Saturday, February 2, 2019

World Hijab Day!

To celebrate World Hijab Day, let's see whether the Islamists who promote it really care about women.


The *Original* Recovering Feminist said...

The *Original* Recovering Feminist said...

Your one of the greatest of all time David.
"Never quit! Never give up!" I think it was Buz LightYear from Toy Story who said that last or it could have been our President, Donald J. Trump.

Amin said...

Do women have to wear the hijab (veil) according to the Bible?

Do non-Muslims oppress women?

Are sex slaves allowed in Judaism and Christianity?

Does women have the obligation or can be forced to have relations with her husband’s brother, as in Judaism and Christianity?

Is rape allowed?

Unknown said...

Did you know India's first woman Imam jamidha left Islam. I request acts17apologetics to make a video about that.

Malabesna said...

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