Friday, October 24, 2008

Debate Announcement: James White and David Wood Invade London

The Yanks Are Coming!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008--7:30 P.M.
TOPIC: “Does Belief in the Trinity Necessitate Shirk?”
PARTICIPANTS: Adnan Rashid vs. James White
LOCATION: Westbourne Park Church, Porchester Rd, London, W2 5DX

Thursday, 13 November 2008--8:00 P.M.
TOPIC: "Jesus: Divine Son of God or Prophet of Allah?"
PARTICIPANTS: James White vs. Sami Zaatari
LOCATION: Trinity Road Chapel, 205-207 Trinity Road, Upper Tooting, London SW17. (Contact for more details.)

Saturday, 15 November 2008--10:30 A.M.
TOPIC: “The Satanic Verses: Fabricated or Historical?”
PARTICIPANTS: David Wood vs. Adnan Rashid
LOCATION: Westbourne Park Church, Porchester Rd, London, W2 5DX

Saturday, 15 November 2008--1:30 P.M.
TOPIC: “The Biblical Jesus: Why We Chose to Accept and Reject”
PARTICIPANTS: David Wood vs. Yahya Hayder Seymour
LOCATION: Westbourne Park Church, Porchester Rd, London, W2 5DX

Sunday, 16 November 2008--7:00 P.M.
TOPIC: “Peace and Violence in Christianity and Islam”
PARTICIPANTS: David Wood vs. Adnan Rashid
LOCATION: Westbourne Park Church, Porchester Rd, London, W2 5DX

Monday, 17 November 2008--7:30 P.M.
TOPIC: "Is Jesus Prophesied in the Old Testament?/Is Muhammad Prophesied in the Bible?"
PARTICIPANTS: James White vs. Shabir Ally
LOCATION: Twynholm Baptist Church, Fulham Cross, 324-326 Lillie Road, Fulham, London, SW6 7PP. (Contact for more details.)


Dale Bates said...

Best of luck to you both! Unfortunately I am in Australia so I won't be able to attend however I am sure ... you shouldn't have too much trouble..

With truth on your side, you should be right ;)

El-Cid said...

I am excited to see these debates!

The shirk debate is an interesting topic.

I anxiously await to see Sami make good on his "promise" to James White.

I've never seen a full debate on The Satanic Verses.

I have never seen Adnan or Yahya debate (I did see the Rashid-Smith Speaker's Corner debate on this blog, but I look forward to seeing him in a formal setting).

Best of luck to all.

Radical Moderate said...

This is awsome. I cant wait to see the video's.

Sami Zaatari said...

why couldnt they make my debate with James at westbourne Church, its very close to where i am :(, its like 20 mins by walking.

Trinity Chapel aint too bad neither, not too far :)

Sami Zaatari said...

David lol i must give you credit for having 10 am debates, i could never do that!

Yahya Hayder Seymour said...

Nice One,

Looking forward to finally meeting you in person Professor Wood,

May God allow his light to overshine and prevail over the darkness.

Nadir Ahmed said...

The debate Is Christianity a religion of Peace is almost done... check out my 2 minute introductory video for the debate.. I love it:

Hey David.. can you post it on your blog ?

Nadir Ahmed

Nadir Ahmed said...

sorry that link I gave you was broken, you can download it here:

Download 2 minute intro video

BlackBaron said...

Was that two min. clip from a debate or from the WWE?

David Wood said...


I'll post it once the full debate is up.

Anonymous said...

lol Nadir,

That rant reminds me of when you said you were going to ground and pound Osama Abdullah in his face.

You don't belong in apologetics. Try out for ufc. I't would suit you more.

btw, Shamoun destroyed you in that debate.

BlackBaron said...

I, and all sane observers, must agree with Keith on this one.

El-Cid said...

Stick to PalTalk, Nadir.

That is about the only level of "scholarship" that suits your style.

In the mean time, the other 99.99% of us will continue to be amused by you (and your ubiquitous presence). I'm beginning to think some people might see you as a pet that just needs a cookie :-)

Oh, and by the way, "No scholars for you" Nadir.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Hi David I guess I will be coming for the debates. But if time allows you, I would love to have a chat with you about Christian apologetic ministry to Muslims in UK. It would be great for some of us UK apologists (of which we are significantly out numbered) to establish contacts with you guys in America.

We are praying for you

God bless

VJ said...

lol nadir what don't you give a introductory video to the debate with shamoun is Islam a religion of peace...
we really enjoyed you being demolished in every angel by brother SAM.
keep it up nadir....we love that also..


Nakdimon said...

