Friday, November 7, 2008

Converts to Christianity Plead for Tolerance

I certainly hope my Christian brothers and sisters who left Islam will succeed in their plea for tolerance; nevertheless, it seems quite futile to me to ask such a thing of Muslim scholars. By asking Muslims to be tolerant toward Christians (especially those who converted to Christianity) in Muslim lands, they are in effect asking Muslims to reject Muhammad's clear commands. While I would be quite excited to see Muslims reject Muhammad's commands, this isn't likely to happen. However, this should help bring the plight of Christians in Muslim lands to the attention of leaders in the West, and it should alert Europeans to the bleak future that awaits them. READ MORE.

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Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Well the Western authorities and Media is too busy concentrating on Israel and Palestine only, while two million Christians and animists have been genocided in Sudan within the last 10 or so years.

The fact is we need more than ever politicians and journalists who are real leaders and exposers of truth rather than the typical wimps than currently are running around like frightened dogs.

How much was Sudan in the media, when the Muslims genociding, crucifying and enslaving and raping Christians in the south, all in correct practice of the Qur'an?--never.

Now recently Darfur has been categorized as worthy of media attention, since now we are no longer including only Christians but Muslims being murdered by Muslims.

This completely debunks the claim by a certain Muslim that the worst genociders of recent years were committed by Christian countries, which is a laughable claim anyway.

It also proves how distorted and controlled the media is by islamic pressure and political correctness, since the number of people genocided in Sudan far exceeds the number killed in Palestine, and Christians in Sudan do not bomb resturants with the intention to kill children.

And I do not defend the attrocities committed by Israelites in Palestine, just to make that clear. As Christians we are to be equally concerned about attrocites against Jews, Muslims and Christian alike.

Furthermore, we have not heard of Israelites enslaving muslim women and children in their hundreds of thousands and using them as concubines, yet the media totally ignored these attrocities committed by sincere Muslims, who implemented the rule and practices of Islam and Sharia in Sudan.