Saturday, February 21, 2009

Muhammad's Wives Speak out against Sex with Slave Girls (and Are Promptly Silenced by Allah)

Muslim men take it for granted that they are allowed to have sex with their slave-girls. After all, the Qur'an grants them this right (see, e.g., Surah 4:24), and Muhammad himself had sex with his slave-girls. What often gets overlooked is the impact such adulterous affairs have on the wives of Muslims. Can we even imagine how a woman must feel when her husband goes to a slave girl for sex instead of to his his own wife? We see Muhammad's wives going through this very struggle.

Sunan An-Nasa'i 3411--It was narrated from Anas, that the Messenger of Allah had a female slave with whom he had intercourse, but Aishah and Hafsah would not leave him alone until he said that she was forbidden for him. Then Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, revealed: "O Prophet! Why do you forbid (for yourself) that which Allah has allowed to you" [66:1] until the end of the verse.

So let's follow the chain of events.

(1) Surah 4:3 declares that Muslims may have up to four wives.
(2) Muhammad receives Surah 33:50, which gives him (and him alone) the right to have even more wives.
(3) Various verses in the Qur'an declare that Muslim men may have sex with their slave-girls and female captives.
(4) Muhammad (who already had nine wives who were incredibly jealous of one another) chooses to have sex with his slave girl.
(5) Two of his favorite wives were extremely upset by this, and they compel him to stop his adulterous affair.
(6) Allah tells Muhammad, in effect, "Why are you listening to your wives? Didn't I tell you that you are free to have sex with your slave girls?"

Thus, Muhammad's wives simply had to accept the fact that he was free to have sex with his beautiful slave girl (just as they had to accept the fact that he was free to show favoritism among his wives). If Allah has no concern for the feelings of the Mothers of Believers, should we expect him to be concerned about the feelings of other women?


Taylor said...

Sadly, many Muslim women are treated as inferiors due to hadiths like this.

Anonymous said...

No true scotsman.
Works every time.

Anonymous said...

Muhammad sure was a sick pervert. I can't imagine how muslim apologists can live with themselves defending such an abominable man. In a sense I feel sorry for the muslim. But since they viciously attack the Bible for fun in their articles, all is fair.

Nakdimon said...

Keith, I have to agree with you in this one again. All these convenient revelations are all just tipping the scales against this man’s prophetic claims.

Muhammad wants more wives then other Muslim men, Allah provides.
Muhammad doesn’t want to share wives, Allah provides.
Muhammad wants other men’s wives, Allah provides.
Muhammad doesn’t want to be disturbed at home, Allah provides.
Muhammad gets in trouble with his wives, Allah provides.
Muhammad wants to reconcile his people and speaks for Satan but then reneges, Allah provides.
Muhammad doesn’t want people speaking too loud in his presence, Allah provides.
Muhammad wants sex with female captives even when their husbands are with them, Allah provides.
Muhammad wants to acquit his young love Ayesha, waits till there turns out to be no solid evidence against her and then all of a sudden, Allah provides.

And we can go on and on and on. I have to ask: Who was the servant and who was the master again?

It seems to me that Allah is the servant of Muhammad and not the other way around. Whenever Muhammad wants something, he gets it, no matter how detestable it is when we use the standards of YHWH, whom Muslims claim is the same as Allah. All of a sudden, YHWH has no problem setting aside His moral standards when it comes to Muhammad, assuming that YHWH is the same as Allah. (God forbid!)


Osama Abdallah said...

To the reader,

Please visit: to see detailed responses to these lies.

AND to see the real pedophelia and rape in the bible.

And while we're at it, please visit: to see X-RATED PORNOGRAPHY IN THE BIBLE.

Osama Abdallah

Fernando said...

To the reader...

a) all these lies Osama his directing to his site habe already been denied in the paste days in this same blog...

b) Osama's site is famous to have virus... he sais it does not, but we all have evidences in our computers...

Anonymous said...

this is a big lie! the surah 4:24 in holy Quran is all about sex legally whats forbid or not read irst the chapter of Quran before you comment thre is no written that prophet Muhammed have sex to his slave. may Allah curse you!

Unknown said...

Stop using weak and fake hadith....idiot!

Nakdimon said...

KING-slave of Allah, can you tell us why the hadith is weak and fake, seeing this is from a collection of the Sahih Sitta!


Unknown said...

a hadith is weak and fake if there is no narator explanations.if the narrator is not trustable then those hadiths are rejected.



At-Tahrim Surat At-Tahrim (Arabic : ةروس ميرحتلا ) (Banning, Prohibition) is the 66th sura of the Qur'an with 12 ayat . The entire Surah was revealed by Prophet Muhammad to expose A'isha 's and Hafsa's conspiracy against Zaynab bint Jahsh and the Prophet.

looser.what a shame.thats why i call all of u lier.

shame on u all of you.

u br go and read ur horny porny bible.


saira_k said...

