Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pakistan on the Brink

Here's a link to an excellent video on the situation in Pakistan, where the Taliban is gaining momentum.

"Pakistan on the Brink"


Royal Son said...

It's all the West's fault.

Royal Son said...
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El-Cid said...

Wrong Royal's all the Zionists fault.

You better check your Muslim playbook again. Things that happen east of Mecca in even numbered months are to be blamed on the Jews.

Fernando said...

Why do you alle in teh West insistt in saying the Taliban are an expression of islam? ites all simplie a question of cultural background... and eben iff they were falling some sort of muslim doctrine, surelly it was based in disputed hadiths and/or veres from the qur'an that can't be translated into theirs home language... Whie is itt so dificult to you all see whate we muslimes see as clear as the nignt?