Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zakaria Botros: World Magazine's 2008 "Daniel of the Year"

"What happens when an elderly Coptic priest takes to the airwaves and the internet to confront Islam? Death threats, conversions, and a global following. Meet Zakaria Botros, WORLD's 2008 Daniel of the Year." Read More.


Unknown said...

God Bless you father Zakaria. I believe he did a great Job, and I think there is 5 million $ for his head if not 50.

For those of you guys who understand arabic, U will find his episodes and writing on

His episodes are currently being translated to English and other languages, U can find them on Youtube or google videos.

Also u can get some of his english books and articles on Comparative Faith on :

another good website is:

Unknown said...

Good News:

Unknown said...

Imams Converts to Christ: