Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Two-Year-Old Girl Answers Questions about Islam

This little girl is so intelligent, it should make Muslims question Muhammad's teaching that women are intellectually deficient. (Pay attention to her quick answers concerning Jews and Christians.)


Radical Moderate said...
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Anonymous said...

If she picked the right religion, the she is right concerning us. We are the misguided. God fooled us by sending a messiah that his followers worshipped as the divine son of god and making it look like the messiah died and waiting 600 years until he tried to fix this error.

Makes as much sense as the theory that Uthman invented Islam and Muhammad preached christianity.
This could be the true meaning of the book of mormons, which has now become corrupted.
Why does this idea sound so ludicrous to everyone, but Islam makes sense to muslims? Honestly, I don't know ...

Fernando said...

Well... it looks a tipical muslim apologiste: a bunche off memorized sentences used without any critical knowledge...

"hey --says one muslim -- my two year olde son says the all qur'an"...

"not bery special -- says another -- I have a mouth old bottle that says Coca-Cola"...

"bothe equality miraculouse" -- says the iman off the lockal mosque...

Bfoali said...

David this question is for you.
Is Fatima the one in the answering islamic questions video the same Fatima in the video just before?
Also I am a Muslim so do you think I am misguided? Or on the right path?

David Wood said...


(1) I seriously doubt this is the same Fatima.

(2) Yes, I believe you're misguided.

Ho-Logos said...

I pray that next she will use her intelligence to truly examine what she has been taught

David Wood said...

Well, it doesn't look like her parents are the sort that will encourage her to think for herself.

Bfoali said...

Hey David.
The first question was a joke btw.
Second I was wondering why you in the blog post tell everyone to watch for her answer about the Christians?
Its true for a muslim that indeed you are mis guided, and vice versa according to you im miss guided.
mhmmm david very intersting I think......

Anthony Rogers said...

Of course they will tell her to think for herself as she grows older and her rational faculties began to mature. It will go something like this: "You will think for yourself what we tell you to." It is very similiar to the old "If I want your opinion I will give it to you" line.

It reminds me of a Muslim I once heard on the radio debating with a Christian: "You lie, we do not force people to convert; we give them a choice: "Either Convert or die."

David Wood said...


Do you really see no difference between (a) a 32-year-old man declaring, after long investigation and careful consideration, that Muslims are misguided, and (b) a two-year-old girl declaring, after no investigation and no careful consideration, that Christians are misguided? If there's no difference, then it seems Muslims have finally found an inconsistency in my thinking. But I think there's a massive difference.

To illustrate, have a discussion with any of my three children. See whether any of them can make a single negative statement about Muslims. My children have never once heard me say "Muslims are deceived," or "Muslims are liars," or "Muslims are evil," let alone something like "Muslims are apes and pigs" or "Muslims should be killed." Why? Because before they hear that Muslims are misguided, they need to understand that God loves all people and that we shouldn't show contempt for anyone. They need to understand the truth of Christianity and why people go astray. It would simply never occur to me to brainwash my children into despising people.

In the Muslim world, children are routinely taught to hate and despise non-Muslims, to show contempt for all things non-Muslim, and even to kill the infidels--even while these children are two or three years old! The result is that they grow up hating all non-Muslims. You can defend this practice all you like, but I don't see how you can justly accuse me of the same practice.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

as a grandfather of seven, my darling cecelia being 3 years old this past monday the 23rd, joshua being 4 this may, faith being 6, kailee being 7, aurea being 13, landen being 15, and lance turning 17 april 4th, i can say that none of my grandchildren have ever heard the word "hate" connected to the word "mohammedan." the four youngest spend the most amount of time with me, and i love nurturing them, teaching them, molding them. last week i had josh and cecelia for the day, and we spent time walking to my moms. on the way we would ocassionally stop and all have a group hug with a tree. corny, i know, but i want to instill a deep love, respect, and appreciation for G d's creation in my grandchildren.

i would never consider "teaching" my beloveds to hate others. now with the older ones i do talk with them about mormonism and mohammism. i tell them of the inherent evils of their beliefs, and that they both deny the one True and Living G d.