Shame on you all, for trusting these sort of websites for information on the Prophets. I'd rather you ask a Muslim rather than a non-Muslim? Doesn't it make sense that way?! Common sense people!!

Khan said...

Stop using weak and fake hadith.......idiot!

Bible say that your wife rape no punishment for that evil men only best way to do women must marriage that evil men also she already have husband both or more live same house(Disgusting Christian Believe)

kyrancjsmom said...

Not all Christians have affairs on their wives or husbands, and at the same time, most Muslim men do not have more than one wife or slave girls. Muhammad was Allah's holy prophet and He did allow for Muhammad to have more than four wives. But Allah had reasons for allowing Muhammad more wives. Islam was in it's infancy and Muhammad's marriages formed alliances with various tribes to extend the influence of the umma. And keep in mind Muhammad's first marriage was to Khadija, with whom he had a monogamous marriage for twenty five years before her death. Muhammad treated all his wives and "slave girls" with decency and respect. Most women in the 7th century (NO MATTER WHAT RELIGION) shared their husbands with whomever their husbands chose with no say. Muhammad listened to and even sought advice from his wives, allowing them privileges other women of the era did not enjoy. He was quite a forward thinker when it came to women's rights. Muslim women were allowed to inherit their husband's property and live on their own, while in Europe women had no rights and were treated as chattel. Also, the "slave girl" people are referring to was a Christian women who bore his beloved son Ibrahim. He would have married her and legitimized his son except Maryam would not convert to Islam. She was a Christian and instead of forcing her to convert and marry him for the sake of leaving a legitimate heir he allowed her to choose whether or not to marry him. She chose not to convert and he respected that. Muhammad's wives were initially jealous of Maryam but eventually came to respect her and loved her son Ibrahim very much. Islam and the Qur'an are very beautiful and peaceful. If you actually had knowledge of this religion you wouldn't criticize it. Ignorant people judge things they do not understand, and it is very un-Christain like to judge anyone anyways. Muhammad preached peace and forgiveness for all. Even after he took Mecca back, he didn't punish those who denied Allah. While at the same time Christians and Jews were killing people for denying their gods. I hope people will rethink their beliefs and take the time to learn more about one another. Knowledge and understanding is the first step to unity and unity among people as human beings is the closest we will get to Paradise on earth. MAY PEACE BE UPON YOU.

Unknown said...

Mohammad married hadija as she was a rich business woman after her death married out of which was Ayesha 6 year old consummated when she was 9 years. Mohammad spoke and used jins to preach now jins are evil sprits... Mohammad married his adopted sons wife and to legalize his marriage said that one should not adopt....and the Muslim Allah is not the same as God of the bible... The bible was before the Quran it came into existence after 640 a.d the bible clearly tells all to be aware of false proph

CareerreckoneR said...

KING Slave of Allah, pls give your true explanation to the Quoran verses given in the article

Ane said...

usband and Wife are bind in a contract which is Nikkah (Marriage). And Nikkah can be done between two free opposite gender people, and Nikkah is the exchange of guardianship between the wali of bride and groom.
But in case of a captive girl from a war, she has no wali at that time and a slave to her master so she has no guardian. Due to which Nikkah is not possible, as I said earlier that Nikkah can be done between two free people and Nikkah is the exchange of guardianship and a captive girl can not produce a guardian and neither she is free. So what happen is that, a contract similar to Nikkah which gives the slave girl every right of a wife is signed between the slave girl and her master and now they become lawful for each other. But we do not call it Nikkah as Nikkah is the exchange of guardianship and if a master marries his own slave girl then he is already the guardian of her slave girl and thus no exchange of guardianship will take place. And the slave girl is now respected as the wife of her master and Islamic Law gives her every right of a Wife.
Slave girls are not to satisfy sexual desires but rather the master has to signed a contract like Nikkah, give her equal rights and make her his wife

Sofi14 said...

I still dont understand this. Why is this ok? Forget the slave girl, what about the wife? As a wife we have no say , no right? As women we cant marry non-believers, yet a man can marry a slave Christian like Maryam? I dont get is this fair in anyway. And if this was the "those times" then in todays times it should be ok for women to marry non-muslims.

Sofi14 said...

How is this fair to women at all? Forget the slave girl, what about the wife? No rights or respect for her? If man can marry a slave christian and sleep with her and have kids with her, but women cannot marry anyone but a muslim man? How is that fair or balances? And for those who aruge this was for "those times" well then in "todays times" woman should be allow to marry non-muslims who are supportive of their faith.