sorry to hear about your son, most Muslims would be abhorred by Nadir's claims about this.

What I will ask Nadir though are two simple questions.

1) Do you believe that Ahmed Deedat (ra) was under God's curse?

2) Do you believe God's curse may have caused your divorces?

ben malik said...

Professor Wood, I am really confused. Is Nadir saying that Allah is in the business of cursing and killing babies even though throughout his debates with Christians Nadir yells and screams that Allah and his pedophile prophet came to save mankind from the genocide of Christianity, specifically OT? Is this more of Nadir's lies coming to the forefront?

ben malik said...

Does this also mean that Allah cursed Ahmad Deedat for teaching the swoon theory? Deedat was left paralyzed for ten years, being unable to speak or move with the exception of winking his eyes and crying like a baby. So according to Nadir Allah cursed another Muslim apologist.

Sepher Shalom said...


It seems you have just as much trouble reading my words as you do the Bible.

G-d allows our own sin to create negative consequences in our lives, and he uses the mess we create to try to draw us to surrender and salvation.

This is absolutely nothing like claiming G-d curses people's children with blindness.

And now that you have said you "admire" me, I am on my way to take a Crying-Game-Shower.