in this past month i've had doorstep dialog with two mormon boys, and a couple of jehovah's witnesses. at the end of our lengthy debates i offered both couples a return engagement, and the mormon boys were offered to stop anytime for liquid refreshment and a sandwich. i hate their belief system because it demeans G d. but my heart yearns for the lost.

mohammedanism doesn't teach love and care and concern. it teaches hatred for others, misogyny, xenophobia, and worship of idols and a dead god.

my cecelia could not discriminate between differing races at this point in her life. those divisions mean nothing to kids,,, it is the information which we give to our babies about life that shapes them. i want flowers,,, not mohammedan weeds, worthy to be ripped from the garden of life

Radical Moderate said...

I have heard muslims say over and over again that to understand the beuty of islam you must understand arabic. After listing to this cute little girl say in arabic that the jews are struck by allahs wrath. I can no see the beuty in islam.

Javier said...

Guys...doesn't the scripture say that God has placed a stumbling block of offense against unbelievers? Don't we catechize our children teaching them that God's wrath burns against all unbelievers? I'm not sure whats wrong with this video...can someone tell me?

David Wood said...


You're certainly free to tell your two-year-old children that the world is filled with Muslims who are in rebellion against God and that these Muslims will burn in hell at the command of a wrathful God. Catechize away.

My view is that little children aren't ready for this sort of thing. If they grow up on a steady diet of "everyone except us will burn," they're likely to despise everyone but themselves. This is consistent with Islam, but it's antithetical to Christianity. Thus, I'm raising my children to love Muslims (and to love everyone else). Once their love is firm, then we can discuss rebellion, judgment, etc.

Stephanie said...

I agree with Mr. Wood. Occasionally I teach Children's Church at my church (though I haven't had the chance to courtesy of a hectic school schedule), and every lesson is in regards to Biblical stories instilled with moral lessons. They've never been introduced to "Anyone who is not a Christian will burn in hell someday" because of course they're not ready for that; they're kids. They don't know how they're supposed to use that information. Instead they're told to share God's word with others and show their friends and neighbors love.

I grew up in a Christian home and was never taught to hate anyone else. Eventually I learned that, yes, anyone who does not know the Lord will not spend eternity with Him when they die; but I was at the age where I knew not to use that abrasively. It surely hadn't produced ignorance on my part (although I didn't show an interest in understanding how other religions operate until high school, and even more just this past year), and I'm grateful that I wasn't instilled with anything that could have turned into immense hatred for nonbelievers.

So to me, it's kind of disturbing that they're teaching a two-year-old girl (who's adorable, by the way) hatred toward Christians and Jews. If anything, they could be teaching her tame things that are in the Quran; but I guess that's just a way of ensuring she doesn't develop an alternate opinion about Islam. My heart goes out to her.

tellville said...

Hey Mr. Wood,

I am looking for lectures on the (early) History of Islam but which takes recent scholarship into account. In other words, lectures that take a more "liberal" view of Muslim history. I've read and heard the conservative account and now I am looking to see what actual critical scholarship has to say about Islam. If you could email me or post a link (even if one must pay for them) that would be great! Also, any books one could obtain that contains such scholarship would be appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Ho-Logos said...


A few interesting books:

Critical approach to the history and development of Islam:

*Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World - Patricia Crone & Cook. (It is an idea of where scholarship can lead.)

*Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam - Patricia Crone

Regarding more critical scholarship of the Quran:

*Christoph Luxenberg's 'The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran'


A Review:
[There is a new English edition out I believe.]

*The Hidden Origins of Islam: New Research into Its Early History - Puin & Ohlig (This is actually a collection of essays by Ohlig, Luxenberg, Volker Popp, etc.)

Radical Moderate said...