David, I would like to know if you, Sam or James have heard anything from either Shabir, Jamal or Zakir about the debate challenge. Excited as I am (but I won’t hold my breath to ever see the Muslim apologists accepting the challenge) I have decided to divvy up the topics presented in the Debate challenge. The division is as follows:

(1) “Did Jesus Die by Crucifixion?”
David Wood – This topic comes down to the historical data and I think David will do some serious damage here, having studied this so much so that he became convinced of the evidence. Maybe providing the evidence to an audience full of Muslims will have them breaking down and accepting that which is historically inescapable: The Qur’an falsely claims that Yeshua wasn’t crucified.

(2) “Was Muhammad a Prophet of God?”
Sam Shamoun – I didn’t give this one to David, because I feel David is being too kind to Muslims in discussing the prophet hood of Muhammad. Although David did a great job in the past, I feel that at times he should just “take off the gloves” and go at it. This topic will need a forceful presentation to the contrary, leaving no holes bared. Sam is the perfect candidate to do so. Laying down the evidence why Muhammad is disqualified to be a prophet of the living God of Abraham Isaac and Israel.

(3) “Has the Qur’an Been Perfectly Preserved?”
James White – No doubt when it comes to the requirements of preservation of ancient texts James has the edge over all participants. With his knowledge and his ability to explain the value and ways of textual preservation makes him THE candidate to entrust this topic to.

(4) “Did Christians Corrupt the Gospel?”
James White – Like said before, hearing James White deal with textual criticism makes me wonder who of the Muslim apologists would dare to take him on. IF they would go with historical date and present their facts this topic would probably be the most interesting of all the topics. But I doubt that the Muslims will do just that, since they know that the historical data is against their claims. So they will throw things out there and hope that they will stick. I would like to see Zakir Naik dealing with this topic since he is still feasting on his weak presentation in his debate with mr Campbell. James is something else.

(5) “Can We Trust Paul?”
James White – Defending Paul requires extensive knowledge of Church history. In this area James stands out also. Knowledge and chronology of Church history will prove that whatever Muslims throw out is nothing but misrepresentation of historical facts. James can point out the errors in any presentation that is not in accordance with facts. But scholarly presentations from both sides may lead to a very interesting debate on this topic.

(6) “Does Science Show that Islam Is True?”
David Wood – Using the scientific method, David would have the edge on the other 2. His methods will establish what we know to be true but what Muslims still fail to see: Islam makes false scientific claims. However, I would like to see David take off the velvet gloves and hammer away, albeit with a graceful boldness.

(7) “Does the Bible Teach that Jesus Is God?”
Sam Shamoun – Sam can lay down with force any attack on the divinity of the Messiah, leaving no stone unturned to demonstrate from the Bible that Moshiach is Elohim. Making an on-point Biblical presentation and laying out the concept of the Trinity, Sam will deal with every objection and in the process, putting the ball in the court of the Muslims with tough questions for them to think about and answer themselves. I have seen him doing this in the past. Works like a charm!

(8) “Does the Bible Tell Us about Muhammad?”
James White – This topic is the cornerstone of the debate series. Since the Qur’an claims over and over again that Muhammad is to be found in the Taurat and the Injeel, but when he is nowhere to be found there, that would make the Qur’anic claims false and Islam without a prophet. I gave this one to James, because Muhammad’s absence from the Bible is best established in the original Hebrew and Greek texts, both languages which James teaches. A thorough analysis from the Hebrew Tenach texts (and the Greek NT texts) of all the passages that Muslims point to will lay bare the complete failure of finding anything about Muhammad in the Bible.

(9) “Is Islam a Religion of Peace?”
Sam Shamoun – This one is so obvious, nothing more needs to be said. Anyone familiar with the debate Sam had with Nadir knows that Sam utterly and totally massacred Nadir and Islam on this topic. Although it was a mismatch to begin with, since Nadir is the worst Islamic apologist in the world, I seriously doubt that any of the Islamic giants challenged to participate in these series would fare any better than Nadir did. The Truth makes casualties among weak and strong debaters.

(10) “Is Christianity a Religion of Peace?”
David Wood – Anyone familiar with David’s debate with Sami Zaatari on this topic knows the damage he did. Yet I think that David can do better than he did in the debate with Sami. Should David take off the gloves and put the presentation as he did in the debate with Sami, although more forcefully than there (hey what can you say, David is just a nice guy), he will put the icing on the cake in this debate series by establishing the utter harmlessness of the Gospels.

So there, those were my $0.02 on the division of the topics. These topics present a fair summary on the differences between the two faiths and goes to the heart of those differences. Let’s hope that the Muslim apologists will be willing to participate on the series. If this goes down, I will do my utmost to be present and ask the Muslims some tough questions.

Shalom and grace,

MItche said...

"Is Jesus Prophesied in the Old Testament?/Is Muhammad Prophesied in the Bible?"
PARTICIPANTS: James White vs. Shabir Ally

This looks Great!!

hey david, whats the deal with the debates being filmed, are they all filmed and only some of them are uploaded?

or are only a handful of the filmed?