Monday, March 11, 2019

Discussing the Virgin Birth of Jesus on Alhorreya TV

I had the pleasure of joining my good friend and brother in Christ, Pastor Thabet Megaly to discuss the topic of the virgin birth of Christ on an Arabic Christian program called Alhorreya TV. While I addressed the topic in English, Pastor Thabet translated into Arabic. If you know any Arabic speaking Christians or Arabic speaking Muslims please pass this on to them. While the virgin birth of Jesus is accepted by both Christians and Muslims, the Christian view differs radically from the Islamic one. In fact, the story of the birth of Jesus in the Qur'an, is taken from a late apocryphal gospel called the gospel of Pseudo-Matthew which is more fictional than historical. This text is not regarded as historically sound by any serious scholar when it comes to the historical Jesus. In other words, the story of the birth of Jesus in the Qur'an is copied from an earlier source which has no historical basis.

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Unknown said...

Mother Mary is a female. So she has the physical system to conceive. Now if God can create all the planets then it is not a big deal to create a baby in a female body. And if God cannot do certain things then he is not God. Quran 17:111 says that Allah has no partner and no son. But if you read Quran 3 : 45 SLOWLY then you will see that Allah has son. More in my Facebook album called RELIGIONS - ANGELO IMMANUEL.