Dr Wood, I want to share with you a link that I think somes up a humanbeings brain on islam.Here a man who's own family was executed by Saddam defends him and calls him a martry. Prays for him as a martyr. Islam is like Crack.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

i believe that these types of videos are essentially all over the place. i've seen many in just the last five months or so that i've been watching crap on youtube. here is one from memri-tv:

but, ya' gotta' love this one: Algerian Author Anwar Malek: The Arabs Have Lost Their Worth, Their Humanity, and Their Culture:

to quote him: "the arabs invented, or discovered, the zero - but what did they do with it? some of them sat on it, some put it on their heads, while others wore it around their waists, and began shaking their hips, their bellies, and their breasts, in order to sell to the world the idea that modern arabs are doing something."

it gets funnier, because this man is exposing the foolishness of the arab/mohammedan world. they can't produce a pencil, a piece of paper, nor a cogent idea which to write down on that paper with that pencil,,, but boy howdy can they produce hatred.

G d bless israel, and may peace reign in jerusalem, the City of our King

Fernando said...

No Semper: the invention off the zero by muslims is another mithe: it existed in India previous of the muslim presence there... muslims say they did everythingue firts... and since few knowe the truthe, they continue too doo soo... islam is a buntch off false claims in ebery aspect of the life...

Sunil said...

This is supposed to be the so-called "good Taliban"? And what is worse, we will largely hear islamist apologists tell us 'others also have done atrocities' argument. While others may have done it in a day and age when they did not have better real-life role models, did not have advocates of human rights to look to etc, doing such things in this day and age is really unforgivable. This is very very disturbing happenning in my neighboring country.

Radicals beat girl, 17, in Islamic stronghold of Swat, Pakistan

This grainy footage appears to show a 17-year-old girl being beaten by Islamic radicals in Pakistan’s northwestern region of Swat, where Sharia law was introduced after the government reached a truce with the Taleban in February.

A local Taleban commander in the militant stronghold of Matta, 25 miles from the regional capital, Mingora, ordered the girl to be flogged a week ago after accusing her of adultery, according to local reporters.

But some residents of Matta have accused the commander of ordering the beating to get revenge after the girl refused to accept his proposal of marriage, the reporters told The Times.

“Please! Enough! Enough!” the girl is heard crying in Pashtu, the language of the tribes who dominate northwestern Pakistan – now the main hub of Taleban and al-Qaeda activity.

At another point, she cries: “I am repenting, my father is repenting what I have done, my grandmother is repenting what I have done...”

The man flogging her is also heard abusing his colleague as he struggles to hold her down and stop her covering her backside with her hands.

“You should hold her tightly so she doesn’t move,” he is heard saying.

President Zardari of Pakistan insists that the truce was made with “moderates” in the region and his officials have even held it up as a model for other parts of Pakistan’s troubled northwest, which borders Afghanistan.

The deal was agreed with Sufi Mohammed, the leader of an outlawed Islamic movement who was recently released after six years in jail for leading thousands of his supporters to Afghanistan to fight American forces in 2001.

He is the father-in-law of Mullah Fazlullah, the 33-year-old cleric who leads the Pakistani Taleban in Swat and is known for propagating his strict interpretation of Islam through pirate FM radio broadcasts.

Pakistani officials argue that many residents of the Swat Valley, which only became part of Pakistan in 1969, have long demanded Sharia law because of the weakness of the secular state judicial system.

However, this footage appears to back up reports from many local residents that the men who have over-run Swat are no more moderate than the Taleban government that ruled Afghanistan until 2001.

It is also likely to reinforce fears that the militants are now using Swat, which is just 100 miles from the Pakistani capital, as a base to spread their ideology and launch terrorist attacks deeper within Pakistan.

ubiquitouserendipity said...

fernando said: "the invention off the zero by muslims is another mithe: it existed in India previous of the muslim presence there... muslims say they did everythingue firts... and since few knowe the truthe, they continue too doo soo... islam is a buntch off false claims in ebery aspect of the life..."

'twas moi, not semper, but no harm. i agree with you whole-heartedly fernando. and actually, i think the quy was mistranslated: the translation should have read: "the arabs discovered nothing, and have been shaking their booties about it since." more accurate

Fernando said...

Dear ubiquitouserendipity (and semper)... sorry for the mistaque... perhaps itt was due too the chage in your pic... by the way: greatt glasses... happy easter!!!

Michelle Qureshi said...

Hey, I've seen a similar video before:

Seriously, though, she is ridiculously cute. I hope she comes to Christ some day!